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The last click Issue 2

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Author: eZine
2 Dec 2022
Here are some of the mails I received. I'm using this section to respond to their authors, as I didn't have the opportunity to do so earlier.

Someone nice:

I've just read LAST CLICK N°1, cool the mentality of the mag, I've also learnt some little tricks in phreak.
I like your magazine and I would like to write for it... I don't know much about phreak but I could write something about trojans for example, how to use them and protect yourself from them (how to find the ip of a person on icq if it is hidden with netstat...), also in crack... how to use a disassembler to crack, assembler instructions to know... also in social engineering if you want...

Good Continuation,

Well... thanks for your impression on the magazine, and ok if you want to write for the magazine. Contact me again by mail, and this time I'll answer you very soon, I promise (sorry for the previous time).


I'm a reader of your e-zines and I like the way you write, understandable, no complications, etc. Not like the ones where you don't get anything and he tells you his story or a friend's story in an e-zine and at the end you write "ciao", it's annoying.
I would like to be part of your e-zine for that kk I must do

Boudali Amine

From your name, I understand that you are not from the area. As for the others, I am sorry for not having answered earlier. I am happy to see that the zine is well accessible, because it is still its primary goal.
If you want to participate to the zine, you are welcome to contact me and propose your ideas, then we'll see together if it fits or not.
@ +

Shin is in the teleshopping business...

Hi shin
first of all i want to tell you that your magazine is really good even if it is too short.

I'm only a lamer but I really like the article on the mobile phone;

I've been trying to find a way to get my hands on the phone, but I can't.

I'm in trouble since the vmb hilty (0800397397) has burned out.

I'm without a box and it's really annoying because the vmb was serving me to leave messages to my sister in martinik ;;; fuck le pen and megret.

So if you could help me by finding a pbx at outdial or vmb (foreign 080090 preferably) (or something else) it would be really cool.

But most of all i wanted to tell you that i heard a friend talking about his girlfriend getting a pirate chip to call for free with her mobile phone so I immediately thought of you when i saw your article and i wanted to know if you could give me a chip if you have one.

Thank you in advance, goodbye and have a good time.

Of course dear friend! In addition you fall very well!
Indeed, for the release of the long awaited number 2, we have decided to offer to the first hundred buyers our SUPER PHREAKA GSM STOP PRICE CHIP, a super foreign voice box to communicate with your friends.
You are the 99th purchaser and therefore you benefit from this extraordinary offer, dear friend.
To take advantage of it, you just have to give me your name, address and credit card number, so that I can cash the money immediately and that you receive your chip as soon as possible.
Thank you for your trust.


Another nice one

Hi, I came across your magazine which I liked and the main reason is that it is really well presented and pleasant to read so for the next issues continue exactly is this way.

Apart from that, I'm just starting out, let's say EVERYWHERE.

I understood all your articles (it's normal to read the same subjects 20 times: It's not a criticism, don't worry) except one: the one about the phreak of cell phones: To tell the truth I didn't understand anything about the algorithms, their orders ... but I'm going to read again. Well, to do that you need some hardware as you say and I don't think I'll be able to find all the necessary mtos. Apart from that, I'd like you to tell me what you do in Phreak and especially (if you have time and if you don't mind) that you tell me about some vaicu experience, deatilise. That way I'll see more experiences.

Otherwise it would be nice to include a programming and/or linux part. I know that many other articles explain very well the programming but it's nice to read a complete magazine because you can find everything you want.

I can't write anything but a few lines on how to nicket FT, if you're interested I'll attach the doc file that tells you what happened: What I did is banal, not very original, not something to be proud of but I share it because it's good to see FT. here's @+

Well... yeah, I'm going to put some programming (Virus).
As for your text, it's pretty cheeky for a guy who's just starting out. I'll let the readers give you their impression. But just a little advice for the road: avoid the .doc format which leaves a MAC number lying around, a bug in fact.
@ +

Well, I'll stop here for this time. if you want to buy chips or VMB numbers, hesitate a bit before contacting me ;) (This one, I didn't think I'd ever get it...)

See you next time.
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