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Non ho rimpianti
Indubbiamente quando arriva la sera, con questa luce, non ho rimpianti

Meraviglia pura
Per la prima volta ho trovato la burrata a Londra

Cracking Art in Sardinia (Cagliari)
Yesterday afternoon I went to the shopping center "I Fenicotteri" in Cagliari (near the Santa Gilla pond) and I noticed that there were several colored plastic sculptures. The artistic initiati...

Pelate le arance togliendo tutta la parte gialla e separatele in quarti, senza screpacciarli, finché ne esca il succo. Infilateli ( passando un filo nell' angolo rappresentato da questi quart...

Si toglie la buccia che si adopererà per profumare lo sciroppo. Si puliscono dal bianco le arance, si schiacciano e si spreme il succo con una tela nuova e bagnata. Si aggiunge 800 g di zuccher...

Tagliate la scorza delle arance in spicchi, metteteli in un recipiente piuttosto capace e teneteli per almeno 2.giorni in acqua corrente o rinnovandola spesso per far perdere alla scorza il gust...

Loom (Solution)
Whenever you see a ***STORY*** that means to pay extra attention to story to get the important 4 threads. It is easy to get the 4 threads by looking at the colors that the distaff releases during ...

Alpha Waves (Solution)
Alpha Waves Infogrames, 1991 System and control issues: The game supports CGA, EGA, Tandy, Hercules and VGA graphics. It doesn't have any weird memory requirements, as I recall playing it...

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Hints)
These are some of the questions that Freddy will ask you when you get to level 3 or 4. 1) First word, paragraph 4, page 4 is: DISPLAYED 2) Heading top of page 1 is: DEADLY DREAMS ...

Les Manley Lost in L.A. (Solution)
Les Manley Lost in L.A. Introduction Your friend, the smallest man in the world, Helmut was kidnapped. Your mission is to rescue him. But first you need to find who is behind all this. Map ...
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23 Jul 2021
oramai non lo usa più nessuno :( che peccato!
29 Jul 2021
Quindi emette suoni spettrali ?
31 Jul 2021
Non ho proprio il tempo di aprirlo:(
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