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Painting the wall

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Diario di un viaggio che boh
 · 23 Mar 2023

The other morning, I accidentally dropped some coffee all over, including on the wall.

Tryingy to cleaning it, the paint went away with the cloth.
The end result is visible in the picture below.


Painting the wall
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I decided to paint it by mself and get away with it and the landloar. At the end of the day, I want my deposit back.

This is what the wall looks like after a first coat of paint

Painting the wall
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while this is the final result is fabulous.

Painting the wall
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Painting the wall
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My instinct of "you can make it by yourself were right".

Sometimes we only need to crash our fears and go with the flow.
Others are not better than us because they can, they only have tried before.

I am happy, I had never painted before.
Now I know how it works, what to expect :)
I have learned something new :)

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Francesco Arca (@Francesco)

perfect! You did a magnificent job. The wall has no trace of the coffee splahs!

23 Mar 2023
AniphaeS's profile picture

EXACTLY :D My Deposit is safe :D

23 Mar 2023
sending ...
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