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Saxonia Issue 02 Part 045

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 · 22 Aug 2019


Put together for Saxonia 2 by Rumrunner/VOID

A man was in hospital, severely injured. Let's take a look at the
background story for this :

That very morning, this man had asked her wife to drive into town, to
buy a guard dog, he thought they needed it since they had had a break-in.
Well, the wife drove off to the pet shop and asked for a guard dog. The
owner himself proudly presented the newest animal they had, it was a
little poodle. The wife doubted that this was a suitable animal, so the
shopowner wanted to demonstrate what the dog could do.
- Karate that chair, he said.
The dog immediately attacked the chair, only sawdust was left when he was
finished. - You see, it's a karate dog, the man said.
The wife was impressed and bought that dog, then drove back home.
When her husband saw the dog, he laughed loudly, doubting that this was
a good guard dog. - It's a karate dog, his wife explained.
- Karate my ass, the man said....


George W. Bush and Colin Powell entered a brothel not long ago.
- We are a little short on cash, what can we get for 50 quid, George W.
- For that you can give eachother a blowjob, the madam answerred
irritated. Fifteen minutes later, George W. and Colin was back.
- Where do we pay?


Two men were sitting discussing their sexlife. - I cannot say that my wife
and I enjoy it as much as we used to, one of them said.
The other had a suggestion :
- Why don't you scare your wife when you are in bed with her? I do that
all the time, and my wife goes wild.

Some days later, the two friends met again, and the one with the good
advise wanted to hear if it had worked out well.
- Well, the other one said.
- When my wife and I was getting into a 69, I got out my shotgun and fired
out the window.
- Did it work well?
- Let's just say that she bit my dick, crapped in my face, and I need new
tires for my car.

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Thanks for finally writing about Saxonia Issue 02 Part 045. I liked it!

5 Feb 2024
sending ...
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