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The Hogs of Entropy 0254

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The Hogs of Entropy
 · 26 Apr 2019


$$$$$$$$$$$ hogz of entropy #254
$$$$$P $$$$ $$$$ moo, oink, up your butt.
$$$$P $$$$ x$$$$
$$$P $$$$ xP$$$$ d$$$$$$$$$$$.
$$$. $$$$xP $$$$ $$$$$$' >$$$$
$$$$$$$$$. $$$$P $$$$ 4$$$$$. .$$$$'
$$$$'`4$$$b. $$$$ $$$$ 4$$$$$$$$$P'
$$$$b 4$$$$b. $$$$$$$$$$$ 4$$$< %%
$$$$$b 4$$$$$x $$$$$$$$$$$ 4$$$$$$$$$ %%

>> Today's Forecast: Intelligent and Dreary With an 85% Chance of Insanity <<
by -> AltRocks


It has come to my attention, lately, that some people (mainly parents)
believe that schools should encourage smart students more, and other people
(namely teachers and school officials) believe that parents should encourage
their gifted children more, so that they have a better outlook on the world,
and aren't as dreary. It's kinda annoying to think about, being a "gifted"
student myself. So, here, as always, is the all bullshitting AltRocks to set
some shite straight. First off, gifted shildren don't need all that much
encouragment, because, well... they're gifted. It doesn't take a genius to
figure that out (even tho` I did). Second, being dreary and secluded is part
of being "gifted". You see, the more you know about everything, the dumber it
seems. (That's why stupid people always look so happy.) You look around,
realize that first off, too many stupid people are in power, or are in a
position to influence too many other stupid people. Then you look around, and
think, "Wait a second. People aren't the ONLY things stupid around here."
That's why alot of geniuses are agnostic or atheistic. They figure an
omnipotent being would be pretty smart, and not let this world exist for this
long, right ? Then comes the big one. You think, "Well, if the majority of
people are stupid, would it be the same for omnipotent beings ?" And then you
realize that there is a god; He's just dumb. "Jeezus CHRIST !", they all yell.
Then they just mope around, and ponder what to do. Who would be worse to put
up with, 5.9 billion stupid people, or a dumb god ? That's the only reason
that geniuses are still here. They're not afraid to die, they're just annoyed
by it.

* (c) HoE publications. HoE #254 -- written by AltRocks -- 7/15/98 *

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