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DnA 9-11: Fun w/ gum machines

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DnA Electronic Magazine
 · 16 May 2023

by: Blood Sucker

This month I'm back in force with another quality article. . .I first want to tell you that Cigarette contraband has dropped off by 90% since my last article. . . Anyway, this month I've decided to show you how to get free items from your favorite shopping center using cardboard cut-out quarters. . .

Here it is:

To do this you need the following: | Item | Where to get 'em |
| Cardboard | Office/School |
| Scissors | House |
| A quarter | Piggy bank |
| A pen | Hmmm home maybe?:) |
»-------------- ------------------------º

Put a quarter on the carboard. With the pen, trace the quarter to get a circle on the cardboard. . . Like this:

(ink traced quarters!)          /(cardboard) 
\ /
| \ _ _ |
| / \ / \ |
| \_/ \_/ |
| \_______________|____(U cut where you've traced the quarter)
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

Ok now grab the scissors and cut around the quarter or where you've traced a circle. Now on your cardboard quarter you can write things like: "Fuck You," "DNA Magazine is The Best, " "Blood is GH0D, " "25-" or anything you can think of. . .

The cardboard quarters will work with private vending machines that resemble this illustration. Try it on various machines, as the worst it will do is eat your (paper) quarter.

/ \
/ \
/ \
/ \
| Items |
\ /
\ /
/ \ /
/ \ /
/ \_____________/
/ / \
(Machine) / --- \
/ \ /--(Insert money)
/ \
/ ----- \
/ \/ ---(Handle)\

That means that if there's no handle . . . Forget it , it won't work. . .

After you've used your scissors and cardboard . . . You're 25c richer. Go to the shopping center near you and try 'em in the machines! Caution: sometimes the quarter get stuck in the slot. . . All you have to do is to force the handle to turn and maybe you'll be able to turn it more than once turn it until it stops. . . Maybe the machine will be empty but you'll have your surprises and candy provisions for life:). That mean that you can get 23123478 gumballs or whatever for the price of a cardboard quarter and save over 321$!!!:). If you can't force it to turn then let it stay stuck and check for another machine!

I did that 1 month ago and the slot was changed. It still had a handle but the handle did not turn when there was a 25- in cardboard. . . Those machines are a minority, so try it.

One day I got a yellow Batman shoestring (Yes, "a" lace, not a pair, just one. . .) What can i do with this shit? Ah I don't care anyway, 'cause it was only cardboard. . . I also made a CAN$1.00 and used it on similar machines, and it worked as well.

If you'd like to tell me what you've punked from those machines or have any questions , just leave e-mail to blood sucker on digital decay (the phone # is in the last article.)

-=\ next month: a new weapon! /=-

Life doesn't last long, take advantage of it!
Blood Sucker

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