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NULL mag Issue 07 09 It's a dark world

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null magazine
 · 26 Dec 2020


when i was a kid and watched many documentaries and tv shows about
science, i remember that almost all of them, there were talking about
a "beautiful future", where humanity, would have progressed so much,
that diseases would be vanished, man could live in space and cities
with flying cars and super trains, would be all over the world. since
the 80s-90s, 40 years have almost past... and i am still trying to
find this beautiful world, that the scientists in these shows, were
talking about.

instead of that wonderful world, in which science would have done
"miracles", i see a different world... very dark, full of fear,
diseases, destroying nature, with wars and crime in all over the
world, with poor people, even in "rich" countries. i my self, instead
of having a good job, with out concerns, i am struggling to survive in
a job, that is not paying enough and for sure, i don't see my self
getting a pension in the future. instead of flying cars, we don't even
use electric cars. technologies that have to do with medical things,
are too expensive for the poor people and only those who have the
cash/money, can use them. the "economic crisis" of 2008, left many
people with out homes, jobs living in tents.

the "war against terrorism" create such a big wave of refugees, that
the whole europe is full of them. muslims, mixed with christians or
other religions, people of different "colors" and traditions, forced
to live together in a very hard economical environment. so this lead
to racism and the right parties, of many countries in europe gaining
ground in the political theater/scene. terrorism, bomb and knife
attacks in the center of cities and always the threat and fear of
another attack. in the us, many many incidents of mass shootings in
schools and other public place, out of nowhere. suddenly, where no one
expects... a guy draws his gun and shoots people.

the middle east is always in conflict, with things getting worse and
worse, as time passes. in africa the same... in south america the
same. in top of all this, there is also the climatic change, with
natural phenomena hitting hard and causing disasters and spreading
death. earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, storms, big snow falls etc.

do you think that this is the world, those documentaries were
describing to us? what happened? why the world is getting worse, when
we have so much better technology? because we are apes with guns... we
have the tech, but we lack the wisdom! tech with out wisdom, doesn't
promise a "beautiful world"... but wisdom even with out tech, it sure
does. we don't need more tech. we need the wisdom to understand what
is life! today, we value tech. and money, more than life! we kill for
money, to buy more gadgets, to invent new weapons, but we don't spend
money to help people, to give to the poor and provide for those who
can't etc.

in those conventions about the climate change, they always say, that
we have time, to do something and reverse things... i don't know about
the climate... but humanity for sure, it hasn't. we have taken the
"wrong path" and we all pay the consequences, even those who wasn't
their fault... like the kids, those poor souls. we can only hope, that
out of this miserable world, after self-destructing, those with a
"good heart", will stay and build a better world. but it's a long way,
until then... and there is more pain and destruction to come.

a piece of advise. don't "invest" in money and tech... but "invest" in
good relations/friendships, food, land and in a good heart/soul.
everything else is just a luxury, not necessary and you can loose them
in a blink of the eye. money is not just paper... it's an idea that
imprison us and now that they turning money, from paper, to just
electrons (emoney, bitcoin), it's more obvious, that we spend our
lives, collecting plain air and also in the process, we enslave our
selves, to do the bidding of the "masters". to kill, to destroy
nature, to forget our traditions, to erase the true meaning of what
being a man means.

it's certain that this world, it may was built for all of us, but only
a few will stay and survive in it. it's like the "music chairs" game.
one by one, the "chairs" are getting fewer and only those who will
stumble upon the others, will stay until the end... but the question
is... does it worth it?

 ... to be continued...

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