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The Hogs of Entropy 0005

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The Hogs of Entropy
 · 26 Apr 2019


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Eternal Sickness v1.1

By, The Guest

Release Date: 08/22/94

Steve pryed the rotted decaying boards from hard grained wood and brushed
his hands off as he watched the little white worms crawl back in to the
"Honey...over here...this hotel seems the best taken care of in the town."
He turned to face a blond haired beauty, Sarah, his wife of three years,
was helping in their research of the inhabitants of the now defunct town.
Presently they were searching for any clues as to what had happened to
these people to make them suddenly disappear 100 years ago.
Sarah came up to him, dust covered,but still none the worse for wear.
"I think I found something intresting...look at those prints in there.
I think they were made very recently," he said as she shined her light in the
partially uncovered door frame.
"It looks as if someone has been here...strange..."
Sarah stepped through the door and just as Steve was about to, Jo, their
Indian guide on this trip, grabbed his arm. He stared her in the eye and
wrested his arm free.
"What are you doing? We will be right the equipment." Without
another glance back Steve followed his wife through the door frame.
The stench was the first thing that hit him. It seemed like it filled
the air...making him retch in the process. Finally, his nose became
accustomed to the putresence and he scanned the floor for the prints.
Surprisingly he found three of his wife's going with another
pair, and one going a different direction all together. He decided to
follow his wife's.
The first thing he came upon was his wife staring at something in the
corner of what apeared to be the kitchen. The smell here was even worse than
anywhere else. Bringing the flashlight up to bear with the cubic shaped
object made Sarah look like a horror. Wavy hair now matted with sweat looking
like the kind of thing only found in a box six feet under. Her normally
pale fair skin now looked, and he didn't know if it was just the lighting
at this point, like the skin of a cadaver long deceased. Veins and capilaries
showing clearly through the almost translucent skin. He wondered if the smell
came from her and blinked. Suddenly the image was gone and only she stood
there. With one there was something standing over her
shoulder...caressing her neck...whispering words which he couldn't hear
and she didn't seem to notice any of it...and once again he blinked and
it was gone.
He thought he must be going crazy, but one look at the object brought him
back to reality....QUICK. The object appeared to be a long unused icebox,
haphazardly thrown into the corner. And it wasn't empty any longer. In it
were the now long dead corpses of humans. Flesh rotted and turned to dust
long ago on some...others here and there looked somewhat whole...with
the exception of a gaping wound on the neck, as if someone ripped open
their throats. All had a look of fear in their eyes and a look as if accusing
him for not being there when they needed him...he had to turn away...
He moved the light down a little, and found more bodies, these had either
fallen or been carelessly thrown in a heap in the corner. Bone, Breast, penis
all were shown, and all were recent. Here a baby laid with maggots falling
from the mouth still, there...a mother, pregnant, with child torn from
stomach...rats had made a home easily in the entrails. Steve looked around
more and found even fresher bodies...some without even a stump of a neck,
for the heads had been torn from them, the eyes deftly plucked out and
strung from the ceilings as little mobiles, along with their tongues and
ears. Hanging from a hook which would have held pans was a necklace of body
parts, and in the center, a crowning piece, the engorged penis of a man.
Steve turned and reached to grab Sarah to pull her away from the sight.
At his touch she turned and screamed...and didn't stop until well out in the
now failing sunlight.
Steve went back to replace the boards as best he could while Sarah waited
by the jeep. Coming back he remebered not seeing Jo anywhere...and thought to
ask Sarah of it when he heard a scream from by the jeep.
He ran to find Jo leaning next to the side of the jeep...knife in hand.
Her breasts, already small enough...were no longer, they were lost in an
intricate display of muscle and bone. Her smooth skin,jagged from the cruel
edge of the knife was now hanging in flaps from her ribcage like a butcher's
dream. Each cut was perfect, and right down to bare the bones and organs of
her body.

"Leave this place...n-ever return..." She gasped. Meanwhile in the inner
workings of her body, which seemed to be striving to keep working even after
all the abuse the had, a bubble formed.

"Stay...and di-...." at that moment the bubble completed it short path...
which meant her death. It exploded on her lips...bathing Steve and Sarah
in a shower of blood and pleghm. Meanwhile Jo's internal workings went on
furiously for another five seconds while her lungs collapsed, her bladder
contracted, and her bowels released their load of undigested food and waste.

Steve just watched as all of this happened not saying a word. He turned
to look at Sarah who had started screaming....and ripped out her throat
with his teeth. Feeling the blood run over him like a freshly drawn bath.
Then he let out a primordial scream of laughter as lunacy slowly crept
into those places where sanity roamed freely.

To be continued....

(c)opykill Ohmygodimgonnabesick Productions.

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