Shredded Chicken with Cucumber 涼拌雞絲黃瓜

8 Aug 2022
Shredded Chicken with Cucumber 涼拌雞絲黃瓜
  1. Hand pull chicken meat off from a ready-made rotisserie chicken. Set aside
  2. Cut cucumber (prefer English cucumber) into strips. Set aside
  3. Cut 1 cup of scallions and cilantro into thin strips. Set aside
  4. Mix 2 Tbsp of soy sauce, 2 Tbsp of rice vinegar, 2 Tbsp of sugar, 1 tsp of chili paste, 2 Tbsp of water, 1 Tbsp of sesame oil and 2 Tbsp of minced garlic
  5. Mix chicken, cucumber, scallions, cilantro and sauce together in a big bowl
  6. Sprinkle 2 Tbsp of sesame seeds. Ready to serve.
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