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On the Jazz - Vol 03 Issue 13

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On the Jazz
 · 1 Sep 2020


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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter
***** Now in its THIRD year of publication !! *****

Reflector submission address: onthejazz

Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini
PLEASE use the following address for subscribe/unsubscribe
and back issue requests (do NOT send them to onthejazz!!):
*** pellegri ***
Also use that address if you wish to change your subscription status
to receive the newsletters only (or go from newsletter to news +

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DATE: March 29, 1997

Current newsletter + mailing list subscribership: 165
Current newsletter-only subscribership: 267


Hi all, mostly a lot of annoucements this issue. Here's the breakdown:

On the Jazz Roster Annoucement/
The A-Team Lending Library Needs Your Help!/
Philly Fest Cancelled/
A-Team Collectibles Auction/
Dwight Schultz in new radio drama/
ARTICLE TRANSCRIPT: "Adventurous 'Alaska' has all-ages appeal"

It's time for a new roster of all members/subscribers to ON THE JAZZ...

This is a report that lets the list know who's out there and where. A
more detailed explanation is available to any and all who wish it,
especially for those out there who are new. It contains demographics on
age, favorite team member and supporting character. (Please limit to the
ones on the aired shows and not to characters of your own devising).

This time; however, I am adding a couple of new things. I'm taking a
survey of occupations this time around. I happen to be a writer. If
you're in school, then you'd be a student (you may specify what at what
level you're studying). And I'm asking and adding a list of homepages.

So, PRIVATELY email me the following information:

1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Location (where you are living/studying now)
4. Favorite Team Member
5. Favorite Supporting Character (can include Army)
6. Occupation
7. URL (if applicable)

This roster will be available by April 15.


Rhonda Eudaly

up with a few nights back and has generated a lot of positive
encouragement. I get a lot of requests for info on how to get copies of
out-of-print A-Team fanzines and related print materials, requests for
copies, how to reach the editors, who might sell them today... I've
managed to track down what I figure has to be at least 85-90% of the
A-Team related fanzine stuff ever published in the past few years (It's
taking up a whole shelf on my bookcase) so I try to help out when I can.
But it gets hard to always be unbinding and rebinding 'zines to get them
to the copiers, and I don't even feel really comfortable copying 'zines
left and
right unless I absolutely know for sure they're out of print, and even
then... but still, I think you guys should all be able to read this stuff
if you want to. But I also get nervous sending out my own original

So here's the idea. It's not really an original one (someone else set up
a general fanzine library already), but here it goes. What we're doing
is setting up some The A-Team 'Zine Lending Library. Work has already
begun on getting photocopies of out of print materials made. Soon, an
official loan-out list will be available, listing all the titles in the
library. You would send in your request to borrow a title, along with a
small security deposit (equal to the photocopy cost of the material you
are requesting) and postage costs. If you feel you will be a regular
user of the library, you might just want to leave a $10-20 check held by
our librarian for security. That would be returned to you at anytime
once borrowed materials are returned. You'd get the zine(s) you request
for a set period of
time - I figure 3 weeks is sufficient time - and then have to return them
to get your
security deposit back. There would likely be some limit on the amount
borrowed at any given time.

What all will be in the library? As mentioned, any and all out-of-print
A-Team fanzines I have and get my hands on. Newsletters and letterzines
for old A-Team fanclubs will be available - SCAM, the TAT Appreciation
Society, etc. One complete set of the A-Team novels, copies of the
Annuals, newsclippings, ... In-print fanzines where and when I can get
an editor to donate a copy, or use library funds to purchase a copy.

And that brings up the critical factor - funds. We need donations to get
this project really rolling. Denise Messer has graciously volunteered to
be our official librarian and holder of all the loan-out copies - she
will deal with running the library once it is established. But there's a
lot of materials to copy, a lot of work to be done. So I'm asking those
of you who like the idea, and feel you would likely be using it to a
frequent extent, to donate a few dollars, whatever you can to the
project. If there's something in particular you want to seein the
library, let me know and I'll tell you how much it will cost for that
copy - figure between $3-10 per zine, depending on size. Or just send a
general donation to the library fund. Somehow we'll set up something
special for those who become library "supporters", I just haven't figured
out exactly what yet. Something to thank you for your support.

Anyway, email me with any questions/comments, and you can send your
donations to
Nicole Pellegrini


Updates on the library's progress by the next newsletter.

PHILLY FEST CANCELLED: Due to lack of response, I'm cancelling plans for
a Spring Philly Fest - no one sent in a definite, "yes I'm free that
weekend" response, and a few people said they couldn't make the proposed
April date, so it's not gonna happen. I will try again to organize a
get-together this summer, hopefully, when my schedule and everyone elses
should be more flexible.

A-TEAM COLLECTIBLES AUCTION: I wanted to give everyone on the
newsletter-only list a chance to get in on this auction. If you are a
newsletter subscriber and would like to receive daily updates on the
current auction prices, or make a bid, let me know.

The following items are not in my
possession, I'm running this for a friend, but all items are supposedly
in excellent condition. She has set the starting bids for each,
increases must follow these rules:

>Increase by $1 for any item under $20.
>Increase by $2 for any item over $20.

Updated bids will be posted once a day, and one a bid has held for 3
days, an item is considered SOLD. Several people who reneged on payment
on previous auctions are NOT allowed to participate in this auction (and
yes, I kept names on record!) Once something is "sold" I will inform you
on how to contact the party with the merchandise and you can arrange
payment with her directly.

Starting bid Current bid
1 A-Team BA Van Model by AMT-Ertl >SOLD< $20 (3/26/97
1 11" Steel BA Black Van $15
1 complete set a A-Team trading cards $10 $26 (3/29/97
(66 cards)
ERTL, Diecast metal Faceman car & BA Van (black) 1/24 scale
ERTL, Diecast metal BA Black Van 1/48 scale

Also, the following loose A-Team trading cards - maybe you can complete
your set! Start is 0.25 cents each. # of each card available is listed.
(If you want to know which cards feature pic's of a certain team member,
let me know...)
1) 2 11) 2 21) none 31) 2 41) 2 51) 3
2) none 12) 4 22) 2 32) 2 42) 2 52) 2
3) 1 13) none 23) 2 33) 3 43) 3 53) 2
4) 4 14) 1 24) 2 34) 3 44) 2 54) 2
5) 3 15) 3 25) none 35) 1 45) 1 55) 2
6) 3 16) none 26) 2 36) 3 46) 2 56) none
7) 3 17) none 27) 1 37) 1 47) 3 57) 1
8) 1 18) none 28) none 38) 1 48) 4 58) 2
9) 4 19) 1 29) 3 39) 1 49) none 59) 2
10) 1 20) 3 30) 2 40) 1 50) none

DWIGHT SCHULTZ IN NEW RADIO DRAMA: Pulled this off Usenet....

Subject: Grand Slam Review
From: Trekkerz (Trekman)
Date: 1997/03/25
Message-Id: <5h9hn7$d8l>
X-Length: 00004e26
Status: N
Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.current
[More Headers]

Well, I just got back from the Grand Slam and let me tell you, if all of
are going to be as bad as this one I`ll never go again!
Of the big stars that were supposed to show up (According to Creations
webpage) Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Robert Picardo were no shows. As
were Gil Girard from Buck Rogers. The only bright spot in a totally DULL
weekend was that on Saturday night they put on a Radio drama entitled The
Lost World. Some of the voices included John Delancie, Roxanne
Armin Shimmerman, Ethan Phillips, and Dwight Schultz who was Fantastic.
was recorded live for Simon & Schuster as part of there Alien Voices
Other then that it was a royal bust.

ARTICLE TRANSCRIPT: A few people had asked about "ALASKA" recently, and
wouldn't you know it, I got a pile of clippings today that had this
review among them. So I thought I'd include it for anyone interested,
it's one of the best reviews of the film I've seen though it doesn't
discuss Dirk's role too much...

"Adventurous 'Alaska' has all-ages appeal"
by Michael H. Price
Fort-Worth Star-Telegram

Robust and fulfilling, "family entertainment," Fraser C. Heston's
"Alaska" works as both high adventure for the general trade and
satisfying fare for the younger audience.
Director Heston plays the yarn with a distinct bias in favor of
juvenile stars Thora Birch and Vincent Kartheiser (as alienated brother
and sister, united in crisis), pitting them against a gathering artic
storm and a ruthless poacher.
The poacher is played with rugged malice by Charleton Heston, the
director's famous father, so you know the kids aren't going to be cut any
slack in that department. Nor is the weather likely to go easy on
characters merely because they're children.
Birch and Kartheiser avoid the sitcom shallowness of the "bickering
siblings" stereotype, conveying instead the pain and fortitude of
near-estranged youngsters who, having lost one parent, determine to set
aside their hostilities long enough to rescue another.
The Andy Burg-Scott Myers screenplay is at once complicated in the
emotional and adventurous terrain it seeks to cover, and yet
straightforward and plain-spoken. Director Heston gets the adolescent
hostilites firmly established early on, moves promptly to place mail
pilot Dirk Benedict in mortal danger, and then sets the kids in motion to
find their missing father. The appearance of Charlton Heston plays like
some random act of fate: His character is not so much an evil man as he
is merely a cutthroat opportunist who seems capable of doing harm to
anyone who might get in his way.
The scenery is, of course, spectacular enough without help from
anybody's cameras, but cinematographer Tony Westman takes pains to
reconcile the danger and the beauty into a sustained image of Alaska.
Dizzying "rotation" shots from great elevations are deployed often
enough to give the viewer the sensation of falling into the picture. The
story itself is sufficiently gripping to complete the illusions, making
"Alaska" one of the few modern-day pictures that manages to convey
adventurous thrills, a bit of terror and a sense of heroic identification
without resorting to graphic violence and/or cheap shock value.

ARTICLE TRANSCRIPT: Here's also a short-short piece on Dwight, not sure
where's it's originally from.

"Holo-Hero" - Reg Barclay became an unlikely holo-hero thanks to actor
Dwight Schultz

by Stuart Banks.

Science and its related fiction is what Dwight Schultz likes to talk
about the most. "Science Fiction writers" enthuses Dwight "are the peope
who predict the future. Not the scientists, perhaps with the exception
of Einstein. And the same is definitely true of 'Star Trek'."
So does Schultz consider himself a 'Star Trek' fan? "Oh yes!
Without a doubt. I am a big fan. A huge fan. Especially of the
original series. I can remember when the series first aired in the
sixties, a group of friends and I used to get together to discuss the
show. For us it was really fascinating and incredible. It was the
nearest thing to idealism on television that we had - and that is what
'Star Trek' is about, idealism."
So how did Schultz get the role of Barclay? "Well, this is my
belief of how it went. I was working with Whoopi Goldberg on a film
called 'The Long Walk Home.' I can remember telling her what a fan of
'Star Trek' I was and wanting to know what it was like to work with
Patrick Stewart. I also explained that I had previously worked with
Brent Spiner before in New York. At which point she turned around to me
and said enthusiastically, 'Oh you gotta be on that show!' The next
thing I remember is my manager called me asking if I would like to do it.
Apparently, Whoopi had gone back to the producers and told them. I
really had a great time being there. The cast were wonderful. I was
accepted immediately and I felt like part of the family. I was really
impressed with the sets. They are really huge and incredibly classy."
What did Schultz like about playing Barclay? "Well, from what I
understand about him, the writers' aim was to make him somewhat a
contradiction in terms. I mean, here you have this highly skilled man
who has a social skills problem and I think the whole crux of Barclay is,
that you learn to see how brilliant he is. To get past those problems
and see his intelligence and ability at being a good Starfleet officer.
Which is at the heart of 'Star Trek''s idealism. And that is what I like
about the show."


All times Eastern Standard.

04:00pm Sat Mar-29
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram
"The Say Uncle Affair". Stockwell orders the team to steal a Soviet
stealth fighter-jet, then is kidnapped by a free-lance spy (David
08:00pm Sat Mar-29
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram
"Quarterback Sneak". The team joins a touring pro football squad to free
an East German scientist. Guests: Alan Autry, Jim Brown, John Matuszak,
Joe Namath.
04:00pm Sun Mar-30
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram
"Alive at Five". The team infiltrates an East Coast mob to free an
undercover TV reporter from her kingpin lover.
04:00pm Mon Mar-31
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram
"Family Reunion". Smuggling a crooked politician into the country gets
complicated when the man is Face's long-lost father. CC.
08:00pm Mon Mar-31
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram
"The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas". The kidnapping of a gambler leads to a
mobster (Charles Cioffi) and then to a $100,000 price on Hannibal's
head. CC.
04:00pm Tue Apr-01
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram
"Point of No Return". The team heads to Hong Kong to look for missing
Hannibal and a stolen, leaking canister of plutonium. Guests: Soon-Teck
Oh, Rosalind Chao. CC.
04:00pm Wed Apr-02
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram
"The Crystal Skull". Stranded on a remote island with Face and Frankie,
Murdock is worshiped as a deity by Polynesian warriors. CC.
04:00pm Thu Apr-03
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram
"The Spy Who Mugged Me". Murdock poses as a secret agent to investigate
a terrorist group based in Monte Carlo. Guests: Roy Dotrice, Toru
Tanaka. CC.


09:30am Tue Apr-01
03:30pm Tue Apr-01
A+E .... BANACEK .............................. 9:30-11am .. Ser/Crim
"Rocket to Oblivion". An experimental midget rocket disappears from a
display case at an exposition; with Linda Evans, Dick Van Patten, Andrew
Prine, Philip Carey.
04:00pm Mon Mar-31
TCM .... BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (1961) *** (NR) 4-6pm ...... Movi/Roma
New York playgirl Holly Golightly puzzles a writer who lives below.
With: Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin
Balsam, Mickey Rooney, Villalonga, John McGiver, Dorothy Whitney,
Stanley Adams. NR

That's all for this time, so stay on the jazz!

sockii, aka nicole (
Founder, A-Team "Sponge" Society.
Proud member of the Narn Bat Squad <<Whack!!>> and the C.o.M.

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