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Tasting the oven in the new house

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Diario di un viaggio che boh
 Β· 12 Mar 2023
Tasting the oven in the new house
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I have just finished one cake for tasting the oven. Nothing better than a cake for tasting a oven.
For now it looks really fluffy

What is this?
[3/12, 21:02] Serenity πŸ€“: No idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ let's see tomorrow
[3/12, 21:03] Serenity πŸ€“: I got specialized in " pasticceria" when I was younger
[3/12, 21:03] Serenity πŸ€“: It is almost impossible that A cake is not gonna be good with me
[3/12, 21:03] Serenity πŸ€“: i did it everything looking consistency only while i was mixing
[3/12, 21:04] Serenity πŸ€“: I put wheat, sunflower oil, almond milk, yeast and eggs
[3/12, 21:05] Serenity πŸ€“: And then I topped it with inside the meat minced you have for Xmas time in pies and in the exterior lemon juice, soya sirve and peanut butter
[3/12, 21:05] Serenity πŸ€“: πŸ˜…

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