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NULL mag Issue 05 03 About the mag

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null magazine
 · 26 Dec 2020


n u l l m a g a z i n e

i s s u e { x 0 0 5 } april 2019

::a b o u t::
null magazine is an e-mag, about the bbs scene, ansi art, programming, retro
computing/gaming and stuff. as from issue x005 null is written in turbo
pascal 7 for dos only! oldschool stuff!!! this way anyone can get a copy of
dosbox in his pc or smartphone and read null! there is also a text only
version, specially for those who are scared to execute binary files...

::d o w n l o a d::
null magazine hq is 'another droid bbs'. there you can can download or even
read online the magazine, from the bbs. just visit:

another droid bbs /

official distros for null mag:


at the distros you can download the mag or read it online, couple of days
before the mag is released to the web.

you can also download it from affiliate networks:fsxnet
and from github at:

::d i s c l a i m e r::
any writer who provides articles for null mag. has his own opinion. the mag
is not responsible in any way about authors opinions. null respects free
speech and supports the variety of opinions in any social form of a network.

for used material, like articles, ansi art, music, all credits goes to their
creators. you are free to use material made by the founder of the mag (xqtr)
under GPL3 license, no need to ask permissions. for any other material its
your responsibility to do what you think best.

the author has taken every precaution to insure that no harm or damage
will occur on computer systems operating this util. never the less, the
author will not be held liable for whatever may happen on your computer
system or to any computer systems which connects to your own as a result
of. operating this util. the user assumes full responsibility for the
correct operation of this software package, whether harm or damage
results from software error, hardware malfunction, or operator error.
no warranties are : offered, expressly stated or implied, including
without limitation or ; restriction any warranties of operation for a
particular purpose and/or | merchant ability. if you do not agree with
this then do not use this program.

::c o n t a c t::
if you want to repost bugs, send articles or art, just send an email at:

::t e a m::

label authors :
xqtr // another droid bbs
shinobi // infolinka bbs

label contributors :
smooth // ink2 bbs

label distributors :
avon // agency bbs

ggg ggg
$$$eea,. ,, ,. $$$ $$$
$$$``$$$% $$$ $$$ %$$ %$$
$$$- -$$$ $$$---$$$ $$$------ $$$------
$$$ ° $$$ $$$ ° $$$ $$$ °°... $$$ °°...
$$$---$$$ $$$---$$$ $$$---.oo $$$---.oo
$$$ $$$ ^$$aaaS$' ^$$a.a$$' ^$$a.a$$'

ggg , ggg .o
,,eee$$$ aaa aaa,,,a$ $$$_,o$$P $$$ggggggee,. ,,aaa$$$ ,,aaa$$$
$$$`` $$% $$$ $$$`` $$$ %$$`4eP' $$$``$$$$``$$$% $$$`` $$$ $$$`` $$$
$$$---$$$ ggg $$$---$$$ $$$--`$$o $$$ - $$$ - $$$ $$$---$$$ $$$---$$$
$$$ ° $$$ $$$ $$$aa°aaa $$$ ° $$$ $$$ ° $$$ ° $$$ $$$ ° $$$ $$$ ° $$$
$$$---$$$ $$$ ggg---$$$ $$$---$$$ $$$ - $$$ - $$$ $$$---$$$ 4$$$$$$$$
`$$a.a$$$ $$' ^$$aaaS$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ ^$$aaaS$$ .. .S$P

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