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Atari Explorer SCES 1994 Edition

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Atari Explorer Online
 · 22 Aug 2019


:: SCES 1994 Edition ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE 29 July 1994 ::
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Table of Contents

* From the Editors ........................................................

* AEO's Jaguar Bumper Sticker Contest ............. Win an AEO video, plus
a cool in-store banner!

* AEO's 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show Report ... What everyone has
been waiting for.

* AEO at SCES 1994 Video Order Form .............. What should be our last
posting about this.

* Jaguar Tackboard ..................... Developers' list - Press Releases.

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


||| From the Editors ....... Atari Explorer Online: The Next Generation
||| Travis Guy
/ | \ GEnie: AEO.MAG Delphi: AEO_MAG Internet:

What can I say? :-) You've waited for this... all of the SCES 94 news that
we could pull together in one issue of AEO. Tal's report covers every
game that Atari had showing, plus the hardware there.

Wolfenstein 3D is shipping, Brutal Sports Football should be on dealer's
shelves in just over a week, the response to the games shown on the AEO
video has been tremendous. Can anyone doubt that the Atari Jaguar is the
most powerful console machine available? I didn't think so.

AvP will ROCK!


||| AEO Jaguar Bumper Sticker Contest
||| From: Atari Explorer Online
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The Great AEO Jaguar Bumper Sticker Contest
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Send us a photograph (instant or regular) of your Jaguar bumper
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Send no money. Post no bills.

The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen in a random drawing, and will
win a VHS copy of the exciting "AEO at SCES 94" videotape. Catch the
excitement of Atari's explosive Summer CES showing as only AEO can
bring it to you. Interviews with Jaguar developers, direct audio &
video captures of the latest Jaguar titles - the "AEO at SCES 94"
video is sure to be a collector's item. (Want to know more about the
video? Send EMail to <>.)

Speaking of collector's items, the Grand Prize Winner will also
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Fly it from your flagpole, or use it to adorn a wall in your room.
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And it can be YOURS!

The contest closes August 13, 1994, when the winners will be
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(AEO thanks Atari Corporation for the donation of the banners!)

//// The Address

Send your photograph, along with your name & address to:

Jaguar Contest #1
Atari Explorer Online Magazine
Route 2, Box 53
Altha, FL 32421

//// What? Are we crazy?! Another banner?

The FIRST photograph received by AEO of a Jaguar bumper sticker
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//// But I don't have a car!

(If you don't have a car of your own, and you really want to enter,
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//// But I don't have a Jaguar bumper sticker!

Don't have a Jaguar bumper sticker??? That's easy to fix! Send a self
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||| AEO's 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show Report
||| By: Tal Funke-Bilu
/ | \ GEnie: EXPLORER.5 Delphi: AEXPLORER

Phew... 6 days after initially boarding a plane from San Luis Obispo
to Chicago, I'm back at it, from Chicago to New York. Figured I'd stop
in and say "Hi" to my relatives while I'm halfway across the country.
Modern technology is amazing... right in front of me is an air phone
with the words "modem compatible" stamped boldly across the face. I
could check my EMail, post to the newsgroups, or FTP files, all from
35,000 feet above the ground... but I won't.

Like they say, better late than never. I apologize for the delay in
writing this, but the video took me by storm... suddenly I found
myself with a lot of people's money who wanted a video... I figured
that should take priority over the issue, so it's been slightly longer
than originally anticipated before I was able to type this out.

Atari's showing at the SCES was great. Their booth was jam-packed the
entire three days and Atari employees were ready. The Tramiels could
been seen cruising througout the booth, as were Don Thomas, August
Ligouri, Greg and Sandy LaBrec, John Skruch, Sean Patten, J. Patton,
and countless others....

New titles like Iron Soldier and Rayman were the talk of the show as
were older ones such as Kasumi Ninja and AvP. With the announcement
of revolutionary new products like the voice modem, and the
reconfirmation of the CD-ROM unit (at its original price), Atari was
ready to pounce. Here's a run down of pretty much all that Atari

//// Hardware


Mentioned only a week or two earlier in another AEO UPDATE, the voice
modem (by Phylon) made its debut at the SCES. People could engage in
modem Club Drive games to race against each other or participate in a
game of tag. For those who missed it the first time around, I'll
explain it again: The voice modem hooks up to the DSP slot in the back
of your Jag and allows you to dial up with another player in selected
games and the two of you can then play over the phone lines. Don the
included headsets, and the Voice Modem will transmit (and mix with
the game audio) your voice.

//// VLM

Jeff Minter's Virtual Light Machine also made its debut, this running
from ROM in a seemingly completed CD-ROM unit. I'd just like to say
that this is one of the most amazing pieces of technical craftsmanship
I have observed. Built into the CD-ROM unit, the VLM basically "trips
out" to whatever music you decide to play.

This breaks new ground in audio-visual stimulation! With over 80
different effects to choose from, the VLM offers more than enough
different types of visual stimulation to accompany whatever music you
decide to play. And since the light show is based on the music
playing, you get a new show every time you play a different CD. We
caught up with Jeff Minter at the show and he mentioned that he was
very happy with the way the VLM was working out, and that he only had
a few more effects to add into the final version. Some unnamed Atari
staffers at the show were heard whispering that the VLM may reduce
game sales, as users may be too busy listening to their audio CDs!


In an exclusive interview with Sam Tramiel for our SCES video, AEO
got some desired assurance on the fact that the CD-ROM would retail
for $199.95. "Definitely!" was Sam's word on the question of whether
or not Atari would be able to offer the Jaguar CD-ROM to the public
for such an affordable price.

Here are the CD-ROM specs for those of you have yet to see them:

~790 Megabyte storage capacity.
~352.8 KByte/second sustained data rate.
~Cinepak(tm) compression technology built in allowing FULL
SCREEN, true color, full motion video and audio at 24 fps.

//// Software


This title is back and better than ever on the Jag! Indeed, it runs
faster and smoother than the PC version. There are more frames of
animation for every enemy, not to mention weapon movement. A more
detailed kickback accompanies every pistol shot, not to mention rocket
blast. That's right, the boys at ID have added a rocket launcher AND A
FLAME THROWER to your arsenal. While the rest of your weapons have a
standard ammo count at the bottom of the screen, the flame thrower's
ammo is depicted by a gasoline can.

You cruise the halls of a Nazi fortress at 30fps, with no slowdown
whatsoever. Only the strong and coordinated will be able to survive
with the "run" button held down... the speed is incredible! Another
great addition is the totally resampled sounds. All of the original
screams of agony have been resampled, with some totally new samples
thrown in on the side, contributing to a greater variety of verbal

An auto-map also squeezed its way into the Jaguar version of this
AppleII classic. Resembling the auto-map of the SNES version, the map
tracks your progress through each level by displaying the walls in the
same texture as shown while playing the game normally. The game as a
whole resembles Spear of Destiny rather than the original Wolfenstein
adventures. In other words, the game is one long adventure, rather
than split up into 5 or 6 different games that you can play whenever
you want. You start out in your boss's office (I can't remember his
rank) where he gives you a mission to embark on. You complete the
mission, return to the office, and embark on another mission. Each
mission is approximately 5 levels, ending in a duel with a big boss.

This first person perspective action adventure is a classic that
should not be missed! No censorship here; all the pictures, signs,
screams, blood, evil symbols, etc., are intact in the best version of
this game, period!

//// DOOM

Called by some as the most insanely popular computer game of all time,
DOOM has made it to the Jag in full form! People have argued
vigorously for the past couple of weeks over whether DOOM would look
and play as smoothly as the PC version... well, I've seen DOOM in many
of its different forms, from 5 fps all the way up to the 23-24 fps
shown at the CES, and I can assure you that you will not be
disappointed. The version shown at the SCES looked faster than a
486DX-33. The only catch was that it was running in low detail mode.
Don't worry about resolution, it was just like switching the flag on
the PC version to go from high detail to low detail.

For those of you who are dying to know, or haven't heard over the
Internet, the final resolution that DOOM will be played in is 160x180.
Some might cringe, while others could care less. I know when I saw the
version at the SCES (which was different from the 320x200 version I
saw at Atari the week or two earlier), it took me a while to realize
that indeed the resolution had been decreased. If it is any
condolence, I didn't notice the resolution while playing.

Currently, the guys at ID are deciding how many levels the final
version of JagDOOM will contain. Rumor has it that if they go ahead
and use a 24 or 32 megabit cart then DOOM will contain all of the
levels in the PC version. If not, then I think the level count will be
limited to 20. Another rumor floating around is that the JagDOOM will
contain 2 Jaguar specific levels, totally unique to the Jaguar version
of this monster of a game. We can only wait and see.... :)

It's a toss up... more money, more levels... is it worth it? I think
so... you might want to let Atari themselves know how you feel on the

The color was definitely better, even without any shading done
yet! Every location seemed that much more realistic. The green acid
actually looks like it is glowing...the walls actually look like they
are decaying. Keep in mind that no enemies or objects had been placed
yet, that and the fact that this version continued to crash most
likely contributed to the reason why DOOM was only displayed for the
first day of the show. When asked what some of the major differences
between the PC and Jag version will be, Jay Wilbur responded by
discussing the number of different textures. He stated that while the
Jaguar is a powerful machine, a cart can only hold so much data.
Thus, certain walls that might have had 5 or 6 variations or different
colors in the PC version might only have 3 or 4 variations/colors in
JagDOOM. Jay was sure to point out that gameplay would not be touched
in the least.

Release date? IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL, DOOM should be on the shelves
at the end of August. Why such the wait when Wolf 3-D was ported over
the weekend? The incorporation of modem and Jagcom compatibility. Jay
stated that JagDOOM will be modem and Jagcom compatible. With two
player modemability guaranteed, Jay was very optimistic in mentioning
that they are shooting for four player connectivity via the Jagcom.


Talked about since before the last CES in Vegas, this title is
finally coming together. With better pixelation than DOOM, AvP was one
of the most visually impressive titles shown. In a recent interview
with James "Purple" Hampton, producer of AvP, AEO learned a deal about
AvP, ranging from reasons for the release delays, to Marine role
playing elements.

The main reason for the delays of AvP relates to the quality of the
game. Atari wants this to be the best game possible. They don't want
to have most of the game be excellent with a few parts so-so (like the
bus jump scene in SPEED :) ). Instead, they want this to absolutely
showcase many of the Jag's abilities. In improving AvP, Purple stated
that the team has become very nit-picky, making sure that everything

Also learned were some parts of the plot. For example, as the Marine,
you start the game locked up in a holding cell. Your time is up, and
the computer releases you. Much to your surprise, the rest of the crew
is gone, having been replaced by hordes of vicious Aliens and
Predators. Obviously you must find a way to rid the base and
surrounding areas of the unruly creatures. Computers along the way
will allow you to tap into logs to catch up on the happenings of the
past few years while you were locked up. Among other things, they will
also aid you in retrieving and using armor and weapons throughout the
game. Eventually you realize that in order to destroy the vermin and
escape alive, you must... well, I don't want to spoil the ending :) I
will let you know that it involves many a cocooned marine, various
keycards, log books, and one pissed off Alien Queen!

Always on the cutting edge, Atari also plans to allow you to play as
either the Alien or the Predator. While their games won't be as
involved as the Marine's (Atari is focusing their efforts to making
the Marine game the "main" game) the average gamer will have his/her
work cut out for him/her. No "official" details were given to the AEO
staff, mainly because they were still deciding if they were going to
alter what they already have.

Purple stated that Atari didn't want it to be another DOOM where the
main part of the game is blowing everything up. Instead, he said that
he thinks that the AvP player will be pleasantly surprised when he/she
notices the mix of RPG and 3-D Action.

AvP version 0.98f was shown at the SCES. It seemed that the only thing
missing was the computer interaction. You could walk up to them, but
you couldn't use 'em. The air ducts look incredible. The enemy
animation is the best I've seen, especially when you are being chased
by an Alien in a duct, or by a Predator down a corridor! The
facehuggers made the hairs on my neck stand on end when I first saw
what one looked like plastered to my face. The transparency is
EXCELLENT. In the med lab there are many times when you find yourself
looking through two or three different layers of windows at an angry
Alien or Predator. The Alien and Predator lairs looked downright
awesome. From a few feet away, you felt like you were playing a movie!
The scanner in Marine mode adds to the suspense, especially when there
are 20 Aliens around you, and you don't know if they are above, below,
or in front of you! This game is a blast!

While the Alien cruises through the halls at over 25fps, the Marine is
a tad slower, seemingly at 20fps, with the Predator ending up
somewhere in between. Inside the halls of Atari, September is
whispered as the on-shelf date for AvP. Will it make it out by then? I
think so.


"Club Drive is inherently a two-player game," stated Mr. Hampton as he
described Club Drive, another title he is producing. That was the
feeling I got as I watched two players race around in Club Drive
trying to tag (and avoiding being tagged) "it" by each other. Apart
from having a split screen view, Club Drive also has modem
compatibility worked in. Jagcom networking will also be coordinated in
the final release.

Sporting a polygon engine about three times faster than Cybermorph,
Club Drive was indeed fun to play. Crisp colors and smooth movement
filled the game. To my surprise, many animated texture mapped objects
also found their way into the still early version of this game. For
example, when you are in the house, you can drive in front of the T.V.
and watch yourself as you drive in the game. Or, a game of Pong might
be playing on the tube there. The fireplace is also a joy to watch as
a multi-colored texture (reminded me of the 1st warp in T2K) "burns"

Currently, the Club Drive team is working on incorporating other
mobile objects into the game. For example, in the house level, the cat
will be chasing the mouse while you are driving around. Also, you will
be able to drive alongside various trolleys and other cars throughout
the San Francisco area. You get the picture.

"Nothing is more frustrating that starting at a position (after
crashing or driving into the water) which allows little or no
mobility." so said Purple Hampton with regards to one aspect of Club
Drive that Atari hopes to perfect. They don't want to have any trace
of a bug or mishap in the final version.

For those of you who don't know, Club Drive is a polygon based driving
game that allows you to pretty much drive wherever you want through
approximately four different worlds (Western Town, Velocity Park, San
Francisco, and Jeremy's Pad). There are currently four variations of
driving. You can do one of the following:

I) Basic race. Race from a selected starting point to a selected
finish point in the quickest possible time.

II) Tag. Two player race from start to finish. The object? To have
been "it" the shortest amount of time by the time the finish line
is reached. In other words, if you have been "it" longer than
your opponent by the time either one of you reaches the finish
line, you lose. To "tag" the other player, you must run into

III) Powerballs. You must race throughout your course picking up
powerballs in the quickest amount of time.

IV) Two player powerball. Get all the powerballs in a shorter amount
of time than your opponent.

All two player games can be played either with a split screen view,
over the modem, or through a Jagcom. For you techie buffs out there,
Club Drive will be the first 640x400 (I think that is the right res)
game. All screens at any given moment are 640x400.

Club Drive looks not be flashy and revolutionary, but rather like


While some people on the net have stated that this title didn't live
up to expectations, I was one who felt that Checkered Flag will give
Virtua Racing a run for its money. The frame rate is there (pushing
25fps)... the colors are there (16 bit)... the sound is there (actual
F-1 race car samples)... the freedom of movement is there (you can
turn around and drive off the course)... the power-ups are there (you
can upgrade your car between races)... the weather is there (rain,
fog, and sun)... the tracks are there (a minimum of nine)... the
camera views are there (choose between six different views ranging
from behind the wheel to directly above you)... the polygons are there
(there are more and more with each new update Rebellion puts out)...
what else do you need?

The controls felt very solid. My only complaint was that after you
turned one way for a certain amount of time, the turn seemed to stick
for a little bit of time after you let go of the controller. Other
than that, they were very responsive from all six different viewing

I will admit the crashes were a little on the weak side in terms of
visual appeal (they were slow, drawn out, and sluggish), and the boats
looked a little two dimensional in the water, but it didn't seem that
there were any major defects. Keep in mind though, that these
additions (crashing sequence, etc.) are all under a week old. With
that in consideration, I would say that it definitely looks like
Checkered Flag will end up in the winner's circle.

With a solid 4 weeks left in development, Checkered Flag promises
to pack a punch, and all with no special effects chip! :)


This is the most visually impressive title I have seen to date. If out
soon enough, this could easily be the Jag's blue hedgehog or Italian
plumber. The game is totally animated in 24bit true color, surpassing
the animation of many cartoons! You control Rayman who a figment of a
young lad's imagination. Rayman ventures through his imagination
through the "Hereitscool" world. Rayman himself is made up of 6-7
individual sprites: two separate sprites for each foot, two separate
sprites for each hand, a bean shaped sprite for his torso, and an
oblong head. Physically there are no visual arms or legs attaching any
of these body parts, a feature I think adds immensely to the
cartoonish, surreal feel of the game.

Although still early in development, Rayman himself can do a multitude
of different actions, all perfectly animated. He can:

1) Basic maneuvering... walk, jump

2) Stand on his hands

a) Walk while on his hands

b) Flick his feet out in both directions so as to
kick while walking on his hands

3) Reel a fist back and wind up while your are holding the button
down. When you release the pressed button, his fist goes
flying for a powerful punch.

4) Scare baddies by making a funny face. You open your mouth
wide, pulling the corners of your mouth towards your ears
with your fingers, all the while sticking your tounge out and
waving it in the air. This of course, causes your ears to flap
in all the commotion.

5) Teeter on the edge of a cliff.

The animation needs to be seen to be believed. It is practically
impossible to describe the way his eyeball closes momentarily while he
is jumping to show the effort he is putting into each jump. Or better
yet, the way enemy bullets do their damage; not by piercing your
skin, but by flying by you. As they fly by, a hatch pops open, and a
hand carrying a large mallet emerges which proceeds to knock you
silly. Multi-leveled parallax scrolling further adds to the incredible
visuals. This is one title you can expect AEO to follow closely
throughout development whenever possible.

The game as a whole felt incredibly solid. Scheduled for a Christmas
release, Rayman is, and will be, a sight to behold! On a side note, I
found it amusing that Nintendo was pushing Donkey Kong Country as a
spectacle of technological achievement, and UBI Soft showed Rayman as
"just another game we are doing, nothing special."


This was one of the most talked about titles shown at the Atari booth.
Imagine yourself strapped into the head of a giant robot cruising
through towns and cites, being bombarded by various tanks,
helicopters, and people... all the while you are blowing up building
and crushing tanks. Sounds Rampage-ish? Well, imaging it all with a
first person perspective!

Being definitely one of the best battlemech games to date, Iron
Soldier throws you into the middle of a polygon world fighting for
your life. You come across other robots in your quest for survival, as
you watch your feet crush the tanks you walk over. But wait! There is
a skyscraper in front of you... no matter... a couple of grenade
launchers will do the trick, transofrming a solid seeming building
into a very large amount of polygonal cubes, all bouncing all over the

Sean Patton was enthusiastic when discussing Iron Soldier and its
multi-playerability. It seems that if no unforeseen problems arise,
that Iron Soldier will allow you to do battle against each other over
the modem and Jagcom. One of the most impressive features, as already
mentioned, was the polygonal explosions following the destruction of
a building. It appears as if a very large bomb is exploding directly
in the center of the building, thus forcing the debris to fly out in
all directions. The building shatters into a countless number of
square polygons, each traveling in their own trajectory, obeying all
obvious laws of physics. Helicopters fly around you, following real
seeming flight dynamics, giving you the feeling as if they are
actually there, hovering in front of you. This game was a blast to
play, and will definitely be a hit come release later in the year.

P.S. If I remember correctly, I think I recall the tanks,
helicopters, and other small objects being texture mapped!


Kasumi Ninja has by far the best graphics in a fighting game to date.
The backgrounds are especially realistic, due to the 24bit true color
used. To start the game, you enter a three dimensional dungeon through
which you are free to roam. In this dungeon you find various statues,
all representing the different fighters you can pick. In the demo you
had the option of choosing between a Goth, Ninja, and Native American.

People everywhere have stated that the quality of the graphics is not
in question. The player movement is very smooth. The backgrounds are
superb, with dashes of animation throughout. The finishing moves were
excellent. The Ninja squashes his opponent's head, the Goth places a
stick of dynamite in his opponent's mouth while he/she is lying on the
ground, and the Native American scalps his opponents.

The blood, as many people know, stays on the ground and doesn't
disappear. Some people have stated they felt this was "overkill". I
myself liked the blood and saw no reason not to have it disappear. It
didn't distract me from the game, so I didn't consider it a bother. If
you really don't like it though, you can turn it off with a code.

One drawback to the playable demo shown was that there was no
background music while you were fighting. When compared directly to
Ultra Vortex, one can see how the music adds to the feeling of a game.
Keep in mind that this will be remedied in the final version. Also,
the controls seemed just a tad sluggish, but then again, this product
is still in development.

AEO has recently learned that Kasumi Ninja will be burned onto 4-meg
ROMs, rather than the previously intended 2-meg ROMs. Producer Ted
Tahquechi had lobbied for the increase in ROM space, which will allow
a better balance of characters, more animations, more frames per
second, more digitized sounds, "a little bit of everything." Quality
is a key concern inside Atari, and this move will permit a far greater
amount of data & code to be utilized in this data hungry game - Ted
and his group will use it well. Look for KN to move into betatesting
in August.

With a solid month left in development Kasumi Ninja doesn't look to
disappoint many.


With graphics on par with Kasumi Ninja, Ultra Vortex offers a much
more bizarre, surreal feel while playing. The backgrounds range from
gothic to mystical, whereas Kasumi Ninja's were much more "realistic"
(Native American camp, in front of some canyons, inside a temple,
outside the temple). Ultra Vortex's backgrounds sported everything
from floating eyeballs, twisting in their stone sockets; to cement
carvings of daemonic looking figurines.

One of the most exciting features about this game, aside from the more
than 100 frames of animation per character, I feel would have to be
the multi-player aspect. Not only can you have two players fighting
against each other (what fighting game doesn't?!) but you can also
call up your friend and fight him over the phone, or through your own
personal Jag Network using the Jagcom to link up multiple Jags. A
quick and easy way to settle online disputes... quickly. I'll call you
up and we'll see who's right! :)

The creatures also strayed from the humans shown in Kasumi Ninja.
Ultra Vortex characters, rather than being people dressed up costumes,
feel more like digitized Street Fighter characters. Two characters
will be complete works of claymation, while another will use a
miniature figurine. The three characters shown in the playable demo
were Volcana (a violent femme who utilizes the power of fire to her
advantage), Dreadlock (a rasta man whose mighty locks and bladed
bamboo spear propel him to victory) and Buzzsaw (a robot who can
manipulate his body in many ways that would be painful to the average
human). All moved very smoothly, adding to the already realistic feel
of the 24bit true color graphics.

The latest word on the nets is that Ultra Vortex will indeed be a 4
meg game, allowing ample room for superb sound (the evil voice of the
master of the fight is great!) and other enhancements. Look for the
Ultra Vortex FAQ file from Beyond Games in the next issue of AEO.


The first 3rd party game available for the Jaguar will be Brutal
Sports football and should be on the shelves August 8th. Produced by
Telegames, Brutal Sports Football offers some of the best football
RELATED action you can find! I went into the show not thinking much
about BSF, and left being pleasantly surprised.

The game as a whole reminded me slightly of Speedball for the ST. You
play in an arena, marked off every five yards. You have the options to
pick different types of teams every time you play (Lizards, Rhinos,
Warriors, etc). The gameplay is fantastic! The smoothly scrolling
screen clearly follows your character as he runs across the field.
You can jump to intercept a ball, punch other opponents and kick them
while their down to make sure they don't come back to get you.

The object? To use whatever means necessary to throw the ball through
a goal at opposite ends of the field. Along the way you find swords
and axes stashed on the field as you run back and forth. Sometimes,
when an individual becomes too beat up, his head will be likely to pop
off, in which case, some teammates will mistake the decapitated head
for a football, and pick it up and run with it.

This two player game offers superb gameplay and enjoyment throughout
with no slowdown. To be completely honest, the game looks pretty good
when you are playing it alone, and even better when you're playing it
with a friend!


World class what? Cricket? Yep, Telegame's next major project is a
recreation of a sport many of us don't even know how to play. (No
offense to those overseas reading this who enjoy this game - or to
Travis, who seems to have an interest in the title....) The closest
analogy I can think of is that Cricket is to Baseball like Rugby is to
Football. All that was shown at the SCES was a self running demo with
a couple animation sequences. Terry Grantham of Telegames mentioned
that they are very excited about World Class Cricket. They stated that
they feel it will be such a solid game that it may interest many
people who have never even heard of Cricket. Already on the PC in
England, Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket has been dubbed "the first
good Cricket game." I'm sure Telegames will make sure that the Jag
version is more than "good."

//// ZOOL 2

Sponsored by a large lollipop company in Europe, Zool 2 has pounds and
pounds of candy scattered throughout the game and its various
backgrounds. Zool 2 on the Jag is smoother, faster, more responsive,
and more colorful than its CD-32 cousin over in Europe. You control
either a male or female Zool, which first reminded me of Marvin the
Martian. To be completely honest with you, I did not spend a lot of
time playing or watching Zool 2, so I can not give a very detailed
description. What I did see was this:

[] Lots of fast paced scrolling in all directions.
[] Lots of jumping and bouncing around, like would be expected in a
high speed platform.
[] Lots of Jeff Minter playing this one (he seemed mighty addicted
to it, mind you).
[] Lots of popping, bouncing music.
[] Lots of candy and lots of colors.
[] Lots of baddies.

Sorry if my descriptions are a little weak, but I really didn't
observe Zool 2 that much. To sum it up, Zool 2 looked like a very FUN,
very GOOD Jaguar game. Not great, but very good.

//// BATTLEZONE 2000

The remake of this classic vector tank game showed its face at the
SCES. Much to my surprise, B2K will NOT include a Battlezone Original
version of the game.

Gone are the vectors of the original game, and in is the texture
mapping.... the entire landscape, mind you, is texture mapped. No
longer do you drive aimlessly over a flat landscape, instead you now
command yourself over a 3 Dimensional landscape with pits, valleys and
plateaus. The demo sported filler music with a couple of what I would
assume to be filler sound effects. You have (in the demo at least) two
different types of weapons: A generic phaser gun, and what looked like
a missile. The enemies were scarce in the demo, but they were there.
Polygon tanks, polygon air fighters, all shooting polygon ammo. Seemed
like a very nice contrast, the polygon baddies to the texture mapped
landscape. Again, this playable demo was still very early in

//// RALLY

Another title early in production, Rally promises some very solid
playability. As the name suggests, you control a rally car, traveling
at high speeds over bumpy terrain, viewed from above. (ala A.P.B.) The
style of the game is much like a variation of Sprint/Super Sprint,
except for the fact that the "camera" is much closer to the car,
rather than showing the whole track at one time. The graphics on this
game were very detailed, and almost photorealistic when played from a
distance. You can even see your tires turn as you zip around the dirt
tracks leaving skid marks along your way. While multiplayer play is
inevitable, Rally pushes the games of the Sprint genre to new heights
with more playability and action! Jumps and shortcuts were also
included in this smooth scrolling demo.


With versions for the SNES and Genny due out in August, this title did
not look that impressive. The version shown pretty much looked like a
clone of the other versions shown throughout the pages of most gaming
magazines. While the characters looked much like their comic book
counterparts, they were small, and while the action was fast, it was
almost too fast, leaving you unable to appreciate the animation. The
colors appeared to be limited to 256, feeling much like a 16bit game.
Again, it felt pretty much like a direct port... I'll let you check
out the past issues of the gaming mags for the scoop on this game.


While still shots of Arena Football make for great pictures, the self
running demo was not that impressive, it was just running too slow.
The intro screens were very nicely animated... all being completely
rendered. The game screen itself reminded me of a cross between
Cyberball and Madden 3DO. I'm sure they can improve the speed for the
final version, in which case Arena looks to be one of the top football
games out there. The demo showed digitized characters with rendered
uniforms for a surreal football feeling. While the animation was nice
on the intro screens, it just wasn't there on the actual game screen.
While I didn't spend a lot of time observing Arena, it was apparent
that this game still has a way to go in development.


Still in its early stages of development, Troy Aikman was simply a
self-running demo. The demo itself was slow and choppy, but didn't
look much enhanced over its SNES and Genny cousins. The final version
promises to be a possible Madden killer, taking advantage of the Jag's
powerful hardware.

Again, this was another demo that was obviously a straight port from
its younger brothers (SNES & GENNY). There were a lot of options and
plays available, but the animation wasn't all there yet. AEO covered
Troy Aikman an issue or two ago, giving an in depth look as to what
the final version of this game will yield.


No, it's not the 2600 game... this game sported a split screen, right
down the middle, allowing for two player simultaneous play. It was a
pretty much "fly around and find ships and blow them up" game. Many
sources have reported that this was originally going to be Star
Raiders 2000 but it was too different from the original Star Raiders
feel that they changed the name and decided to drop "Star Raiders".
What am I saying? Star Raiders will still come out later.

There wasn't much of a plot installed yet, just fly and shoot. The
explosions looked rather nice, and the movement was smooth and
detailed. I wouldn't be surprised if the final version of this game
used 640x480 resolution. Again, this was a fairly early version,
showing off basically just the engine of the game.


Another one of Tom Harker's companies, 4-Play, showed its first title
in the form of Star Battle. Programmer Scott LeGrand called it a
multi-player space game, geared towards the multi-player aspects
rather than individual play (although an individual option will be
included in the game). The self running demo allowed you to see all of
the different types of ships available to you, rotating on various
axis. The game itself was described (again by Scott) as a Street
Fighter II in space where you can (in one mode of play) pick any ship
and your opponent and fight it out in space, utilizing the different
advantages to the 20 or more ships included. Tom stated that they are
trying for as much connectivity as possible. Modeming was guaranteed,
and networking should support at least 16 Jags together, with 4-Play
shooting for the max, 32. Again, this was just a demo showing the
different polygon ships you could choose. All were nicely shaded
(gourad) with bright, vivid colors. (The actual 3D models were created
using InShape on an Atari Falcon030.)

A discussion topic for this game has been started on the ST/Jaguar
RoundTable on GEnie, and dozens of suggestions and comments are
flowing back and forth from the programmers. (Travis stated that for
a time, this was the hottest online Jaguar area anywhere!) Look for
AEO to take a closer look at this game in the future.


This was a surprise showing by High Voltage Software. Ruiner is a
surprisingly solid pinball engine, still in its early stages of
development. As a matter of fact, one programmer I spoke to mentioned
that it took only 2-3 weeks to develop the EPROM shown. The pinball
board shown was about the length of two or three regular machines.
The screen scrolls, following the path of your ball as it rolls about,
and the scrolling and animation was so good you could actually follow
the path of the skull etched on your ball when it moves across the
board. One of the interesting things enabled was a multiball feature
that scaled in and out with relation to the position of the balls. As
the balls spread apart, the screen scrolled out so you could see the
position of all the balls at the same time (you need to, since there
are multiple sets of flippers). The final version of the game is
promised to have more bells and whistles than imaginable. This game
looks like a sure fire hit for all pinball fans, especially after
seeing the CES demo being in development for only a couple of weeks!


This title has been lurking around for some time now, and finally
showed itself in Chicago. Much to my surprise, the game closely
resembled the street courts from the movie. Shown was a one-on-one
version, while the final product promises to be a two-on-two edition.

The characters were digitized, as were the backgrounds, courts, and
fences. The camera would initially start at half court, and would
proceed to zoom into and around wherever the action was on the court.
It appeared that you could push, punch, and swat your way through the
playable demo. The demo allowed you to control one of the two players
on the court, yet no basketball was present. (This non-event of the
"missing basketball" has been blown out of proportion in other SCES
reports, IMO.) I think a 1Q/95 release of WMCJ is probable.

//// BUBSY

While the final version should appear on CD, this title was shown on
an EPROM running a polished demo. This game's not a remake of the
original, but is written for the Jaguar, and will use 16-bit graphics.
(Though it didn't seem like that at SCES.) The playability was there
and was definitely the best Bubsy out yet. I guess I was looking for a
little more enhancement. Check out reviews of the platform in past
issues of all the game mags for the background on the little critter.


The original Lynx title is back with "flying" colors on the Jag.
While still in an early stage of development, this title made its
debut in cartridge format, promising to be one of the first CD titles
available. The playable demo boasted outstanding texture mapped
scrolling and scaling effects, not to mention weapon sounds that were
great even if they were only temporary "filler" sounds.

Like most demos, there was still a great deal of work to do. You plane
wouldn't bank, but rather it would appear to just "float" left and
right. No special maneuvers such as barrel rolls had been added yet

The texture mapping is beautiful, and the incoming horizon scrolls
very smoothly. Keep in mind that this was version .32 and the game
itself still has a ways to go. Blue Lightning looks very promising,
especially to fans of the Lynx version who hope that the Jag version
lives up to its predecessor.



While not present at the show, Photosurrealism did present AEO with a
video tape of their current project, Galactic Gladiators, which
is a multiplayer space game. Currently, they were experimenting with
the engine, trying to get the fastest polygon renderer they could
muster, then throwing texture maps all over the place. For example,
the video showed a cube (much like the Jag cube) with different
texture maps on all sides rotating at a blinding 60fps. Not much was
mentioned on the game itself, other than it would support the modem
and Jagcom. AEO will be sure to keep you updated as things progress!


What is a national laboratory doing as a Jaguar developer? They are
working on a what they describe as DAMA: Demand Activated
MAnufacturing. Currently, they are heavily involved with the textile
industry. Peter Korp of Argonne used this example: You are a retail
textile outlet. (i.e. a clothing store.) Your stock of shirts is low.
You tell the place you order your shirts from that you need 1000
shirts. The shirt distributor punches the order in on the Jag and it
automatically alerts everyone involved in the shirtmaking process,
from the person who makes the buttons, to the people who sew it
together, etc.... Soon, 1000 shirts are delivered to you.

Everything is automated so as not to fall behind in supply. Peter said
they envision a set top box idea where the consumer will be able to
cruise shopping malls, individual stores, etc all from the comfort of
their home and a Jag (you get a different CD depending on what you
want to shop for). Sounds very interesting indeed! (No Homer Simpson
nuclear plant meltdown games from Argonne, Travis :)


Purple Hampton, in all of his free time away from AvP and Club Drive,
<grin> has managed to begin on another project, the Highlander Series.
Highlander, based on the previous movies and upcoming animated series,
promises to be one of the first video games to be planned to be
released as a series. James said that the games would roughly follow
the ongoing plot of the animated series and include different
"episodes" on different discs. (For example, episode 1 might be on
disc one, with episodes 2 and 3 on disc 2 following several months
later.) When asked what the game would look like, Purple stated that
they plan to take Alone in the Dark, and make it better, also adding
tremendous backdrops to the game straight from the series (in addition
to hundreds made specifically from the game). While at Atari, Purple
showed me some of the slide from the animated series that will appear
in the game... quality is not in question!

Well, this is all I can remember... I do apologize for the delay in
getting this out on the waves, but the video threw some knots in my
plan, and Travis had this rainstorm that didn't want to leave. We hope
you enjoyed the descrioptions, and please feel free to EMail me
regarding anything I have said or any questions you might have.


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[] Exclusive direct A/V feeds from all Atari titles present at SCES:
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("partial" means there is audio for part of the feed, but not all)

Alien vs. Predator Club Drive Ruiner
Arena Football-na DOOM-na Space War
Battlezone 2000 Double Dragon V-na Star Battle-na
Blue Lightning Iron Soldier Troy Aikman NFL Football-na
Brutal Sports Football Kasumi Ninja Ultra Vortex
Bubsy Rally-na White Men Can't Jump-na
Checkered Flag-partial Rayman-na Wolfenstein 3-D
World Class Cricket-na Zool 2

[X] Over 10 minutes of the AvP feed!

[] Exclusive conversations with: Sam Tramiel, James "Purple" Hampton,
Jeff Minter of Llamasoft, Jay Wilbur
of Id, Tim and Chris of Beyond Games,
Terry Grantham of Telegames, Tom
Harker of ICD, Scott & Stephanie from

[] Exclusive! Two new Atari Corp. Jaguar commercials: AvP (KILLER!) and
a general "Do The Math!" commercial. (Which will be dubbed either
"The Schoolteacher Ad" or "The Clifford Ad".)

[] Exclusive footage of things not present at SCES: Argonne's DAMA,

[] The video opens with over 5 minutes of direct VLM footage, including
clips from 54 different effects. (And later, footage of a "hidden"
llama and closeups of Jeff Minter's sweater!)

[] Direct Cinepak footage off of the Jaguar CD-ROM.
Star Wars
Back to the Future 3

[] And more, including shots of VictorMaxx's VR, and Thrustmaster's

[] All recorded in 2 hour (Standard Play) mode on a NTSC format VHS
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//// Developer / Game List 1.14

//// Editor: The following developers, licensees and game titles have
been confirmed to the best of AEO's ability as of July 29, 1994.
Entries in the "S"tatus column reflects any "e"rrors, "u"pdates, "n"ew
titles, new "d"evelopers, or "?"uestionable listings since the last
AEO list. Titles in brackets (e.g. [Cybermorph]) have been completed
and are available in the US.

Expected dates are dates that have been provided by the developer.

Expected Date
or Titles
S Developer/Licensee Rating under development
" """""""""""""""""" """""" """""""""""""""""
20th Centrury Fox
21st Century Software 9/94 Pinball Dreams
3D Games - Rainbow Warrior
4Play (ICD & Phalanx) Star Battle
Accent Media Productions - Varuna's Forces CD-ROM
Accolade - Al Michaels Announces Hardball
- Brett Hull Hockey
- Charles Barkley's Shut Up and Jam
Q4/94 Jack Nicholas Cyber Golf CD-ROM
Acid Software
Activision - Return to Zork CD-ROM
Alfaro Corporation
All Systems Go Q1/95 Hosenose and Booger CD-ROM
Q1/95 Video Jukebox (cart multiplexer)
- (IR controller station)
American Laser Games - Mad Dog McCree
Anco Software Ltd. - Kick Off 3 (for Imagineer)
- World Cup
Anthill Industries
Argonaut Software - Creature Shock CD-ROM (For Virgin)
Atari Corp. - Battlezone 2000
- Chaos Agenda CD-ROM
- Club Drive
*5* [Crescent Galaxy]
- Highlander
- MPEG 1 and 2 carts
- Space War (was Star Raiders 2000)
- Tiny Toons Adventures
- VR Helmet
Atari Games Corp. - Arcade Games Using Jaguar
Attention to Detail - Battlemorph: Cybermorph 2 CD-ROM
- Blue Lightning CD-ROM
*7* [Cybermorph]
(For Atari)
Audio-Visual Magic
Bando Svenska AB
Bethesda Softworks
Beyond Games Inc. 12/94 Battlewheels
Q3/94 Ultra Vortex
BitMotion Software
Bizzare Computing
Black Scorpion Software
Borta & Associates
Brainstorm - [x86 Jaguar Development System]
Brandlewood Computers
Bullfrog Productions Ltd. Q3/94 Syndicate (For Ocean)
Q3/94 Theme Park (For Ocean)
Cannonball Software
Celebrity Systems Inc.
Clearwater Software
Computer Music Consulting
Condor Software
Cross Products Ltd. - [Jaguar Development System]
Data Design
Delta Music Systems Inc. - Nanoterror
- Droppings
Denton Designs Ltd.
Dimension Technologies
Domark Group Ltd. - F1 Racer
DTMC - Lester the Unlikely
- Mountain Sports
- (Miniature Golf)
Eclipse - Iron Soldier (For Atari)
Electro Brain Corp.
EZ Score Software Inc.
Factor 5
Flair Software Ltd.
Frankenstein Software
Funcom Productions

GameTek Inc.
Genus Microprogramming
Gremlin Graphics Ltd. 10/94 Zool 2
- UNKNOWN TITLE (racing) - MORE?
H2O Design Corp.
Hand Made Software - Kasumi Ninja (For Atari)
High Voltage Software 10/94 White Men Can't Jump (for Trimark)
- Ruiner (pinball)
Human Soft Ltd.
ICD Inc. - Cat Box (AV & comm expansion box)
id Software - Doom: Evil Unleashed
u - [Wolfenstein 3D]
iThink - (3D simulation)
Imagineer Company Ltd.
Imagitec Design Inc. *6* [Evolution Dino-Dudes]
*6* [Raiden]
- Freelancer 2120 CD-ROM
- Bubsy in Clawed Encounters
of the Furried Kind (For Accolade)
- Dino Dudes 2
Interplay - BattleChess CD-ROM - MORE?
Jaleco - Cisco Heat
- Bases Loaded
JVC Musical Industries - Valus Force
Krisalis Software Ltd. 6/94 Soccer Kid
Kungariket Multimedia
Limelight Media Inc.
LlamaSoft *10* [Tempest 2000] (For Atari)
Loricel S.A.
Lost in Time Software
Malibu Interactive
Manley & Associates Inc.
Maxis Software
Media Technology Scandinavia
Merit Industries Inc.
Michton Inc.
Microids 1995 Evidence
12/94 Commando
Microprose - Gunship 2000
MidNite Entertainment 10/94 Air Cars
10/94 Dungeon Depths
Q1/95 Assault
u Millenium/Teque 8/94 Brutal Sports Football (For Telegames)
Miracle Designs
Nebulous Games
Network 23 Software
NMS Software Ltd.
Ocean Software Ltd. 12/94 Apeshi- (working title)
1995 Lobo CD-ROM
Odyssey Software Inc.
-unnamed- - -unnamed-
Photosurrealism - Galactic Gladiators
Pixel Satori
PIXIS Interactive - Neurodancer CD-ROM
Rage Software Ltd. - Rally
n Rainmaker Software Inc. - Virtual Warriors
n - Tunnel Rat
ReadySoft Incorporated - Dragon's Lair CD-ROM
- Dragon's Lair II CD-ROM
- Space Ace CD-ROM
Rebellion Software Ltd. Su/94 Alien vs. Predator (For Atari)
Su/94 Checkered Flag II (For Atari)
- Legions of the Undead (For Atari)
- Hammerhead
Rest Energy
Riedel Software Prod.
Scangames Interactive
Sculptured Software Inc.
Selgus Limited
Shadowsoft Inc.
Sigma Designs Q4/94 "Jaguar on a PC" PC card
Silmarils 9/94 Robinson's Requiem CD-ROM
Sinister Developments
Soft Enterprises
Softgold Gmbh
Software 2000
Software Creations
Software Development Systems
Spaceball Technologies Inc.
Steinberg Soft-und Hardware Gmbh
Tantalus Entertainment
Tantalus Incorporated
Team Infinity
Team 17 Software Ltd.
Tecnation Digital World
Telegames - Casino Royale
- European Soccer Challenge
9/94 Ultimate Brain Games
- Super Off-Road
- World Class Cricket
Teque London Ltd.
Tiertex Ltd. - Flashback (for U.S. Gold)
Time-Warner Interactive - Rise of the Robots
Trimark Interactive
U.S. Gold Ltd.
UBI Soft International - RayMan
- MORE (American Football)
V-Reel Productions - Arena Football
- Horrorscope
Virgin Interactive
Entertainment Ltd. - Cannon Fodder
- Dragon
- Demolition Man
Virtual Artistry, Inc.
Virtual Xperience - Indiana Jags (platform)
- Zzyorxx II (vertical shooter)
- Burn Out (m/c racing)
Visual Concepts
Visual Impact
(was Bjorn Joos/
Kris Van Lier)
Wave Quest Inc.
Williams Brothers
Williams Entertainment 10/94 Troy Aikman NFL Football
(was Tradewest) Q4/94 Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls
WMS Industries
Zeppelin Games - Center Court Tennis

Pts Stars AEO Ratings
""" """"" """""""""""
10 ***** GAMING NIRVANA!!! - You have left reality behind... for good.
9 ****+ Unbelieveable GAME!! - Your family notices you're often absent.
8 **** Fantastic Game!! - You can't get enough playtime in on this.
7 ***+ Great Game! - Something to show off to friends or 3DOers.
6 *** Good game - You find yourself playing this from time to time.
5 **+ Ho-hum - If there's nothing else to do, you play this.
4 ** Waste of time - Better to play this than play in traffic.
3 *+ Sucks - Playing in traffic sounds like more fun.
2 * Sucks Badly - You'd rather face an IRS audit than play this.
1 + Forget it - ... but you can't; it's so badly done, it haunts you.
0 - Burn it - Disallow programmer from ever writing games again.

//// BSF Online Ordering Information

The following notice is for immediate publication.
Coming August 8, 1994 - Reserve Your Copy NOW!

Telegames is proud to announce the release of
*Brutal Sports Football*
for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit game system

... the first third party released title from
over 150 licensed Jaguar developers,
... the first generally sports orientated game,
... the first graphically brutal cartridge to
satisfy the demands of the dedicated gamer

By special arrangement, Telegames will reserve
and promptly deliver a copy of Brutal Sports
Football for onliners who make a qualified
purchase by 11:59pm; Pacific Time, August 13,
1994. If you are a member of a popular online
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Email the order below through the Internet to:

<> or

Onliners may also place their order privately to the
SysOp of CATscan [209/239-1552]. CATscan is a BBS
dedicated to Jaguar and Lynx owners. Operating hours
are 24 hours and everyone is fully registered
automatically on their first visit.

Expiration Date:
Full Name on Card:


___ European Soccer Challenge (CL) $39.99
___ Ultimate Chess Challenge 39.99
___ Qix 29.99
___ Double Dragon (CL) 39.99
___ Desert Strike 49.99
SUBTOTAL ......................... ______
TAX if shipped to Texas ..(7.25%). ______
TOTAL ............................ ______

Free shipping and handling applies on North
American orders which contain a minimum quantity
of one Brutal Sports Football. Telegames reserves
the right to change or revoke this offer at any
time. All orders will be filled, however, order
fast to assure an early reservation.
Brutal Sports Football contains violence and is
not modeled after traditional football
regulations. Children should consult with their
parents prior to purchase. All tradenames used
herein are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their owning companies.


//// Edelman Signs on as new Atari PR Firm

Atari/Edelman Press Release Date: 7/27/94

Contact: Marivi Lerdo/Laura Paden
Edelman Public Relations

For Immediate Release


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 28, 1994) -- Atari Corporation, the
company that created the video game industry, has hired
Edelman Public Relations Worldwide to help market the
Jaguar, its 64-bit interactive multimedia game system.
Edelman Public Relations was selected because of its strong
heritage in general consumer marketing and its savvy in
marketing technology products to consumers.

"To succeed in the video game business you need great
hardware, great software and great marketing," explained
Sam Tramiel, president and chief executive officer of Atari
Corporation. "Experts agree we have the best hardware. We
also have 150 developers, publishers and licensees creating
great games for the system," he added. "Now we have an
award-winning international public relations team on board
to make this the year of the Jaguar."

Edelman Public Relations, the sixth largest public
relations firm in the world, has 27 offices in the U.S.,
Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The firm,
which was named Agency of the Year by Inside PR Magazine,
provides public relations services in a full range of
specialty areas, including consumer product marketing,
technology, health care, business and industrial, travel
and tourism, public affairs, corporate and investor
relations, the environment and event marketing.
Edelman's clients include Del Monte, The Ford Motor
Company, Toys 'R Us, Visa and others. The Atari account
will be handled by consumer technology specialists in the
firm's Mountain View and San Francisco offices in

"We are pleased to be working for the company that created
the video game industry and pioneered the use of 64-bit
technology," said Richard Edelman, president and chief
operating officer of Edelman Worldwide.

The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive
multimedia home entertainment system and is the only video
game system manufactured in the United States. Atari
Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, designs and
markets 64-bit multimedia entertainment systems and video

//// First Jaguar Book Announced!


GUIDE "Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets" To Be The First Authorized
Jaguar Book

SUNNYVALE, Ca./LAHAINA, Hi. -- June 30, 1994 -- Atari Corporation
(ASE:ATC) announced today an agreement with Hawaii-based book company
Sandwich Islands Publishing to produce Atari Jaguar Official Games
Secrets, the first strategy guide produced for the Jaguar, and the
first Jaguar book written with the full authorization and cooperation
of Atari.

Written by the trio of Zach Meston (contributing editor to VideoGames,
Computer Player, and Tips & Tricks magazines), J. Douglas Arnold, and
Danny Han, Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets will feature complete
secrets and strategies for the hottest Jaguar games on the market,
including Tempest 2000, Aliens vs. Predator, Kasumi Ninja, Wolfenstein
3-D, Doom, Iron Soldier, Ultra Vortex, Club Drive, and many more. Also
included will be previews of upcoming Jaguar releases, interviews with
Jaguar game programmers, and a "tech specs" chapter written by Jaguar
game developer Douglas Engel.

"We are extremely excited about working with Atari Corporation, and
we are confident that Atari's library of superb games, combined with
our detailed strategies, will make for a book that no Jaguar owner can
afford to be without," said Joe Harabin, president of Sandwich Islands
Publishing. "Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets will convey the
excitement of the Jaguar's 64-bit power with hundreds of screen shots
and a vivid layout design that's almost as enjoyable to look at as the
games themselves."

Zach Meston, lead author of Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets,
added, "I spent most of my early childhood having enormous fun with
the Atari 2600, so it's an incredible thrill for me to work directly
with the company that helped me to sharpen my hand-eye coordination
and get such a great job in the first place."

Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets will be available in December
1994 at a suggested retail price of $14.95.

The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia
home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software
titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement,
design and innovation.

Sandwich Islands Publishing is a privately held company based in the
tropical paradise of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. It was formed in 1984 and
has been producing best-selling video game strategy guides since 1990.
Sandwich Islands Publishing's books are distributed in the U.S. and
overseas, including Spain, France, and the U.K.

# # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
Bill Rehbock, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2000
Joe Harabin, Sandwich Islands Publishing (808) 661-5844

//// Do the JAG RULES! Stomp

Declare your support of the 64-bit Jaguar gaming system and get the
JAG RULES rubber stamp. This quality custom stamp is available
exclusively from Artisan Software. Use it as an economical way to
advertise your enthusiasm of the Atari Jaguar. Stamp your letters and
your envelopes. Stamp your arm as a tattoo. Stamp your money. Stamp
school notebooks and post-its. Use a bright red ink pad (not included)
for a vivid 2.25" by 1.5" image of JAG RULES in the impact of the
Jaguar logo type style.

Writing a letter to your favorite software company? Stamp it! Sending
a birthday card to your best friend? Stamp it! Dropping a postcard to
your brother at school? Stamp it!

Let everyone know you're a Jaguar gamer. After all, in the empire of
high technology entertainment systems, JAG RULES!

The JAG RULES rubber stamp is available by sending a money order for
$13.99 (includes shipping and handling) to:

Artisan Software
P.O. Box 849
Manteca, CA 95336

The price within California is $14.80 and includes applicable sales tax.

For an example of the JAG RULES logo, call the CATscan BBS. Dial
209/239-1552. Download file: JAGRULES.ZIP. File is ZIP'd and requires
PKUNZIP to decompress.

//// Rainmaker Software

We are Rainmaker Software Inc., a Dallas based company formed to
produce entertainment software.

Formed in 1993 Rainmaker is a young company with old programmers and
artists that have long given up the wide world of UNIX programming and
switched to the PC. Now we're switching again to the ATARI JAGUAR for
the following reasons:

1. I haven't seen this much horsepower since I wroked on a
Silicon Graphics 4D35GT with hardware options, and that box
cost $100,000.

2. We now have a standard platform to produce for and we no
longer have to rip our hair out worrying about all the
different PC platforms that exist in the world.

3. Atari has a great user base already installed and we're
hoping to see it break the million mark soon, this is the
only game system to own if you want real game playing
capabilities and that's from a hardware engineers

4. We like it.

We do still plan to produce games for the PC in the future but
unfortunately when you've been exposed to this much power you tend to
wish everyone had a Pentium 90 installed in there house with a tripple
speed CD ROM and about 32 Megs of memory, so we're going to have to
watch ourselves.

Who we are:

I am Bryan Kelsch AKA 'Mr. B'.

I have been programming in assembly for over ten years on the PC with
a little 6502 experience thrown in for good measure.

I have a strong knowledge base of hardware and systems architecture and
I also play the role of Treasurer, public relations, accounts payable,
accounts receivable, project manager, hardware driver writer etc ...
Anyone can contact me at:

CIS: 74164,222

Bruce J. Mack is the finest C programmer/problem solver you will ever
meet. I have yet to see a challenge he won't take on and accomplish
with breathtaking speed. He is also a very good 3D modeler and artist.
His favorite games are D&D RPG's. You can contact him through my

W. Scott Simmons has a degree in mass com from somwhere in the east.
He is the finest 3D modeler i've ever seen, his creativity on the
screen is amazing.

You can contact him at my address or on genie at:

We are always open to game ideas and suggestions and plan to start a
beta test campaign when we have code ready.

Due to a great mail response, I think we are going to put Tunnel Rat
JAG on hold and make Virtual Warriors on the front burner and try to
get it out around XMAS (or maybe JAN '95) we'll bust a** trying to get
it to the public, we promise.

Mr. B

NOTE: We are compiling a database so contact me if you want to be
on our mail list!

//// Atari SCES 94 PRs

For more information, contact:
Bill Rehbock, Atari Corporation (408)745-2000


Expanded List Includes Prominent New Names

CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that the number of signed
licensed developers for the Atari Jaguar has surpassed 150. According
to Mr. William Rehbock, Vice President of Third Party Development for
Atari Corporation, "Each signature represents another developer that
is serious about the desire to develop Jaguar compatible peripherals
or software. Although a few may be focused on highly specialized
applications, the majority are in the business of dazzling video game

"The newest list," adds Mr. Rehbock, "includes names such as 20th
Century Fox Interactive, JVC Musical Industries, Inc., Time-Warner
Interactive and Electro Brain Corp. These are exciting names to have
shown support in the way that they have. We welcome them and look
forward to accommodating their needs as they intensify their Jaguar
development interests with us."

Names found among the recently inked pages include:

20th Centrury Fox Interactive Acid Software
Alfaro Corporation Limited B.S.A.
Bando Svenska AB Beris
BitMotion Software Bizzare Computing
Brandlewood Computers Ltd. Cannonball Software
Celebrity Systems Inc. Condor Software
Cross Products Ltd. DAP Developments
Data Design Denton Designs Ltd.
Diskimage Electro Brain Corp.
Electrom Extreme
Factor 5 Flair Software Ltd.
Frankenstein Software Funcom Productions a/s
Human Soft Ltd. i-SPACE
iTHINK Inc. JVC Musical Industries Inc.
Kungariket Multimedia Lost in Time Software
Malibu Interactive Media Technology Scandinavia
Merit Industries Inc. Michton Inc.
Miracle Designs Nebulous Games
Neon-Buttner Network 23 Software
NMS Software Ltd. Odyssey Software Inc.
Orion Technologies Inc. Phoyx
Rage Software Ltd. Rainmaker Software Inc.
Riedel Software Prod. Scangames Interactive
Selgus Limited Shadowsoft Inc.
Sigma Designs Silmarils
Sinister Development Soft Enterprises
Softgold Gmbh Software 2000
Software Development Systems Spaceball Technologies Inc.
Steinberg Soft-und Hardware Gmbh
Tantalus Entertainment Tantalus Incorporated
Twilight Time-Warner Interactive
Visual Sciences Ltd. Wave Quest Inc.

"Once again," observes Mr. Sam Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari
Corporation, "as I check with our developer support people I find that
they are assembling more batches of Jaguar development packages. It is
an extremely promising sight because these systems represent a lot
more consumer products in the months ahead. All of these people are
working hard and they sure are busy...

" they should be," adds a smiling Mr. Tramiel.

The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia
home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software
titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement,
design and innovation.

# # # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
Bill Rehbock, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2000



CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today plans to ship CD-ROM to stores
in ample time for Christmas shopping. The CD-ROM is a hardware
peripheral compatible with any Jaguar 64-bit system and will sell for
$199.95 (MSRP). It enables the Jaguar to play a new generation of
impeccable CD-based video games and play audio compact discs. The
module includes CD+G technology and it provides its own cartridge port
for applications that may use both cartridge and CD at the same time.

Look for the CD titles; Blue Lightning(TM), Battlemorph(TM), Jack
Nicklaus Cyber Golf(TM), Highlander(TM), Creature Shock(TM),
Demolition Man(TM) and more that will begin shipping fourth quarter

Atari's new CD-ROM includes the Virtual Light Machine(TM) (VLM). VLM
literally looks at audio compact discs as they are played and
spontanteously produces a spectrum analysis of every incoming sound.
The result is a stunning light show. An optional MPEG video cartridge
will allow access to MPEG full motion video.

"We have packed the CD-ROM full of technologies that our developers
can grow into while keeping the platform affordable for the consumer,"
affirms Mr. Sam Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari Corporation. "It
was important to remain faithful to our 'Made In America ' foundation
too. The CD-ROM will be manufactured in the United States by Philips.

"Based on feedback we have had so far, consumers want to support an
advanced gaming company that makes what it sells at home," concludes
Mr. Tramiel. "We're going to give them what they want."

# # # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
Bill Rehbock, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2000


Atari(R) reveals CD-ROM and outstanding CD software

CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today plans to ship the anticipated
CD-ROM to stores in ample time for Christmas shopping. The CD-ROM is a
hardware peripheral compatible with any Jaguar 64-bit system and will
sell for $199.95 (MSRP). It enables the Jaguar to play a new
generation of impeccable CD-based video games and play audio compact
discs. ROM-based software in the CD-ROM allows the user to easily
manipulate audio tracks and numerous custom selections when playing
audio compact discs. The module includes state-of-the-art technology
to play the audio and video portions of CD+G encoded discs. It also
provides its own cartridge port so some applications may use the
cartridge and CD at the same time.

Mr. Richard Miller, Vice President of Engineering for Atari
Corporation, observed, "Compact Discs offer well over 700 Megabytes of
raw data storage and many times that number when the data is
compressed. The massive storage capacity of a CD provides enough data
space to incorporate complex digitized images, full motion video
sequences and CD-quality audio soundtracks into games. These things
are far from being fully utilized on home platforms and the Jaguar is
the perfect system to do just that."

Such complex images, sound and color are integrated parts of the
numerous CD software projects currently underway. Blue Lightning(TM),
scheduled for Christmas release, is a realistic high speed aerial
combat experience aboard your own fighter jet. It features high
quality sequenced graphics of landscapes and enemies within 36
separate levels. Using an optional cartridge, game players may save
and retrieve statistics such as mission status, high scores and
character information for their Blue Lightning missions. Similar
information for other CD software titles may also be saved on the same

Another of the planned CD releases for Christmas is Battlemorph(TM); a
true 3-dimensional experience in over 50 all-new virtual worlds.
Player chooses at will between fighter, tank or submarine with
complete 3D movement. The many features include texture mapped enemies
and structures. Play inside caves, underwater, on land and in the sky.
Work with the resistance to bring down the Pernitia Empire.

Anyone who enjoys a round of golf will love Jack Nicklaus Cyber
Golf(TM). This CD package includes True Color photos of Murfield Golf
Course with access to CD quality voice to help with each hole. Study
Jack Nicklaus' golf swing to improve your own game with full motion
video of him and other golfers. Also look for the CD titles;
Highlander(TM), Creature Shock(TM), Demolition Man(TM) and an
assortment of third party products that will begin shipping fourth
quarter 1994.

Thanks to the many talents of Mr. Jeff Minter; author of the
award-winning Tempest 2000(TM), Atari's new CD-ROM includes the Virtual
Light Machine(TM) (VLM). No other game system has VLM. VLM literally
looks at audio compact discs as they are played and spontanteously
produces a spectrum analysis of every incoming sound. This information
is assembled in a frequency map of the music and assigned complex
visual equivalents. Advanced 64-bit data processing makes it possible
for the translation to take place almost faster than the ear can hear
it so images are in perfect tune with the sound as it is played. The
result is a stunning light show. VLM is perfect for parties and every
other listening environment where audio compact discs are enjoyed.

Jaguar owners will enjoy VideoCD full-motion movies with an optional
MPEG video cartridge. No other home system offers simultaneous access
to cartridges, compact discs and a 64-bit multimedia platform.

The ability to do so much more is another key reason major developers
are turning to the Jaguar. Mr. William Rehbock, Vice President of
Third Party Development, states, "Our success to attract more than 150
Jaguar licensees is due, in large part, to the tools we are able to
provide them. There are basic development tools and there are
peripheral options. Developers are drawn to these elements. CD is
another option for them that enables them to choose the best media to
distribute each product. Ultimately this gives the consumer more
choices too."

"We have spent a lot of time to make certain we have packed the CD-ROM
full of technologies that our developers can grow into while keeping
the platform affordable for the consumer," affirms Mr. Sam Tramiel,
President and CEO of Atari Corporation. "It was important to keep the
price as low as possible. It was important to include all the features
of CD-ROM that developers need most to please their customers.
Finally, it was important to remain faithful to our 'Made In America '
foundation. The Jaguar is manufactured by IBM in the U.S. The CD-ROM
will be manufactured in the United States by Philips.

"Based on feedback we have had so far, consumers want to support an
advanced gaming company that makes what it sells at home, " concludes
Mr. Tramiel. "We're going to give them what they want."

The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia
home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software
titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement,
design and innovation.

# # # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
Sandy LaBrec, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2000


Atari(R) Announces Networking Games Available 3rd Quarter '94

CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that Jaguar owners will be
connecting their systems together and playing networked games within
the next 4 months. The network technology on the Jaguar can support up
to 32 simultaneous game players depending on the software. Networking
and Atari's new Voice/Modem for the Jaguar are two innovative ways
Jaguar owners can play complex games against each other with multiple
systems by Christmas '94.

"We are extremely excited about all of this," said Mr. Richard Miller,
Vice President of Engineering for Atari Corporation. "Now 64-bit
gaming can be an exciting multi-player experience as well as an
individual pleasure."

The Jaguar networking package enables network compatible Jaguar games
to be played on different systems up to 300 feet apart from each
other. The system uses standard RJ11 phone line cable and implements
reliable differential-pair technology. The first network game
published by Atari will be Doom(TM). Many other titles will be
announced soon thereafter.

The Atari Jaguar is the world's first and only 64-bit interactive
multimedia home entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible
software titles have been awarded multiple awards for technical
achievement, design and innovation worldwide.

# # # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be
trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
Sandy LaBrec, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2000
Bill Nicholson, Phylon Communications, Inc. (510) 656-2606


New System Based on Simultaneous
Voice & Data Communications Technology

CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that playing Jaguar games with
opponents over a single telephone line will be a reality in the 4th
quarter of 1994. New technology, developed by Phylon Communications,
Inc.; leaders in advanced fax/modem/voice technology, permits two
users to play Atari Jaguar video games against each other. Utilizing
the same phone line, they may speak to each other as they play. The
game experience is truely shared by the two gamers although they may
be miles apart from each other.

The Jaguar Voice/Data Communicator uses headsets for the players to
hear each other speak as well as listen to the stereo benefits of the
game being played. Users will also have call waiting indications, both
at local and remote ends, to pause and resume a game due to an
interrupting call in the middle of a game. Thus, this product can be
enjoyed by the players without being a nuisance to others in the home.
"By offering our voice-plus-data technology to leading OEMs and
systems manufacturers, like Atari, Phylon is pioneering multimedia
communications technology on the dial-up network," noted Dr. Hamdi
El-Sassi, President and CEO of Phylon.

The first games planned to exploit the features of the Jaguar
Voice/Data Communicator are Doom(TM), Club Drive(TM) and Iron

"Reports I have been receiving from Jaguar owners is that they are
ready for this technology. We have it and we are going to offer it
this Christmas," announced Mr. Sam Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari
Corporation. "By reviewing each game we have in development, we have
been able to make certain each one integrates every bit of power we
can put into it."

The Jaguar Voice/Data Communicator is compatible with Atari Jaguar;
the world's first and only 64-bit interactive multimedia home
entertainment system. The Atari Jaguar and compatible software titles
have been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design
and innovation worldwide. The Jaguar Voice/Data Communicator is packed
complete with stereo headset and is engineered for user friendly, plug
'n' go operation. Future software options will enable the Jaguar
Voice/Data Communicator to access existing and upcoming online
services on the Information SuperHighway.

# # # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
James Grunke, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2000


Atari(R) Announces Audio Compact Disc of Cartridge Soundtrack

CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that the popular soundtrack of
Tempest 2000 has been remastered for a new special edition audio
compact disc to be made available in the third quarter of 1994.

"A lot of people ask if Atari would ever consider releasing the
incredible soundtrack from Tempest 2000," states Mr. James Grunke,
Director of Music and Audio for Atari Corporation. "The music has wide
appeal to the large dance and rave audiences who love the techno style
of the Tempest 2000 music."

Although some of the specifications are being retained for the formal
release in a few months, Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will include new
versions of the music used in the actual game cartridge PLUS bonus
tracks of previously unreleased material. Tempest 2000 is Atari's
blockbuster 64-bit video game title compatible with the Atari Jaguar
game system.

Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will be available through Atari retailers,
select music stores, or directly from Atari's own Customer Service
Department. For more information, contact Atari by writing: Tempest
2000 Soundtrack, Atari Corporation, P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA
94089-1657. Tempest 2000 Soundtrack will be priced under $15.

The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia
home entertainment system. The Jaguar and compatible game titles have
been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and

# # # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be
trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
Greg LaBrec, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2015
Scott Stern, Norscot Group, Inc. (414) 241-3313


Norscot Group, Inc. releases Atari(R) Jaguar(TM) specialty catalog.

CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today a new full-line gift catalog
especially for Atari Jaguar gamers. The catalog, shown publicly for
the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Chicago,
features nearly 20 popular consumer items fashionably adorned with the
licensed Jaguar logo. The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit
interactive multimedia home entertainment system and is the only
system of its kind manufactured in the United States. The Jaguar has
been awarded multiple awards for technical achievement, design and

Effective July 1, 1994, consumers throughout the world may order
products exclusive to the new Jag-Ware collection. Items range in
price as low as $2.95, but no item is more than $100 and include
watches, T-Shirts, waist packs, caps and more.

"We have been bombarded by Jaguar users asking for items they can wear
or give as gifts with the Jaguar logo on it," explains Mr. Greg
LaBrec, Director of Creative Services for Atari Corporation. "The
traditional and new Atari consumer has fallen in love with the Jaguar
and wants to show everyone that they've already moved up to the world
of 64-bit entertainment technology."

Offering apparel and gift items is new for Atari and is a reflection
of the growing popularity of the Jaguar system and Atari's commitment
behind it. The items selected in the 8-page, full-color catalog have
been carefully chosen by Atari with the advice of Norscot Group, Inc.;
suppliers of Corporate namesake specialty catalogs for nearly a
quarter century. Each item was chosen on merits of popularity,
durability and practical application. All items are protected by a
100% satisfaction guarantee and typically shipped within 48 hours as
long as they are in stock.

The Jag-Ware catalog will be mailed to existing Jaguar owners
registered with Atari Corporation within the next 120 days. Those
wishing to obtain a copy sooner may request one by mail by writing:
"JAG-WARE Catalog", Atari Corporation, P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA
94089-1657. Catalogs will also be supplied with new Jaguar systems.
Additionally, modem users will find text based copies of the catalog
distributed in publications such as Atari Explorer Online and Silicon
Times Report.

Those wishing to place orders may call 1(800) 653-3313 toll free.
International orders accepted by calling (414) 241-3313. Faxed orders
accepted by dialing (414) 241-4904. Orders may be mailed to: Norscot
Group, Inc., 10510 North Port Washington Road, Mequon, WI 53092.
Money Orders, MasterCard, Visa and American Express accepted. Dealers
and Distributors should place their fall orders now.

# # # #

Jaguar and Jag-Ware are trademarks of Atari Corporation. Atari is a
registered trademark of Atari Corporation.

Bill Rehbock
Atari Corporation
(408) 745-2000

9700 South Cass Avenue/Bldg. 900
Argonne, Illinois 60439-4832
Office: (708) 252-5765
FAX: (708) 252-5128
For Immediate Release


Argonne National Laboratory, a Laboratory funded by the Department of
Energy (DOE), is evaluating the use of Atari's 64-bit multimedia
Jaguar technology as part of its work in the AMTEX program's Demand
Activated Manufacturing Architecture (DAMA) project. The AMTEX
program, the American Textile Partnership, brings together the entire
industry involved in textile products, from fiber to retail, with the
National Laboratory system. It is a technology transfer program
intended to increase industrial competitiveness. Argonne is tasked
with evaluating technologies in the broad area of Information Access

Argonne's exploratory studies of multimedia technology are a direct
response to the need to provide better and broader access to computer
generated information. Manufacturers such as Atari have been
particularly successful in providing visual interfaces to computer
interactions. These interface technologies can provide alternative
methods for accessing the information highway, even displacing the
traditional computer keyboard. Retailers and small manufacturers have
little time to learn complex computer systems. The DAMA project needs
to find new ways for these companies to take advantage of the
electronic market information being generated by the larger companies.
Using this information American companies' can use agile manufacturing
and fast response as the key to regaining a competitive edge in the

The Jaguar technology's ability to recreate realistic visual images
combined with its price performance make it a natural vehicle to
explore new interfacing concepts. The same 64-bit technology that
renders images at high speed can display high-fidelity renderings of
fashion lines at slower speeds. One application area is business
product marketing, where small retailers can view the work of American
designers, accessing it via home entertainment equipment. Another area
being explored is a FAX-based interface to DAMA for small businesses.
The goal is to eliminate the keyboard interface.

Technology transfer is very active at Argonne, "we are looking for
ways to utilize the research performed at Argonne by combining it with
the work done by industry" said Peter Korp, Assistant Scientist at


For more information, contact:
Greg LaBrec, Atari Corporation (408) 745-2000


Atari(R) Wows Serious Gamers With 64-Bit Energy!

CHICAGO, Il. -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Atari
Corporation (ASE:ATC) announced today that it has hit the road with a
summer long exhibition of the Atari Jaguar in many popular shopping
malls across America. The SuperTour '94 is the second annual tour
co-sponsored by Electronic Gaming Monthly (E.G.M.); an excellent
source of information covering the explosive world of video games. The
show tour is also sponsored by Hero Illustrated; the number one name
in comic guides.

SuperTour '94 offers an opportunity for merchants and enthusastic game
players to see, feel and hear the newest innovations in gaming
entertainment including the Atari Jaguar; the world's first and only
64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system. The Jaguar
and compatible game titles have been awarded multiple awards for
technical achievement, design and innovation worldwide.

"We want gamers to compare our system with others," states Mr. Sam
Tramiel, President and CEO of Atari Corporation. "The E.G.M. SuperTour
encourages those comparisons with side-by-side competitions and
demonstrations. Comparisons always sell more machines for Atari."

The E.G.M. SuperTour '94 is scheduled through September in shopping
malls from Charlotte and Orlando to Los Angeles and Seattle; with
cities like Chicago and Denver along the way. The show attracts gamers
and comic collectors with a wide variety of contests, games and prizes
including a full-size professional pinball machine.

"We are getting flooded with calls," notes Mr. Donald Thomas, Director
of Customer Service for Atari Corporation. "Gamers want us to know
that they saw the Jaguar at some of the preseason shows and their
nearest store sold out already. They want to know where to find more."

The SuperTour '94 show schedule may be found in the most current issue
of Electronic Gaming Monthly. The announced tour stops include the
following cities:

June 24 - 26 Lincolnwood Town Center Lincolnwood, IL
July 1 - 3 Rosemont Convention Center Chicago, IL
July 8 - 10 Northlake Atlanta, GA
July 15 - 17 Atlanta Hilton and Towers Atlanta, GA
July 22 - 24 Aurora Mall Denver, CO
July 29 - 31 Plaza Bonita San Diego, CA
August 3 - 7 San Diego Convention Center San Diego, CA
August 12 - 14 Del Amo Fashion Los Angeles, CA
August 19 - 21 Glendale Galleria Los Angeles, CA
August 26 - 28 Vallco Fashion Center Cupertino, CA
September 2 - 4 Eastridge San Jose, CA
September 9 - 11 Southcenter Seattle, WA

# # # #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


CatBox(TM) tames the Jaguar
Black Cat proves it has the right stuff

CHICAGO, IL -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- Black
Cat Design, a designer of computer peripherals and accessories today
announced CatBox and CatBox+, feature-packed interface adapters for
the Atari Jaguar 64-bit game system.

CatBox plugs directly into the AV/DSP ports on the back of the
Jaguar. Its custom case measures just 6 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches and
perfectly accents the sleek Jaguar design. CatBox provides all of the
standard connections that Jaguar customers desire. Standard ports
include: S-Video, Composite Video, Left & Right Audio Out, Dual Stereo
Headphones, Analog RGB Video, RS-232, ComLynx, and pass-through DSP.
All connectors are "industry standard".

Standards are a big part of CatBox and connectivity is the key. The
RS- 232 port will connect to standard modems. The ComLynx port will
join other Jaguar and Lynx game systems for multi-player games and
other networking ideas. Black Cat Design is actively working with
game developers to ensure support for these ports.

CatBox+ offers two powerful new features in addition to the standard
CatBox features. Stereo headphone amplification with volume control
provides a more powerful sound. The new differential pair network
uses standard RJ-11 phone wiring to create a low cost networking
system which allows systems to be separated up to 300 feet.

An imaginative, well thought out design includes flexibility for the
future. Internal expansion connectors for future add-in cards ensure
that CatBox will be as useful then as it is now. Future products
under consideration include a Midi interface and an internal modem.

Thomas Harker, president of Black Cat Design, explained, "This product
is an unbelievable value. I wouldn't be surprised if all Jaguar owners
buy a CatBox. My family is really thankful for the headphone jacks
when our twin boys are playing Raiden. Finally, peace and quiet again
in the game room. The boys can't wait for the next generation of
multi-player games to arrive. Imagine, dual Jaguars head to head.
CatBox will help make this possible. It makes so much sense, I don't
know why it wasn't done before."

CatBox will begin shipping late this quarter at an MSRP of $49.95.
CatBox+ will have an MSRP of $69.95. ICD, Inc., a well known developer
of Atari computer products will be marketing CatBox. ICD is taking
orders now with shipments expected in August.

# # # #

CatBox is a trademark of Black Cat Design. Other trademarks are
those of their respective holders.

For more information, contact:
Thomas D. Harker, Black Cat Design (815) 968-2228 ext. 222
Fax (815)968-6888


Star Battle(TM) announced for Atari Jaguar
4Play among Atari Jaguar developers
Gaming will never be the same!

CHICAGO, IL -- June 23, 1994 -- Consumer Electronics Show -- a
talented new design group called 4Play, today announced their first
title which will fully exploit Jaguar's 64-bit capabilities.

600 years in the future, several spacefaring races are battling for
domination of the galaxy. To avoid unnecessary loss of life and
destruction, it is agreed that the best warriors and military minds
will be sent to a small uninhabited quadrant of the galaxy to settle
the score. Some of the races have endured years of torment and
oppression and with the galaxy at stake, nothing short of eradication
of the enemy is acceptable.

Star Battle is a first person perspective game designed to put fun
back into gaming. Star Battle's multi-player action allows head to
head challengers over modem or network. The Jaguar makes this possible
with 64-bit power and outstanding connectability.

Tom Harker, president of 4Play commented, "Our custom game tools
afford no compromises. With advanced features like a warp polygon
engine, gouraud shading, texture mapping, networking and modem
support, Star Battle will be setting new standards in excellence for a
long time to come".

Look for Star Battle to be released on cartridge in the 4th quarter.

# # # #

Star Battle is a trademark of 4Play. Other products named may be
trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

For more information, contact:
Thomas D. Harker, 4Play (815) 968-2228 ext. 222
Fax 815-968-6888

//// Jag-Ware: Jaguar styles Rule!

The following items are available after July 1, 1994 as
announced by Atari Corporation on June 23, 1994 at the
Summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. All items are
top quality and are officially licensed by Atari
Corporation. Contact Norscot Group, Inc. for a color
catalog. These items are NOT available direct from Atari.
Also check popular online services and publications for
releases of product pictures in various image formats to
view on your computer.

Please read disclaimers at end of file.

To order products or obtain a color catalog, contact:

NORSCOT GROUP(r), INC. (since 1970)
10510 North Port Washington Road
Mequon, WI 53092-5500 U.S.A.

TOLL FREE USA & CANADA ...... 1-800-653-3313
FAX TOLL FREE USA & CANADA .. 1-800-653-4904
INTERNATIONAL ............... 414-241-3313
FAX INTERNATIONAL ........... 414-241-4904

DEALER and DISTRIBUTOR inquiries welcome! 414-241-3313

A. CAP (#185001) $14.95
100% cotton twill baseball cap. Adjustable back-strap.
Black. Embroidered Jaguar logo on front in red.
Embroidered Atari logo on back in white. Screened red
cat scratch marks on visor. Made in the USA.

B. T-SHIRT (#185002) $14.95 S-M-L-XL-XXL
100% cotton heavyweight T-shirt. Taped crew neck. Black
with a Jaguar screened full front and the Jaguar logo
screened on the back. Made in the USA.

C. SHORTS (#185005) $16.95 S-M-L-XL
These comfortable shorts are extra long with side seam
pockets and a drawcord waistband. Made of heavy-weight
7oz. 100% cotton. Black with the Jaguar logo and cat
scratches screened on the left leg in red and Atari logo
screened on the right leg in red. Made in the USA.

D. HOODED SWEATSHIRT (#185003) $27.95 S-M-L-XL-XXL
50/50 cotton/polyester 7oz. hooded sweatshirt. Double
sided pouch pocket, ribbed cuffs and band bottom. Black
with a Jaguar screened full front and the Jaguar logo
screened on the back. Made in the USA.

E. DENIM JACKET (#185006) $97.95 S-M-L-XL-XXL
This classic jean jacket is made of 100% cotton stone-
washed denim and is sure to make a super impression.
Traditional styling includes six button front, flap
chest pockets and seam detailing. Jaguar logo embossed
across back and embroidered on the left chest in red.
Made in the USA.

100% cotton pique shirt with two button placket, banded
sleeves and extended tail with vents. Black with the
Jaguar logo embroidered left chest in red.
Made in the USA.

Heavyweight 7oz. 100% cotton sport shirt. Long sleeves
and 3 woodtone buttons. Ash body and red sleeves. Jaguar
logo on the left chest and across the back in red.
Made in the USA.

H. DUFFEL BAG (#185008) $32.95 20" x 10" x 10"
This large square duffel goes everywhere. Black with red
web trim and handles. The Jaguar logo is featured in red
with the Atari logo in white. Heavy-duty 1000 denier
nylon cordura.

I. WAIST PACK (#185007) $9.95 6 3/4" x 4" x 3"
Zip front and adjustable poly web waist strap make this
waist pack perfect for those on the go. Sized to carry
essentials. Black 1000 denier nylon. Jaguar logo in red.

J. LAPEL PIN (#185016) $4.95
The Jaguar logo in fine pewter with brass finish and red
enamel color fill. Standard post and brass military

K. KEY CHAIN (#185011) $2.95
Awesome! This acrylic key tag shows it all. The Jaguar
logo printed on one side with a 3-D laser Jaguar
hologram on the opposite side. Steel split ring.
Virtually unbreakable.

L. BIKE BOTTLE (#185013) $4.95
For the fun times, carry this 30oz. bike bottle.
Odorless, taste-free and totally FDA approved. Made of
low-density polyethylene for squeezability. Black with
the Jaguar logo in red.

M. SPORT BOTTLE (#185012) $3.95
Perfect for car, home or office. Features straw cap and
32oz. capacity. Black with the Jaguar logo in red.

N. ATTACHE (#185019) $33.95 17" x 13" x 4 1/2"
Pack up your games and go. Use this nifty black attache
featuring the Jaguar logo to carry pens, keys,
calculator and more. Adjustable and removable shoulder
strap. 600 denier polyester with PVC backing.

O. PEN (#185009) $9.95
The sport vector roller ball from Parker features a
custom Jaguar print with the Jaguar logo in red and the
Atari logo in black. Gift boxed.

P. COFFEE MUG (#185010) $7.95
11oz. ceramic "magic" mug. Black with screened Jaguar
logo in red. Fill it up with a hot beverage and watch
the Jaguar eyes appear.

Q. SUN GLASSES (#185014) $8.95
Classic style with satin-like acetate frame. UV
protection. Black with Jaguar logo in red on bow. White
strap with Jaguar and Atari logos screened in red. Black
case included.

R. WRIST WATCH (#185015) $35.95
A black leather band and a black metal case set off the
3-D laser hologram face on this watch. Swiss parts
movement. Shock and water resistant. 3 year warranty.
Gift boxed.

Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation.
Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Norscot is a
registered trademark of Norscot Group, Inc. This file may
be distributed freely in its entire form ONLY and with
distributor's intent to support the Atari Jaguar 64-bit
gaming system. Prices, availability, descriptions and terms
are subject to change without notice. Atari Corporation and
Norscot Group Inc. are not responsible for typographical
errors, modifications or omissions in this file.


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GEnie addresses.

Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
Your Editor
Travis Guy


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