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The Hogs of Entropy 0781

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The Hogs of Entropy
 · 26 Apr 2019


ooooo ooooo .oooooo. oooooooooooo HOE E'ZINE RELEASE #781
`888' `888' d8P' `Y8b `888' `8
888 888 888 888 888 "The Best Thing Since
888ooooo888 888 888 888oooo8 Plato's Academy"
888 888 888 888 888 " by AIDS
888 888 `88b d88' 888 o 8/12/99
o888o o888o `Y8bood8P' o888ooooood8

AIDS69AIDS: Hi hunnie!
AIDS69AIDS: 418!
AIDS69AIDS: HEy listen, you know what?
AIDS69AIDS: You should write for HOE
AIDS69AIDS: It's an ezine
HuNNiE418: what???
AIDS69AIDS: It's an ezine
AIDS69AIDS: people write files and we release them
HuNNiE418: no thanks....who are u again??
AIDS69AIDS: I'm Jarett
AIDS69AIDS: I live in Warwick
AIDS69AIDS: remember?
AIDS69AIDS: Why don't you want to write for HOE?
HuNNiE418: no thanks im all set
AIDS69AIDS: WHY?!?!??!
HuNNiE418: cuz i dont want to
AIDS69AIDS: HOE is the greatest exchange of ideas in the western world
AIDS69AIDS: and we want to know what you have to say
HuNNiE418: what the hell do u want me to write
AIDS69AIDS: We're the best thing since Plato's Academy
AIDS69AIDS: Anything
AIDS69AIDS: It doesn't matter
AIDS69AIDS: So long as you write
AIDS69AIDS: We're sort of like an online literary training camp
AIDS69AIDS: People pay big money to have a guiding force like HOE
AIDS69AIDS: but we give it away for free
HuNNiE418: what i have to say is that im sick of u people iming me trying to
force me into doing stupid things like writing for something
called HOE
AIDS69AIDS: well,
AIDS69AIDS: you could write about that
HuNNiE418: no thanks
AIDS69AIDS: why not?

AIDS69AIDS: You clearly feel passionate about it
HuNNiE418: cuz i dont wanna waste my time
AIDS69AIDS: How is writing a waste of time?

AIDS69AIDS: You've got to get rid of your slave mentality
AIDS69AIDS: It's only through literacy and writing you can be free
HuNNiE418: my what???
HuNNiE418: no thanks im really all set
AIDS69AIDS: your slave mentality
AIDS69AIDS: You're like a field negro
AIDS69AIDS: You just need to hear the call of freedom
AIDS69AIDS: And that call is HOE
HuNNiE418: yeh whatever
AIDS69AIDS: did you at least check out the website?
HuNNiE418: nope
AIDS69AIDS: Will you check it out?

AIDS69AIDS: who knows, you might want to get involved!
HuNNiE418: i said NO
AIDS69AIDS: yeah, but why?
HuNNiE418: why would i wanna get involved with somethin stupid like this
HuNNiE418: i hate writing
AIDS69AIDS: well,
AIDS69AIDS: you could write about why you hate writing
AIDS69AIDS: I mean, the thing about HOE is,
AIDS69AIDS: it's as much yours as anyone else's,
AIDS69AIDS: it's a commonwealth
AIDS69AIDS: and open exchange of ideas
AIDS69AIDS: it's the best thing since Plato's Academy
HuNNiE418: whatever
AIDS69AIDS: Seriously.
HuNNiE418: im being serious.....i dont wanna do that k??
AIDS69AIDS: Did you at least check out the site?
HuNNiE418: what part of NO dont u understand?
AIDS69AIDS: Why don't you want to check otu the site?
AIDS69AIDS: HOE is all about openness and community
AIDS69AIDS: and you're still trapped in your capitalist paradign
AIDS69AIDS: paradigm, even
AIDS69AIDS: you don't understand
AIDS69AIDS: that your capitalist world is meant to trap you
AIDS69AIDS: HOE is like the iron fist of socialism
AIDS69AIDS: We're going to save you,
HuNNiE418: sure whatever
AIDS69AIDS: by hook or by crook,
AIDS69AIDS: so you might as well come along willingly
AIDS69AIDS: It's HOE for god's sakes!

HuNNiE418: no thanks.....i dont care
AIDS69AIDS: why?
AIDS69AIDS: Why are you so apathetic about your current slavery?
HuNNiE418: my slavery/???? i aint a slave to no one
AIDS69AIDS: you're a slave to your own exploited lifestyle
AIDS69AIDS: HOE can help you
AIDS69AIDS: HOE can save you
AIDS69AIDS: if you only let it
HuNNiE418: well i dont wanna let it
HuNNiE418: ur being a fuckin queer
AIDS69AIDS: The Honorable Elijah Muhammed knows that you fear HOE, but he
tells us to keep telling talking to you
AIDS69AIDS: How am I being a fuckin queer?
AIDS69AIDS: By trying to help you?
AIDS69AIDS: Is that "queer", hunnie418?
HuNNiE418: i dont need help....and if u dont leave me alone im gonna block
u so i can talk to u
AIDS69AIDS: I hope you do block me so you can talk to me.
AIDS69AIDS: You need me to talk to you.
HuNNiE418: no i dont
AIDS69AIDS: You're trapped!
AIDS69AIDS: I know!

AIDS69AIDS: I once was you
AIDS69AIDS: I went to vets
AIDS69AIDS: I lived in Warwick
AIDS69AIDS: I know what's it all about
AIDS69AIDS: I can help you
AIDS69AIDS: Why won't you let me?
HuNNiE418: and im gonna block u now
HuNNiE418: buh bye
AIDS69AIDS: why??/
AIDS69AIDS: Why are you blocking me?
HuNNiE418: cuz i dont wanna talk to u...ur pissin me off
AIDS69AIDS: how?



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