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Saxonia Issue 02 Part 044

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 · 4 years ago



Powerslave of Gods & Void

Yes I'm tired, for several years I've been blaming it on my age, poor
blood, lack of vitamins, air pollution, sex, obesity, dieting, under
arm odour, yellow wax build up and another dozen maladies that make you
wonder if life is really worth living.

But I've found out it ain't like that.

I'm tired because I'm overworked.

The population of the UK is 51 million,
21 million are retired,
That leaves 30 million to do the work.
There are 19 million at school,
That leaves 11 million to do the work.
3 million are unemployed and 3 million are employed by the government,
That leaves 5 million to do the work.
1 million are in the armed forces which leaves 4 million.
3 million are employed by county and borough councils leaving 1 million.
There are 620,000 in hospital and 379,998 in prison.
Which leaves 2 people doing the work.


And you're sitting on your arse reading this,

No wonder I'm bloody tired !!!

But since I'm the only UK swapper left, then the above doesn't have much of
a true statement anymore :(


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