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Mario Kart 64 Instruction Booklet

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N64 games
 · 7 Mar 2020

"Mario Kart 64 Instruction Booklet" NUS-NKTE-USA
Converted to ASCII text by Deezer on 01/17/98
For Patent Pending:


1. Before Starting the Game ................... 4
2. Introducing the Racers ..................... 6
3. Game Modes
Mario GP (Grand Prix) .................. 8
VS ..................................... 12
Battle ................................. 14
Time Trials ............................ 16
4. Using the Nintendo 64 Controller Pak ....... 20
5. Options .................................... 23
6. Mario Kart 64 Course Maps .................. 25
Mushroom Cup ........................... 26
Flower Cup ............................. 28
Star Cup ............................... 30
Special Cup ............................ 32
Battle Mode ............................ 34


1. Before Starting the Game

Correctly insert the Game Pak into the Nintendo 64 Control Deck and move the
POWER switch to the ON position. Make sure not to touch the Control Stick at
this time. When the demo begins, press START to display the Title screen.
Press START again to display the Game Select screen.

1. How Many Players?
First, use the Control Stick to select your choice. Press the A Button to
confirm. When selecting 2-4P game modes, make sure that the correct number of
controllers have been connected.

2. Which Game Mode?
Next, select which of the four game modes you want to play. Some modes can
only be played by a certain number of players.

1P 2P 3P 4P
MARIO GP Eight racers will compete in a series of races O O X X
for points. Racers not selected by a player
are controlled by the computer.

VS Compete with two, three or even four players X O O O
in split-screen action.

BATTLE This mode faces the players off in an attempt X O O O
to pop the balloons that are attached to your
Karts. You'll compete on special courses.

TIME You will drive solo for three laps around O X X X
TRIALS your favorite course to get the best time.
Best times are saved in Game Pak memory.

For the details about each mode, please see "Game Modes" beginning on page 8.
On the Select Screen for each mode, confirm your choice by pressing the A
Button, and cancel with the B Button. To make a selection, you can use the
+Control Pad as well the the Control Stick.

3. Which Size Engine?
When you select either MARIO GP or VS modes, you must decide which size Kart
engine to use. There are three sizes available: 50 cc, 100 cc and 150 cc.
Karts with larger engines will be faster and more difficult to drive.

After setting all selections, "OK?" will flash on the lower-right corner of
the screen. Press the A Button to confirm.

4. Which Character?
When the Player Select screen appears, select the character you want to use
for racing. There are eight characters to choose from. For details about each
character, please read the following page.

5. Which Course?
Last, you must select the course on the Map Select screen. There are sixteen
courses for racing and four courses for battle, making a total of twenty
courses. How to select the course differs depending on which game mode has
been selected.

[ PICTURE: Lakitu ]
It's time to start!


2. Introducing the Racers

The eight racers in Mario Kart 64 are split into three groups, and each
charater has unique features. No matter which one you choose, the maximum
speed of all the Karts is about the same. Try playing with different
characters to find the one that best suits your style.


* The lightweights accelerate well and can get a good position off the
starting line.
* Due to their light wiehg, even when they leave the course onto sand or
grass, they won't lose much of their speed.
* Compared to the middleweights and heavyweights, their maximum speed is
slightly higher.

* When turning corners without sliding, they lose much of their speed.
* When they crash into heavyweights, they will usually be thrown around.



The middleweights are well balanced and don't have extreme pros or cons.


* When turning corners, even when not sliding, they won't lose much speed.
* When they make contact with another Kart, they usually won't be thrown out.

* They do not accelerate very well. It takes them a long time before reaching
their maximum speed.
* Because of their weight, then they drive on sand or grass, their tires will
sink in, rapidly reducing their speed.

3. Game Modes

Mario Grand Prix
You will race a total of four courses in each Cup of the Mario GP. You and the
other Karts (a total field of eight racers) will compete for the best combined
rank. Keep a watch out for attacks from the other racers who can crash into
you or harm you with items. Because of this, drivers who have the best driving
techniques won't always finish the race in the lead.

Four Cups
There are four Cups in Mario GP. Each Cup consists of four unique courses. To
begin, select the Cup you want to participate in on the Map Select screen.

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup

As you progress from Mushroom to Flower to Star and finally to the Special
Cup, the length of each course gradually increases, and they will have more
complex corners and traps. It is recommended that beginners first challenge
the Mushroom Cup.


Mushroom Cup
Luigi Raceway Moo Moo Farm Koopa Troopa Beach Kalimari Desert

Flower Cup
Toad's Turnpike Frappe Snowland Choco Mountain Mario Raceway

Star Cup
Wario Stadium Sherbet Land Royal Raceway Bowser's Castle

Special Cup
DK's Jungle Parkway Yoshi Valley Banshee Boardwalk Rainbow Road


3. Game Modes

The information displayed on the screen differs slightly between the 1-Player
and 2-Player modes. During play, use the C [right] Button to toggle through
the different displays.

The Game Screen
1 Player
[ PICTURES: Three in-game screen shots ]
A Type
Item Window
(Only visible when you have an Item.)
Course Radar
(The large makr indicates your current position.)
C Type
Rank data
You can see comparative positions of all the racers. Once around the screen
equals one lap of the course.

2 Players
[ PICTURES: Two in-game screen shots ]
A Type
Rank Data
After completing one course lap, your Rank Indicator will return to the left

Players can select their own display type.



Three laps per course.

Driver's Points
If a player comes in fourth place or better, they receive Driver's Points and
will advance to the next course. Place fifth or lower and a menu will appear
after you reach the goal. Select RETRY to restart the same course.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
9 Points 6 Points 3 Points 1 Point

When you play the 2-Player mode, if either player places fourth or better,
both will advance to the next course.

Trophies are awarded to the drivers who have scored the highest cumulative
points after the four races of each Cup are completed. First place receives
the Gold, second gets the Silver and thrid lace must settle for the Bronze.
Trophies earned are saved into Game Pak memory automatically and will be
displayed on the Map Select screen.

The trophies are given based on the engine size that is selected. If you
use 150 cc engines and win the gold trophies in all four Cups, you will be
able to experience a wonderful "bonus" ...

Pause Screen
If you select QUIT on the Pause screen during the race, you will return to
the Game Select screen.

Times from Mario GP are not saved into Game Pak memory.


3. Game Modes

Two to four players can play the VS game choosing their favorite characters
and courses. Players have their own screen to watch, but to make the most
strategic use of their items, players should check the other players' screens
and pay attention to their opponents' movements.

Course Selection
Select your favorite course from any of the sixteen courses in Mario GP. Each
race is three laps. First, select a Cup, then select the course you want to
drive from the four available.

The Game Screen
2-Player Games
The screen is the same as Mario GP except no Total Time is displayed.

3-Player Games
You can toggle the Rank Data display ON or OFF by pressing the C [right]
Button. The course radar will be displayed on the lower right screen.

4-Player Games
Press the C [right] Button to switch the display between the Rank Data and
Course Radar.

Once the lower ranking player is determined, the game is over. On the Result
Screen, each player's score will be displayed. In 2-Player games, the number
of wins for each player will be displayed. In 3- and 4-Player games, the
number of first, second and third place finishes will be displayed. (This
score is temporary and will be erased when the Control Deck POWER is switched
OFF.) After the game is over, a Menu screen will appear. Select from the

RETRY ............... Retry the same course with the same character.
COURSE CHANGE ....... Select a new course.
DRIVER CHANGE ....... Select a new character.
QUIT ................ Quit the VS mode, and return to the Game Select screen.

Except for RETRY, you can select any of the above on the Pause screen as well.


Advice for VS Mode

Mini Bomb Kart
On the course, you will see Mini Bomb Karts. If you hit one, you will crash
and lose time. To best avoid it, remember its location and reduce your speed
right before you get to it. Although difficult, it is possible to jump the
Mini Bomb Kart by pressing the R Button.

Item Techniques
Part 1: Block With Item
Press and hold the Z Button to set the Green Shell, Red Shell, Spiny's Shell,
Banana or the Fake Item to the ready position at the rear of your Kart. When
you release the Z Button, it will fire (or drop to the ground). When set in
the ready position, these items can deflect the attack of shells that come
from behind. Also, after being set to ready, the Item Window will close.
If you pass Item Boxes, you can stock another.

Part 2: Throw Itmes Forward or Back
The Banana or Banana Bunch items can be thrown forward by pressing [up] on
the Control Stick. Alos, the Green Shell can be fired back by pressing [down]
on the Control Stick.

Part 3: Use Thunder Bolt Wisely
When invincible from the Super Star, or invisible from Boo, an opponent can
avoid the Tunder Bolt attack. Before using a Thunder Bolt, check to make sure
what the other players are doing.

Part 4: Avoiding the Banana Slip
If you run over a banana while turning, you will always slip. However, if you
are going straight and hit a Banana, press the B Button when you're
unbalanced, and sometimes you won't slip. If a [music note] mark appears
above your character's head, you've succeeded.

For detailed information regarding each item, please see the Mario Kart 64
Operation Card.


3. Game Modes

Your goal in this mode is simply to eliminate your opponents, not to be the
first across the finish line. Because of this, it's very important to keep the
other players' positions in mind.

Course Selection
You can select any of the for courses that are available only for the Battle
Mode. Please see pages 34 and 35 for Course Maps.

The Game Screen
Each player's position on the game screen is the same as the VS mode. There
are no alternate displays.


Three Balloons
Three balloons are attached to each player's Kart. When their balloons have
all been popped, they are out. The last surviving player is the winner.

Popping Balloons
Part 1: Slip on a Banana, or collide with an opponent.
Part 2: Hit Shells or Fake Items, etc.
Part 3: Fall off the edge of the course.

When You Have No Balloons Left
In the 3- or 4-Player mode, when players lose all of their balloons, they are
transformed into "Mini Bomb Karts" and forfeit the ability to win the game.
Although they cannot win, they can still collide with other players and cause
them to crash. Mini Bomb Karts can explode only once, and after that can no
longer participate. A Mini Bomb Kart cannot use items and will not be
displayed on course radar.


Battle Mode Advice
Be aware of the other players' positions. Check the course radar constantly,
making note of your position in relation to your opponents.

Anticipate your Opponents' Moves
It's not easy to attack when both players drive in the same direction. By
anticipating an opponent's route, you can easily ambush them.

Use Spin-Turns Wisely!
To change direction on narrow roads, or when you want to direct a Shell at an
opponent, turn and press the A and B Buttons simultaneously, to do a


3. Game Modes

Time Trials
In this mode, your goal is to just drive as fast as you can. There are no good
or bad items to affect your play as in the other game modes. Perfect your
driving technique to score the best times.

Course Selection
Just like the VS mode, selet your favorite course from any of the sixteen
Mario GP courses, and drive three laps. In Time Trials, the courses do not
have Item Boxes.

To start, you will begin with one Triple Mushrooms Item. This allows you to
do three dashes anywhere you want during thethree laps. Where you use this
item can make a big diference in your time.

Result Screen
After crossing the finish line, the lap time and the total time will be
displayed. If any of the lap times surpass the previous best record, the new
time will be displayed as the Best Lap. If the new total time is in the top
five, Best Record will be displayed. Records are automatically saved into Game
Pak memory.


Menu Selection
After the race results have been displayed, you can select your choice from
the menu. COURSE CHANGE, DRIVER CHANGE and QUIT are the same as the VS or
Battle mode. There are three additional choices found only on the Time Trials
result menu.

Challenge this course again with the same character competing against your

| What is Your Ghost...? |
| Your Ghost is "A recording of the course's best time" played during Time |
| Trials. While racing, the driving data is temporarily stored. Later, when |
| you RETRY, a half visible character will drive exactly in the same manner |
| as the stored data. With this ghost as reference, scoring the best time |
| should be easy. |
| |
| * If you don't finish the course (or if you Pause while racing), the |
| won't be saved. |
| * If you take too much time to reach the goal, or if you make severe |
| driving mistakes (becoming trapped, leaving the course, etc.), |
| sometimes the ghost will not be recorded. |
| * When the Ghost data cannot be stored, a message will appear under TIME |
| on the the game display. |
| * If you select COURSE CHANGE, DRIVER CHANGE or QUIT, the temporarily |
| stored Ghost data will be erased. |

After you finish the course, you can replay your game play just like a
videotape. A part of the ghost function, this item is not available from
the menu if your driving record cannot be saved. On the Results menu, if you
select any item other than REPLAY, it cannot be watched later.

Saving the Ghost
Your Ghost data cannot be saved to Game Pak memory. However, you can save the
data for two different courses if you use an N64 Controller Pak, (sold
separately). For details, please read pages 20 through 22.


3. Game Modes

On the DATA screen you can view the best lap and total time records for each
course. On the GAME SELECT screen, press the R Button or select the Time
Trials mode, then select the DATA menu.

Move the cursor using the Control Stick and select the course that you want
to see from any of the sixteen courses.

Select this when you want to erase the Best Record and the Best Lap of a
course from the Game Pak memory.

Use this menu item to erase Ghost data previously saved to an N64 Controller
Pak (see page 21).

Using the Control Stick, you can view the records from the other courses in


Advide for the Time Trials Mode

Slide Through the Corners
In most corners, you can just keep the throttle wide open and hold the R
Button to slide through the turn. while sliding, you speed won't decrease
even as you turn. To get the best time, learning how to slide is an important

Advanced Sliding Technique (Mini Turbo)
If you want to turn in even faster times, it's recommended that you master
the "Mini Turbo" technique.

To begin, start sliding as usual. You can tell when you're sliding by
watching the white smoke rising from the rear of your Kart (it looks like

Next, as you slide, steer in the direction opposite of your turn, then
quickly steer back in the orignal direction. If you succeed, the smoke will
change to yellow "E.E.E..."

Repeat the same operation and, if you succeed, the smoke will change to red.
While doing this you must keep pressing the A Button (throttle) and the R
Button. It might be easy to understand if you imagine turning real car's
steering wheel left and right.

When the smoke becomes red, release the R Button. For a moment, your speed
will increase a little (watch the spedmoeter!). This acceleration trick is
called Mini Turbo. After steering in the opposite direction, the trick is
to correctly return the steering to the original direction.

Rocket Start
When you start, if you press the A Button when the signal changes from red
to blue, you can make a dash start at maximum speed (called a "Rocket
Start"). But if you press too early, the tires will spin and you will start
even slower, so be careful.


4. Using the Nintendo 64 Controller Pak

By using an N64 Controller Pak (sold separately), you can save the Ghost data
from two different Time Trials courses.

When you select the Time Trials mode menu without an N64 Controller Pak in
place, a message will be displayed on the screen. Although you will not have
the option to save your Ghost data, game play and your course times will not
be affected.

Before Saving the Ghost...
Before use, make sure to read the instruction booklet that accompanied your
N64 Controller Pak. Do not remove or insert an N64 Controller Pak when the
POWER switch is in the ON position.

1. Correctly install the N64 Controller Pak in Controller 1.
2. The data saved for this game will require 121 pages of the N64 Controller
Pak's memory. If you are going to use an N64 Controller Pak that already
has other game data saved, make sure to check the remaining pages on the
N64 Controller Pak Data Menu screen.

The N64 Controller Pak Data Menu screen
After correctly installing an N64 Controller Pak, press and hold START, then
slide the POWER switch to the ON position (or press RESET). This will display
the N64 Controller Pak Data Menu screen as shown at right. If the number of
free pages is less than 121, delete any old unwanted data until the free page
display reads at least 121.
Caution: Once deleted, saved data cannot be recovered.


Saving to the N64 Controller Pak
1. In Time Trials mode, finish your favorite course without leaving it to
create Ghost data. During the drive, do not press START to pause.

2. When you RETRY, the ghost will appear and race along with you. This
driving data will become the data that will be saved (if you reach the
finish line before the ghost, the newer data will be saved for the ghost).

3. On the result screen menu, select SAVE GHOST. If this is the first time
you have saved, the game data for Mario Kart 64 will be automatically
created in the N64 Controller Pak.

4. Select one of the two available files to save to. If the ghost from that
course has already been saved in either file, you will overwrite that file
and the old Ghost data will be erased. Remember, two Ghosts from the same
course cannot be saved.

If you turn the power switch OFF, press RESET or remove or insert the N64
Controller Pak while the sata is being saved, it might not be saved

Loading Saved Ghost Data
The saved Ghost data will be automatically loaded and displayed when you
select to play that course in Time Trials.

On the DATA screen, when you want to erase the Ghost data file saved to the
N64 Controller Pak, select the course from which the Ghost is saved, and
select ERASE GHOST. You will be asked to confirm with the message GHOST DATA

A course with saved Ghost data will display GHOST on the top of the course


4. Using the Nintendo 64 Controller Pak

Error Messages When You Use An N64 Controller Pak
If something goes wrong when you use an N64 Controller Pak, an error message
will be displayed. Use the following solutions for each message.

Switch the Control Deck power to OFF, then insert an N64 Controller Pak in
Controller 1. If you play Time Trials without inserting an N64 Controller Pak,
you can still play the game normally, you just cannot save your Ghost data.

As explained on page 20, use the N64 Controller Pak Data Menu to free up
sufficient space. Normal game play does not require this data to be saved.

Make sure each component is correctly installed, and repeat the procedure. If
these messages continue to appear, please contact Nintendo Consumer Service or
the nearest Nintendo Authorized Repair Center(SM).



On the Game Select screen, if yo press the L Button, you will go to the Option
screen an be able to select from the following:

Sound Mode
You can select the sound type during the game play. Press the A Button to
change the menu.

Select this when you use a TV with the stereo sound (make sure that both
left and right sound outputs from your N6 Control Deck are properly
connected to your TV).

Select this when you use a TV with monaural sound.

Choose this mode to enjoy a more natural sound when you use headphones.

Erase All Data
You can erase all the data saved in Game Pak memory and return its original
condition, jus like when you played the game for the first time.
Caution: Once deleted, saved data cannot be restored.

Copy to Another N64 Controller Pak
Using a second N64 Controller Pak, you can copy the Ghost data saved in one
N64 Controller Pak to the other.

For details, please read the following page.



1 Prepare two N64 Controller Paks to have Mario Kart 64 data saved.

2 The data saved to the N64 Controller Pak inserted into Controller 2 can be
copied to the N64 Controller Pak in Controller 1. Make sure each N64
Controller Pak is inserted correctly, then slide the Control Deck POWER
switch to the ON position.

3 Select COPY N64 CONTROLLER PAK from the OPTION menu.

4 The Ghost data files that are saved in both N64 Controller will be
displayed. You'll be asked, WHICH FILE DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A COPY OF?
Begin by selecting that file from the Controller 2 side.

5 Next, you'll be asked, TO WHICH FILE DO YOU WANT TO COPY? Select one of
the two slots on the Controller 1 side. The data file you have selected in
step 4 will be copied to that location. If you already have data saved for
the same course, only that slot can be selected.

6 On the bottom of the screen, COPY will be displayed. Select it and press
the A Button to decide. Note: The data file selected on the Controller 1
side will be overwritten and therefore will be erased.

7 You can only copy one file at a time. If you want to copy the other file
too, repeat the procedure starting with step 3.


6. Mario Kart 64

Introduction to the courses




Luigi Raceway (Distance - 717m)
Long straightaways and easy corners -- the perfect course for beginners to
practice their sliding.

Moo Moo Farm (Distance - 527m)
A peaceful ranch course with an audience of contented cows. The road surface
is a little rough, but not too difficult. Watch out for the mole Chubby who
will occasionally pop his head out.


Koopa Troopa Beach (Distance - 691m)
This course was named for the giant rock that can be seen right after the
starting line. There are jumps, a fork in the raod, and even a shortcut. There
is no best route; it all depends on the situation you find yourself in at the
time. Watch out! If you hit one of the crabs right before the goal, you'll

Kalimari Desert (Distance - 527m)
The trick is to time it so that the steam locomotive that crosses the course
won't block you. If the train is crossing in front of you, you should
temporarily stop. It's very dangerous to enter the train tunnel, even if it
is a shortcut...



Toad's Turnpike (Distance - 1036m)
Normally, Karts shouldn't drive on a public road, but for some reason, Toad's
Turnpike is one of the courses! Drive in a way so that you won't block the
buses or trucks. Cutting one off or driving too slow can cause accidents.

Frappe Snowland (Distance - 734m)
A frigid course under constant snowfall. Naturally, the road is slippery. The
snowmen you see might look cute, but run into one and you will crash. Don't
get too close!


Choco Mountain (Distance - 687m)
This mountainous course climbs and descends thorugh extreme altitude
differences and has continuous sharp curves. Your skills at sliding can
greatly affect your rank of time. Watch for the signs along the way warning
where large rocks might fall on you.

Mario Raceway (Distance - 567m)
Although the distance of one lap is fairly short, it has complex corners and
numerous hairpin curves. This course, named after our mascot, is highly
recommended by the game designers as their favorite Time Trials course.

On the TITLE screen, press the R Button to display the best time recorded for
Mario Raceway.



Wario Stadium (Distance - 1591m)
That rascal Wario was in charge of the design and construction of this course.
A fan of motocross races, he brought in major amounts of sand to fill this
huge stadium in an attempt to build a course more suitable to bikes than
Karts. Each lap's distance is extremely long, making it difficult to stay
concentrated on the race.

Sherbet Land (Distance - 756m)
A very slippery world of ice populated by annoying playful penguins. With all
the penguins, one might think its location is near the South Pole. This is not
a course for the faint of heart. You should take care not to slip and fall
into the sea, which will result in your being temporarily frozen.


Royal Raceway (Distance - 1025m)
Of the three speedway-type courses, this one covers the greatest distance. The
big jump after the dash zone is very dramatic. Without guardrails along the
lake, it can be very easy to overshoot the corner and fall in!

Bowser's Castle (Distance - 777m)
Surprisingly, the Bowser's Castle has been transformed into a race ground!
Because it's inside the building, most of the corners are tricky angles.
However, the most difficult part of the course is where the Thwomps are. They
will block your path, and if you run into one, you will spin out. Should you
be stepped on by one, you'll find yourself squished flat as a pancake.



DK's Jungle Parkway (Distance - 893m)
The home of Donkey Kong, the Jungle Parkway was developed as a tourist
facility and equipped with a racing ground for Karts. Carved out of the
jungle, the road is mostly narrow. Be careful--should leave the course, the
restless natives will "voice" their complaints by throwing stones at you.

Yoshi Valley (Distance - 772m)
Steep canyons and a very large egg... Hmm... How does this course relate to
Yoshi? To make one lap, you can take any route you like through the
complicated maze, but without keeping a careful eye on the course radar, you
might drive the wrong way and end up returning to where you started. Of
course, leaving the course is forbidden.

With the complicated maze in Yoshi Valley, determining the correct rank
positions during the race is impossible. For this course, the Top 4
Ranking Data will display "?".

Banshee Boardwalk (Distance - 747m)
A dark and mysterious boardwalk over water is the location for this course. At
the corners, some of the guardrails are missing, making its design quite
rough. At the old building that you pass through along the way, try not to run
into the large army of bats.

Rainbow Road (Distance - 2000m)
This course can be described in a word--LONG, very long. It is simply the
longest of all the courses. As the name indicates, the road is made of rainbow
and it has a fantastic view of neon sculptures twinkling in the distance. The
final course of the Special Cup, it is definitely worth seeing. It is
advisable to slow down to avoid the Chomps that will attack.



Big Donut
This map is in the shape of a big donut. Because there is no guardrail along
the inside, should you make a mistake, you will drive into the lava. Use the
four walls to hide and ambush your opponents.

Block Fort
The map consists of a series of floors, each three levels high. The four
blocks are colored red, yellow, green and blue so you can quickly check your
opponents' screens to find their locations.


Double Deck
"Square" shaped floors four levels high are connected with ramps allowing you
to go back and forth. Because the total area of the floor is wide, you might
have lots of trouble trying to find your opponents.

It's a wild battle on top of the skyscraper! If you fall off the building, you
will lose one balloon. There are no guardrails to keep you from falling, so
don't speed too much. A highly effective strategy for attacking your opponents
is to crash into them in an attempt to knock them off instead of relying
simply on the use of items.

For further information or assistance, please contact:
Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline
1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) or your local authorized Nintendo retailer.


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