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On the Jazz - Vol 03 Issue 03

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On the Jazz
 · 1 Sep 2020


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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter
***** Now in it's THIRD year of publication !! *****

Reflector submission address: onthejazz

Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini
PLEASE use the following address for subscribe/unsubscribe
and back issue requests (do NOT send them to onthejazz!!):
*** pellegri ***
Also use that address if you wish to change your subscription status
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DATE: November 3, 1996
Hi everyone!

Quite a few different things to mention/list this time, so here we go...


MR. T SPOTTING: Again, T was on TV this past week making a brief
appearance on the Halloween episode of "Martin." (I actually missed this,
so if anyone can provide more details as to just how long he was on in the
episode, please pass it this way or post it to the mailing list).

DWIGHT SCHULTZ SPOTTING: Rhonda <reudaly> spotted this and
reported it on the mailing list earlier this week: "Has anyone out there
seen and/or taped the documentary 'Rain of Ruin' from the History Channel?
Dwight Schultz narrated it. If anyone out there has it, would you let me
know so I can get a copy, or know when it's going to air? It would be much

UPCOMING MELINDA CULEA APPEARANCE: Melinda will be in the TV movie "Buried
Secrets" on NBC, Monday November 4, 9 PM EST. Not one of the starring
roles, but at least featured in the cast.

STEPHEN CANNELL NEWSBIT: Last week's (October 26) TV Guide had a short
blurb on Cannell, entitled "The Cannell Files":

He had to get 30 years of creating such TV series as 'The Rockford Files'
and 'The A-Team' out of the way first, but now Stephen J. Cannell is
*finally* doing what he wants to do - write novels. His second, 'Final
Victim', about a serial killer who uses the Inernet to cover his tracks,
recently hit the stores. So what took him so long? "I put it off for so
long, since I was 17, that I got to thinking, 'Maybe I can never do it,'"
he says. "I was a big success, and failure is frightening when you're
successful." - Ty Holland

Well, it's finally here and available, folks! Below is the flyer for our
new publication, all contributions from fellow Onthejazzers! Remember - if
you order, make sure to mention "Onthejazz" and you'll receive a $1
Introducing "THE A-FILES" - a 'zine of A-Team and X-Files crossovers.

All original fiction, contents include:

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS by Irene Schwarting
B.A. looked skeptical. "That's a flying saucer? Don't look like no UFO
to me."
"Doesn't look like any plane I've ever seen, though," Face disagreed,
staring at the vessel. "Not that it matters, really - it's pretty clear that
whether it's an alien spaceship or just some newfangled experimental plane,
that's what they've been keeping such a big secret and they're not gonna be
happy about us busting in here. I think -" He cut himself off, head cocked
as he listened intently. "We're about to have company, guys."
A moment later, the others heard the sounds of the guards' reinforcements
approaching. "That's our ticket out of here," Murdock declared, pointing to
the strange ship.
"Can you fly it?" Mulder asked dubiously. He'd been impressed by the
pilot's record and abilities, but this was a ship unlike any he'd ever seen.
"Hey, buddy, if it's got wings, I can fly it," Murdock boasted.
"It hasn't got wings," Face pointed out.
Murdock looked taken aback for a moment, then shrugged. "Should be even
easier, then, huh?"

AGENDA by Brandon Kaonohi
"Captain Murdock?" asks Scully.
"No, I am," replies Murdock.
"Uh . . . we're Federal Agents. I'm Dana Scully and this is Fox Mulder."
"Quick as?"
"Excuse me?" says Scully.
"A fox," Mulder jumps in.
"Captain, we were wondering . . . what do you know about the A-Team?"
"The A-Team? The A-Team . . . Wasn't there a show in the eighties called
that? No . . . no . . . that was 'Airwolf' . . . The team . . . well, I'll
be damned. I haven't seen them in over twenty years . . ."
"Not according to my sources," says Mulder.
"Big brother's always watching, huh." Murdock winks. "I guess that's why
I'm back in this loony bin."
"You think you're being watched?" asks Scully.
"Who wants to tail a nut? So, if you think you know I've seen them, why
did you bother to ask?"
"Look Captain, we're not here to capture them. I work with X-Files and I
am interested in the UFO you recovered in 1972 near Hanoi," Mulder replies.
"UFO, eh?" Murdock leans toward Mulder and says, "Come back in two days
and my memory might be better -" moving away - "It was just a V.C. chopper,
man . . . Hell, I'm so nuts I had breakfast with Bugs Bunny."

THROUGH THE THIN VEIL by N.N. Pellegrini (A-Team/X-Files/Nowhere Man/??)
"You're a dead man, Hannibal! Dead! And then that foo' Murdock!"
Hannibal warily approached the large man and tried to reason with him. Tom
looked nervously at Face, who appeared about ready to run for it, even though
there was nowhere to really go on the small plane.
There was a calm voice over the intercom. "Gentlemen and mudsuckers, we
are now making our final approach on the sunny island of St. Christopher,
otherwise known in common vernacular as St. Kitts. Please take this moment to
fasten your seatbelts, secure your tray tables, extinguish all stinky old
cigars and make sure that B.A. isn't going to kill the pilot. Thank you, and
enjoy the rest of the flight."
"Hannibaaaaaaaal!" B.A. bellowed again in response.
"Now, B.A., you know we had to do this, as much as you hate to fly,"
Hannibal spoke gently. "We're on a tight time schedule here, so a boat was
out of the question. If you've got to blame anyone, blame the client."
"Hey, wait a minute -" Tom objected.
"Or better yet, blame these conspiracy guys when we find them. If it
wasn't for them we wouldn't have had to bring you down here in the first
"It still ain't right, man," B.A. insisted, although he sounded a little
less sure of himself this time. "One of these days, Hannibal . . ."
"I know, B.A. I know."

THE X-DEGREES OF SEPARATION article & chart by Michele Lellouche
Think this 'zine is far-fetched? Check out the real-life connections between
the A-Team and the X-Files, and you might not think so anymore...

116 Pages, spiral bound, with photo-illustrations. About a PG-13 rating
some violence and adult language.

For mail-order, cost per issue is $8.75 plus postage - the following rates

$3.00 for U.S. Priority Mail, or to Canada or Mexico
$7.00 for Global Priority Mail anywhere in the world
$4.30 for Airmail, Western Hemisphere (non Canada, or Mexico)
$5.50 for Airmail to Europe
$6.50 for Airmail to Asia
$7.00 for Airmail to Pacific rim/Australia

Checks or money orders in U.S. funds only, mailed to:
Nicole Pellegrini, 2429 Locust St. #315, Philadelphia PA 19103.
Send cash at your own risk - but only in U.S. denominations.
In case you're curious, both of our previous publications, PLANS SCAMS AND
VANS 1 AND 2 are still in print and available, and will be kept in print
for the forseable future. If you order them together, you'll save on
postage: $20 for US Delivery, $24 for Global Priority Mail Delivery.

PLANS SCAMS AND VANS 3 is nearly full at this time - I may take 1 or 2 more
submissions before closing the issue and putting aside any more material
that comes my way for PLANS SCAMS AND VANS 4. Yes, there will be a #4 if
the demand and poopularity of the series contiues, so don't stop writing
those great stories!

Thanks to Rhonda for suggesting this idea and doing all the work to put it
together. Here is the roster of "onthejazzers" who wished to have their
names and address and other vital info listed. So, you may find a fellow
fan in your neck of the woods who you didn't even know about!




73 members participated in the roster.
The average age of roster members is 22.5 years old.
The oldest is 41.
The youngest is 13.
The farthest away is New South Wales, Australia.
We have members from 7 countries and 3 continients.


44% chose Murdock
21% chose Face
21% chose Hannibal
14% chose B.A.

There was an Honorable Mention vote for BILLY THE DOG...and there were many
of you
out there who just could notpick just one. That was okay too, it all
figured into the

DISCLAIMER: If there are any typos, errors, or demographic I've left out,
it's all
my fault and please let me know privately. Thanks for your participation...



MR. T AIR FRESHENERS: At this current time, 2 of the Mr. T air fresheners
I ordered earlier this year still remain unclaimed. So, as promised, they
are now up for sale to the first two people who respond to me. $4.50 and
Mr. T can "freshen up" your car, your office, anywhere.

A-TEAM VANS: Two of these small (matchbox-car size) vans are also still
unclaimed and now up for sale. On original card. $5.75 for each, email to

For both vans and air fresheners, items will be shipped on receipt of payment.

A-TEAM BUTTONS: The following letter was addressed to me this past week,
and I thought there would be people here interested in this idea:

"If you would like to put this on your [web] page, I can get A-Team pins
made. They can say things such as '#1 A-Team Fan' or even have a picture
of Murdock on them. They cost about $1.50 [each]."

If you would like more information on getting buttons made, please contact
Vanessa Kinzey, 13548 Argo Dr., Dayton, MD, 21036.

Last issue's question was:

>In "There's Always a Catch", what was the name of the nearest army base,
>and how far away was it?

First completely correct answer came from Lexi Nesbitt
(LexiNesbitt) who knew that it was Fort Newton, which was
100 miles away.

This issue's question is:
In "Where is the Monster When You Need Him?" what was the stage
name Face took for his starring role in the movie?


That's all we've got room for this time around, next issue, some interview
transcripts, and more general fun and insanity.

Until then, stay on the jazz!


Quote of the week:

"And keep your mind on the job, or I'll Walla Walla Bing Bang
(B.A. in "Bend in the River")

Ten years ago a chemical engineering group was denied funding for a research
proposal they didn't submit. Today, still unemployed, they survive as
private consultants. If you have a problem, and no one else can help, and
if you can feed them, maybe you can hire . . . The E-Team.

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