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Demo News 130

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Demo News
 · 26 Apr 2019



______/\__________________________ __ _______________ ___ /\_______
\____ \ _______ _ _ ______ \ / \| \ _______ | \/ ______/
/ | \ _) \ \_/ \ | \ / \ \ _) \ | \______ \
/ | \ \ | \ | \ / \ \ /~\ \ / \
\_____ /______/___| /________/ \____\_____/______/_________/________/
\_____/ |____/

DemoNews #130 - 22 Sep 1996

Subscribers : 2508
DemoNews is produced by Hornet. Change : +8
The Hornet Archive is at Archive Size : 3285M


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Text Mode Demo Competition (TMDC)...........Sol
Outdated Code, Modern Hardware..............Unreal
Coven 1996 Information......................Red Haze
Advertisement - The Kosmic Web Site.........Maelcum


Date Event Location Concact Points
--------- ----------- --------- ---------------------------------------------
30 Aug 96 AntIQ Hungary
30 Aug 96 Gardening Greece


30 Sep 96 Coven Australia
04 Oct 96 Demobit Slovakia
21 Mar 97 Mekka Germany


Category Location Contact Points
-------------- --------- ----------------------------------------------------
Hornet Archive USA

HA Mirrors Sweden
S. Africa
USA (PA) (from /demos/code)

Other Archives Belgium


Category Times File
-------- -- ----- -----------------------------------------------------------
Demos 01 00181 /demos/1996/m/machines.a01
02 00179 /demos/1996/a/
03 00171 /demos/1996/m/machines.arj
04 00167 /demos/1996/m/machines.a02
05 00155 /demos/1996/c/
06 00151 /demos/1996/m/
07 00145 /demos/1996/c/
08 00130 /demos/1993/0-9/2ndreal1.lzh
09 00123 /demos/1993/0-9/2ndreal2.lzh
10 00121 /demos/1995/a/

Music 01 00455 /music/programs/players/
02 00430 /music/programs/players/
03 00342 /music/programs/trackers/
04 00255 /music/programs/trackers/
05 00246 /music/programs/players/
06 00215 /music/programs/players/
07 00132 /music/programs/players/
08 00118 /music/programs/trackers/
09 00104 /music/programs/players/
10 00075 /music/

Graphics 01 00017 /graphics/programs/fractal/
02 00015 /graphics/images/1996/c/
03 00014 /graphics/programs/convert/
04 00013 /graphics/images/1996/i/
05 00013 /graphics/images/1996/a/
06 00012 /graphics/images/1996/v/
07 00012 /graphics/images/1996/i/
08 00012 /graphics/images/1996/b/
09 00012 /graphics/images/1996/b/
10 00011 /graphics/images/1996/a/

Code 01 00031 /code_review/tutorial/
02 00030 /code_review/graph/water/
03 00024 /code_review/tutorial/
04 00020 /code_review/tutorial/
05 00020 /code_review/tutorial/
06 00020 /code_review/graph/tunnel/
07 00020 /code_review/graph/rotation/
08 00019 /code_review/tutorial/
09 00019 /code_review/tutorial/basicdoc.arj
10 00018 /code_review/demosrc/

Incoming 01 00144 /incoming/music/programs/
02 00138 /incoming/music/programs/
03 00131 /incoming/music/programs/
04 00105 /incoming/music/programs/
05 00087 /incoming/music/programs/
06 00082 /incoming/demos/
07 00081 /incoming/code/
08 00074 /incoming/music/programs/
09 00064 /incoming/music/programs/
10 00062 /incoming/demos/

Total files downloaded : 60,769
Size of files downloaded : 23,874,950k


All ratings are subjective.

/pub/demos/demos Size Rated Description
/1996/0-9/ 2 + ANT96:in1k:XX: State 809 by Saybor, Szaszi
/1996/a/ 78 **+ ANT96:in64:03: Bit Hunters 2 by Axioma
/1996/a/ 1728 *** ANT96:demo:01: Prostate 666 by Astroidea
/1996/a/ 17 ****+ ASM96:in4k:04: Stroke by Ionic of Astroidea
/1996/a/ 60 ***+ ASM96:in64:08: Andalucia by Halcyon
/1996/a/ 327 * AMD Intro by Deks
/1996/a/ 4 ***+ ANT96:in4k:06: Anima by Dave of Byteam
/1996/a/ 508 *** ASM96:demo:13: Anxious by Vandals
/1996/a/ 725 **+ ASM96:demo:XX: Atlantis by Mooze
/1996/a/ 1340 **** ASM96:demo:08: Proton by Artwork
/1996/b/ 770 **** ASM96:demo:DD: Babylon by Psychic Monks
/1996/b/ 4 **+ ASM96:in4k:09: Balls by Shaman of Dream
| Factory
/1996/b/ 15 ***+ ANT96:in4k:03: Bomb by Woland of Exhumers
/1996/c/ 132 *+ Astrology by Corrupt
/1996/c/ 2 ** ASM96:in4k:07: Chaos Overflow by Rodex
/1996/c/ 6 **** ASM96:in4k:05: Chrome 2 by Tomcat of Abaddon
/1996/c/ 77 ***+ ASM96:in64:02: We Go by Complex
/1996/c/ 135 ***+ ASM96:in64:05: Neutral by Coral
/1996/c/comawasm.a01 1208 ***+ [2/2] ASM96:demo:XX: Washing Machine by COMA
/1996/c/comawasm.arj 1422 ***+ [1/2] ASM96:demo:XX: Washing Machine by COMA
/1996/c/ 46 * Combo by Lightblue
/1996/c/ 12 **** ASM96:in4k:02: Countach by Dave of Byteam
/1996/c/ 57 ** ASM96:in64:13: Power Rangers by Cool
| Productions
/1996/c/ 2 ** ANT96:in1k:??: Critical Mass by Lorenzo,
| Robymus, Dave
/1996/c/ 813 ****+ [1/2] ASM96:demo:02: Toasted by Cubic Team,
| $een
/1996/c/ 1407 ****+ [2/2] ASM96:demo:02: Toasted by Cubic Team,
| $een
/1996/d/ 10 ** BBS Datura by Demaniacs
/1996/d/ 1741 **** ASM96:demo:06: Daydream by Japotek
/1996/d/ 36 *+ Wheel of Fortune by The Dennis Courtney Five
/1996/d/ 487 ** Beef by The Dennis Courtney Five, Force Ten
/1996/d/ 9 **** ANT96:in4k:01: Desert by Exosworm of
| Enlightenment
/1996/e/ 1 ** Ellipse by Dmitry W. Kukushkin
/1996/e/ 67 ** ANT96:in64:02: Debut by Emperor
/1996/e/ 2 ** ANT96:in1k:??: End of Holiday by Ates of
| Emperor
/1996/f/ 384 **+ ASM96:demo:XX: Go Hippy by Fobia Design
/1996/f/ 63 *** ASM96:in64:XX: Friends by Gasp Inc.
/1996/f/ 59 **** ASM96:in64:01: Blind by Eufrosyne
/1996/f/ 80 *** ANT96:in64:01: Fruits by Exhumers
/1996/g/ 33 **+ ASM96:in64:XX: Rose by Gasp Inc.
/1996/h/ 4 *+ ANT96:in1k:??: Bela the Firestarter by Fishy
| of Hoe
/1996/i/ 104 ** BBS Blue Nose Productions by Chiparus
/1996/i/ 1213 ** ANT96:demo:03: Infinite Dreams by DemonSoft
/1996/k/ 211 ***+ Bof (bugfixed) by Kloon
/1996/k/ 486 **+ ASM96:demo:XX: Float by Karva
/1996/k/ 48 * ASM96:in64:XX: Konevitsa by Mikki
/1996/m/ 20 ****+ ASM96:demo:01: Machines of Madness (SB fix)
| by Dubius
/1996/m/machines.a01 1422 ****+ [2/3] ASM96:demo:01: Machines of Madness by
| Dubius
/1996/m/machines.a02 933 ****+ [3/3] ASM96:demo:01: Machines of Madness by
| Dubius
/1996/m/machines.arj 1422 ****+ [1/3] ASM96:demo:01: Machines of Madness by
| Dubius
/1996/m/ 1 *** ANT96:in1k:??: Light by Bery of Mortal
| Compact
/1996/m/ 1 ***+ ANT96:in1k:??: MC Palca by Tomcat of Abaddon
/1996/m/ 9 ***+ ANT96:in4k:05: Methodology by Blala of
| Byteam
/1996/m/ 517 *** ASM96:demo:07: Stream by MFX
/1996/m/ 4 **** ASM96:in4k:03: Mobilization by Jani Honkanen
/1996/m/ 2 **+ ASM96:in4k:08: Mystical by Neurochip
/1996/n/ 72 ***+ ASM96:in64:03: Nation Zero 2 by Jamm
/1996/n/ 1661 **** ASM96:demo:11: Nutz by Hyperopia
/1996/o/ 185 ** NAID96:i128:??: One Time (v1.3) by Info-Tech
/1996/p/ 4 **** ANT96:in4k:02: Palcika by Tomcat of Abaddon
/1996/p/ 50 *** ASM96:in64:04: Palikka by Moottori
/1996/p/ 64 *** ASM96:in64:10: Pocsolya by Byteam
/1996/p/ 9 ****+ ASM96:in4k:01: Pure Spirit by The Counsellor
| of Spirit New Style
/1996/r/ 262 ** ID4 by Ribbon
/1996/r/ 834 ***+ ASM96:demo:12: Sergei by Recreation
/1996/s/ 1 **** ANT96:in1k:02: Argonautical by Stephen of
| Silicon Brain
/1996/s/ 4 *** ANT96:in4k:??: Astronautical by Silicon
| Brain
/1996/s/ 2026 ***+ ANT96:demo:02: Haze by Shock
/1996/s/ 8 **** ANT96:in1k:01: Unoptimized by TSC of Shock
/1996/s/ 6 ***+ ASM96:in4k:06: Shorty by The Russian of The
| Clan
/1996/s/ 65 *+ ASM96:in64:XX: Open The Can by Skraappa
| Skruuppi
/1996/s/ 40 * ASM96:in64:XX: Bill G's Arse by Simplex
/1996/s/ 21 * First Demo by Spansh
/1996/s/ 913 *** ASM96:demo:05: Sperm by Five Coders
/1996/s/ 1241 **** ASM96:demo:04: Super Television by Orange
/1996/t/ 71 ***+ ASM96:in64:09: '69 by The Black Lotus
/1996/t/ 9 + Truth by Perforated Edges
/1996/u/ 4 ****+ ANT96:in1k:03: Life by Pupu of Urinate
/1996/v/ 2253 ***+ ASM96:demo:03: Vivid Experiment by Doomsday
| Productions
/1996/w/ 183 ***+ ASM96:in64:06: Water by Spirit New Style
/1996/y/ 154 *+ Mysbos by Yodel, DPS
/1996/z/ 188 **+ ASM96:demo:10: Encore 2 (Joe Mix) by TPOLM

/pub/demos/music Size Rated Description
/disks/1996/a/ 1391 **+ Alloy Musicdisk #2 by Alloy
/disks/1996/a/ 1231 ** Alternate Worlds 5 Years by ???
/disks/1996/c/ 515 **+ Cathrtic Mind by Attitude Adjuster
/disks/1996/c/cb-md3pt.a01 1154 *** [2/2] Music Disk #3 by CBR
/disks/1996/c/cb-md3pt.arj 1422 *** [1/2] Music Disk #3 by CBR
/disks/1996/c/cc_attr.a01 767 *** [2/2] Attraction by PeriSoft of
| Capacala
/disks/1996/c/cc_attr.arj 1184 *** [1/2] Attraction by PeriSoft of
| Capacala
/disks/1996/c/ 690 ***+ C64 School by Carcass
/disks/1996/c/ 783 **+ Music Disk 1 by CRONiX
/disks/1996/d/ 1644 ** Force Deste Musicdisk #1 by Force
| Deste
/disks/1996/d/ 2080 **** DustMania by Dustbin of Nemesis
/disks/1996/e/ 81 **+ 64k Chip Disk by Rez of Eclipse
/disks/1996/e/ 1212 * 02/96 Pack by Exploding Hedgehogs
/disks/1996/e/ 1447 * 04/96 Pack by Exploding Hedgehogs
/disks/1996/e/ 787 *+ Best of...Volume 1 by Exploding
| Hedgehogs
/disks/1996/e/ 964 ** Maxi-Release 4 by EMS
/disks/1996/e/ 1411 ***+ [1/4] Ad Infinitum by Epinicion
| Productions
/disks/1996/e/ 1389 ***+ [2/4] Ad Infinitum by Epinicion
| Productions
/disks/1996/e/ 1389 ***+ [3/4] Ad Infinitum by Epinicion
| Productions
/disks/1996/e/ 625 ***+ [4/4] Ad Infinitum by Epinicion
| Productions
/disks/1996/e/ 1164 *** Eternal Gardens by Lakee
/disks/1996/f/ 2795 *** The Final Touch by Doc
/disks/1996/f/ 1962 **** Blur Religion by Mellow-D of FM
/disks/1996/f/ 1595 ****+ Soul Elements by Basehead of FM
/disks/1996/f/ 906 **+ Frag by Peals
/disks/1996/g/ 677 *** Final Fantasy by GBlues
/disks/1996/g/ 1403 **** [1/3] Gems by Jade, Blue Pearl
/disks/1996/g/ 1342 **** [2/3] Gems by Jade, Blue Pearl
/disks/1996/g/ 1381 **** [3/3] Gems by Jade, Blue Pearl
/disks/1996/g/ 1382 ***+ [1/2] MusicDisk 2 by Balrog
/disks/1996/g/ 1112 ***+ [2/2] MusicDisk 2 by Balrog
/disks/1996/g/ 294 **+ Gateway 20k Chiptune Compo Entries
/disks/1996/h/ 1258 **+ The House 'N Acid Experience by
/disks/1996/h/ 3911 **** Getsumei No Michi by Hardcode
/disks/1996/h/ 1732 ***+ The Barcode by Hunz
/disks/1996/h/ 1210 *+ [1/2] Petrified by Horde
/disks/1996/h/ 1079 *+ [2/2] Petrified by Horde
/disks/1996/h/ 365 ** Deep Fried by Heretics
/disks/1996/h/ 1468 **+ HardTrance Classics From Deepest
| Italy Volume 1 by Labworks
/disks/1996/i/ 2875 *** Incubus by Gnosis
/disks/1996/k/ 2102 *** Explorer by GooRoo
/disks/1996/l/ 481 ** Field of Dreams by LoK
/disks/1996/m/ 992 *** The Shade by Mazurka
/disks/1996/m/mindbomb.arj 781 *+ Mind Bomb by Dark Ritual
/disks/1996/m/moo-zeek.arj 614 *+ Moo-zeeka Fantastika by Waka X
/disks/1996/m/ 1365 **** Autoemotive by Liam the lemming
/disks/1996/m/ 1109 **+ [1/2] Music Pack by Mozicart
/disks/1996/m/ 980 **+ [2/2] Music Pack by Mozicart
/disks/1996/m/ 1037 **+ [1/3] March '96 by Mozicart
/disks/1996/m/ 1305 **+ [2/3] March '96 by Mozicart
/disks/1996/m/ 1132 **+ [3/3] March '96 by Mozicart
/disks/1996/m/ 1861 **+ Mystique 01/1996 by Mystique
/disks/1996/m/ 1210 ***+ Mystique 02/1996 by Mystique
/disks/1996/m/ 1101 *** Mystique 03/1996 by Mystique
/disks/1996/m/ 220 **+ Mystique 03/1996 by Mystique :
| Update Disk
/disks/1996/m/ 970 *** Mystique 04/1996 by Mystique
/disks/1996/n/ 2129 **** Grandeur by Night55
/disks/1996/n/ 477 *** Neural Assault by Qool Productions
/disks/1996/n/ 1194 **+ Those Overdose Gods by Nearly Gods
/disks/1996/n/ 1415 *** Avantgarde by Riders
/disks/1996/n/ 1147 ***+ AntiMatter by Harry of Noise
/disks/1996/n/ 821 **+ Images by J. Redfern
/disks/1996/o/ 293 ** Origin Disk #3 by Origin
/disks/1996/p/ 1334 ***+ [1/2] pHluid #4 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 906 ***+ [2/2] pHluid #4 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 1152 *** [1/2] pHluid #5 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 1068 *** [2/2] pHluid #5 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 1375 ***+ [1/2] pHluid 03/1996 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 1176 ***+ [2/2] pHluid 03/1996 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 1105 *** [1/2] pHluid 05/1996 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 1064 *** [2/2] pHluid 05/1996 by Acid
/disks/1996/p/ 41 ***+ Chips & Dips by Pinion
/disks/1996/r/ 778 ** Radioactive Distortion by Neutron
/disks/1996/r/ 836 **+ Obnoxious Affinity by Catspaw
/disks/1996/r/ 1016 *+ Reaction by Neutron
/disks/1996/r/ 532 **+ Resolution '95 2 Hour Compo Pack
/disks/1996/r/ 1439 *+ Carmagnola by Red Power
/disks/1996/s/ 1311 ** Volume 2 by SDC
/disks/1996/s/ 1261 **+ Volume 3 by SDC
/disks/1996/s/ 1210 **+ Volume 4 by SDC
/disks/1996/s/ 363 **+ Secret Worlds by Resound
/disks/1996/s/ 1363 * Spasm 02/1996 by Spasm
/disks/1996/s/ 220 *** [1/3] Submerged by Sublevel 3
/disks/1996/s/ 1350 *** [2/3] Submerged by Sublevel 3
/disks/1996/s/ 1399 *** [3/3] Submerged by Sublevel 3
/disks/1996/s/ 460 ***+ Dimensional Voyages by Streamline
| Vision
/disks/1996/s/ 28 ** Adlib Musicdisk by Sanxion
/disks/1996/s/ 1934 **+ [1/2] Syndicate Net Musicdisk #1
| by Syndicate Net
/disks/1996/s/ 1815 **+ [2/2] Syndicate Net Musicdisk #1
| by Syndicate Net
/disks/1996/t/ 886 **+ The Land by Lord Blanka of
| Terraformer
/disks/1996/t/ 2038 *** Burning by Tracktor
/disks/1996/t/ 1462 *** [1/2] Sublevel by Tracktor
/disks/1996/t/ 1136 *** [2/2] Sublevel by Tracktor
/disks/1996/t/ 1495 ** Tranceraver by Datrix Productions
/disks/1996/t/ 1425 ***+ [1/2] Tripout Volume 1 by Trip
/disks/1996/t/ 1450 ***+ [2/2] Tripout Volume 1 by Trip
/disks/1996/t/ 1194 **+ [1/2] 04/1996 Pack by Traxx
/disks/1996/t/ 1227 **+ [2/2] 04/1996 Pack by Traxx
/disks/1996/t/ 974 **+ [1/2] Biosphere - Issue 1 by Traxx
/disks/1996/t/ 834 **+ [2/2] Biosphere - Issue 1 by Traxx
/disks/1996/t/ 1113 ** Deranged Songs - Volume 1 by Traxx
/disks/1996/t/ 1077 * [1/2] Deranged Songs - Volume 2 by
| Traxx
/disks/1996/t/ 1253 * [2/2] Deranged Songs - Volume 2 by
| Traxx
/disks/1996/u/ 743 *** Flo by Ultrabeat
/disks/1996/u/ 1164 *** Lucid by Ultrabeat
/disks/1996/u/ 1011 ***+ Unification 2 by Aim Higher
/disks/1996/v/ 1394 *** [1/5] A DJ's Dream 2 by VSL
/disks/1996/v/ 1178 *** [2/5] A DJ's Dream 2 by VSL
/disks/1996/v/ 977 *** [3/5] A DJ's Dream 2 by VSL
/disks/1996/v/ 1168 *** [4/5] A DJ's Dream 2 by VSL
/disks/1996/v/ 942 *** [5/5] A DJ's Dream 2 by VSL
/disks/1996/w/ 579 **+ Diptheria by Wraith
/disks/1996/z/ 838 ** Groovy Time Fabric by Zinc
/programs/compress/ 44 Music File Compressor v1.33 by
| Zirconia : compress/decompress
| songs, TSR decompresses
| transparently
/programs/players/ 6 Cubic AWE Player Wavetable Driver
| v1.7c
/programs/players/ 3 Cubic GUS Player Driver v1.7b :
| bugfixed version
/samples/ 1367 [1/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1312 [2/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1381 [3/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1274 [4/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1036 [5/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1404 [6/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1315 [7/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1303 [8/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1399 [9/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1262 [10/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 829 [11/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 1387 [12/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 630 [13/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 2488 [14/14] Roland Juno 106 Samples #2
| by Soundwave : WAV, 16-bit 44kh
/samples/ 439 Roland TR-707 Percussion Samples
| by Tek : WAV - 16-bit 44kh
/songs/1996/s3m/b/ 188 *** MEK96:mmul:XX: Beyond the Unknown
| by Hilander
/songs/1996/xm/k/ 476 ***+ MEK96:mmul:01: Guitarphobia by
| Keith303
/songs/1996/xm/s/ 151 ***+ MEK96:m4ch:03: Impact by
| Screamager
/songs/1996/xm/s/ 159 *** MEK96:mmul:XX: Army of Sinners by
| Screamager

/pub/demos/graphics Size Rated Description
/images/1995/b/ 30 ***+ BIZ95:grfx:XX: Badrock by Wolverine
/images/1995/b/ 98 **** BIZ95:grfx:01: Batman by Mr. M
/images/1995/b/ 62 ** BIZ95:grfx:XX: Belldandy 2 the Revenge
| by Pozor
/images/1995/b/ 36 **+ BIZ95:grfx:XX: ??? by Manar
/images/1995/c/ 14 **+ BIZ95:grfx:XX: Centaur by ???
/images/1995/e/ 12 **+ BIZ95:grfx:XX: Elf by Spark
/images/1995/f/ 84 ***+ BIZ95:grfx:XX: Facescape by Comik
/images/1995/m/ 22 *+ BIZ95:grfx:XX: Play Magic by Samsman
/images/1995/o/ 15 **** BIZ95:grfx:XX: Orn by Hqn
/images/1995/p/ 18 + BIZ95:grfx:XX: Paard by Bier
/images/1995/p/ 26 ****+ BIZ95:grfx:03: Party Pig by Contrast
/images/1995/t/ 9 ** BIZ95:grfx:XX: Towers by BVD
/images/1995/v/ 22 * BIZ95:grfx:XX: Just For Fun by Eggshell
/images/1996/0-9/ 27 *** REM96:grfx:10: Three Dots by Shape
/images/1996/b/ 47 ***+ ASM96:grfx:??: Babylon by ???
/images/1996/b/ 53 *** TG96:grfx:??: Ballerina by Boo
/images/1996/b/ 173 ***+ ASM96:grfx:04: Broken by Louie, Rodney
/images/1996/b/ 6 *+ REM96:grfx:13: Brud by Carnivore
/images/1996/c/ 23 *+ REM96:grfx:07: Colorize by Primal Rage
/images/1996/c/ 23 *+ REM96:grfx:12: Crucified by AWM
/images/1996/d/ 24 *** REM96:grfx:09: Deep Blue by Joker
/images/1996/e/ 117 ***+ REM96:grfx:08: Enigmatic by Phantom
/images/1996/g/ 159 **** TS96:grfx:01: Gods Army by Morbid
/images/1996/h/ 103 ** REM96:grfx:11: Hatas by Dr. Foo
/images/1996/i/ 56 ***+ ASM96:grfx:03: Fish by Beast
/images/1996/i/ 38 **+ REM96:grfx:02: Irida Karshiba by Jam
| Sam
/images/1996/l/ 78 **+ REM96:grfx:04: Les Love by Deone
/images/1996/m/ 24 *+ REM96:grfx:06: Magic Moment by Flood
/images/1996/o/ 211 **** ASM96:grfx:XX: Oldskool by Rodney
/images/1996/p/ 20 * REM96:grfx:14: Piik Till Feministerna
| by Rex
/images/1996/r/ 158 *+ REM96:grfx:15: Rock by Citruz
/images/1996/r/ 164 **** ASM96:grfx:09: Useless to Run Bitch by
| Rendall
/images/1996/s/ 134 ***+ REM96:grfx:03: Skull by Heinrich
/images/1996/t/ 82 ****+ REM96:grfx:01: Tub Terror by Skutt
/images/1996/v/ 44 ***+ REM96:grfx:05: Virgin Witch by Pad
/images/1996/v/ 55 ***+ ASM96:grfx:02: Voyeur by Visualize
/images/1996/w/ 693 ASM96:grtc:XX: Wishes by Louie
/images/1996/w/ 47 **+ ASM96:grfx:XX: ??? by Wolf
/images/1996/w/ 25 *** ASM96:grfx:XX: Jen by Wolf
/images/1996/w/ 43 **+ ASM96:grfx:XX: Li by Wolf
/images/1996/w/ 48 **+ ASM96:grfx:XX: No by Wolf
/images/1996/x/ 44 * TG96:grtc:??: X-Files by Kjelke

/pub/demos/info Size Rated Description
/demonews/demonews.128 58 DemoNews 128 - 25 Aug 1996 by Hornet
/demonews/demonews.129 63 DemoNews 129 - 08 Sep 1996 by Hornet
/traxw/traxweek.069 30 TraxWeekly 069 - 22 Aug 1996
/traxw/traxweek.070 34 TraxWeekly 070 - 05 Sep 1996

/pub/demos/mags Size Rated Description
/1993/mayhem.lzh 185 *** Mayhem #1 by Phantom, Toxic Zombies
/1994/ 144 ***+ Contrast #1 Bugfix by Purple
/1994/ 336 ** Genetic Dreams #1 by Escape
/1995/ 1338 **** Contrast #2 by Purple
/1995/ 1361 *+ Genetic Dreams #2 by Escape
/1995/ 731 *** Genetic Dreams #4 by Escape
/1995/ 583 *** Hoax #6 by Epical
/1995/ 907 ** Infused Bytes #2 by Realm of Infusion
/1995/ 804 **** Daskmig #7 by INF
/1995/ 280 ** Yahoo #4: The Hangover Issue by @
/1995/ 515 ** Yahoo #5: The Party Issue by @
/1996/ 1409 **** Autark #1 by N-Factor
/1996/ 556 ***+ Splash #3 by Fascination
/1996/ 509 ***+ Splash #4 by Fascination
/1996/ 1356 ****+ Imphobia #12 by Imphobia
/1996/ 10 + Madania Press #1 by ESG
/1996/ 534 **** Scenial #2 The Injection by Beans, Pulse
/1996/ 513 **+ Soap #1 Lite by Soap
/1996/ 165 **+ Sub-Kult #3 by Dr. Dyregod, Ko
/programs/dmg103d.arj 187 Disk Magazine Generator v1.03d by Dark Fiber
/programs/ 52 Genetic Dreams Text Editor v3.2 by Escape
/programs/ 65 Genetic Dreams Text Editor v4.0 by Escape



:: "Introduction"
:: Snowman / Hornet -

_____The End Of An Era

Diablo (music archive maintainer) is leaving. With work and scholastic
duties, he is no longer able to work on the ever-growing music archive.
We are actively looking for a replacement. There are a few people in the
scene that we've thought about asking, but we wanted to give everyone the
news in case someone really qualified wanted to volunteer.

Position recommendations (not necessarily requirements): background in Perl,
familiarity with our archive, a firm understanding of the overwhelming and
continuous work that must be done. :) Please contact us if you feel
qualified and are interested.

_____Massive Improvements in /pub/demos/music

Over the past two weeks, I've fixed and cataloged every stray file that was
in /pub/demos/music. That's right! Every single song, music disk,
program, sample pack, etc. is now in the HA4 database just waiting to be

There are now 8145 cataloged files on our site (5480 in /music alone). Those
numbers are about double what they were two weeks ago. This is a mixed
blessing. Yes, the database is more complete. However, the allmusic.html
file has grown to 2.2 megs (ouch!). Search time has gone up noticeably. I'm
going to have to redesign a couple critical sections of the archiving
software and make things easier for you guys to get to.

Note that our /music files listings this week are a bit incomplete. Since I
was cataloging old files while Diablo was cataloging new, I had a difficult
time separating the two when it came time to print this issue. This should
never happen again.

_____The Good, tHe bAd, a/\/> +)-(<- *%_a49!&

As I was fixing up descriptions in the /music tree, I came across a lot of
things I wanted to mention to musicians before they upload to our site:

1. Pick a 2 or 3 character prefix for all of your releases. For me, it might
be,,, etc. This guarantees that all
of your releases will be kept in the same directory.

2. Try to avoid profanity. It doesn't really bother me anymore, but it can
be embarrassing as you grow older in the scene. Imagine doing a search for
Necros songs and seeing a tune he wrote in 1992 called "Fuckhead
Assmuncher". That wouldn't seem very professional, would it? :)

3. Properly capitalized words rule! If you have numbers or whacky case
changes in your handle or song title, chances are they won't get
cataloged correctly (and won't show up when someone wants to search for
your stuff).

4. Include a file_id.diz in each release. Make it 25 characters or less. Use
no high-ascii characters. Be sure to say, at minimum "Song Title by
Author". And don't assume that anyone knows who you are. For example,
"Proud Mary Music Disk by Taco". Is "Taco" a group or an individual? How
the heck do I know? The group/individual distinction is important to the

5. Only have 3 or 4 files in the .zip file: the file_id.diz, the song, maybe
a group.nfo thing and maybe one other file. When you start getting past
that, people have to delete a lot of crap when they listen to your songs.

6. Put your song title in the "song title" field within the song. This might
sound obvious but you have no idea how many people don't do this.

7. If you get three consistent ratings of ** or less, maybe it's time for a
break. Take a month off, read some TraxWeekly, talk to some people on
IRC, get their feedback. Then give it another go. If you keep uploading
poorly written songs, people will download them less and less. In the
modern music scene, there is enough help out there to help you avoid a lot
of newbie mistakes.

8. Don't upload more than one song per week, tops (unless you consistently
get ***+ or higher). Imagine if I sent out 4 issues of DemoNews a week.
At first you might think "cool, look at all those files and articles!" But
after a while you wouldn't read them. They would sit in your inbox. Make
each song a "production"... special and important, not just another line
to stick in your "Songs I've Done" list.

9. Use small samples if possible. These files aren't being sent to everyone's
door on CD. The public is downloading your songs with a 14.4 or 28.8 and
crappy bandwidth to 200-400k is a nice range for a song.

10. Have one song per zip file.

11. Music packs are ok. Music disks are cool. Distinction? An interface.

12. Tune your samples.

13. Stick to song formats that are playable in Cubic Player.

14. MOD files are generally outdated unless they entered a 4-channel compo.

15. Don't rip overused samples.

16. Music reviewers all have different tastes. This does not mean they are
bias. A techno-lover reviewer will still give a high rating to a jazz
song if done well. Remember this when you're trying to find "reasonable"
excuses why you got a low rating. :)

Give me 20 songs. Let me rate them with a blindfold on. Then let me see
just the contents of the .zip files. I'll bet you I can can come within * on
each file, just based on how it "looks". How you package your song is very
revealing. It's obvious who actually cares about their songs and takes the
time to make them a polished production.

And remember, just because we keep all songs on our site does not mean we
encourage poorly tracked songs to be uploaded.

_____Assembly Pics

Howler's got some Assembly '96 pics online... check 'em out at:

_____DemoNews Anniversary

24 Sep 1996 is the 4th anniversary of DemoNews. As we enter our fifth year,
I promise to bring the /incoming directory back under control.


3 out of every 5 files prefer the /music directory over all others COMBINED!


:: "Standards"
:: GD / Hornet -


Recently, I took a rare trip through usenet. While sifting through the large
volume of posts in the newsgroup, I read one message
that claimed, "Coders usually don't care about standards."

Standards have as much importance to the demoscene as they do to new
professional software packages. How so? Often, the effect of a standard
isn't noticeable without some explanation. To present my case, I am going to
refer to software user interfaces.

_____User Interface - The Non-Scene Example

A standardized user interface has many advantages. For a new software
package, it encourages users to skip most or all of the "how to" which is
often necessary, and overconsuming of time and energy. Skipping this step
allows the user to get a jump start and find out what features they could
benefit from in a particular software package.

For our non-scene example, let's refer to word processors.

To me, WordPerfect 5.1 for Dos has one of the worst user interfaces I've ever
been forced to use. When I need to use a word processor, I prefer Microsoft
Word. For the sake of argument, let's say that WordPerfect gets completely
redesigned and has an interface similar to that of MS Word. I can load up
this new WordPerfect and, hey! The same menu options! The same hotkeys!
This is great. Let's see what else it has.

However, if a user interface is something totally foreign, a user may
struggle for hours just trying to learn how to open a file on their hard
drive that they won't notice the new Advanced Grammar Correction System.

By using a tried-and-true user interface, one barrier between the user and
the full potential of the software is eliminated.

_____User Interface - The Scene Example

I've done my best to keep up with the new issues of the Imphobia diskmag over
the last couple years. Imphobia has high quality graphics, an impressive
selection of music, lots of articles, and a simple yet effective interface.

Recently, I downloaded a different diskmag that I hadn't heard of before. It
had a hard-to-read font and a very awkward keyboard interface. I struggled
with these two things so much that I almost completely failed to notice the
nice background song. Besides that, I didn't even get through reading one
complete article in the whole thing. And I bet I wasn't the only one.

What's the result of this? I probably won't download the next issue of this
diskmag (no names). First impressions are lasting impressions.

_____Pass the PIIDI test

Any new product which requires interaction is vulnerable to the "poor
interface, I'm deleting it" (PIIDI) test. Products which fail this test
limit their potential for success.

In the case of the demoscene where productions are free anyway, everything is
much more vulnerable to this test. The user tries it, doesn't like it,
deletes it, and has lost only their time investment.

Diskmags, tracker programs, graphics editors, and simple text editors are all
subject to this test. But many programmers and designers might neglect this

If one wants to gain acceptance of a certain group of individuals, one needs
to appeal to the group's desires. Computer users don't want to struggle with
confusing keys to gain a minimal advantage over their previous software.
They want to dive right in and spend their time learning how to take
advantage of "the good stuff."


In some cases, design and originality must be sacrificed in the name of using
an accepted standard. Providing the user with familiarity is one way to give
a product a better chance. To be truly successful, one must make the desires
of the audience top priority, even if this means making alterations to the
desires of the creators.


:: "Text Mode Demo Competition (TMDC)"
:: Sol / DEE -


One day last summer I and The Joker/Crusaders got an idea. We both like
textmode demos, and while they seem to be increasing, we need something to
promote them. We'd like to see textmode demos in at least good position as 4k
intros are today - ie. competitions in all major parties etc. Only way to
make this happen is to get people to make some _good_ textmode demos.

_____Why should I consider this?

Textmode is not just for newbies who haven't gotten into 13h yet. You can do
everything in textmode that you can do in other modes; the resolution is
worse, but that means it doesn't require as much processing power.

Although you may not change palette in this competition, you still can have
easily over 500 colors on screen at one time, by using back- and foreground

Please note that this is not a joke competition. While most of the textmode
demos have been just curiosities or simply crap, you can do good things in
it. We have already heard that someone is making a realtime raytracing demo
for this competition. That is completely possible due to the low resolution
and high processing power.


The deadline (due to numerous requests) has moved to 11.11.96. This
doesn't mean that you should hold on to your productions to the last
day; please send them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make sure we get them.
Results should be available before the end of November.


The competition is held in the Internet, but you don't have to have internet
access to contribute a demo. You may send your contributions to:

email: or
irc/dcc: _TJ_ (#CODERS)
bbs: TRK +358-0-874-2789 28.8k (Dubius/DEE/Hysteria HQ)
snail: Sol/DEE The Joker
Laurintie 116 Stationsveien 56
Vantaa 01400 2010 STROMMEN
Finland,Europe Norway, Europe

Please include Self Addressed Envelope and International Reply
Coupons if you want to have your disk(s) back.

_____Basic Rules?

Please get the complete rules before contributing a demo.

- The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any demo, and the
right to change the rules at any time.
- The demos must be previosly unpublished.
- Maximum file size is 1447424 bytes in a ZIP file, and 10 megs
If you use DOS4GW, you don't need to include it in the ZIP.
- Maximum demo length (in time) is not limited, but you should remember
that too long demos are boring.
- The complete demo must run in some textmode. Valid textmode screen
modes are:
40x12, 40x14, 40x21, 40x25, 40x27, 40x43, 40x50,
80x12, 80x14, 80x21, 80x25, 80x27, 80x43, 80x50.
If you want to use nonstandard text modes with these resolutions (for
instance Liket's 60hz or 50hz modes) please make them optional.
- Font and palette changes are not allowed; neither are other hardware
tricks like splitscreen or startaddress. Light backgrounds may be
- User must be able to quit the demo at any moment by pressing ESC.
- Sound support: At least GUS (either native, MEGAEM (midi) or
(IW/MAX)SBOS (SB/adlib)).
- The demo must run on Pentium 120 with 8 megs of RAM under either
QEMM, EMM386, HIMEM or plain boot.


(Prizes may change; follow the infofiles).

1st place - A.C.E Demos collection CD
- 386dx25 w/4MB RAM, 40MB HDD, VGA card.
(doesn't include keyboard or monitor, tho..)
2nd place - Imphobia 'Dreams' demo-CD
- same kind of 386dx25 as above
3rd place - A.C.E Demos collection CD
4th place - Imphobia 'Dreams' demo-CD
5th place - A.C.E Demos collection CD

A.C.E demos collection CDs were donated by A.C.E BBS
Imphobia Dreams CDs were donated by Imphobia might give some prizes but this discussion is still open.

Other donations welcome!


Sol/DEE has released a textmode FLI/FLC player (with complete Watcom C32
source). It can currently be found (at least) from: It should be enough to show
that you can do anything in textmode.

The Joker(TJ)/Crusaders has released full code to his textmode demo that won
the Distortion'96, and the demo consists of 3d-vectors, texture-mapping,
gouraud shading, zoom/rotate, good music and plasma-routines. It's coded in
pascal/asm. Get if from:


If you have any questions, send them to either or, or use the other contribution addresses mentioned
above. Sol/DEE also reads GSN, DGI and

New infofiles (with complete rules etc) will be posted to c.s.i.p.demos and
we will release an invitation intro later with 'final' infofile.

Infofile version 0.9 (with slightly old info) can be found withing
(see resources, above).


:: "Outdated Code, Modern Hardware"
:: Unreal / Pulse -

Some days ago I and 2418 other subscribers received the 127th issue of
Demonews. I thought this particular issue was pretty boring (or rather of no
interest for me this time), but I managed to get myself reading the "Jim vs.
Jim" article. Usually I'd comment about this in Bad News, Imphobia, or
Scenial, of which I am editor/writer, but I thought this time the thing could
get outdated too quickly. So, I'd like to comment on a few things here in

One thing is the really hot subject among coders nowadays: "Will new gfx
cards' features replace today's coders work?" The "work" here is meant that
done by polyfillers, for example. Representing the opinion that it WILL
replace coders is well-known coder (anyone here never seen Imphobia?) Wizard
/ Imphobia. He claims that there's no sense to put much brainwork into whole
3D stuff, because soon it will be replaced by the flash-speed features of new
gfx cards, where things like z-buffer, gouraud, phong and probably few more
will be a standard.

The person that thinks about it in different way is Tremor, coder of Dubius &
Dee, whose 3d system is very impressive. In the not-yet-published interview
for Bad News, Tremor says:

T: As far as I know those gfx cards will replace some polyfillers...
there's much more to do in good vector engines than just fillers. All the
3d-math, data structuring, shadow-engines, reflection effects + all the
3d-effects etc. and much more will stay. So there's as much sense in
developing engines as there has been till this day.

I think it shows more truth than other comments about it - technically, no
card can absolutely replace coders' 3D work. There are always N ways to do
some stuff. Today's fillers feature things like: gouraud, texturing, phong
(few _real_ phong, though), bump, z-buffer, plus some more _plus_ all
possible and reasonable combinations of those. Who knows who'll invent
something new soon?

There are other aspects of this--surely, we'll see much, much more 3d stuff
because that is what many consider magic. 3D-routines (concerning things
like fillers and data transfer) will become a STANDARD function of your
video-card! but more on that a bit later.

Another thing - Trixter and Rimbo look at 3D-accelerators just like they were
only the future AND they even forgot (IMHO) what it was they were talking
about: Graphics-ACCELERATOR cards. [In fact, J&J were talking about hardware
advancements in general, they just used Accelerator cards as one example.
-Ed.] Accelerator cards will speed things up, but you won't be forced to
abandon your fingerwork (you will always be able to do gfx stuff on your
own). Surely things like phong and z-buffering will be done faster with the
new cards, but code optimization and technique are still the most important
things in demos.

YES. Demos. First of all, the introduction says: "or will doing that end
the art of using programming tricks?". They consider doing tricks an art.
Tricks are nice, but they're a TOOL. Of course, there are a number of
competitions like 8086 and Imphobia Coding Compo that are trick-showoff
competitions, but the main idea of demos is ART.

The fillers and 3D stuff will get more popular, as I said before, by using
the video-cards of tomorrow. This will somewhat reduce need for present-day
coders (who must usually do things by hand and have to know HOW things work).
These coders will be replaced by people who might not be as technically adept
but who have more of a flare for design or REAL art!

Imagine if someone could invent a brain-picture-to-paper-dumper, something
that would dump what you imagine in your head onto paper. Who knows who'd be
better - guys like Dali, Shyshkin, Rembrandt OR an unknown guy with great
imagination but no drawing skills? It's the same with demos - there are
surely guys with fantastic ideas, but lack of knowledge restrains them from
doing really great stuff.

Now, about the so-called end of "today's" scene. They seem to say that the
introduction of new cards and hardware will destroy demos as they are today.
It will be the end. Oh really? Just think about all those C-64 guys
compared to PC dudes - the Commodore 64 had very little memory and a simple
music processor. On the modern PC, we now have (by standard) 8 megs RAM,
special music soundcards, gfx cards able to display up to 16 million colors,

What do those C64 veterans think? Some of them say it "sucks", but a lot of
them just moved on to the PC or Amiga scene. Yes, people cry that "there are
no more demos like on the good ole' C64," but everyone admits that what we
can do now is far better. The solution might be to realize how to use
available resources wisely, and it was a much more life-or-death question to
optimize things on the C64 than on a PC. Nowadays we just say "buy a better
PC". It's kind of a sign of the times - the better computer you have, the
less you have to optimize.

What have technological advances brought us? Take "Control" by Coma, a
fantastic original video demo, until yesterday possible only on videotapes.
Take "Contrast" by Oxygene, where the winners of the 2nd prize in the AMIGA
contest at THE PARTY 1995 kick ass so hard. Many say the demo is slow, but
hey--only half a year after The Party 5 they release a visually FANTASTIC PC
production. The reason they can do that so fast (though I'm not of course
sure that they were not working on PC before), is that they (Oxbab?) DON'T
have to care about speed as much as they'd have to some time ago. Wanna see a
good show? Buy a pentium; that's life.

"Buy a pentium?" Interesting, eh? I could buy a 386 processor with
mainboard for 0.4$ in many stores in Poland, which is half of the price of
hamburger. I can buy a 486 cheaply, and I'm talking about POLAND! What is
the next important fact is that when one buys a Pentium which he considers
fast, one wants to see powerful things.

Show me a non-scene man that would say, "Ah ok, no prob" when he asks "why
are all those demos here you show me so poor, I've seen it in standard
presentation in TP3 in 198x year" being told "Because people care that even
XT owners have their fun." That's just life, and do you really want to stop
people from doing things for hi-tech equipment, because YOUR vision of the
scene is, in your opinion, going to die?

They won't care, especially if the vision they see is far more beautiful,
with "power for the masses". The future is that they'll be able to use
today's tough utilities more easily to produce things much closer to their
visions than they could ever do before.

I said so many things about the benefits of new hardware, but I know there
are of course some things that can be called drawbacks, too.

As I said a few times before, coding either will not be so absolutely elite,
or the I-coded-it-from-scratch coders will become really famous living
legends. Probably some average math-heads with no sense of style will be
forced by reality to stop acting like gods.

Another thing is that with massive size increases in media transfer products,
and with being able to replace disk drives and/or HDD / CD, we can expect
that everyone will do animation in 3DS (for example) real or imaginary and
use it in demos. Let's think, when will we see the first scene demo on CD?
Not soon? I would not bet. The whole scene will probably get bigger, too,
and there are many, many people who'd like to see it small, elite (in the
positive sense) and cameral like it was 1992, for example. But we, the human
beings, always were and most probably always will be afraid of change.

Those are my opinions. If anyone would like to know, I'm more or less
involved with the inter-machine scene for 7 or more years now, plus a
computer user for 12 years now, and I surely can remember the times of the
Atari 800XL, C64, A500, 286, because I had all of those computers.



:: "Coven 1996 Information"
:: Red Haze -

Coven 96 is a demo party being held in Adelaide, South Australia, from Monday
September 30th to Wednesday October 2nd. That's right, its less than two
weeks from now! It will be 55+ hours of demo viewing, module playing,
network game playing, and competitions.

If you live in Australia and go to university or school, Coven will be during
your next holidays, unless you happen to live in Tasmania, and I'm unsure of
the Queensland uni term dates. If you work, then get some time off and come
too! :) If you can make it, we'd love you to come along and join the party.
(oh yeah, the party has nothing to do with witches except the name.)

Last year, Coven 95 was pretty good, with an attendance of 50 people from the
little ol' city of adelaide. If you came along last year and you're reading
this, make sure you get along to Coven 96! Ditto if you didn't! If you went
to OZ'96 in January, expect Coven 96 to be better! :P

If you live in Melbourne, contact Black Artist and come along with him. (his
contact details are in the info file that will be on in the
Coven 96 directory in /pub/demos/incoming, presumably!)

We're expecting 100-150 people (local and interstate) this year, and there
are lots more competitions than last year. There will be a digital projector
for the whole 3 days, hopefully a taste of the Amiga scene and Quake/network
game compos, and in general HEAPS of fun!

Many thanks go to our current sponsors: INGA games BBS +61-8-8341-6660, Radio
Rentals and Leedall Presentation Systems.

Check out our web page at or its mirror for more details and the latest info pack.

If you need to contact the organizers for any reason, here's some of our
email addresses: (Red Haze) (Red Haze if the above address doesn't work)
Red Haze on Morbid Incite 2 BBS (+61-8-8281-0568)
Red Haze or MZ on Room IoI BBS (+61-8-8294-2774)
iCEWATER on INGA BBS (+61-8-8341-6660)

If you don't have a modem or email access, you can send snail mail to:

Coven 96 Organizers
PO BOX 131
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Torrens Park
South Australia

Ticket prices are: $20 at the door, $15 prepaid or with your own computer, $7
at the door for a day ticket, $12 ea. for a group booking of 10+ prepaid.
You can prepay by sending money and your details to the above address, or you
can go to the SAUA Office at Adelaide University and buy them there.

Don't forget to tell your

friends to come along too!


:: "Advertisement - The Kosmic Web Site"
:: Maelcum / KFMF -

Hey YOU... yeah you!
come visit
(mirror at

Home of
The Kosmic Free Music Foundation

A bunch of dirty old perverts with an archive of thousands of nude girlie
pics.. no wait, that's someone else! features:

* HUNDREDS of Kosmic songs to download, in every format imaginable, from
Internet Wave realtime audio to .S3M to .AU to good old MODs, from the
most well known names in the music scene, people like:

Siren - IV - Balrog - Bert - B00MER - Chuck Biscuits - Daedalus - Floss
Inspekdah Deck - GooRoo - Karl - Khyron - Leviathan - Lord Pegasus
Mental Floss - Quarex - Maelcum - Stinger - the Hacker - Vivid - Zake
And of course the classic Kosmic releases by former members of Kosmic
like Necros, Basehead, Phoenix, Hollywood, and more.

Many styles and genres, with an emphasis on electronic music:

Techno - Rave - Acid - Ambient - Happy Hardcore - Gabber - IDM
Trance - Goa - Jungle - Breaks - Classical - Jazz - Rock - Gothic

* An easy to use WWW environment with speedy HTTP access via an Apache

* A history of Kosmic, info on Kosmic in the media (be sure to check for
radio and television shows in your area which are featuring Kosmic
music!), player and tracker info.

* The classic Kosmic demos FLIGHT and LITTLE GREEN MEN.

* The ever-popular Exceedingly Great Grooves (EGG) series of musicdisks.

So come visit the web site of the world's grooviest digital music group!
(mirror at

As seen in and heard on:
Internet World magazine - The Net! magazine - Internet Music
The Ultimate Band List - Internet Underground magazine - PC Format
Mucho Media - KSUN 91.5 FM and many more!


_____DemoNews Subscribing

Mail :
Body : subscribe demuan-list FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME

DemoNews is sent to your e-mail return address.

_____DemoNews Back Issues

Older issues of DemoNews can be located at /info/demonews
Newly released issues of DemoNews are posted to /incoming/info

_____Contacting Us

For questions and comments, you can contact us at
Your mail will be forwarded to the appropriate individual.


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