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The Buddhas' essential functioning

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 · 9 months ago
[This document can be acquired from a sub-directory coombspapers via anonymous FTP and/or COOMBSQUEST gopher on the node COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU]

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[This version: 28 July 1993]


TITLE: The Buddhas' essential functioning
AUTHOR: Hung-chih Cheng-chueh [T'ien-t'ung Hung-chih ] (J.Tendo Wanshi)
SOURCE: The Ten Directions, Vol 2, No 2, June 1981. pp. 20
NOTES: A poem by Tendo Wanshi Zenji, written approx. 1140, translated
by Taizan MAEZUMI, Roshi and Neal DONNER. One hundred years later it was followed by a smilarly structured and worded poem by Eihei Dogen.

The Buddhas' essential functioning,
the patriarch's functioning essence,
Knows without relating to things
and illuminates without reflecting upon objects.
Knowing without relating to things,
its knowing is subtle of itself.
Illuminating without reflecting upon objects,
its illumination is mysterious of itself.
Its knowing, subtle of itself,
is the thought with no discrimination.
Its illumination, mysterious of itself,
is the sign without the slightest mark.
The thought with no discrimination,
its knowing is completed without other.
The sign without the slightest mark,
its illumination is revealed without choice.
The water is pure and clear to the bottom;
a fish swims slowly.
The sky is vast and finds no boundary;
a bird flies far away.

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