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On the Jazz - Vol 01 Issue 22

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On the Jazz
 · 1 Sep 2020


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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address: onthejazz (note the change!!)

Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini
Please use the following addresses for subscribe/unsubscribe
and back issue requests:
pellegri, nicpell

DATE: July 2, 1995

Well, once again it's a packed newsletter this week!

As you should hopefully be aware by now, this group now has a
real-time mailer address at onthejazz. You should have
received several messages this week addressed from that site. If
you did not, please e-mail Robin at rck1 to
make sure your address is on the official list. So now when you
have a message you'd like to post for the rest of the mailing
list to see send it to the umich address and it will be forwarded
automatically. Please remember, though, that no one is going to
be screening those messages first, so if you have a personal
message for me or Robin or whoever, make sure to send it to the
proper place! I'll still be here at onthejazz, as well
as nicpell, and sending out newsletters on a regular
basis. But this new arrangement should be much more condusive
towards getting some real discussions going.

The first isssue of my new A-Team fanzine "Plans Scams and
Vans" is printed and ready to be distributed! This project has
been in the works since January and everyone here is getting
first shot at buying a copy before I put announcements in
any adzines. Here's the final flyer for it:

An all-new, all A-TEAM fanzine! 80 pages of stories and
information on our favorite fugitives...


"Bad Day for A Space-Time Anomaly" by N. N. Pellegrini
U.S.S. Enterprise, here comes The A-Team! When the team crash (literally)
into the 24th century, Captain Picard is sure to have a *very* bad day.
And what's that Vorlon doing hanging around in Ten-Forward anyway? Don't
ask Murdock, he's having too much fun with Barclay on the holodecks:

"Man, I don't like none of this," BA grumbled. "One minute we're in
the Bahamas. Next thing I know we're on some crazy planet near 400 years
in the future. Then we get zapped onto this spaceship, and bein' on a
spaceship ain't much different from bein' on a big airplane. And I HATE
"Cheer up BA," Amy said, patting him on the shoulder. "At least Murdock's
not flying it."
"Is he always like that?" Geordi whispered to Hannibal.
"Unfortunately. But, he grows on you after a while."
"Yeah," Murdock added. "Sorta like mold."

"Invasion of Air-Space" by Laura Michaels
Lieutenant Templeton Peck was handcuffed to a wooden support beam in a
barn with an activated bomb. "How do I always get myself into these
messes?" he thought out loud. He was trying to figure a way out of his
troubles when he heard someone outside. "Help!" he yelled.

Just who is the mysterious Leia who comes to Face's rescue? A harmless
if slightly eccentric electronics expert...or a visitor from outer space?
Find out in this fast-paced adventure.

"Rockin' Down the House" by Laura Michaels
That's what the team will be doing when they brandish electric guitars
instead of machine guns to save a youth center.

"You're not supposed to paint a piano like that. What are you doing,
trying to make it look like my 'vette?"
Murdock was painting a silver stripe over the red piano. B.A. had taken
some time off from rewiring earlier to put a sheet of metal on the back
side of the instrument. It was supposed to stop bullets.
"I'm trying to make it look racey. When I'm finished, this piano is going
to fly at 2000 miles per hour, and play better than it maneuvers," Murdock
informed him.

"101 Ways to Break Out of the V.A. Hospital" by H.M. Murdock
It had to happen sometime. In case you ever find yourself in such a
confining predicament, just employ one of Murdock's tried-and-true solutions:

#73 Run around your room, accelerating until you are going near light speed.
Time will pass slower for you, so you won't have to wait as long for someone
to come open the door to check out what's going on. Then zip right past
them. Be careful not to run into any walls.

"Special Assignment" by N. N. Pellegrini
What's a good 'zine without a little romance? When Amy departs for her new
position as foreign correspondent, she leaves behind more than her sense of

Amy felt it like a jolt of electricity, a sudden realization of just how
close the two of them had become in the past few months. She caught his
startled reaction to her unexpected touch; she saw it in his eyes and in
the slight flush that came to his cheeks, and then in his quick attempt
to try to cover it up. She realized that somewhere along the way he must
have started to fall for her, and she felt foolish that she hadn't noticed
it before or hadn't expected it, what with all the time they'd been spending
together. But what was surprising her even more was that she wasn't sure
that she hadn't started to feel the same way herself...


"Adventures on Prime Time" Book Review by Michele Lellouche
Review of a book discussing the work of Stephen J. Cannell.

"A Selected Bibliography on The A-Team" by Michele Lellouche
Updated and revised from the guide that appeared in the 1990 'zine
"Distasis," this bibliography is a great reference source for A-Team
fans. Lists books & articles about the Team, NBC & Cannell in the
80's, and critical evaluations of the show.

Current prices are as follows:
$9.00 US Mail, 1st class
$10.50 US 2-day Priority Mail
$9.25 Canada
Overseas air/surface: to be determined. E-mail for exact rate.

Make checks payable to: Nicole Pellegrini

2429 Locust St., Apt #315
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Anyway, now that the first issue is done with I'll be accepting
submissions for the second one, hopefully to be ready by the
end of this year. There's already some material in the pipeline
for it, but I'm always looking for new people to get involved in
the project. And for added incentive, note that contributors
get either a reduced cost or free copy depending on the amount
of material accepted.

Ok, moving on to other matters...

I got a request a short while back for some info on Melinda Culea.
Here's a short bio that appeared in the 'zine The A-Team File #1,
which I've copied a few other bio pieces from...

Melinda didn't set out to be an actress - in fact, her life
story reads a little like a fantasy novel! She was born in a little
town in Illinois and, having three brothers, was something of a
tomboy. She spent most of her hours on skateboards and in
playgrounds competing with the boys, although she remembers putting
on puppet shows and appearing in school plays. On leaving school,
she worked in her father's sewing-machine business. She married
at 19 and settled down outside Chicago - she couldn't settle on a
career, though, and dabbled in such things as quilt making and
fashion styling. Then one day a friend asked her to give her a
lift into Chicago for an interview with a modeling agency, and fate
took a hand. The agent noticed Melinda waiting in the reception
area and asked her name, saying she was just what he was looking for.
She agreed to try modelling on a part-time basis, and this led to
an invitation to join the exclusive Wilhemina modelling agency in
New York. Unfortunately, her husband didn't want to move to New
York, but Melinda decided to take the job and this was the parting
of ways for her and her husband.
After four years modelling in New York, Melinda broke into
commercials and moved to California to try her luck in the movie/TV
industry, although she kept - and still has - her Manhattan
apartment. She did some guest spots, and a few unsold pilots, such
as one created especially for her in whick she played a teacher at
an infants' school, and endless screen tests, before being lucky
enough to land the role in The A-Team. She is now (in 1983) 28
years old.
These days Melinda finds she has little time for her hobbies,
quilt making and paper mache (she's building a miniature city), or
for socializing. "You have to learn to adjust your priorities,"
she says, "when you have 5:30 calls!"
Melinda is concerned with giving Amy a less decorative role
in the series, and a more liberated one - but is finding it hard
going to convince the studio executives of the wisdom of that. "I
like being the only woman," she admits. "You get a lot of attention."
It's just that some days it's the wrong SORT of attention, we assume!

In the 2nd issue of TAT File (from 1984), there was some updated
information, mainly on her departure from the show...

...The split was, to say the least, acrimonious: Melinda claimed
that Peppard had never liked her from Day One and that eventually
all four men ganged up against her and got the producers to dump
her, whilst the studio claims that she was never intended to be a
full-time member of the A-Team. Quotes made in the Press by Peppard
and Mr. T, however, rather tend to support Melinda's story, and
we can only sympathize with the lady for what must have been a
pretty shattering experience...
Melinda was born in Indian Head Park, Illinois, and was a
cheerleader in high school. She was as a child (and still appears
to be) interested in mysticism. She attended high school in
Western Springs, a suburb of Chicago. Her height has been confirmed
at 5'8" and her weight at 125 lb. She's recently purchased a brand-new,
three-bedroom Spanish-style house in the Hollywood Hills. People she
admire include film-makers Steven Speilberg and Akira Kurosawa ('Sevem
Samurai,' 'Throne of Blood,' 'Kagemusha') for their 'understanding of
magic' - and she was once quoted as saying that if she could travel back
in time she'd love to go to Camelot and work with Merlin.


Hope that's enough info to satisfy your curiosity. The final thing
I wanted to mention this issue is that the 1982 movie "Alone in the Dark"
which featured Dwight Schultz in one of the main roles has just this past
month been re-released on video after being out of print for a number of
years. I was finally able to see it recently and can recommend it as a
rather effective and only occaisionally overly-cheesy horror flick. If
you're a big Schultz fan it's probably worth your while to pick up for
the current price of $15, or at least rent it if your local video store
has it. It also stars Donald Pleasance, Martin Landau, and Jack
Palance, and it's the cast that really makes it stand out and work
quite well.

I'm also reposting the following notice from Frank because there were
apparently some problems with the umich mailer this week when he
originally tried to send it, and everyone may not have gotten it:

From: Frank Cortez <"HOBBES::CORTEZ">
To: onthejazz
Subject: Comix for sale!

Howdy folks!

Yes, Nicole, I do believe this is the best place to make my announcement:


Due to the lack of momentum for my last offer, I'm raising the stakes!
I have a limited number (10-15?) of A-team comic books. They are all the
same copy, about 20 pages, full-color and on good quality white paper (vs.
newsprint). Total of three stories, all *very* well done. While I've seen
better illustrations, the dialog is superb! Nicole can vouch for me on
'em, as I sent her one when I first got 'em. These are no doubt collector's
items, but I don't really want to collect stuff, at least not *all* of
them. So *you* can have them!

I'm asking $3 bucks each, plus shipping, first come, first served, _no_max_.
If you wanna pay me for all of 'em, they're yours! Here's the conditions:
Send me e-mail letting me know how many you want, and where you want 'em
sent. I'll reply with postage info, depending on where you live, and then
we can work out the rest. Questions? E-mail me!

I only ask that you *don't* reply to this message; create a new one,
otherwise everyone else may get it as well, and, well, that wouldn't be
too happy, 'cause that would tie up mailers.

That's all folks! My thanks (and compliments) to Nicole and Robin for
this-here fine forum.


On to this week's messages:
Subj: "Bear Claw" Jones
Date: Sun, Jun 18, 1995 5:45 PM EST
From: jnoll
X-From: jnoll (James Andrew Noll)
To: Onthejazz


Does anyone know why they say Lou's Delivery? Where did it come
from? As far a Bear Claw Jones goes, I think it's Face from the episode
"Curtain Call" He scams two hunters out of their cabin by telling them
about a giant bear and a big reward for it. By the by, one of the
hunters was the guy who played Irwin Fletcher from Hill Street Blues, one
of a couple of guys from that show who showed up on the A-Team.



You're right about Bear Claw Jones being from "Curtain Call."
I think the reason they answer the van phone with "Lou's Delivery"
is just because it's a convenient cover in case someone who shouldn't
have their number happens to call. I mean, what should they
say: "Hello, A-Team speaking. How can we help you today?" :-)


Subj: New team
Date: Mon, Jun 26, 1995 8:15 AM EST
From: ipcjmm
X-From: ipcjmm
Sender: ipcjmm
Reply-to: ipcjmm


Date: 1995-Jun-26 14:55 CDT
From: Jasper Molenmaker
Dept: Inf. Systems & Process
Tel No: +31-3402 75744

TO: Remote Addressee ( _INET"""ONTHEJAZZ""" )

Subject: New team

Hi A-fans,

A few months ago the last episode of the A-team was shown in the Netherlands,
unfortunally I can't see my favorit stars anymore. Only the last episode I
haven't seen yet, I do have it on tape but I am saving it for a rainy
so I can get really depressed.

A few things about the last season (that was not shown before in Holland). I
liked the new stories. The ones from the previous season really became all
alike. But I could not get used to that new guy Stockwell and I really missed

the great escapes from Murdock out of the hospital and ofcourse the big
by the MP's (especially Decker).

And than the new title song. I hate it, what was wrong with the old one?

Greetings Jasper


I can never make up my mind about the final season myself. At
the time it first aired I remember really liking it, but my
opinion's changed a bit now that I've had the chance to re-watch
them all again. I still think about half of them are very good:
the three-parter, "Say Uncle Affair," "Point of No Return," and
especially "The Spy Who Mugged Me" because it's such a great Bond
parody. But the others...I don't know. Some good moments, but
too much of the humour is missing. It seems that T's role is
much diminished as well, there's not nearly enough of the old
bickering between him and Murdock.

Just my 2 cents--Your Mileage May Vary. I actually know a few
people who don't like the older episodes, only the 5th season
ones :-/


Subj: Trivial info
Date: Wed, Jun 28, 1995 9:08 AM EST
From: P.J.Hewlett
To: Onthejazz

Dear Everyone,
I dug this up from somewhere a few days ago and thought I might as
well post it to you. I think it must have been from a magazine about 10
years ago.
Name : George Peppard Dirk Bennedict Dwight Shultz Mr. T (was
Birthdate : 1 Oct 1928 1 March 25 Nov 21 May 1952
Birthplace: Detroit, USA Helena, Montana Baltimore Chicago, Illin
Birthsign : Libra Pisces Sagittarius Gemini
Height : 1.83m (6ft) 1.8m (5ft11) 1.88m(6ft2) 1.8m(5ft11in)
Weight : 79kg(175lb) 72kg(158lb) 79kg(175lb) 100kg(220lb)
Hair : Grey Blond Brown Black
Eyes : Blue Blue Brown Brown
Education : Dearborn HS, MI Whitman Colle, Towson State Dunbar HS,
Purdue HS Walla Walla,Was.Uni, Baltimore Chicago
(qualified as
music major)
Home : Santa Monica San Fernando LA, NY LA & Chicago
Valley,La. Log
cabin, Montana
Family : Father George 1 brother, 1 sis. Youngest of 8
Peppard Snr bdg Father attorney, boys&girls
contractor & mthr Mother, hospital raised by mum
opera star before bookkeeper
Hobbies : Jogging,fishing, Flying Listening to Relaxing
hunting,tennis stereo
Married : Divorced. Children: No Recently marrd No
Chris,Julie,Brad actress Wendy
Fulton : Jazz Gospel : Most good food Macrobiotic diet Black bean soup, Steak
of miso soup, pasta.
oatmeal breakfa.
Fav.Drink : Soft drinks Fruit juice Diet Pepsi Milk
Car: Porsche Thunderbird Mercedes : Took over fthrs Attorney None. Acted in MP in USArmy,
construction for CHiPs, Hill Prof.bodyguard
a time, taxi driver, Street Blues.
fencing teacher, DJ
Fav.TVshow: The A-Team The A-Team The A-Team The A-Team,
Childhood sports coverage
hero : Father
Fav. actors: Gloria Swanson Laurence Olivier
Likes: Privacy Flying own plane Being with wife God
Wendy, Casual
Dislikes: People invading Sugar, being Going bald Drugs, Drink,
privacy famous senseless

The article also says that Dirk changed his surname on the advice
of his agent, choosing Benedict as he was eating eggs benedict at the time!?!
Hope you can read all this & understand the abbreviations,


Thanks for sending in the article. Yeah, I heard Dirk tell that
same story back on the Merv Griffin show way, way back when (talk
about an early-eighties flashback...)

Whew! I think that's it for this issue. Until next time...


Quote of the Week:

BA: "I'm gettin' tired of this crazy rap, Murdock!"

Murdock: "You're tired of it? How do you think I feel, I have
to listen to it all day."
--from "Pros and Cons"
----------------------------* End *--------------------------

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