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On the Jazz - Vol 01 Issue 21

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On the Jazz
 · 1 Sep 2020


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The totally unofficial A-Team electronic mail newsletter

Submission address: onthejazz

Administrivia: Nicole Pellegrini
Please use the following addresses for subscribe/unsubscribe
and back issue requests:
pellegri, nicpell

DATE: June 18, 1995
Hi everybody,

*LOTS* of things to mention in this issue, let's hope I can
remember them all...

First off, I'd like to invite everyone to take a look at my
new web page, located at

In the A-Team section, right now you can find:
--The updated-and-revised version of the Episode Guide, with
complete title/writer/director information and links
to the Actor's database
--A link to Jasper's Home Page, where you can retreive old issues
of this newsletter
--A preview flyer for my A-Team 'zine "Plans Scams & Vans." All
of the submissions are in (or on their way...), and it WILL be ready
to print at the end of this month. I've very pleased with how
it has "come together" and think you'd really enjoy it. I'll
be posting the flyer here in the next issue when I have final
price information, but if you want to get an early look, it's
on my page.
--Some materials posted over from the A-Team folders on America
On-Line which aren't available through the regular internet.

Anyway, if you'd like a copy of the episode guide but can't reach
the web, email me and I can send it directly to you. The same with
anything else I've mentioned above.

Doing some web searching this week I came upon some info on
a couple more Sci-Fi Conventions that Dwight Schultz will be
appearing at this summer:

June 30-July 2, 1995
Rox Con 95
Civic Center and Holiday Inn, Fort Smith, AR
Guests: Dwight Schultz, Robert O'Reilly, Jonathan Del Arco, Phil
Call: 800-556-8529 (8am-5pm ET) or 501-648-3738 (8am-10pm CT)

June 23-25, 1995
Atlanta Fantasy Fair
Castlegate Hotel and Conference Center, Atlanta, GA
Guest: Dwight Schultz
Write: ACFF, 482 Gardener Rd., Stockbridge, GA. 30281
Call: (404) 507-7000

I'll be at the Shore Leave 17 Con in Maryland in 3 weeks along
with HM (HM from AOL, that is, though I suppose that means there
will be two HMs there...this could get confusing... :-/) Also found
out that we can expect to see Dwight reprise his role as Barclay from ST:TNG
on Gilligan's Spaceship--er, I mean ST:Voyager, in an upcoming
episode called:

Plot: The Doctor is infected by a computer virus, and begins to
hallucinate. Barclay (Dwight Schultz) from the
Enterprise-D is one of the technicians who put The
Doctor's holographic system together, and appears as
another handwritten (holographic) person as part of the

This episode was supposed to air this summer, but the powers that
be at UPN decided in their "infinite wisdom" to pull the same
nasty trick that PTEN pulled on Babylon5 and not show the final
four episodes of the season until October (...sigh...anyone here
in England that could *possibly* tape those B5 episodes for
me when they air as normal this summer? Just thought I'd ask...)

Also found this really cute article on a newsgroup, thought
you'd all get a kick out of it. Kind of a nice parody of the
typical asinine Enterprise vs. Death Star vs. Cylons posts:

>rec.arts.startrek.current #164240 (860 more)
>From: mcdonald (Jason McDonald)
>Date: Thu Jun 15 14:48:47 EDT 1995
>Organization: University of Pittsburgh
>Lines: 38
>X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
>ENT: Patriarchal leader (Picard), brutish warrior (Worf), clever
> handsome devil-may-care type (Riker), eccentric Dwight Schulz
> character, mostly pointless female character.
>A-T: Patriarchal leader (George Peppard), brutish warrior (Mr
> T), clever handsome devil-may-care type ("Face"), eccentric
> Dwight Schulz character, mostly pointless female character (the
> reporter).
>ENT: Worf always at odds with Klingon heritage, Data wants to be
> human
>A-T: Mr. T. needs to be drugged to fly, Dwight has to be broken
> out of institution at beginning of each episode.
>ENT: Stranded on planet or caught in time-space anomaly
>A-T: Locked in barn or warehouse
>ENT: Data and Geordi modify shields/phasers/tractor beam/Data's
> brain
>A-T: Mr. T. builds something out of PVC piping and duct tape.
>ENT: Phasers on stun.... Baddies locked in brig.
>A-T: Tires of vehicle shot out, car rolls. Bad guys emerge
> unhurt, but with broken spirits. Police/grateful townsfolk mop
> up.
>A-T: Military Police
>ENT: Military Police -- we don't ever see them, but given that
> the Prime Directive has been trampled underfoot so often,
> they're probably on the way. Why else do they always peel out
> at Warp 9 at episode's end?
>My God! It's the same show!

Well, I thought it was really funny.

Ok, now for the final part of the Schultz interview from UFO
magazine. I was glad to hear from a number of people that they
really enjoyed seeing this, so hopefully I can keep digging up
interesting articles from here & there...someone asked me for some
info on Melinda Culea so I'll see what I can find for next time.

-----(part 3)---
'We are recreating ourselves'

Schultz also points to significant earthbound developments,
such as the rapid rise of computers and the successful implantation
of computer chips into living tissue, as possible evidence of
extraterrestrials. "We are recreating ourselves," he says. "We're
unlocking the code of DNA so that that we can manipulate and change
ourselves. And that's us--this stupid, little, dinky civilization.
Why is it so outrageous, then, that in the vast age and expanse of
the universe some seafaring civilization of far greater
intelligence than us has done it before--and we are the result of
it? I find that easier to accept than this all happened out of nothing."
Schultz pauses to table another idea. "If extraterrestrials
travel in a way which manipulates space/time, it becomes very
difficult for us to accept that they're not on our time frame. If
they're traveling at the speed of light, their month is perhaps the
equivalent of twenty of our years. So they're just buzzing around
having a good old time, continuously looking. Yet the time between
appearances for us is so great that we lose track of it. It would be
like watching "Ben Hur" at one frame a second. There would be long
periods of time where absolutely nothing was going on."

Film Comments

Having worked in the film industry for years, Schultz has
mixed feelings about how the medium has treated the subject. While
chuckling over the Japanese-made "The Mysterians" and that execrable
Ed Wood cheapie "Plan 9 From Outer Space," both released in 1959, he
greatly admires "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951). "Being closer
to the genesis of this whole period," he says, "it captured the
importance of the concept of making contact and accurately depicted
the paranoia of the time. It's an excellent film."
The actor had direct involvement in the sci-fi genre playing Lt.
Barclay in the just-cancelled "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
"Barclay spent most of his time out on the holodeck, which is
where things you imagine become three-dimensional and real. I
remember being very excited when I was invited to do the show
because I thought I was going to have a large, bulbous prosthetic head
with pulsating veins. I ended up being the first nerd on the
Starship Enterprise!" He laughs, adding fondly, "It turned out to
be a neat character."
Schultz feels that what science fiction--whether in film, TV,
or book form--has done is to get people interested in science and it
represents the core belief of what we are and where we're headed.
"This kind of speculation is healthy," he says. "It's like
H.G. Wells--if you go back and look at his work, he is remarkably
accurate in everything he predicted. And I don't think it's too
late for 'The War of the Worlds' to come true. I'm talking about
it from the standpoint that which you need to have and own things--
to breed, to think, to create--is going on everywhere, not just on
this planet or in the space around it. With science fiction I think
we are preparing ourselves for contact with them, whoever they may

The moment of contact

That eternally anticipated moment, Schultz believes, will
strengthen society--not fracture it. "People will be fascinated,"
he predicts. "We will think of each other in a far more homogeneous
way, because we will know that there is something that is different
from us. And when we say 'us,' (it will mean) as a species."
Until then, Schultz is confident that his friends, colleagues
and family will continue to support his pursuit. "My mother gets a
little frightened for my safety, since some who have spoken out
claim to have received threats," he admits. "But they don't really
care about it. They usually roll their eyes and refer to me on
"The A-Team" by saying, 'Gee, you really are wacko, right?' Yet,
as I've told my wife, this is easy for me to deal with because I've
been ridiculed for twenty-five years by every major critic in this
country. It rolls off my back. Ridicule doesn't mean anything--even
from people you're supposed to wear knee pads around, like the
scientific community."
What about the entertainment community? What would he say to
others in Hollywood who share his beliefs but are afraid to come forward?
"This is simply a *belief*--it's speculation. There's no reason to
be afraid of it. Governments are moved by numbers, and the greater
the number of people who admit that they believe, the greater the
likelihood that the secret--if there is one being kept--will be
Dwight Schultz pauses, then chuckles and shrugs. "All I would
say to others in show business is: Think of your last bad review.
What could possibly be worse than that?"


I actually had a couple more things to mention in this issue,
but as it's already getting kind of long I'll wait and save them
for the next one.

On to this week's messages...

Date: Sun, Jun 4, 1995 5:12 PM EST
From: DanaLeigh
Subj: A-Team Trivia
To: Onthejazz

Isn't "Lou's Delivery" the way the guys always answer the phone in the van?


Yup, congrats on being the first one to get in the correct
answer! Now, can anyone remember the actual phone number of the
van phone? :-)

Subj: Hi there
Date: Tue, Jun 13, 1995 5:56 PM EST
From: korman
X-From: korman (Kate Orman)
To: onthejazz


In response to your quiz last issue - "Lou's Delivery" was the phrase
with which Hannibal answered the van's phone (in a growly comedy voice).
Here's a trivia question in return: who was "Bear Claw" Jones?

Thanks to everyone for sharing their favourite quotes - some of them are
hysterical. My brothers and I used to have a tape onto which we'd
recorded favourite lines from our video collection - lots of "A-Team",
"Knight Rider", "Miami Vice", "The Transformers"... I think it was in
"Bells of St Mary's" where Hannibal et al are fleeing a building, running
back to the van, and Murdock is laying down cover fire.

Hannibal: Whaddya say, Murdock?
Murdock: I say a lot of things I don't mean!

We still sometimes quote that... can anyone remember which episode had
the line, "What we need is a little diversion. You got an atomic bomb?"

Bye for now,

Kate Orman
"Mulder, toads just fell from the sky!" - Scully

Umm...I'm stumped at the moment on where that quote's from, I do
remember it though. Anyone else?

As far as "Bear Claw" Jones, it took me a couple days pondering but
I think I figured it out. I'll let everyone else stew on it as
this issue's trivia question.

Date: Wed, Jun 14, 1995 10:17 AM EST
From: ATEAM Guy
Subj: Re: A-Team Newsletter Volume ...
To: Onthejazz

Dear everyone the correct spelling is PHASE not FACE just wanted
to let you know

O k.....

Subj: Re: A-Team Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 20
Date: Fri, Jun 16, 1995 4:53 PM EST
From: dulcinea
X-From: dulcinea (C)
To: Onthejazz

Hi! Good job on the newsletter! I have a question. One of my favorite
episodes is when in order for Hannibal to get B.A. to travel, he promises
him his choice of revenge on each member. What is the title? I like the
part when Murdock gets really nervous because B.A. keeps smiling at
him. I never saw the ending, so what happened in the end and do you or
anyone out there have a copy of this one. Thanks...


That episode is "Moving Targets." I like it a lot too. B.A. is
really great in it and the "Pasadena" Murdock gag is a trip. (Didn't
"Tiny Toons" do a Indiana Jones parody with a "Pasadena" Duck once, or
something like that? Just a totally unrelated question...)

At the end, B.A. announces how he originally planned on taking
revenge one by one on the guys--making Hannibal eat his "smelly cigars,"
knocking out Murdock's teeth to stop all his "crazy talk", and punching
out Face cause he's sick of his always conning people. Instead, he
decides to enact a group revenge--they'll all travel back to
the U.S. on a freighter ship. The catch is they have to work off their
passage, and he's going to be the work supervisor. The work will
entail, among other things, painting the entire ship (with prompts
Hannibal's great closing line: "Paint the entire ship? I'd rather
eat my cigar!")

That's all fols, see you next time.

Quote of the Week:

"Since when did something have to make sense to be logical?"
--Murdock in "Waste 'Em"
---------------------------* End *----------------------------

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