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How to convert DIVX to SFD (Sofdec)

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 · 15 Nov 2022

I present to you the new method to convert DIVX or MPEG 1 or 2 files to the Dreamcast SoftDec (SFD) format, so that you can watch the video on the Dreamcast.


  • DIVX movie (MPEG4) or Mpeg 1 - 2

The Converter:

  • SEGA Dreamcast Movie Maker (8 Megas)

The Player:

  • SFD File Boot CD (300 kb)


1) Install the program and execute it.

2) Select the Image options:

How to convert DIVX to SFD (Sofdec)
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In this process you encode the audio from the AVI to SFD (SoftDec) format. It takes about 20 minutes.

3) Now set the options as in the image:

How to convert DIVX to SFD (Sofdec)
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In this process, the video will be encoded to SFD format together with the already converted sound. It takes about 15 hours. Be patient. I recommend that you leave it overnight. A 2-hour movie takes 15 hours on a 333 MHz computer with MMX and 64 RAM.

4) When the encoding process is completed, unzip the Player (SFD.ZIP) and copy the file you have converted (SFD) to the MOVIES folder of the directory where the Player is unzipped and rename it as BUMPER.SFD.

5) Burn the CD with Nero Burning Rom with the following settings:

  • Multisession NO
  • File Options tab
  • Activate it -> ISO LEVEL 1
  • Format MODE 1
  • Character Set ISO 9660 Joliet.
  • check also the last two options.
  • Write the label you want on the CD.
  • DAO or TAO mode (as you prefer).

Burn it finalizing the CD.

6) Put the CD in the Dreamcast as you do with standard games. First insert the BOOT CD and then the CD containing the movie.

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