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Social Workers on Acid Issue 02

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Author: eZine
26 Apr 2019


# #
# Issue #2 - June 1996 #
# #
# The Journal of Anarchy #
# for the formerly #
# socially-conscientious #
# who've had their fill #
# of society's bullshit! #
# #

This publication is dedicated to those who did was what expected of them
all their lives only to find out that doing the "right things" got them
nothing and to those people smart enough to know that loyaty, honesty,
and integrity in the human race is but a myth!

So here is to all the nihilists who are and who will be, who know the truth:
that there is no truth; no morality. All that counts is getting what you
want and getting it NOW, having the most fun you can while you can, and
grabbing whatever you can while you can regarless of the costs to others.

To those of you who wish to contribute to this zine: "FUCK OFF"!
Go start your own zine if you think you have something to say.
If you want to contact us; you can't and that is the way we want it;
If you can't find us, it is that much harder for the FBI to find us.

In this issue of this journal of mayhem, phun and drugs:

1 - Make your own Safety Ram, for compressing sensitive
primary explosive into homemade blasting caps
(how to properly make detonator caps and keep your limbs)
2 - How to safely make Laughing Gas (a cheap but good stone)
3 - How to cause and profit from a power blackout
(from our correspondent in Kanada)
4 - A modern and self-locking garote (choking good phun)
5 - City of Terror: How to traumatize a whole metropolitan
area at once (from our L.A. correspondent)

If you are feeling miserable just remember: misery LOVES company!

Chapter 1 - Safety Ram for compressing Blasting Cap explosives

Primary explosives are sensitive explosives used to detonate High
Explosives. They are much more sensitive to heat and shock, and are
usually more powerful than the High Explosives, but are more
expensive and of course more dangerous. Examples are Silver Azide,
Silver Acetylide, Lead Azide and Mercury Fulminate.

In any large explosive charge the bulk of the explosive is High
Explosive such as Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil, or TNT. These are
relatively hard to detonate, ensuring your safety. They are fairly
insensitive to heat or mild shocks (as from a person hitting them).
They need the extremely forceful shock from a blasting cap to set
them off!

A blasting cap is a metal tube, closed at one end composed of two or
three sections. The first and uppermost section is an incendiary
charge such as gunpowder to heat up the heat-sensitive Primary
Explosive (which is the second section). For very large caps to set
off very difficult to detonate charges, and to ensure proper
detonation of very large charges, a third section of High Explosive
is sometimes included.

A typical blasting cap is about 6mm (1/4 inch) in diameter and 25mm
(1 inch long). A .22 cartridge is the right diameter but often a
bit on the short size (except for the smallest of blasting caps,)
and though a .303 cartridge is big, I find them best for large
charges. Some people use other items such as thin pipe with one
end closed, or emptied out electrolytic capacitor cases (available from
any electronic supply store or Radio Shack) for blasting caps but
make sure to clean inside the casing.

Take the spent (empty) .303 cartridge and try to inspect it visually
to ensure there is no material left inside. Pour some melted paraffin
wax into the cartridge, then heat the cartridge and pour out the
excess wax. You want just a thin coating so that there will be no
chemical reation between your primary explosive and the brass cartridge
casing. Now in the case of the .303 to make a good high-powered
blasting cap, fill the casing part-way with Silver Acetylide or other
primary explosive (such as Lead Azide, Silver Azide, Mercury Fulminate,
etc.,) and very carefully compress the explosive using a wooden dowel.
Try to be some distance away from the casing while doing this in case
it explodes! Never use a hammer, you want even constant pressure.
I used to use a lever affair, though I see in the "Black Book" that
they use a combination of a lever, pulley and a 5 to 10 km weight.
You may have to add more explosive, until you have the casing about
1/4 full of somewhat compressed primary explosive. Now insert your
wick and fill another 1/4 of the way with blackpowder and compress
slightly around the wick. Now seal the unit with a bit of melted wax.
(Remember that wax melts below the temperature of boiling water, not
all that hot.) I used to take a broken 6 volt light bulb, dip the
filament in crazy glue and then blackpowder, and put that into the
cap as an electrically detonated blasting cap, instead of the wick.

My device for compressing the primary explosive was more elaborate
than the one used in the Black Book. Mine had four layers of 1/4 inch
Lexan plastic as a shield and a parallelogram arrangement to ensure
the dowel would come down perfectly along the axis of the casing.
The Black book device allows you to be a long distance from the action,
but its dowel travels in a slight arc. Additionally it must be fixed
in a permanent position so as not to move . . .

²² Hinge ² Lever rope to
°°O°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° you !
²² wooden ² ³ wheel or
²² dowel of ² ³ pulley
²² Upright arm correct ² ³ attached to
²² (very well size ² ³ the end of
²² braced) ² ³ the lever
²² metal ² ³
²² casing ³²³ ³
²² ³ ³ ³
²² STATIONARY clamp or wood±±±³ ³±±± ³
²² BASE to hold case ±±±ÀÄÙ±±± ±±± 5 to 10
²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²² ±±± kg. weight

Chapter 2 -

# #
# How to make Laughing Gas #
# #
# By the Stoned Avenger #
# #

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is also known as Laughing Gas. It is used as an
anesthetic in dental surgery. Its great at parties or on your own.
One or two litre sized bags of the stuff and you will be flying!

There are two ways to get the stuff: Break into a dentist office, or

Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas which is 1.53 times a dense as air.
It makes up about 0.00005% of the atmosphere. It supports combustion
above 300øC. It is non-toxic but is considered a narcotic.

Nitrous oxide is the only member of a family of Oxides of Nitrogen
which is not toxic. The others are Nitrogen Monoxide a colorless
compound whigh in air quickly turns to the other oxide, Nitrogen
Dioxide, a toxic brown gas.

Laughing gas can be made easily and very cheaply from farm fertilizer
grade Ammonium Nitrate. In bulk from farm supply stores such as
farmers CO-OP's (forget about garden stores,) you should be able to
get 50 pound bags for well under $50. Not including losses this should
provide about 6800 litres of gas! Based upon 2 litres per person to
get really stoned, that works out to about 1.5 cents per person!

First take about 100 grams (4 ounces) of Ammonium Nitrate and put it
into a two-hole stoppered heat-resistant (such as pyrex) flask. Put
that flask into a larger container, heat-resistant glass or metal
(even an old large tin can,) filled partially with sand. The sand is
to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly to the inner flask.

Into one hole of the rubber stopper you tightly fit a thermometer
capable of reading up to at least 300øC. Into the other tube, you
tightly fit a tube that will go into a second two-hole stoppered flask.

The tube from the first flask goes into a hole in the second flask,
and down almost to the bottom of it, so as to go below the surface
of the water which you will partially fill this second flask. Fill
the second flask halfway with water (at least 1 cup or 250 ml of H2O)
and add about 1 tablespoon of Baking Soda. Replace the solution,
with each new load of Ammonium Nitrate (in the first flask).

The second flask has a tube fitted into the second hole (but not so
far as to touch the solution). This tube leads to a larger diameter
tube of glass, plastic or rubber, about 2 feet (60 cm) long. This
larger diameter tube is packed tightly with steel wool. (The steel
wool will have to be replaced from time to time.) A large container
packed with steel wool can be used as a substitute as long as the gas
will be forced to travel through a lot of packed steel wool.

The end of the tube (or a second tube leading out of the packed
container should you make the substitution,) is where the Laughing Gas
comes out. Cover it with a bag, and as the bag fills up with about a
litre or two of gas, remove the bag, and replace it with another one.

You can now breathe in the gas and get stoned! Make sure that you get
some air with the gas; you can take half a lung of air before breathing
in the gas. Laughing gas is NOT toxic but you still need air to live!
Do not cover your head with the bag! Make sure that if you pass out,
the bag will not suffocate you by covering your mouth and nose. It is
one of the best stones and cheapest ones around. Call all your friends
and have a Laughing Gas party today!

More Instructions: You will heat the Ammonium Nitrate until it is at
least 210øC (410øF), as high as 240øC (464øF) and NEVER above 260øC
(500øF). Above 260øC, the Ammonium Nitrate will start producing
quantities of the other Nitrogen oxides. Above 300øC (572øF) you may
get an explosion!
210ø - 260ø C
The reaction is: NH4NO3 (s) ------------------> N2O (g) + 2H2O (g)

The gas bubbles through the baking soda solution to absorb any trace
quantities of other Nitrogen oxides that may be formed. The gas then
flows through the steel wool to lose any other trace impurities that
could be present to leave you will lots of clean phun!

Each batch of 100 grams should give you about 30 litres of gas, more
than enough for 15 guests (and at a cost of under 25 cents total)!

Therm- º Pack this tube tightly
ometer º with steel wool Keep a bag
º ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» ɵ@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ the open
º º rubber º ºÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ end of this
¿°º°°º°Ú stoppers ¿°º°°º°Ú tube to
³°º°°º°³ ³°º°°º°³ capture all
³ º º ³ ³ º º ³ your
/ º \ ³ º ³ LAUGHING GAS
/ º \ ³ º ³
³ ³ º ³ ³ ³ º ³
³±±±³_____º_______³±±±³ ³ º ³
³±±±³ º ³±±±³ ³_º____³ Bubbles of laughing
³±±±³ º NH4 ³±±±³ ³ º ø ³ gas rising out of the
³±±±³ ½ NO3 ³±±±³ ³ º ø ³ baking soda solution
³±±±ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ±±±³ ³ º ø ³
³±±±±±±±±Sand±±±±±±±±±³ ³ º ø ³
²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²² ³ º ø ³
Hot plate to heat up the ³ ø ø ³
Ammonium Nitrate FertilizerÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ

Have phun and stay stoned

Chapter 3 -

How Burglars can get maximum advantage.

by Whiz Kid - March 1996

In the next few months Ontario Hydro workers will be going out on strike.
They have been told by Ontario Hydro that they must all take pay cuts and
there will be further massive layoffs. There hasn't been an Ontario Hydro
strike in 6 years so take advantage of this opportunity, while you can!

How can you profit from this?

If you are into "break and enters" (B&E's) then this is your perfect
opportunity to clean up in the break-in business. Crime DOES pay.

In the event of an electric blackout, traffic signal lights will no longer
have any power, and the majority of the police force will be forced to go
on traffic duty at major intersections.

Blackouts have a tendancy to wreak havoc with the equipment at burglar alarm
company central stations. This opens many new opportunities for looting. Are
you upset with the high prices you are charged for computer equipment and
clothing? This will be a great opportunity to break into stores and

There will be less police available to answer any calls so it will on
average take them much longer to arrive at any break-ins.

Many alarm companies will be effected by a blackout, but not all, and the
telephone system will still be working because Bell has it's own backup
power systems. If you want to be more careful, you can cut the telephone
wires going to the place you are going to break into. The alarm company will
know the phone lines that connect them to their customer is down but they
will be much slower in responding and may even assume the phone line problem
is due to the power blackouts.

Of course you may not want to break into stores, you might just want to
wreak absolute havoc everywhere. Remember there won't be any street lights
to expose your activities, everyone will be in the dark. You can hack away
at cable-tv cables or telephone wires, torch Bell junction boxes, or do
whatever you feel like with the knowledge that it will take a long time for
the police to show up.

If you want to create your own blackout, you will need a rifle and
full-metal jacket ammunition. Shoot at the Hydro Transformers up on the
local poles, or even better go to a Hydro substation that has one or many
large transformers and start shooting at the transformers or if your aim is
good, at the brittle ceramic insulators that hold up the wires. With
insulators you may even be able to break them with steel BB's from an air
gun. A crossbow should also be able to do the job.

At a hydro transformer substation, as an insulator breaks, and the wire it
held up falls onto another transformer watch the fireworks! And if you
pierce a transformer and it starts leaking its electrical insulation oil,
it will start arcing inside and will either catch fire or EXPLODE!

Hitting a local transformer will darken a small local area you may want to
hit and may me all you need to do your job. But if you damage a hydro
transformer substation, and all it takes is a rifle, you can blackout a major
section of the city causing so much confusion the last thing the police will
be able to worry about is a break-in.

There is one of the many Hydro transformer substations on the North corner
of Overlea Blvd and Millwood Road. This one is special because it supplies
half of all the power used in downtown Toronto. The cables that supply this
power are not visible because they are underground running in electrical
insulating oil filled pipes. Every few kilometers along the pipe there is
another pump station to make sure that the oil flows to keep the cables
cool and insulated from the pipes. If the Millwood Road transformer station
or any of the oil pumpers along the pipe on its way to downtown Toronto were
to have any damage, most of downtown Toronto including Police Headquarters
would be blacked out.

If you are worried about hospitals; DON'T WORRY. All hospitals have their own
back-up power generators so they will never be without necessary electrical

And if you are the cause of a blackout during an electric utilities workers
strike, the police will assume it was disgruntled workers who did the dirty
deed and spend all their time investigating them; not you.

And if you want to cover up a major robbery of a store or warehouse, one
of the best ways to cover it up is by setting a fire as you leave. It helps
to destroy any evidence of who may have committed the crime, camouflages
exactly what was stolen, and may be assumed to have been what triggered any
burglar alarms. Fires are also good diversions to direct the police well
away from where you intend to commit a major robbery.

For those who want to make burglary a career I suggest you purchase a
portable radio scanner. With an earphone so you can listen in to the
police so you will know if the cops are ever alerted to your activities.
Additionally if you get a portable frequency counter or a logger like
my OptoScout, when you are scouting out a big place you are going to
be doing a hit at like a large shopping mall, you can capture the
frequency of the security guards and listen in on that frequency later.

In Metro Toronto the police frequencies are:

Freq. Division Area Boundary

* 1 District *

862.7375 11 Division (Toronto Shoreline to the south, C.N.R. tracks to the
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humber River to the ailable to fxoA east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, orth, Huracksrkeau. o 862.7375 11 Lawrer itA, onW.horeline to ting m south, C.N.R. tracks to the
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humber River to the ailable to3.68A e3st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, orth,Spwoola Rd./BathulaceSt.862.7375 11 (inch l idt is uEgl ntA, onW.hare goitutionut. 62.7375 11 just wstitutioyblesck Book. . ve ying )se a 2.7375 11 DivisiLawrer itA, onW.horeline to ting m Huracksrkeau.2.7375 11 oreline
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t57.412 e4 Spwoola a 2.7375 11 Division (Toronto Shoreline to ting m Huracksrkeau. 2.7375 11 oreline
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t62.912 e4Bequencies are: st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t61.68A e HQare: st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t57.48A e SiHighx st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable eq. Division 2 Area Boundary

* 1 District * 1.98A 2 Etobicoke Hunuth, C.N.R. tracks to the
DivisiQ.E.W.horeline to ting mEtobicoke C.N.R. trackks to the
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humber River to the ailable to f48A 2ast, C.P.R. Q.E.W.horeline Huouth, C.N.R. track o 86. 2.7375 11 Egl ntA, onW.horeline to ting mEtobicoke C.N.R. t 2.7375 11 oine
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, HumHumer to the ailable t62.98A 23st, C.P.R. Egl ntA, onW.horeline Huouth, C.N.R. track 2.7375 11 DivisiSd upestA, onW.horeline to ting m WY. 427as 7375 11 oine
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, HumHumer to the ailable t61f48A 2 HQare: st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t57.18A 2 SiHighx st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable eq. Division 3 Area Boundary

* 1 District * 3fxoA 3 Lawrer itA, onW.horeline

86 2.7375 11 DivisiSd upestA, onW.horeline to ting m uouth, C.N.R 2.7375 11 oreline
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t62.18A 3ast, C.P.R. Lawrer itA, onW.horeline BayviewtA, on. track 2.7375 11 DivisiSd upestA, nW.h& E.horeline to ting m Hurack 7375 11 o
east, C.P.R. tracks to the norer to the ailable to f4oA 33st, C.P.R. D.R. C.N./Egl ntA, onE.horeline Victoria Park2.7375 11 orelineDivisiSd upestA, onE.horeline to ting mBayviewt2.7375 11 oreline
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t61.9oA 3 HQaW er to the ailable t61.7oA 3 HQaEa er to the ailable t57fxoA 3 SiHighx st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable eq. Division 4 Area Boundary

* 1 District * 3f412 4 Scarboties o Markham a 2.7375 11 Divi [ cons. You w
(1 inch the ru WY.401],m WY. 2.7375 11 401horeline to ti[n is dedMarkham Rd.sng m. You w 7375 11 Victoria Park many arkham Rd.]who maVictoria Park . t 2.7375 11 oine
[ cons. You w
(1 inch ng m WY 401]) norer to the ailable to f68A 4ast, C.P.R. Scarboties o ng m WY.401h[larmsVictoria Park 2.7375 11 ore arkham Rd.] in m a b erywh 86. 2.7375 11 Pick Town DivisiSd upestA, onE.horelin2.7375 11 to theVictoria Park [ cons. You wSd upestA, onE.h 7375 11 WY. 401] many arkham Rd. [. You w
(1 inch ng m 2.7375 11 WY. 401] in
m a b ery the police well1 District * 3f18A 4aBequencies are: st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t62.9oA 4 HQaW er to the ailable t61.662 4 HQaEa er to the ailable t57f4oA 4 SiHighx st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable eq. Division 5 Area Boundary

* 1 District * 1.912 5 Harbour/ D.V.P.R. tracks to the
Division (Toronto Shoreline to ting mJar eSt.8orelin2.7375 11
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humber River to the ailable t57.162 5ast, C.P.R. to do yo
4 Isleir livesck 2.7375 11 Jar eSt.8orelin
Division (Toronto Shoreline 2.7375 11 to ting mSpwoola A, on. track
east, C.P.R. ter to the ailable t62.162 5aBequencies are: st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t63f4oA 53st, C.P.R. tracks/D.V.P.R. track D.R. C.N.R. track o 862.7375 11 Lawrer itA, onoreline to theSpwoola Rd./BathulaceSt.862.7375 11 (inch l idt is uEgl ntA, onW.hare goitutionut. 62.7375 11 just wstitutioyblesck Book. . ve ying )se a 2.7375 11
ower generators so they will never be without neceer to the ailable to f412 54 Danfto tiA, onoreline Victoria ParkR. track 2.7375 11 Egl ntA, onE.horeline to t D.R. C.N./D.V.P.R. tracs to the
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humber River to the ailable to f662 55 Victoria ParkR. trackks to the
DivisiDanfto tiA, onoreline to ting mD.V.P.R. track 2.7375 11
east, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humber River to the ailable to3.162 55Bequencies are: st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t61.4oA 5 HQare: st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable t59f412 5 SiHighx st, C.P.R. tracks to the north, Humer to the ailable eq. Division Artedple 260øC, assiesy later.

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2.1 Minorbreaote Disrup

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John Lund
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Remeouth: "Do youget up, t;uget youn!"

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