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Silicon Times Report Issue 0005

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Silicon Times Report
 · 26 Apr 2019


ST-REPORT Issue #5 August 15, 1987 From the Zmagazine Information Network
Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs

In this edition:

<*> Publishers Page...Commentary
<*> Garbage On The Line: A Regular Column by: Calamity Jane
<*> Zmag Software Review: Vegas Gambler/Vegas Craps By:Marilyn Merica
<*> Lock and Key for your ST
<*> Contest Information from Hybrid Arts
<*> New Product Announcements
<*> News and Rumors By:John Nagy Michigan Atari Magazine
<*> Zmag BBS Spotlight:Dateline BBS
<*> Mail Link to Jerusalem
<*> ST Magazines Part 2
<*> ST PC Pursuit BBS List Version 1.00
<*> Product Annoucement from Stone Age Software
PUBLISHERS PAGE Commentary by Ron Kovacs

AS the continued hassles eat at my toes, I would like to inform the few that
are questioning our policies of a few details.

CompuServe, Analog, and others!! As the future issues of Zmag get closer to
publication, it is getting more and more difficult to rely on simple uploaded
text to my system. My costs are rising because I am now having to call all
over the country to research each and every article I consider to publish.

Zmag publications are FREE to everyone, Yet you still belittle our practices.
My operating costs for the month of June were the highest ever!! $525.00!!!
CIS, Analog, and others are receiving funds to produce whatever it is they do
and are bound to follow what their readers want, I on the other hand have been
uploading, downloading, calling over the country providing information at no
cost to my readers. There are many calling CompuServe for the issues along
with GEnie and the systems carrying Zmag each week. I am supporting these pay services and feel that I am not bring treated fairly.

This is a commentary and no futher actions will be made on my behalf but we are
considering re-evaluating our options. Zmag wont stop publishing, but we might
look for a new home.

The FCC deadline is closing in!! Read the file ZMAGFCC available on the Zmag
Info Network. (201) 968-8148!! We need your help to stop the passage of the new
access charges proposed!! Act today!!! 8-24-87 is the last day!!!
GARBAGE ON THE LINE A regular feature by: Calamity Jane


Here is a simple quiz to test your computing position. Answer each one yes or
no and compare your answers to the rating at the bottom !!

1> Do moST of your friends have computers ??
2> Do you use your computer everyday ??
3> Have you ever forgotten what someone was telling you while you were using a
computer ??
4> Have you ever eaten a cold dinner or missed dinner because you were
computing ??
5> Have you ever spent more then you could afford on computer items ??
6> Were the last 5 books you read about computers ??
7> Have you taken over parts of your house juST so the computer has enough room
to work in ??
8> Have you ever lost sleep because you were using the computer ??
9> Are moST of the gifts you receive related to computers ??
10> Have you ever lied to get out of doing something so there is more time to
compute ??

This highly unscientific teST was designed to be funny so don't be too worried
if it did not make much sense. The results show if you answered yes to 5 or
less queSTions, you are either STill normal or you juST bought the sySTem last
week. Between 5 to 8 yes's mean you should look for treatment of your
addiction. Nine or 10 positive responses and you are hooked just like the reST
of us and you might as well make the beST of it.

We need to STick together and try to get others to join the ranks of the ATARI
fanatic ...........................................................

Compiled by Big Al, BRACE/S*P*A*C*E/STARBASE
From the Puget Sound ATARI News

More Computer Quiz

I passed your teST... or failed it, depends on how you look at it... A few
additional thoughts by me... Calamity Jane !!

1> Hell, I have never met some of my friends... but I know them good. I run a
BBS and enjoy getting to know my callers. I do know what some of them look
like, as we exchange pictures. But meeting thru the keyboard, at three,
twelve, twenty-four or ninety-six hundred baud makes for a different
relationship... entirely. I STill find it odd to send a ChriSTmas card to
someone I have never met, and NOT have to sign my laST name...

2> You bet, I use my computer everyday... in fact, all use all three ST's
everyday..... I am realizing juST how hooked and totally crazy I am !! It
is called Multi-Tasking...

3> That is one problem with computers. You get so intuned to them you
completely ignore what is going on around you. A statement muST be said
three times before it is heard. That is why my ol man and I communicate via
E-Mail. The BBS may be half way across the country but at leaST I know he
'heard' me. I will slap the headphones on and the message muST come
across... leave me alone... I am busy !! Blood will usually catch the
computing persons attention !!

4> I have burned dinner several times. STart dinner, sit down at the ST and
totally space it out !! I ate a totally black chicken once !! And I know
the fine art of balancing the plate on my lap... I cooked the bottom out of
a pan once and smoked a skillet !! <had a hard time keeping it lit
though...> Guess I need a hot plate down here... A small refrigerator is
next. Then I never have to leave.

5> I always spend more money on the computer than I should. But what the hey,
it takes top priority. I would rather have disks than eat. We have eaten
ham & beans for a week, more times than I care to remember because of these
silly machines. Poor kid, goes without the BASICs like shoes... she had to
wear roller skates to school once, cause her shoes blew out, and I had blown
all the money on a new disk drive... I lucked out once again... it was
Halloween !!

6> This is the only one I responded NO too. I have not purchased the books for
the ST like I did the 800's & 130's... BUT... I read a lot... and I do it
while I am u/lding or d/lding !! I guess my answer is 'kinda' !!

7> At one time the computer was in the living room... on a tiny table. Sitting
next to it, was the cassette deck. And one joySTick. 'IT' began to grow...
and grow and is STill growing. I used to have a room in my house called a
Family Room... now it is The Computer Room. I call it the "Black Hole", due
to all the money poured down here.....

8> Sleep ?? What is sleep ?? I usually set my alarm to 4:30 or 5:00 to get on
a BBS, while the reST of you poor souls are slumbering away. Even when
checking out the inside of my eyelids, I am dreaming abou UPS trucks pulling
up or having a nightmare, cause I think I am lost in the depths of
Publishing Partner, with no escape possible... You should of seen me
explaining to my ol man, one morning at six, that I wasn't up early... I
hadn't been to bed yet !!

9> All of the gifts I buy or receive are for THE computers... If I can't buy
you something for your computer, forget it. You get nothing !! I forgot
how to buy clothes a long time ago. Upon noticing a weight loss on my part,
decided I needed some new levi's. I just can't handle the type of STore
that doesn't have Print Master signs in the window, so I looked in the boxes
in the basement... I found plenty of levis... FAR-OUT... look at all the
money I saved to buy, uh, printer paper, ribbons, MORE disks. Lets see, I
need to send for the new FoReM documentation..... hmmm. See, there IS a
method to my madness.....

10> I will do near anything to make more time to compute. I never fold the
laundry anymore... just dig it out of the dryer. Food is zapped in the
microwave or a check is shoved at some pizza guy at 12:33 AM. I am
forgetting the spoken version of the English language, but boy can I type!!
I suffer from computer hung-up-ed-ness so bad I once spaced out feeding the
dog, for 2 days <the cats are easier, they just dig it out of the bag>. I
don't waste time running upstairs to get more coffee... that baby comes down
here with ME !! Toilet paper never gets put on the roller thing anymore,
the neighboors forgot my name, I am forgetting how to drive, cook, write
with a pen & paper, but boy do I know FLASH! Priorities !! You just got to
get your priorities STraight. I named the dog, Shamus. The two cats are
Packy & Zaxxon. My Mom told me it was a good thing I had already filled out
the birth certificate on the kid, or the poor thing would of gone thru life
explaining her name.

*** I am hooked... I admit it... I love it !! I considered treatment... I need
a rest home for the young & strong!! Can I bring my ST ?? People don't call
me by my given name anymore... I am -=-CJ-=-

While on the west coast a few weeks ago, in the L.A. area, I visited my
favorite computer store, of course. Mid-Cities Comp/Soft (231 867-0626) has
just about everything for the Atari computers, their prices are full retail,
but they offer a 20% discount to members of users groups. Just let them know
you are a member of W.A.C.E. and mention the discount if you are interested in

I picked up two of their newest programs out by Logical Design Works, Inc. the
same people that bring you the great Phantasie series. The programs VEGAS
GAMBLER AND VEGAS CRAPS are super! Beautiful graphics and music from the movie

Listening to the sound effects of the reels roll on the slots program, or the
ball roll around on the roulette table, you would really think you were playing
the real thing.

VEGAS GAMBLER includes, Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. In Slots
you have a five coin play line just like on the big machines, you can play one
to five coins, with pay-off according to coins played. You choose the amount of
coins to play and then just have to left-click on the mouse to play the same
number of coins again. If you drop a coin when inserting it in the coin slot,
it actually falls down the screen with a clink as if really falling into your
bucket. When you win, the coins clink, clink, into the bin at the bottom.
Everything is so realastic, I keep wanting to scoop out my winnings before I
shut everything down. (Hey, when they come up with that one.....) And the odds
seem to be very close to the big machines also, sometimes it's hot, and
othertimes it just teases with that ever-famous cherry in the left reel that
pays 2 coins (just enough to keep you playing "one more time!")

The Roulette game is very realistic looking, and since it was a game I didn't
really understand, it has sure helped me to learn the playing game rules. I'm
afraid I still have a lot to learn as far as the strategy of winning goes. But
I'm sure saving a lot of money learning and making my dumb mistakes with my
trusty ST than on the big tables in Vegas.

My all-time favorites are BlackJack and Video Poker. The cards look great, and
both games are fast. Betting is a snap, and playing odds very true to life. In
BlackJack you can split, double, split again, and take insurance. The program
even stops for a few seconds from time to time to shuffle the shoe.

The Video Poker is ever bit as addicting as those real machines, the only
difference is I usually walk away from this one with the same amount of
greenbacks as when I sat down. The instruction manual is probably not
necessary, but is a help in explaining some the the intricate bets allowed,
especially in VEGAS CRAPS.

I must admit I have always shied away from the Crap table in Vegas, even though
it is supposed to have the best odds in the casino. I never understood the
betting system, etc. Well, in the heat of the action with the guy next to you
throwing $1,000 bets around like it was small change, is certainly no place to
learn how to play the game.

VEGAS CRAPS is an ideal way to learn the game, and have a lot of fun in the

I highly recommend both programs, if you have even a little gambling fever in
you. You can use the programs to have a lot of fun right in your own home, or
to sharpen you skills for hitting the big time on your next trip to Vegas, etc.

The copy protection is set up a lot like F-15 Strike Eagle for the 8-bit
computers. After playing the games just long enough to wet your gambling fever,
the program stops with a dialog box appearing on the screen. It askes you for,
ex. the fourth number to the left of the letter "D". You are provided with a
card having about 2,000 ramdom numbers with the alphabet intermingled amoung
the numbers, given four choices, if you pick the right one from looking it up
on your card, the program continues where you left off never to interrupt you
again. If you have a pirate copy and no card, and can't give the right answer,
back to the desktop you go, a real loser! <Both programs are available at Osco
Drug - Mike just got them in> Here's betting you'll like them as much as my
husband and I do, we're now shopping around for a second system. See you at the

Topic 30 Sun Jun 07, 1987
R-FLASHMAN [The Flash] at 21:55 EDT
Sub: Lock and Key for the ST

Don't YOU hate Topic Summary Messages too? Have to read them EVERY TIME!
6 message(s) total

Category 4, Topic 30 Message 1 Sun Jun 07, 1987

R-FLASHMAN [The Flash] at 21:58 EDT

I was walking by Radio Shack today, and in I went. Under the alarm section, I
saw they sell a round key lock like the ones used on an IBM AT. Since it is for
an alarm, it has the contacts on one side, all ready for an electrical wire.

Hmmmm, I thought. I am always getting annoyed by people who play with my ST at
a show or meeting when I am busy doing something else...bought it... And I
found space right over my joystick ports (520) on top of the RF shielding, and
now I have a AT style lock and key on my ST! Looks very good, was dead cheap,
and in the OFF position, you cannot turn on the ST!

Anyone interested or need more info let me know. Now to see where I can put one
in my hard disk..hee hee

Category 4, Topic 30 Message 2 Mon Jun 08, 1987

STX-PRESS [R. Decowski] at 23:10 EDT

How about some more info on how you installed it?

Category 4, Topic 30 Message 3 Tue Jun 09, 1987

R-FLASHMAN [The Flash] at 20:45 EDT

I made a hole. No, actually, so simple it is disgusting. (Lock cost $9.99)
I haven't tried a 1040 yet, will in about 30 minutes, so not sure about
location. I found two locations on the 520:

On top of the unit, to be back and left. Right over the cartridge port. Turn
your 520 upside down and you will see how much space there is. I am hoping that
the 1040 has the same space.

The other, which is the one I used, is right above the the second joystick
port. (The one you DONT plug the mouse into). There is enough space, and it
lies right above the RF shielding, it is also NEXT to the power switch, so not
much cable is needed.

The switch has two connectors on its end. I connected two wires to it, and the
opened the RF Shielding up. You will notice that the power switch has three
"legs" coming out of it. The one you want to get is the smallest one. (This is
the one closest to the back of the ST) I cut it right where it meets the main
board. (Now, *THAT* took guts!) Then I soldered one of my wires to it. I then
connected the other wire to one of the wires that come up from the BOARD to
that funny round magnet that is to the left of the power switch (and about an
inch into the board). The wire that it gets wired to is the one closest to the
mouse port. If you don't believe me, look UNDER the board and you will see that
originaly that wire was connected to the leg that we just cut off the power
switch. You NOW have a switch to the power switch. Turn the key to OFF and the
power switch becomes useless.

This *WILL* void your warranty. And please do NOT attempt this yet. I will
upload better step-by-step instructions.

But it works like a beauty. We are now offering it as an option for our STs at
the store! (Security Key). Rick

On Saturday, August 22, HYBRID ARTS, LOGICAL CHOICE, and H.A.C.K.S. will be
sponsoring the first MIDIMAZE tournament, in conjunction with the release of
MIDIMAZE. There will be two rounds. The first will be for any and all
players. The second round will be for REGISTERED OWNERS OF MIDIMAZE ONLY.

The top prize will be a Casio keyboard. Many other prizes will be awarded

MIDIMAZE will be on sale at Logical Choice For Computers the day before the
tournament, and on the day of the tournament. For more details, contact the
store at 6116 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA, or call them at (818)
760-0738 -- ask for Mark, Brett, Mike, or Tony.

MikeyTraxx -- Top 40 Music Player is ready to astound ST Users!

LA HABRA, CA (JULY 1987) -- ST X-PRESS is now distributing the MikeyTraxx Top
40 Music Player, a fully GEM based musical wonder. The program itself functions
as both a music player and a MIDI recorder. Sounds can be outputted either
through the monitor speaker or through a MIDI synthesizer (which is

Both variants offer a high quality sound. Also included with the main program
are 20 Top 40 songs such as: Amadeus, Beat It, Danger Zone, Heart and Soul,
Living on a Prayer, Stand by Me, Venus, and much more! These can be played
with MikeyTraxx or the Musicomm accessory (also included).

Musicomm is an exciting new product that complements MikeyTraxx. It is offered
to the public domain as a kind gesture to the ST community (it is available on
GEnie, as well as, private BBSs). It allows Forem ST sysops to set up a
section for users.

When they call, they can play the songs available on the BBS through a desk
accessory (included with MikeyTraxx and Musicomm). Thus, one can play songs
through their modem while in their favorite GEM terminal software, such as
Flash, Interlink, or Uniterm.

MikeyTraxx is compatible with both color and monochrome monitors, as well as,
.5 and 1 megabyte systems. The speaker output can be changed very easily. The
program allows the user to load his or her own GIST sound file; thus, changing
the sound heard through the speaker. Autoplaying the songs on the current disk
is also a standard feature.

MikeyTraxx is being additionally supported on the GEnie network. There is a
topic in the ST X-PRESS section (on the ST Roundtable) where the author will
offer advice, help, and suggestions. For more information on GEnie call:

The program retails for the amazingly low price of $19.97! Thus, allowing all
ST users on any sized budget to afford this program. To order, send $19.97,
plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to the mailing address. 2nd Days shipping
is also available for $3.50, and overnight shipping is available for $9.50.

For further information or to order contact:

P.O. Box 2383
La Habra, CA 90632
(213) 691-8000

Money Orders, CODs (UPS charges additional $1.90), and Personal Checks (take 1
week to clear) are accepted. Dealer Inquiries are welcome and desired!
NEWS AND RUMORS By:John Nagy Michigan Atari Magazine

You've been following the flack on Darek Mihocka's ST Transformer (800
emulator for the ST)? Ofcourse you have. How about another one? Steve Jones,
of Pennsylvannia, has shoved his own version of the 8 Bit emulator into a
cart for the ST. While sound and some graphic modes are not supported yet,
Steve's version is estamated to run at 70% of the 8 bit speed, as opposed to
40-50% as in Darek's more complete Transformer. Like Darek's, the Jones
version has printer and modem support, but even features Axlon-Emulation to use
the extra memory of the ST's ramdisks. Steve runs "Jonesware", and expects
to market his cart like the Magic-Sac, where the user must supply his own ROM
chips to make the unit work. Price: around $50.00, ready by this Christmas. No
word on Atari's view of this possible new entry into the emulation market. For
more information contact:

Jonesware, Box 7037, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

718-648-0947 300/1200/2400 bps 24 hrs/7 days

Running on a 520ST with Atari 20 meg hard drive.

Online since June 1985, the Dateline BBS is one of the busiest boards in the
NYC area. In the past year (since we switched to MichTron ST BBS software) we
have had over 10,000 callers and almost 15,000 messages left on the system.

Sponsored by the Brooklyn Atari Society (B.A.S.I.C.), New York City's oldest
Atari user group (founded 1982), the BBS features full Atari 8-bit and ST
support, including over 500 public domain download files (almost 16 megs
worth). However, our #1 priority is to provide the latest news and information
to our users, and this is the reason we feature Z-Mag (one of our most popular

We also have a very lively message base on 16 different Sigs, ranging from ST
and 8-bit to Other Computers (mostly Amiga lately), Silly Arguments ("My
computer is better than..."), and Comics and Science Fiction.

Both beginners and experts are welcome, there are NO upload requirements or
download restrictions (other than time limits), and we are currently featuring
instant online validation.

Dateline can be accessed through PC-Pursuit by calling the 212 area code and
then typing "ATDT17186480947" to get the PC-Pursuit modem to dial into the 718
area code (a local call from 212).

Peter J. Fazio
President, B.A.S.I.C.

[Ed. This user group information has been passed on to Mike Brown, Zmag User
Group Editor. Look for a special Zmag Focus in the near future.]

Kesher in Chicago provides a mail link to its sister board in Jerusalem. All
message areas on Kesher Chicago are echoed on the board in Jerusalem and

Both boards are TBBS software. The Kesher Chicago fidonumber is 115/940. The
Phone is (312) 940-1686. The Kesher Jerusalem fidonumber is 40/100. The phone
is (02) 273307. Mail is transfered between the systems at 6:00 PM Chicago Time
every day. For additional info email Dick Fiedler 76556,2552.
ST MAGAZINES PART 2 Copyright (C) 1987 by Garry Jones.


One of the newest publications devoted to the Atari ST computer is ST X-PRESS.
Published monthly, the magazine has a professional look and feel with a four
color cover and half-toned photographs inside. It's available with disk for
$8.50; without for $3.95, and subscriptions are available. Indeed,
subscription may be the easiest way to get the magazine as it has yet to
achieve very wide distribution in the Southern California area (surprising,
since it's published in La Habra).

I first heard of ST X-PRESS late last year when I ran across a request for
submissions, and later, when a promotional announcement began circulating on
local bulletin boards, my interest was piqued. With the magazine being
published locally, I wanted to see what it had to offer. Unfortunately, ST
X-PRESS was apparently suffering from the new magazine blues and was virtually
unobtainable. When Rich Decowski, the editor and publisher of ST X-PRESS,
recently agreed to fill my request for a review copy of the May issue of the
magazine, I was eager to see it.

I think it was worth the wait. As I said above, the magazine has a
professional appearance, and is also reasonably well written and edited.
Inside, the magazine is divided into four main sections: Columns, Features,
Miscellaneous, and Reviews.

The Miscellaneous section contains an editorial, letters from readers, a BBS
listing, a 'grapevine' section covering new product announcements and best
sellers, and an ST Archive catalog. The ST Archive lists public domain disks
and disks from back issues of the magazine. About 80 different disks are
available at a price of $4.97 for selections from the Archive per disk. The
prices are reasonable, about the same as most user groups charge, and the
double sided disk option is especially nice.

There are seven separate columns in the Columns section of the magazine, five
of which are devoted to programming. "Assembling Assembly," by Barnaby Finch
is obviously devoted to assembly language programming. The article in the May
issue is the second part of a two part article dealing with the creation of a
desk accessory shell, which can then be used by readers as the basis for the
creation of fully functioning desk accessories. It's a little difficult to
evaluate only one half of an article, but the text seems thorough and well
written, and while apparently aimed at readers who already have some
familiarity with assembly language, the article discusses some of the demands
of GEM programming in a way that would be informative to people writing GEM
programs in other languages.

In contrast, "Pascal Primer," by John Davidson has very little text explaining
its programming example. While the example, a mouse cursor shape editor, has
some utility, the text explains little about it and leaves it up to the reader
to analyze the source code.

The other three programming columns, devoted to GFA Basic, Forth, and C, are
just beginning, and only time will tell how they will evolve. I hope they
follow Barnaby Finch's lead and provide the reader with useful modules and
utilities along with thorough discussions of the programming techniques used.

The final two columns are "Critic's Corner," by Richard Mataka, and "STalking
MIDI," by Stefan Daystrom, a programmer for Hybrid Arts. "Critic's Corner" is
a compilation of capsule reviews, rumors, and personal computing experiences of
its' author, while the May issue of "STalking MIDI" describes some MIDI
principles and offers a simple method for using MIDI instruments within other

The Features section of the magazine includes coverage of the Pennsylvania
Atari Expo, an interview with Infocom's "Hollywood" Dave Anderson, creator of
the "Hollywood Hijinx" game, and a disk labeler program by Micheal Ferrara.
While the disk labeler is an excellent program (I'm using it to label the
ACAOC's public domain disks) and the source code is included, both in print and
on disk, the article suffers from an inadequate explanation of the code. The
printout of the program code is especially nice, though; it's printed in
Helvetica boldface with plenty of space between each code module. Readability
is much better than in other magazines where the code always looks like it was
printed out on a cheap dot matrix printer.

In the May issue, ST X-PRESS' review section has more than a dozen reviews,
covering games like Gato, a submarine simulation, Infocom's Bureaucracy,
Hollywood Hijinx, and Moonmist, Michtron's Techmate chess game, and others.
There are also reviews of application programs like Michtron's Trimbase, the
LDW Basic Compiler, and Zoomracks II. Generally, the reviews seem objective and
thorough, and are given enough space to detail the reviewers' experiences and
impressions of the programs. My only criticism of the review section is of the
excess of game reviews, which outnumber application reviews by about

Of course, a reading of one issue isn't enough to make a fair generalization,
but I would prefer to see a better balance between game and application

As I mentioned earlier, ST X-PRESS is available with a disk. Besides the source
code and programs printed in the magazine, the disk for the May issue includes
a list of BBS's with a reader-printer program which can also save the list in
the proper format for use with the Flash terminal program. A compilation of
material from Zmag, a weekly electronic magazine featuring news of interest to
Atari computer users and telecommunicators, is included, along with another
reader-printer program. Finally, there is a folder called INTRO which contains
a short program which plays a tune, introduces the ST X-PRESS disk, displays
subscription information and public domain disk ordering instructions, and
shows three Degas color pictures. As an added plus, all of the programs in the
magazine and on the disk can be copied and circulated in the public domain
provided the author's and magazine's names and copyright are not altered or

To sum up, ST X-PRESS is an excellent addition to the list of ST-specific
periodicals available. Intended for intermediate users and programmers, the
series of programming columns, extensive reviews, monthly availability and the
comparatively low price for the disk-included issue are the magazine's pluses.
Appealing primarily to readers of Compute! ST, with some crossover from START
and ST-LOG, ST X-PRESS has the potential to become a very popular magazine in
the ST market as it continues to develop and define itself.

To subscribe, contact:

P.O. Box 2383
La Habra CA 90632

Subscription costs are $35.00 per year without disk and $75.00 per year with
disk. -Garry Jones-
ST PC Pursuit BBS List for the Atari ST! Edition 1.00

BBS Name State Phone System
Phase Computing BBS AZ 602-258-7205 ST Citadel
Weird City CA 213-273-5234 8-bit (Atascii Req.)
PC Heaven CA 213-374-7929 FoReM PC
Mid-Cities Connection CA 213-867-5073 FoReM ST
MIDI World Network CA 213-826-4288 FoReM ST
Torrance FoReM ST CA 213-320-1541 FoReM ST/Fee
Yamo's Yacking Yard CA 408-227-7868 MichTron ST
Atari Corp. #1 CA 408-745-5308 MichTron ST
Atari Corp. #2 CA 408-745-5970 MichTron ST
Atari Corp. #3 CA 408-745-2642 MichTron ST
Atari Corp. #4 CA 408-745-4758 MichTron ST
Atari Corp. #5 CA 408-745-5664 MichTron ST
West Coast Hotline ST CA 408-629-8444 BB/ST
Network 23 CA 408-353-4906 BB/ST
Fast Lane CA 408-246-0741 FoReM ST
San Jose Computers CA 408-247-0503 FoReM ST
Hotel California CA 408-253-5123 FoReM ST
CompuCat's Cavern's CA 408-353-4669 FoReM ST
Masters of Software CA 408-371-7630 FoReM ST
KOME CA 408-985-8675 MichTron ST
Iron Works BBS CA 408-257-7147 PC Board
BAUG CA 408-358-1520 MichTron ST
OSS Inc. CA 408-446-3451 8-bit Express
Beckmeyer Development CA 415-452-4792 FoReM ST
SLCC BBS CA 415-782-4402 MichTron ST
Skyline CO 303-457-0320 8-bit Oasis
White Ruins ST CO 303-972-8566 FoReM ST
Grave Digger's Tomb CO 303-452-4383 FoReM ST
Computer Spectrum FL 305-251-1925 Michtron ST
Merlyn's Rainbow FL 813-654-0857 Genesis PC
Blue Moon IL 312-457-2219 BBS PC
New Dawn IL 312-459-8498 MichTron ST
Tanj BBS MD 301-251-0675 FoReM ST
Mission Impossible MD 301-384-6153 FoRem ST
Blackbird BBS MD 301-445-5496 FoReM ST
The 8th Dimension MD 301-460-6030 FoReM ST
Tarzan Safari MD 301-559-2213 FoReM ST
ST Bit Heaven MD 301-736-0361 FoRem ST
ST Atari Haven PA 215-586-8705 MichTron ST
Sector 1 PA 215-673-8384 FoReM ST
Palace ST NY 212-219-3896 MichTron ST
West Side BBS NY 212-496-7660 MichTron ST
Fever ST BBS NY 212-562-5161 FoReM ST/Fee
PEP Board OH 216-888-5466 FoReM ST
Atarian OR 503-245-9730 MichTron ST/Fee
IB Computers OR 503-292-1321 FoReM ST
AtariST TX 713-988-7212 MichTron ST
Hace ST TX 713-827-8041 FoReM ST
ACOM I TX 713-988-7212 PC Board
Programmers United TX 713-479-6256 FoReM ST
Heart of Gold UT 801-964-9764 FoReM ST
Mind Flight Systems 2 UT 801-595-8003 Inner Sanctum
Maggot's Mansion UT 801-255-0635 FoRem ST
Rivendell VA 703-437-9380 FoReM ST
Other Side of Reality VA 703-451-4412 FoReM ST
WAACE ST VA 703-569-3227 FoReM ST/Fee
The Hotline VA 703-683-3944 Wildcat
Foundation and Empire WA 206-323-1330 FoReM ST
ST Bit Bucket WA 206-363-8592 Inner Sanctum
Bigfoot #1 WA 206-682-8039 FoReM ST
Bigfoot #2 WA 206-823-9707 FoReM ST
Bauhaus WA 206-672-0956 ST Citadel
S*P*A*C*E WA 206-941-2824 FoReM ST
Xakepobo Mecto WA 206-324-0830 Citadel
Golf Distraction Dimension WA 206-839-8670 Inner Sanctum
Light Line WA 206-365-2291 8-bit Carina
Knotheads Nook WA 206-631-8056 8-bit Oasis
PC Pursuit Accessible Area Codes
201 Newark 202 Washington DC 206 Seattle
212 New York 213 Los Angeles 214 Dallas
215 Philadelphia 216 Cleveland 301 southern Maryland (202)
303 Denver 305 Miami 312 Chicago
313 Detroit 404 Atlanta 408 San Jose
414 Milawaukee 415 San Francisco 503 Portland
602 Phoenix 612 Minneapolis 617 Boston
703 N. Virginia (202) 713 Houston 718 New York (212)
801 Salt Lake City 813 Tampa 818 Glendale
919 R. Triangle Park

Parenthesis indicate that the area code listed is accessable through the number
in the parenthesis.

ST Pursuit Edition 1.00
Last Updated 08/08/87
This bbs contains BBS's accessible via PC Pursuit, that I have been able
to log on to. If I was unable to log on to it, it is not on the list. Any
additions or changes should be sent to me at one of the following places:

GEnie: GGGulick
Compuserve: 76347,110
Merlyn's Rainbow: Send mail to The Jester
Merlyn's Rainbow, is by far the fastest place to reach me. I will release
updates when I feel I have enough additions or changes to warrent an update.
This list is in the Public Domain. It can be freely distributed as long as it
remains in its original unmodified form. If you like this list and would like
to see it regularly updated send $5.00 (or whatever you feel it is worth) to:

The ST Pursuit BBS List
Care of Gil Gulick
701 Chancellar Dr.
Lutz, FL 33549

The contribution on a volunteer basis only and is not manditory. Contributers
will get the next edition mailed to them.

A special thanks to all of the sysops out there who are running the awesome
FoReM BBS system. It's user maintained BBS list made this list alot easier
to write. Thanks......

Any SysOp's intrested in starting an alliance of BBS's supporting ST Pursuit
should leave me a message on Merlyn's Rainbow.


Stone Age Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 1216
Amherst, NH 03031
PHONE (603) 673-8734

Compuserve PPN# 73277,2557

UltraCalc $24.95
TOS in ROM (Available in AOS (Algebraic Operating System) or RPN)

UltraCalc is our GEM based, full function scientific calculator that may be run
as a desk accessory or a standalone program. This calculator packs 40
functions as well as some things you probably haven't seen in a calculator
before. For instance, you can take 2 and raise it to the 1000 power, you can
take the factorial of 170, or you can just add two 14 digit numbers. That's
right this calculator is implemented in 64 bit double precision. That means
you get 14 digits, and an exponential range of + or - ten to the 308 power. The
numeric key pad on the right of the ST's keyboard is also fully usable with
UltraCalc. That's not all either, we included a table of constants like PI,
the speed of light, Planck's constants, etc available for your use at the click
of a button. Memories, unlike traditional calculators, are always visible so
you don't have to recall them from there storage registers to view them.
Finally, we placed features in UltraCalc for the programmer as well. UltraCalc
features a true 32 bit integer mode for those of you who program. Imagine
doing an XOR between two numbers and seeing the result in a full 32 bits. All
the standard options are supported for integers i.e. addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division, AND, OR, XOR, MOD, one's complement, results in
binary, hex, octal, and decimal. If your tired of hearing computer critics
say, "What good is a computer if you can't add two numbers?", then UltraCalc is
for you.
ST-Report #5 August 15, 1987 (c)1987 Syndicate Services ZIN
Assistant Publishers: Susan Perry, Rich Decowski, Ken Kirchner
Next regular edition of ST-Report will be August 29, 1987

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