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Dreamcast Guides : MILF easy Selfboot guide

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 · 21 Jun 2019

this method will NOT work on cdda games, and there are various forms of protections that may or may not have to be worked around. This is just a quick outline, and will probably be improved upon in the future. isofix on track03.bin, using LBA of 45000 (isofix track03.bin 45000) - this is done from command prompt

2.this will leave you with a few important files, as well as a few unimportant ones....keep bootfile.bin and fixed.iso, delete header.iso isobuster, then point it to fixed.iso, this will open your iso file.

4.on the window with all of the files that appear in the disc, hold control and press A to select all files, then extract them to a folder on your desktop, lets call this folder "extracted"

5.on the left side of the screen in isobuster, right below where it says track 01, there should be a small red icon that says iso, right click on that, then go to "folder tree and file information" and select list tree info (in txt)->LBA, Full Path. Output this text to your desktop and close out isobuster. fixed.iso can also be deleted at this point if needed.

6.Rename bootfile.bin to IP.BIN and then run IPBIN4WIN IPBIN4WIN, uncheck SEGA OS used (at least for most games) and check VGA BOX Supported (also this will work for most, but not all games..) then check off the regions needed for the game (in most games, you should check all 3 regions)

8.Note First-read Filename: in most cases, this will be 1ST_READ.BIN, however there are some other games with different filenames...make note of it if it is different. Also if it is 0WINCEOS.BIN, this is a WinCE game, and will need to be attacked a little
differently....I will update this at a later time, however it's not a very difficult workaround.

9.Downsample video and audio as needed - this will likely be covered elsewhere as it is heavily dependent on what needs to be downsampled, and many games will not need any downsampling at all.

10.hack the 1ST_READ.BIN...I use hex editor neo for this, and will quickly go over how this is done manually.

11.In hex editor neo, go to edit->find. This will bring up a new window, in this window select hex bytes (BYTE). Under find what: search for this 5e b0 00 00. In most games, you will see this exactly twice. If it occurs more than twice, then you have to
figure out which two to edit...look at the hex addresses, and most of the time the two that need to be edited will be closest together...if there are 3 or more that are close together, then it's sort of a stab in the dark, and you may have to attempt multiple times, although
it is normally easy to figure out with a little bit of logic. Change these values to 96 00 00 00. Also there are a few other forms of protections that can be removed at this point, and although they are somewhat uncommon, they do exist. The values to be searched for here are
cd e4 436a needs to be changed to 0900 0900 and 1032 0d8b needs to be changed to 0800 0d8b. Both of these last two should only occur once...if for some reason they pop up more than once, you have something else going on and it's something i quite frankly haven't encountered.

12.Create a dummy file using dummy.exe or some other dummy creation program. There are several of them around, however you should find one that you can feed in a specific number of bytes and have it build a dummy file of that size. My method of booting will use slightly different output filesizes than other methods of booting may. To find out what the filesize is that is required, right click on the folder with the extracted files, then look at size on disk. open calculator (built into windows) and subtract that number from 684647810. If you end up with a negitive number, go back in and look to see if either there's extra files that don't belong there, or if downsampling is needed to fit the content on the disc. If it's a positive number, this is the size in bytes of your dummy file. With dummy.exe it is created via command line as
follows: dummy DUMMY.DAT [filesize] listorganizer.exe and point it to the FileList.txt file that was outputted from isobuster earlier. This will output a new filelist called output.txt.

14.Open output.txt with notepad, and copy the first part of the filepath[ >:\] and do edit->replace then paste that section - NOTE THE SPACE BEFOREHAND, THIS IS IMPORTANT. In the section where it asks what to replace with, type extracted/ {or the name of your folder/} and click replace all.

15.If there are folders in the game's structure (most games) do the same thing, except replace \ with /

16.Manually add in the IP.BIN and the DUMMY.DAT, do this as follows:
extracted/IP.BIN 30001
extracted/DUMMY.DAT 30002

this will add the two files to your filesort, towards the most inner edge of the disc, which will in turn push your data on your (soon to be) created iso towards the outer edge of the disc where it can be read faster.

17.Copy BINHACK.EXE to the extracted directory, then double click on it

18.When it asks for name of binary, enter 1ST_READ.BIN (or if this is different, but not 0WINCEOS.BIN, enter this instead)

19.It will then ask for Boot Sector. Enter IP.BIN (note, if this is not in the same folder, the program will just close out, and you will have to run it again) will then ask for LBA, enter 11702

21.Delete BINHACK.EXE out of the folder

22.Run mkisofs as follows: mkisofs -C 0,11702 -V {Name of your game here} -sort output.txt -l -o data.iso extracted

23.This will generate a new iso file, this then has to be fed into isofix as follows:
isofix data.iso 11702

24.Lastly, fire up bin2boot and point it at fixed.iso, and your new image will be generated. If it asks about patching for winCE, press N (at least in the vast majority of cases) and let it do it's thing.

25.Burn the image or point your emulator towards the image and use.

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