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How to open dreamcast images with GD-ROM Explorer

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 · 9 Apr 2022

Welcome to this tutorial about Dreamcast GD-ROM images.
This time I will write a little about how to open the images and access the content of the copied GD disc on the SEGA Dreamcast console.
By the way - the program is also great at dealing with DiscJuggler .CDI images.

First, you need to download the latest version of the GD-ROM Explorer by japanese cake application.

Run the program and from the FILE option, click OPEN and select the game. An example should always be disc .GDI.

After a while, the program will load the entire content and structure of the copied GD medium.

You can copy them freely - both individually and entire tracks (including audio and IP.BIN file) to any place of the disk.

GD-ROM Explorer
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GD-ROM Explorer

A little note! If you come across an image that GD-ROM Explorer is unable to open, you must repair its structure.

Don't ask why someone is complicating their lives (as is the case with whole REDUMP sets that are senselessly written in .ISO format, which are supported by anything). It is incomprehensible to me.

We will use the program Gdi-utilities to repair the file.

First choose the path with the unreadable GDI file in it and indicate the destination path. We need min. 3 GB of space for this operation. Then press START. The process will take a while - be patient.

Once the conversion is complete, GD-ROM Explorer will be able to read the entire GD-ROM content.

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GD-ROM Explorer also allows you to convert files with Audio tracks to a lossless Wave file. This function will be useful when you want to create your own project, e.g. in a selfboot format, and burn it on a CD.

Just select the AUDIO track (icon with note) and press Convert Track ... to wave.

GD-ROM Explorer Track extraction
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GD-ROM Explorer Track extraction

If you want, you can also use the GDI to GDEMU conversion function from the Tools tab. Unfortunately, I will not check this option and the need to use it and work.

Currently, I do not have a GDEMU / USB-GDROM module yet. When this changes, you can count on me for the right material.

That's it. Well done!

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I confirm. This tutorial works also with GDEMU!

5 Jul 2024
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web page

9 Jul 2024
sending ...
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