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KOS Subversion

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 · 7 Apr 2019

First, make sure you have a full Cygwin install. Second, please go to Subversion's website, and download the latest Subversion for your system.
If you are on Windows, scroll all the way down and click one of the links for the commandline binaries. After you have done so, please download svn-x.x.x-setup.exe, where x.x.x is the version number.
If you are on Linux, please select and install the package for your distribution.

Please get

Setting up

Extract to your home directory, labeled as ~ in Cygwin. Linux users might have to open and save the script in lilo or another text editor to convert it to a Unix style textfile.
Type ./ and the Usage options will appear.

'./ install' makes repository and checks out kos
'./ uninstall' removes repository and kos
'./ compile' compile KOS after installing or updating
'./ update' checks for updates
'./ fixrepo' fixes the repository, use after either
a load to the repository is interrupted
or svn starts to make sh.exe stackdump

Please edit kos-paths and kos-tools to match your environment setup

The file kos-paths should be the only file you need to edit if you followed my dcdev environment setup tutorials. KOSBASE=c:/cygwin/home/ragnarok2040/kos needs to be changed to a folder of your choosing. Just replace ragnarok2040 with your Cygwin/Linux username. If you are unsure what it is, then type echo $USER in Cygwin/Linux.

The file kos-tools contains the variables needed to create the If you followed my dcdev environment setup tutorials, then this file can remain unedited. If you are using a custom dcdev environment:

  • pre points to the sh4 tools folder.

  • arm points to the arm tools folder.

  • shtarget is the target at which the sh4 tools were compiled. In most cases this will be sh-elf, hence sh-elf-gcc.


There are checks in the script that will detect if Subversion is working properly after you install it, specifically svn.exe and svnadmin.exe. Each step, thereafter, is monitored to make sure it works.
Running ./ install will download the latest KOS released, create the Subversion repository for KOS, and check out KOS to /usr/local/dc/kos-svn , where it will be compiled.

Compiling KOS:

Running ./ compile will start the compilation process for KOS. You will be asked if you wish to compile kos-1.2.x or kos-1.3.x. As far as I know, kos-1.3.x now works like kos-1.2.x so I suggest compiling kos-1.3.x.

Running ./ update will download any updates that have been released since you first installed/last updated. This will automatically update your working KOS directory. You will need to recompile KOS afterwards.

Repair KOS Repository:

Running ./ fixrepo will rebuild the KOS repository. I ran into a problem where sh.exe would stackdump because a revision being sent to the repository had been interrupted. This will remake the repository in case this happens to you.

Uninstalling KOS Subversion:

Running ./ uninstall will remove the repository and KOS working folder. You will then be asked if you wish to save the downloaded files, in case you wish to reinstall later.

Have Cygwin setup upon start:

If you used the installer, than you will have /etc/profile.d/ . Open this file up in a text editor and change it compared on which kos version you are using. If you didn't, just copy the three lines related to your kos version and save them as /etc/profile.d/ so Cygwin will run it at startup.

cd /usr/local/dc/kos-1.2.0
cd ..

KOS-1.3.x is:

cd /usr/local/dc/kos-svn/kos
cd ..

KOS-1.2.x is:

cd /usr/local/dc/kos-svn/branches/kos/1.2.x
cd ..

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