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Nintendo 64 Manual of Super Mario 64

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N64 games
 · 7 Mar 2020

Nintendo 64 Manual
Super Mario 64
Released: 1996
Written by: Ben Kosmina
Page 1

Using the Controller....................2
Before Starting the Game................6
How to Operate Mario....................8
How to Play the Game...................16
Camera Operation.......................20
Tips and Other Details.................22
Important Information..................24
Warranty and Service Information.......25
Page 2
[pages 2-3 contain information on how to operate the control stick and which
hand configuration to use. Use the 'Right position' to play Super Mario 64.]
Page 3
[see above]
Page 4

Will Princess Toadstool be kidnapped again? Is there no end to the constant
feuding between Mario and Bowser?

"Mario, please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you. Yours truly,
Princess Toadstool."

"Wow, an invitation from Peach! I'll head out right away. I hope she can wait
for me!"
Mario is so excited to receive the invitation from the Princess, who lives in
the Mushroom Castle, that he quickly dresses in his best and leaves right away.

"Hmmmm, something's not quite right here... It's so quiet..."
Shaking off his uneasy premonition, Mario steps into the silent castle, where he
is greeted by the gruff words,

"No one's home! Now scram! Bwa, ha, ha."
The sound seems to come from everywhere.

"Who's there? I've heard that voice somewhere before..."
Mario begins searching all over the castle. Most of the doors are locked, but
finding one open, he peeks inside. Hanging on the wall is the largest painting
he has ever seen, and from behind the painting comes the strangest sound that he
has ever heard...
Page 5

"I think I hear someone calling. What secrets does this painting hold?"
Without a second thought, Mario jumps at the painting. As he is drawn into it,
another world opens before his very eyes.

And so begins the grandest of all adventures!

Once inside the painting, Mario finds himself in the midst of battling Bob-Ombs.
According to the Bob-Omb Buddies, someone...or something...has suddenly attacked
the castle and stolen the "Power Stars". These stars protect the castle; with
the stars in his control, the beast plans to take over the Mushroom Castle.

To help him accomplish this, he plans to convert the residents of the painting
world into monsters as well. If nothing is done, all those monsters will soon
begin to overflow from inside the painting.

"A plan this maniacal, this cunning...this must be the work of Bowser!"

Princess Toadstool and Toad are missing, too. Bowser must have taken them and
sealed them inside the painting. Unless Mario recovers the Power Stars
immedietly, the inhabitants of this world will become Bowser's army.

"Well, Bowser's not going to get away with it, not as long as I'm around!"

Stolen Power Stars are hidden throughout the painting world. Use your wisdom and
strength to recover the Power Stars and restore peace to the Mushroom Castle.

"Mario! You are the only one we can count on."
Page 6

Before Starting the Game
Before you start the game and guide Mario on this quest use the opening screen
to become familiar with the new controller!

Insert the Game Pak into the Nintendo 64 Control Deck and slide the POWER switch
to the "ON" position. (While doing so, make sure not to touch the control
Mario's face will be displayed, followed by the title logo.

Press START again to go to the SELECT FILE screen. Select one of the four game
files (Mario A, B, C or D) with the control stick, and press START to begin the
game. Your progress will be saved into the selected file.

Choose from three modes. The one selected will be displayed.
*HEADSET (when using headphones, select this mode for a more natural sound.)

You can see the score of each save file. (See page 17 for details.) Press the A
Button on the SCORE screen to switch between MY SCORE and HI SCORE.

You can copy the contents of one save file to another. This will allow you to
play someone else's saved game without affecting their saved data.

Use this only if you want to erase the data saved in a selected file. Erasing
the saved data will let you play from the very beginning.
Page 7

On the opening screen where Mario's face appears, you can move Mario and play
with his face. Press the A Button to display the hand-shaped cursor.

At the spots marked with the circle on the above screen shot, [they are 'M' on
his cap, left ear, right ear, nose, left side of mustache, right side of
mustache and mouth] you can "pinch" Mario's face. Using the control stick, move
the cursor to any of the circle marks, and press the A Button to pinch him. Hold
the A Button as you move the cursor to make Mario's face stretch. Release the A
Button, and his face will return to normal. Before releasing the A Button, if
you hold the R Button, you can pinch any other circle mark and the face will
keep its distorted form.

Press the B Button to make Mario's face zoom and scale in three steps.
* You can rotate Mario's face up and down using the C-up and C-down buttons.
* You can rotate Mario's face left and right using the C-left and C-right
* You can zoom away from Mario's face with the B Button.
Page 8

How To Operate Mario
Do not be overwhelmed at first by the multitude of moves that Mario can do. You
need not memorise everything right away. Just master the basics, and you'll
quickly learn the rest while playing the game.

- Operations That Mainly Use the Control Stick
Mario moves in the direction that you move the Control Stick. The farther you
tilt the Control Stick from the center, the faster Mario will move. If you
always run at top speed, you'll make mistakes. The trick is to make deliberate
movements using subtle adjustments of the Control Stick.

Push a little to walk Push a lot to run
It might take all of Mario's strength to go up some hills. On those, Mario
cannot go forward, even if he jumps. Also, some hills are slippery, and Mario
will not be able to climb them at all.

Side Step
After stepping up next to the wall, tilt the Control Stick in the direction you
want Mario to move along the wall.

Read Signs/Talk
To read a sign or talk to someone, press the B Button. (You can talk to some
people just by stopping right in front of them.) If the message is long, press
the A or B Button to continue reading. Often, important hints are written on
the signs.
Page 9

Mario will turn in the direction the Control Stick is tilted.

Breast Stroke
Press A repeatedly to swim faster.

Flutter Kick
Press and hold A.

When Mario's face is above water, press the A Button as you pull the Control
Stick toward you to make Mario jump out of the water.

* When Mario is under water, he will be holding his breath, so remember to rise
to the surface to occasionally breathe. Mario can also replenish his air supply
if he touches air bubbles, or coins under water.

* Use the Z Button to:
Press the Z Button when stopped.

Crouch and Slide
Press the Z Button while running.

Move the Control Stick while crouching.
Page 10

* Operations That Mainly Use the A Button

Regular Jump
Press A once.
- Jump and stomp on enemies.

-Ways To Jump High-
Continuous Jump
Jump once, then press the A Button again as you land.

Triple Jump (with Forward Somersault)
While running, jump repeatedly, and as you land, press the A Button again and
again. You need speed to do this.

Side Somersault
While running, press the A Button as you make a U-turn.

Wall Kick
Jump toward the wall, and jump again as you hit it.
Page 11

Using the Z Button...
Backward Somersault
Crouch (where you are) and jump.

-How to Jump Great Distances-
Long Jump
As you run, press the Z Button to "Crouch and Slide" and press the A Button to
jump. The distance you'll jump depends on how fat you run.
Page 12

Fly Higher and Farther

Wing Cap
(To fly without running)
If you do the Triple Jump when Mario is wearing the Wing Cap item (see page 19),
he can fly for a certain period of time.
While Mario is flying, move the Control Stick left and right to turn, pull it
toward you to ascend and press it forward to descend. To land, press the Z
Button. You can look around while flying using the C Buttons.

Cannon Shot
You will find cannons in many courses (see page 18). If Mario gets inside the
cannon, it'll shoot him out. If Mario has the Wing Cap on, he will fly.
On the cannon aim screen, change the direction and angle of the cannon's aim
using the Control Stick.

Other Ways to Fly
You can also fly using other methods. They include stomping on special enemies
then jumping, and being carried by the wind.
Page 13

At Certain Places...

Swing Or Climb
If you jump onto the edge of tall and vertical objects, cliffs or stone steps,
Mario can swing up.
Move the Control Stick in the direction Mario faces to make him climb up. If
you press the A Button, Mario will climb faster. When standing at the edge of a
cliff or stone steps, tilt the Control Stick slowly to swing. When you want to
release, tilt the Control Stick in the opposite direction or press the Z Button.

Hang On to Trees or Poles
If you jump onto a tree or pole, Mario can hang on to it. Move the Control Stick
left or right to rotate around the object. Move up and down to ascend and
descend. When Mario is at the top of an object, move the Control Stick up to do
a handstand.
While hanging on to the tree or stick, press the A Button to jump and land
backward. When you jump from a handstand, Mario will jump higher. Press the Z
Button to let go.

Hang On To a Wire Net
At Places where a wire net is suspended overhead, Mario can hang onto it if you
jump and hold the A Button. While Mario is hanging on, you can move him using the
Control Stick. (There are other things that Mario can hang onto besides wire
Page 14

* Operations That Mainly Use the B Button

Press B once.

If you punch repeatedly, Mario will kick the third time.

Jump Kick
Press B while jumping to kick high.

Hold and Throw
Approach something Mario can hold, then press the B Button to lift it. Press the
B Button again to throw it in the direction the Control Stick is tilted. If the
Control Stick is in the neutral position, Mario will just set the object down.
There are some things that Mario cannot throw.

Mario can swing some enemies around when he holds them. After grabbing the enemy,
swivel the Control Stick. Press the B Button again to toss the enemy. The faster
you swivel the Control Stick, the farther Mario can toss the enemies.
Page 15

Slide Attack
While running at top speed, press the B Button to do a slide attack.

-Use the Z Button to...
Pound the Ground
Press the Z Button while jumping to squash enemies or to destroy blocks. You can
also smash some objects into the ground.

Press th B Button while crouching.

Slide Kick
Press the B Button while Crouching and Sliding.
Page 16

How To Play the Game
The Power Stars stolen by Bowser are hidden throughout the courses. To restore
peace to the castle, retrieve the Power Stars!

The Castle Layout and the Courses
See the sketch of the castle's structure. [I'm not going to draw it out for
you!] Inside the castle, there are 15 main courses and several mini courses. To
enter most courses, jump into the paintings hanging on the walls. Look carefully,
there are a few courses that you'll enter from unexpected places.

The Relationship Of Power Stars and the * Door
Hidden in each course, there are six Power Stars. Inside the castle, there are
doors marked with *. Behind these doors lie new courses. To open these doors,
you need to collect a certain number of Power Stars. The more Power Stars you
collect, the more places you can go to in the castle and the more courses you
can attempt. It is not necessary to find every Power Star.

* Before entering a course, press START inside or outside the castle to see the
number of *s you have collected in each course.
Page 17

Keys and Doors
Besides * Doors, there are doors that cannot be opened without a key. To get
the Key, you must find...[gee, I wonder what??]

About Saving the Game
Every time you collect Power Stars or Keys, you can save the game to that point.
(Previously collected Power Stars are displayed in a dimmed-out fashion on the
course. If you pick up the same star again, you can end the course, allowing you
to save as well.) You can see the contents of saved games by selecting SCORE on
the SELECT FILE screen.

The On Screen Displays
Remaining Number of Marios
(When your Power Meter is exhausted or you fall out of the course, you lose a

Power Meter
(If you touch an enemy or fall from a high place, the meter will decrease. The
amount depends on the damage received.) When all power is gone, Mario will pass

The Number of Power Stars Collected

The Number of Coins Collected

Camera Distance (Page 20)

Is the edge of a course the end of the World?
When you get to the edge of a course, you can go no farther. You have reached
end of that world. If you jump or fly into an invisible wall at the edge of a
course, it might bounce you back into the course.

How do I get out of the course?
If you want to leave the course you are currently in, let Mario come to a stop
and PAUSE by pressing START. Select "Exit Course" to return to the main hall of
the castle.
Page 18

Some of these items are needed to collect Power Stars; some items will
replenish strength, too.

Star Coins - 3 Different Colours
Yellow Coins: If you collect one Yellow Coin, your power meter will recover by
one. If you collect 50 coins, you'll earn a 1 UP. If you collect 100 coins...?
The coins that appear when you defeat enemies will disappear after a short time.

Blue Coins: The Blue Coins equal five Yellow Coins. They appear when you press
the Blue Coin switch, and they'll disappear after a short time. Blue coins will
also appear when you destroy certain enemies.

Red Coins: The Red Coins equal two Yellow Coins. There are eight of these coins
in each course. Collect all eight in one play to make a Power Star appear. (see
page 22).

Handy Items
Spinning Heart: If you pass through it, your strength (power meter) will
recover. The faster you run through it, the more power strength you'll recover.

1UP Mushroom: Collect this to increase the number of Marios remaining by one.

Koopa Shell: Hit a yellow block or stomp on Koopa to find this item. If Mario
rides on the shell, he will be invincible until he hits a wall or goes to a
place he could not go normally.

Cannons and Bob-Omb Buddies: On some courses you can find Bob-omb Buddies. When
you talk to one, it will open the cannon hatches. Cannons can be used to shoot
Mario far away.
Page 19

Three Switches and Three Caps
Somewhere hidden in the castle are red, green and blue Cap Switches. If you step
on these switches, all the semi-visible blocks of that colour in all courses
will fill in. Jump at the blocks to break them open and reveal the caps hidden
inside. With these caps on, Mario will gain a power for a certain period of
time. You can save the game after stepping on a switch.

Red Block - Wing Cap
With a Wing Cap, Mario is able to fly. (see page 12)

Green Block - Metal Cap
* You can bounce back off enemies.
* You won't be damaged when you touch flames.
* You won't be affected by water or toxic gases.
* You will be able to walk on the sea floor; but you won't be able to swim.

Blue Block - Vanish Cap
* You won't be damaged by flames.
* You can pass through an enemy's body without being damaged.
* You can walk through wire nets or special walls.

When you lose your cap...
Sometimes an enemy will steal Mario's regular cap, or Mario might drop and lose
it. When Mario is not wearing his cap, he takes more damage than usual. You can
always find a cap Mario lost in the course where he lost it, so retrieve it as
soon as you can.
Page 20

Camera Options
One of the tricks to this game is to use the camera skillfully. You are not just
the player, but the cinematographer, too!

Mario's camera operators are the Lakitu Bros. When you switch the camera angle
(or viewpoint) during the game, you do it by controlling the Lakitu Bros.
Throughout the game, they'll follow Mario's every move. You control the Lakitus
using the C Buttons.

By looking up or around, you might discover something. Exploring your
surroundings can be useful as you search for the Power Stars.

C Up - Get Close to Mario
In this viewpoint, move the Control Stick to see wherever Mario can look. To
return movement control, press any of the A, B or C Buttons (except C Up).

C Left/Right - Circle around Mario
When you cannot go any further, you will hear a buzz.

C Down - Pull away from Mario.
Page 21

Camera Operation Mode
During the game, depending on the scene, the Camera Mode will automatically
switch to the "recommended" view. If you press the R Button, you can change to
the Special Camera Mode. There are two optional Camera Modes that can be set on
the PAUSE screen.

Lakitu <-> Mario
* Press the R Button once to switch to "Mario-Cam." Press the R Button again to
return the camera to Lakitu.
Operate the Mario-Cam with the same controls as on the previous page. In some
areas though, it might be difficult to play with this close-up view.

Lakitu <-> Stop
* Press and hold the R Button to halt the camera movement. Release the R Button
to return to Lakitu.
This will fix the camera position, which could be handy when you do not want the
camera to follow Mario.

- The Lakitu display in the screen's lower right shows the distance between
Mario's current position and camera. (Yellow Up Arrow = near, Yellow Down Arrow
= far)
Page 22

Tips and Other Details
Does it seem you have reached the game's limits? Have you reached your own
limits? Is it possible that you could be forgetting or not noticing something
very simple!

For those of you who are having difficulty finding Power Stars...
There are several ways to get Power Stars:
* When Power Stars are visible, you can pick them up if you reach them. (This is
the most basic way.)
* If an enemy has one, defeat the enemy to earn it.
* You can receive one as a gift from someone for completing certain objectives.
* At certain places, if you accomplish a specific task, a Power Star will
* Collect eight Red Coins in one play in a course to earn one.
* Find hidden places that you can get to only by using an advanced technique,
such as the Wall Kick.
* Power Stars are sometimes hidden in secret places.

As you can see, some of the six Power Stars in each course are easy to retrieve,
while others are difficult even to find. To collect some of them, you'll have to
step on the coloured Cap Switches to fill in the coloured blocks. You need not
collect all six Power Stars in each course before moving onto the next.

- The *s are numbered, and a hint on where they are or how to get them will be
displayed on the screen when you enter the course. To replay a section you've
already completed, select a star that you've already collected.

- There are eight Red Coins in each course. The number of Red Coins that you have
collected is displayed on the lower right corner of the PAUSE screen. Collect
all eight to make a * appear somewhere on the course.
Page 23

For those of you who cannot find the next course...
Not all courses are entered from paintings on the walls. Some entrances are
found in unexpected places, so search everywhere.

For those of you who are impatient or overly eager...
When crossing a narrow bridge, is is easier if you tilt the Control Stick just a
little and walk slowly or even crawl. Take it easy! Some enemies will not notice
you or attack you if you sneak up on them.

For those of you who tend to fall from high places...
You will take less damage when you fall onto slopes instead of flat areas. If
you "Pound the Ground" just above the ground as you fall, you'll sustain less

For those of you who cannot go where you want to go...
Are there any actions or movements that you have not tried with Mario? Use the
movements that best fit your circumstances.

For those of you who do not know how to defeat enemies...
There are some enemies you cannot defeat with a regular punch or kick. Spin
around them, step on them, throw them...try everything.

For those of you who get a little HOT...
When Mario gets flamed, he takes off running. You can still move him with the
Control Stick, so do not give up.

For those of you who get a COLD head...
Remember that if you save and quit the game when Mario has lost his cap, he'll
still be missing it when you resume the game. It is better not to save when
Mario is capless, if you can avoid it.
Page 24-25

[Precautions and warranty of Game Pak]
All names and characters are copyright and TM their respective owners. This is
NOT to be used as a permanent manual. This text file is only to be used for
temporary situations where you may have lost your manual. If you need a new
manual, please contact your game supplier or Nintendo and they will supply you
with a new one. Quote the game code at the top of this text file when ordering
your manual.

This text file was taken from:

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