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Star Fox 64 Instruction Booklet

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N64 games
 · 7 Mar 2020

"Star Fox 64 Instruction Booklet" NUS-NFXE-USA
Converted to ASCII text by Deezer on 01/06/98
For Patent Pending:


Prologue 4
Profile 6
Controller Info 8
Setting 10
Main Game 12
Battle 22
Information 24
Warranty and Service 29


The Lylat System. This small group of planets enjoyed years of prosperity. The
inhabitants lived in peace. That is, until Andross came into view.

Andross was born and raised on Corneria, fourth planet of the system, and grew
to be a brilliant scientist.

Dr. Andross had been focusing all his time and energy researching
bio-technology. But, since Corneria was a peaceful planet, this research went
in vain. Over time, his mind became twisted and his morals became demented.
Andross went mad.

One day, a weapon, secretly developed by Andross, was unleashed on the
residents of Corneria. Andross had turned his back on his homeworld.
Corneria's major cities were damaged. Luckily, Andross was captured by General
Pepper, charged with treason and exiled to the planet Venom.


Five years later, reports from Corneria's observation system had confirmed
disturbing activity from Venom. General Pepper sent three members of the Star
Fox team, James McCloud, Pigma Dengar and Peppy Hare, to investigate.

When they arrived at Venom, Pigma betrayed his teammates and turned them over
to his new master, Andross. Peppy barely managed to escape and returned to his
homeworld to report McCloud's fate to his son, Fox.

Consumed with hatred, Andross declared war on the Lylat system. Slowly,
Andross has taken control planet by planet. Now, Andross is advancing on

General Pepper knows that Corneria's army alone cannot stop Andross. In his
hour of need, he has turned to the new Star Fox team to save Corneria and free
Lylat from Andross' evil clutches!



< Fox McCloud
The young leader of the Star Fox team, Fox is always at the forefront of the
team's attack. Because of his fantastic flying skills and quick decisiveness,
he is an extremely respected leader.

Peppy Hare >
Peppy is the senior member of the team, a good pilot with vast knowledge and
a good friend. A long time friend of Fox's father, Peppy has watched Fox grow
from a young pup to an experienced pilot.

< ROB64
Operating from the mothership Great Fox, ROB works closely with the Star Fox
team offering support when necessary.

Arwing >
The primary fighting machine of the Star Fox team. With the G-diffuser
anti-force generator, the Arwing is able to perform many different tasks.


< Slippy Toad
He's the most energetic and positive member of the team, although sometimes
Slippy can go a little overboard. While he's not the greatest pilot, he
compensates with his mechanical skills.

Falco Lombardi >
A member of the avian face, Falco is a natural pilot. His quick temper and
overconfidence make him the wildest member of th team. While he often gets
into arguments with the other team members, he is loyal to the Cornerian

< Landmaster
The anti-aircraft Landmaster rotation tank is equipped with a laser cannon and
two jets, which allow for temporary hovering.

Great Fox >
The dreadnought-class flagship of the Star Fox team. With its large plasma
engine, it can quickly travel between planets.


Controller Information

Z Button:
Tilt to the left

Control Stick:
Move vehicle

Pause game / Check your teammate's condition


R Button:
Tilt to the right

During the game, if you want to get rid of the green and red sights, pause
the game and press the R Button.

To do a barrel roll, quickly tap the R or Z Button twice.

Press Z and R simultaneously to hover (tank mode only).

B Button:
Smart Bomb
Press B again to detonate

C [up] Button:
Change camera angle
(not used with tank)

C [left] Button:

C [right] Button:
Respond to incoming messages from ROB

C [down] Button:

A Button:
Fire laser

If you hold the A button and an enemy flies within your cursor, the cursor
will lock on to that enemy. Quickly press the A Button and the discharged
laser burst will home in on the enemy. This is called a homing attack. The
homing attack will not work against everyone.



Correctly insert the Star Fox 64 Game Pak into your Nintendo 64 system and
move the POWER switch to the ON position. When the Title screen appears, press
START and the menu screen will appear.

During the game, you will encounter a lot of cinema sequences. while most of
these sequences can be bypassed by pressing START, it's a good idea to check
them out. If you're playing the game for the first time, you cannot bypass the
cinema sequences.

On the Menu screen, select the desired game mode or set the game options.

Main game
As the description reads, this is the main one-player adventure (see page 12).

When playing the game for the first time, it's a good idea to select the
Training mode to get a good feel for the Arwing. Follow the instructions that
appear on screen. To quit, press START and select "QUIT TRAINING."


VS Mode
Up to four players can play in three different Vs. modes. For more
information, see page 22.

Game scores are saved to memory. Here, the top ten scores are shown (see page

Change the sound setting during the game with the Control Stick. Changes will
be saved to memory. Test the sound by pressing the R Button.

Stereo: Select this option when using a TV with stereo sound. If the left and
right sound outputs from your N64 Control Deck are not properly connected to
your TV, some sounds might be improperly placed or inaudible.

Mono: Select this when you use a TV with monaural sound.

Headphones: Choose this mode to enjoy a more natural sound when you use

Music Adjust the volume of the background music.
Voice Adjust the volume of the voices.
SE Adjust the volume of the sound effects.
Back up To erase saved data, select "YES."

Note: The Game Pak memory saves the top 10 scores, not the progress of your



In the main game, you are Fox McCloud, leader of Star Fox. Follow the
instructions given to you by General Pepper and clear each area.

1 Map Screen
The first objective is to free Corneria from Andross' army. The final
objective is to defeat Andross at Venom. How you get to the final objective
is up to you. Make sure you choose your path wisely.

For example, in Corneria...
If you play normally, most of the time you will fight the enemy boss, finish
the level and proceed to Meteo. However, if you satisfy certain conditions,
you will fight a different boss, and you will proceed to Sector Y.

In some areas, your next destination will be branched out. The story and
difficulty level will change depending on the route you take.

Here are the areas of the game:

Aquas Zoness Sector Z
Sector Y Area 6
Corneria Katina Solar Macbeth Venom
Meteo Bolse
Fortuna Sector X Titania

On the Map screen, the route time and colors of the route indicating
difficutly level (blue = easy, yellow = medium, red = hard) will be displayed.

[ PICTURE: Map screen ]

If you don't like the current route, press START and select "RETRY COURSE."
You'll replay the course you just completed, but it'll cost you one Arwing
(if you try it during gameplay, you'll have to start that level over). Also,
if you've selected a route with a high difficulty level, select "CHANGE
COURSE" to change routes.


2 3D Scroll Mode and All-Range Mode
The one-player game is split up into two parts.

3D Scroll Mode
In the 3D scroll mode, you can move in all directions, but if you go too far
in one direction, an arrow mark will appear on the screen preventing you from
going any further.

On the way, there will be a check point indicating the halfway point. If you
pass through it, your machine will be partially recovered. If you pass through
it, and are defeated, you will start that level over at the check point (all
damage will be recovered).

All-Range Mode
In the All-Range mode, you'll be in a square-shaped area and you'll be able to
fly anywhere you want. The Arwing will automatically U-turn if it gets to the
edge of the playing field.

Radar appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. Objects on the field
or the location of the boss will appear on the radar.


3 Screen Display

[ PICTURE: Screen shot ]

Shield Gauge
If your machine takes damage, your shield gauge will reduce gradually. When
the gauge disappears completely, your machine will crash. Find shield rings
to increase your shield gauge.

Boost Gauge
The indication of energy consumed when using the boost and brake. While using
them, the color gradually changes to red. It will change back to blue if you
stop using it. Until it retunrs to its original condition, you won't be able
to use boost or brake.

Shield Ring
Shield rings acquired appear here.

Enemy Shield Gauge
When the enemy boss appears, this gauge will be displayed. When the boss takes
damages, the gauge will reduce. If Slippy has left the battle, this gauge will
not appear.

Aiming Cursor
The laser goes through the center of the two squares. To remove the cursor,
pause the game and press the R Button.


4 Arwings power up items
Some enemies that you shoot down will leave behind helpful items.

The single laser will change to the twin laser, and the twin will change to
the hyper laser. The powered up laser can be carried over to the next area.

Smart Bomb
The number of smart bombs will increase by on.

Supply Ring
Shield gauge will recover slightly.

Middle Supply
Shield gauge will recover more.


Shield Ring
If you get three shield rings, you will increase the maximum value of your
shield gauge. At the same time, the gauge will be recovered significantly. If
you get another three, you will get a 1-up. You can take the rings you didn't
use to the next stage.

Wing Repair
If your Arwing takes too much damage, your wings will be destroyed. Any
powered-up lasers will be gone and your your flying ability will be hindered.
If you grab the Wing Repair, or if you finish the stage, the destroyed wings
will automatically be fixed.

Sometimes during the game, a yellow mark will appear at the top of the screen.
This means that ROB64 is trying to contact you. Press C (Up) to respond.
Sometimes ROB64 will give you a containre. Shoot the container to receive the
helpful item inside.


5 Teamwork
Help your teammates when they're in trouble!

During the game, some of your teammates may be chased or attacked by enemies.
If you don't help them, they'll end up leaving the battlefield. Help them by
taking out the enemies.

Friends can be attacked even though it doesn't appear on the screen. Sometimes
on the left and right side of the screen, the workd "HELP" will appear in
different colored arrows that correspond to the teammate. Make sure to help
them out immediately.

Press START during the game. Here you will see the amount of damage each
teammate has taken (if any). Members who have left the battle are indicated
by the word "DOWN" and an "X" will be across their picture. Damaged members
will be recovered when the stage is clear. The amount of damage recovered
depends on how many enemy machines are shot down.

Teammates leaving battle
Teammates that have left the battle will return to Great Fox to have their
ship repaired. Because this takes time, they won't be able to join you in the
next stage.


Special Power
The members of the Star Fox team have different strengths. Because of this,
it's a good idea to keep each member safe.

Peppy can analyze enemy weakness and give Fox appropriate advice. It's always
a good idea to have Peppy at your side.

With Falco, you're more likely to travel through routes with a higher
difficulty level.

Slippy's specialty is analyzing the strength of bosses. He can aslo display
their sheild gauge on the screen. If Slippy's not around, you won't be able to
tell how close you are to defeating a boss.


6 Rank
Total hits/One up
When you clear each stage, the number of certain enemies shot down and
buildings destroyed will be displayed. This number will be totaled every time
you clear the stage. When the number reaches 100, the number of remaining
Arwing's will be increased by one. The number can be increased depending on
the type of enemy, the way it was defeated or the time it took to shoot it

When the game is over, your score will be saved to memory. The top ten scores
will be saved. You can see these scores if you select "Ranking" on the Menu

If your score is in the top ten, you can register your name on the Name Entry

Check the order of the names and scores on the Ranking screen.

To check the statistics of each score, push [down] or [up] on the Control
Stick, then press the A Button.

The scores are listed in order of highest number of hits. If the total number
of hits are the same, whoever has more remaining Arwings will have a higher


7 Advice to attack Andross
Boost and Brake
The boost (C [left] Button) is very effective when chasing a distant enemy or
when you need to quickly move through a tight space.
If you use the brake (C [down] Button), you'll have an easier time passing
through narrow and complex areas.
When using the boost or brake, the meter in the upper right corner will change
from blue to red. Once you stop using it, you'll have to wait for the meter to
return to its original color to use it again.

If you're being chased from behind, break away by doing a somersault (Press
[down] and C [left] or a U-turn (Press [down] and C [down]. It's a very
effective maneuver. U-turns only work in All-Range mode.

Rolling/Smart Bomb
When you're being attacked by a lot of enemies, use the Rolling technique to
repel their bullets. You'll take less damage this way (Press Z or R twice).

Another thing you can do is to use the Smart Bomb. It's a great weapon to
have, but you only have a limited number of them, so use them wisely.

If the Arwing's wings become broken, ROB will provide a wing repair. Make sure
to look for it.


VS Mode
On the Menu screen, select either "Point Match," "Battle Royal" or "Time
Trial." Two to four players can compete (provided you have enough

Connecting the controller
The characters used depend on which controller socket is used.

1 Fox 2 Peppy 3 Slippy 4 Falco

If a controller is not being used, the screen not in use will display various
camera angles of certain players. Make sure the controllers are connected
before you turn the power on.

Some players may have better skills than others. To make the game more even,
you can adjust the handicap level by pressing [left] and [right] on the
Control Stick. There are three levels. As the number increases, the Shield
Gauge meter will decrease significantly and you will not be able to take as
many hits.

There are three special stages in the Vs. mode. Two of these special stages
are available in each of the three Vs. mode games. You may select the stage
you like. Select the desired stage with the Control Stick. In Vs. mode, if you
go to the edge of the map, you will warp to the other side.


3 Game modes

Point Match
Players compete for the number of machines they shoot down. When a player
shoots down the set number of machines, that player is the winner (the number
can be set from 1 to 5). If you shoot down a rival, you'll receive a [star].

Battle Royal
If a player loses his machine, he must leave the battle field. Whoever is left
standing is the winner. One Arwing is given to each player.

When you get locked on by another player's homing attack, you get an L mark
(this is common for each mode).

You cannot use a Smart Bomb until you have one in reserve (this is common for
each mode).

Time Trial
Whoever takes out the most machines within the allotted time is the winner.
If you get shot down, the number of enemies that you shot down resets to
zero. The time limit can be set from 1 to 5 minutes.



Secret of the Map screen
* This game is full of many hidden surprises
* Most areas have their own secret mission
* If you clear the area, a group of stars will shine around the cleared area
* Don't stop playing when you defeat Andross. Try to clear every area

Branching out
In some areas, if certain conditions are met, your path will branch out and
you will be able to take a different route. Below is a listing of the
conditions you need to meet:

Corneria: Keep Falco alive and fly through the seven stone archways.
Meteo: Fly through every warp gate.
Fortuna: Defeat Star Wolf within the allotted time.
Sector X: Defeat the boss before Slippy disappears.
Fly through the four warp gates.
Sector Y: Shoot down 100 enemies.
Katina: Defeat the mothership within the allotted time.
Macbeth: Destroy the eight switches and shoot the switcher box.
Zoness: Destroy every search light.
Sector Z: Shoot all six missiles.


In each area, if you shoot down enough enemies, you will be eligible to
receive a medal. If you receive a medal for each area, something special will
happen. Below is a listing of the minimum number of necessary hits required
for each area to receive a medal:

Corneria 150 Bolse 150 Aquas 150
Meteo 200 Sector Y 150 Zoness 250
Fortuna 50 Katina 150 Sector Z 100
Sector X 150 Solar 100 Area 6 300
Titania 150 Macbeth 150 Venom 200

NOTE: In addition, each team member must be alive at the end of each area.

Rumble Pack (TM)
The Star Fox 64 game is compatible with the Rumble Pak accessory (single
and Vs. mode). If you connect the Rumble Pak accessory to the controller, when
your machine is hit during the game, you will feel different degress of
vibrations. You'll feel like you're actually sitting in the cockpit of the

* Before using, make sure to read the Rumble Pak accessory instruction
booklet carefully.
* Make sure that the Control Deck is OFF when inserting the Rumble Pak
* Be careful when handling the batteries.




For further information or assistance, please contact:
Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline
1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada)
Or your local authorized Nintendo retailer.

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