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Remarks on the DAC used in the Sony Playstation SCPH100x
by Mick Feuerbacher, February 2007 The DAC used in most SCPH100x is an Ashahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) AK4309AVM. It is a 16 bit Stereo Delta-Sigma DAC. Some very early models use the AK4309 VM. ...

Laser Alignment in a Sony Playstation SCPH1002
by Mick Feuerbacher, July 2005. Updated December 28, 2005. If your PS has problems to read disks, in particular slightly scratched CDs and CD-Rs, then it might need an alignment of the laser unit...

The Open PSF ripping guide
The Open PSF ripping guide 12/05/03

Dopo 10 mesi
Si vola di nuovo. Mi ero dimenticata come si prendeva un' aereo ahahahaj

by Axe of Superior

Optimizing your source code from ST News v5.2 by Stefan Posthuma
Being a demo coder these days ain't easy. There is so much competition and some of this competition is bloody good. If you want to make a screen that impresses the modern-day demo beholder, yo...

Liten nybôrjarassemblerskola fôr atari st/ste
Allra först några rader till dig som inte har använt något datorspråk förut. Du kan, såvida du inte har oändligt tålamod, sluta läsa här. Assembler är inget nybörjarspråk och även om du verkligen ...

How to backup your playstation games (in case they get damaged)

The origins of the biblical genesis in relation to david icke's version
the origins of the biblical genesis in relation to david icke's version as given in the biggest secret by Ivan Fraser

NFL GameDay for Playstation (1995)
here are 4 original reviews of the Playstation's game NFL GameDay from 1995. Enjoy :)
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How to Draw Manga - How to draw cute girl

13 May 2021
If you have not taken a couple of the other tutorials, like drawing hands, heads, or practiced some anatomy for just a little, I'd advise you to do so. It'll make this much easier. ( the anatomy part. I wish I'd practiced it before, but I didn't, so I'm practicing it now. It really holds back your art, so anatomy is important; to a degree anyway. ;P ) But, if you still would like to do this one anyway, you are MORE than welcome! Some important things (or to me anyway) in drawing "cute" characters is their face and hair. Clothing is of course important too. But normally cute characters have big eyes, and small noses and mouths. They can look innocent, shy, oblivious, clumsy, geeky, and more. Almost anything, but mostly, innocent and a little child-like. There is a line between cute and sexy. ;)

Just as much as looks matter in making someone cute, it's also in the body language. Shy or quiet girls contain themselves closely. Outgoing are big and bold. Arms and feet apart. Heroes are in the middle. They don't always keep their limbs in, nor do they get too loud...for the most part.

Clothing is another thing. Depending on the character, type clothing can vary; but, something that can fly in the wind is good. Be it frills and bows, or a simple straight dress. I would suggest short dress or skirts, and if doing something long, gathers in the skirt might look best. But don't be afraid to experiment!

I am assuming that you've practiced drawing heads, anatomy, and the rest of the body (if anatomy doesn't cover it all) so all you gotta do, to start, is draw your body. ^-^ Pose is important. Don't worry if it looks messy, the eraser is an artists best friend. ^_^ Be sure to use a light pencil though, so things don't get too messy if you have to do some heavy erasing.
Step 2:

I would recommend drawing hair next. If your not the best at hair, draw it short for now. It's fun and easy! To add atmosphere to the picture, draw the hair blowing in the wind.
Step 3:

Next is drawing the clothing and accessories. She looks to be a simple girl, so I've gone with a collar, sweater, short skirt, and high socks. Nothing complicated. I've drawn the pleats to blow in the other direction then her hair, so it appears as though the wind is curling around her body. Because (as stated before) she is a simple, and pretty much, neat girl, I've drawn a ribbon around her neck, and a hair piece to hold back a small section of her hair.
Step 4:

Finally, all you have to do is erase those stray sketch marks and go over your main lineart with a darker pencil, and BOOM, BAM!!! She is done!

*Random stuff*
I would advise drawing the clothing and hair simple. Let the curls or curves in the hair, and the big innocent eyes charm the viewer. The detail of an outfit may take the attention away from the face: Your focal point.

Be sure to keep your eraser clean. Nothing worse then going to erase and getting a big black smudge. Depending on the style (like chibis) don't let the eyes get TOO big. If the style is a bit "less cartoon-ish" feel, free to do more to the clothing and hair.

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