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ST Format
 · 20 May 2023


The AUGUST ST Format has been on sale in Europe for about a week. This summary is late due to the 4th of July, 3 day weekend. It seems that the US MAIL does not move anywhere on such Sundays and Mondays. Thanks again should go to Clive Parker. At least US ST Format readers will get a preview of what is in store for them once ST Format shows up here at dealer shelves in about a week. I would expect STF61 in the US on the 18th of July. Once again, if you appreciate reading these summaries, please send a note of thanks to Clive Parker on CIS. Of course another way to thank him is to drop STF a line at: ST FORMAT/ 30 Monmouth Street/ Bath, Avon BA128W. ...After thinking this over, people wrote in to praise Bob Brodie at Atari Corp. and he gets his position and panoramic corner office back, paid vacation...then leaves Atari for a better job... Well, use your best judgement. Trenton will just have to be sure he does not give Clive 4 weeks off to look around and interview for another position. The best way to thank Clive is to buy ST Format and/or subscribe!

As for comments, I showed STF61 to 2 people, STeve Kipker and Dr. Christopher Mau. The first word out of both of their mouths on each occasion was, "wow." I think that sums up the look of ST Format under the direction of its new editor, Trenton Webb. With the 4th of July just days ago, the words of Thomas Jefferson come to mind. "The tree of freedom needs to be refreshed every once in a while with the blood of patriots.." Well, ST Format seems to need a change of editorship to reach new heights. STeve and I both are impressed by what we perceive as a new look to STF! There are touches that I especially like, like what is being done with Capt. Blunder and the back page! Upon browsing through STF61, I am hopeful that Trenton Webb will rank in my esteem up there along side Mark Higham as my definition of the best of the best in computer magazine editing. I always enjoy reading ST Format, but this was something more joyous. I predict that once this issue of ST Format hits the stands and dealer shelves in the US, it will revitalize interest in the Atari ST. This is not just wishful thinking. With two "wows" out of the mouths of 2 jaded readers that digest STF from cover to cover every month, there is something wonderful happening here.

STeve's Atari Sales will take pre-orders on this issue #61 in the US. Please read the accompanying BUY_IT.TXT file for pertinent purchasing information. STeve's AtariNOTES! should be out around the 15th of July. I have finished my part, but STeve is making changes to the newsletter. So, look for STeve's AtariNOTES!, issue #3, the end of the 3rd week of JULY from the same file base from which you get the ST Format summaries. You will be 1 of over 300 people that download this newsletter-catalog each month. If your friends whine that there is no support for Atari computers, they obviously have not seen ST Format or STeve's AtariNOTES! So, make them happy, put a copy of one or both into their hands today!

There is no news that I can comment upon without stepping on articles in the pages of this month's STF. Sales of Falcons and STes are up in numbers at STeve's Atari Sales. With new products for sale and on the horizon that take advantage of the superior hardware of these machines (over the base ST), it is of no wonder people are upgrading.


Unfortunately, this month I cannot give insight into what is in the SUBSCRIBER'S NEWSLETTER. If you turn to page 50 of STF61, you can get a glimpse. There is a ROCK 'N' ROLL BARG'S offer for only subscribers. You lucky subscribers will have to tell us what this is all about and who the "BIG BLOKE" is that joined the staff of ST Format.

This month's WONDERDISK is packed full with 11 games, applications, and utilities. You have to be an ST Format subscriber to receive both the WONDERDISK and the superiorly commanding, additional instructions and descriptions included with the subscribers only newsletter. On the disk is a 4 player mazeadventure-arcade-puzzle game named WYRD WAYS. You talk about a game that has something for everyone, this is it! Another game offering is PATIENCE, the solitaire card game simulation. Continuing the subject of gaming, there is an editor for CIVILIZATION. This cheat program should give your copy of that game some more play time on your ST. In the realm of entertaining applications, PSYCHO SCRIPT and RUNE CASTER should keep subscribers entertained. The former is a hypnotic show for your color monitor and the latter is a pseudo-fortune telling program. Maybe you can get a job with a 1-900 fortune telling phone service with it? As for utilities 2 IN 1 SHELL is a timely offering. With this shell program you can install and use a dozen archive programs through this easy to use interface (if you can afford all the shareware registration fees). No more having to deal with that command line interface and having to remember all those one letter commands. The other programs are familiar names or self-explanatory: MEMWATCH, DC FLOPPY CONFIG, LED PANEL v2.5, and SPEEDO. What is pure serendipity, or Clive Parker used RUNES, MEDIUM REZ BOOTER is provided on the WONDERDISK. I have been searching high and low for this program ever since I read about it in the pages of STF in an article by Clive. I need it for my STe, not only to boot-it up into medium resolution, but to also speed boot-up. As it stands my STe takes 50 seconds or more to reach the GEM desktop. Lastly, there is a program called VERICARD, that checks to see if credit card numbers are valid. I await input from STeve to tell me if it is useful or not. All in all, I have to say that this month's WONDERDISK should keep people busy, if not entertained.


TONG IN CHEEK makes the way for another cover that should be converted into a poster. It also introduces the readers to the cover story informing STF readers about 12 new applications for your ST, STe, or FALCON030 that have or are coming from the forge of software developers! With an additional 6 new applications reviewed, the future looks as hot as this month's STF cover.


STF reviews over 5 ST, STe, & FALCON game packages, 1 of these is definitely new and runs on the ST. There are also 2 game previews, one of these covers the space adventure role playing game, ZERO-5, from Caspian Software. On the productivity and hardware side, well over 22 productivity software packages (over a dozen of these new), 4 hardware items and a bunch of new CD ROM releases are reviewed and rated. In the public domain sector STF reviews over 10 game, 2 educational, 1 animation demo, and 1 utility program. There are no JAGUAR reviews or previews this month. Considering all the new products for Atari computers covered in this month's STF, the JAGUAR is not missed.


Besides the new "wow" look to ST Format and the huge number of reviews this month, there are again 3 programs of 7 that I find exceptional and worth having and using. There is the 30 level platform game, WELL'ARD. This game is of commercial caliber! WELL'ARD is SHAREWARE and protected by code for limited access. The second program is ATARI VIEW 3, a text file reader that is chock-full of options. This is just the program to use to read these ST Format summaries, to search them for what you are interested, and block capture the text for sending to a printer or saving as a file on disk. And, that is not all. The last program is TWINZ, a CONCENTRATION type game. It is extremely addicting and the tiles have differing graphics behind them that keeps it fresh, level to level. A program that may interest others is WORDQUIZ 4, a wordsearch puzzle generator, but there are problems with this program. Please read the COVER DISK section of this summary to get the details on this. And, there are 55 more drum samples for use with QUARTET, given to STF readers 3 issues back.

On the feature and regular article side, if you have ever considered installing TOS 2 into your ST, this is the issue you must buy. This is proclaimed the COMPLETE TOS 2 GUIDE. There are 4 separate parts or chapters: BUY IT, INSTALL IT, TWEAK IT, and USE IT; 7 pages of TOS 2 coverage from a review to a Clive DIY to 2 tutorials on its use. STF has 2 DIYs (Do It Yourself). One is extremely timely, showing how to use SENSIBLE SOCCER to simulate the WORLD CUP, slated for completion on July 17th. The 2nd DIY has CLIVE PARKER show you how simple and easy it is to install the solderless TOS 2 upgrade on the STFM. With an additional 5 pages telling you about and how to efficiently use TOS 2, you should be as motivated as I to get this into your ST. Since it is authored by Clive Parker, you should know this is exceptional reading. And in a time of changes, some things are still included, like a CHRIS LLOYD feature article. This month it is an in-depth compilation review of all the art packages out there for use on the ST. Chris reviews and rates 9 of them, categorized by how much they will lighten your pocket book. I neglected to say that there is a mine full of STF GOLD this month, including a review of the newly released DIAMOND BACK 3.01, rated STF 95%! Of the 22 reviewed packages, a good number of them can be found in the art program feature article. The FALCON and the STe are very visual machines. This is a must read for all Atarians trying to find uses for their machines! Additional feature articles of special note are Trenton Webb's continuation of last month's chronicle of the past 5 years of Atari history and ST Format.

GAMEBUSTERS gives in-depth coverage to FRONTIER, AMBERSTAR, ELITE and CHAOS STRIKES BACK with smaller additional hints to other ST games. ST ANSWERS continues to be a reason unto itself for reading ST Format. This is continuing ST education under the direction of professor Clive Parker and faculty. Master the material each month and you too can be an Atari computer expert. Lastly, FEEDBACK gives you the first real insight into who is Trenton Webb, the new STF editor. From his replies, you can determine if Trenton has command of the English language, let alone eloquent or colorful enough to carry on the chain of command at ST FORMAT's helm. "These are the chronicles of the ST Format. Its on-going mission to..."


This month's cover disk is packed with files, 4 of them compressed. There is 1 sound utility demo, 1 arcade platform game, 2 "educational games", 1 very pertinently useful utility, and another collection of sound samples.

WELL 'ARD is an arcade game that is commercial quality. There are 16 levels to this game, distributed equally among 4 worlds. The first world is a 4 level platform game. The levels are multi-screened! The quality of the game is not surprising once you realize the game is SHAREWARE. For you to access the later worlds, you must register the game to get a codeword from the author, a Citizen of the Realm (lives in the UK). Worlds 2 and 3 are more platform action, but ST Format in possession of the registration code tells us that world 4 is one of shoot 'em up action. If you mind that your on screen alter-ego looks like a 1-eyed, tank-T-shirt clad, toothy fat thug, this game is not for you.

DIGIT v1.1 DEMO is another functional music demo with its save functions disabled. You can still load song files, modify them and play them. This program has a ST keyboard interface like MUSIC MON from last month's cover disk; i.e., you can play music from the ST keyboard! This is just full of useful options. You will be surprised, and you can load and save sound samples from within this demo in the SAM format. I am not too keen on music programs, let alone disabled demos of them. But (a big BUT), the sale and use of them pay the bills for many, and ST Format supports them to the fullest. The STF staff promises a MASTERCLASS tutorial on the use of this program next month. On the same page of STF instructions for this program, STF informs you of problems with last month's SAM 2 DISK cover disk demo and how to resolve them! Another example of ST Format's excellent support of its cover disks.

TWINZ is an excellent, addictive game of concentration. What keeps it fresh, level after level, are the tile icons. You match pairs of tiles, turning them over to see road signs, car manufacturer emblems, air line logos, and much, much more. With only 20 tiles per screen, you may think this game a lark, but there is a time limit that you must beat to get to the next screen full of tiles. I do not know if the game timer speeds up from level to level, but it sure does seem so after a while. I bet you can't just play one level! ENJOY!!!

WORD QUIZ 4 is a word search generator program that once was commercial ware, or still is. This program is listed to work on all STs; it does not. It will not work on any machine that does not have a blitter chip, nor can you shut down the blitter and load it. If you have a MEGA or STe, you can send as little as $5 to register this product. If you have a ST, STF or STFM, you will have to buy the commercial release. STeve is well stocked with these and will be happy to sell you a copy. Trenton Webb was so enthralled by this program that he used it to generate a reader promotional competition, but more on that in THE LAST PAGE discussion of this summary. There are 10 sample puzzles provided for you to print out or modify. Clive Parker did an excellent one for STAR TREK tng! For Anglophiles (a lot of US readers of STF are) word search themes like ALLSTARS (cricket, soccer?), GROCERIES, or TV SHOWS (if you watch a lot of PBS) may give you that enjoyable insight into British life. Others like JURASSIC, JAGUAR, SHAREWARE, CIRCUS and even BOOKSTORE may be more cosmopolitan in their solutions. Of course they are included, THIS IS the world's best selling ST magazine!

ATARI VIEW 3.8 is the most wonderful of all this month's cover disk offerings. It is a text file reader that is jam-packed with useful options. And they are accessible by use of mouse and/or keystroke. I would use this to read the ST Format summaries. You can display by page, doubles spaced, single spaced or dump the text in whole or parts that you choose using its block function. It has a search function that comes in handy if you want to skip down to those sections that I refer to, when I write, "more on this later..." You can place up to 10 markers. So, mark your place, search for that section I mentioned, use the block functions to save the to disk or send it to your printer, and then just jump back to your marker and continue on your way. Did I not say it was wonderful? You can move through the text line by line or page by page. There is so much more, like readily available help programmed right into this viewer if you have questions about an options. The viewer even lets you access your desktop accessories! You just have to use this to appreciate all these described features. To me this is the best gift this month from STF to its readers, especially to those that read ST Format summaries!

SEBRA is THE monochrome emulator for ST color monitor users. This is thoughtfully provided on the disk for those that do not have a monochrome monitor to be able to boot up and use the DIGIT demo. This has 3 different modes of operation and if one is not compatible, try the other two. I have yet to personally see a monochrome program that will not work with SEBRA. SEBRA is ZEBRA in Swedish (so I am told). That sums it up in one word.

BOSS DRUM is a collection of 55 drum samples for STF readers that bought issue 58. On that issue QUARTET was given away on the cover disk. These are the promised drum samples mentioned last month in the accompanying text to the 20 instrument samples on the STF60 cover disk. I have written it once, if not over a dozen time: this is another example of ST Format's commitment to its readers to give them resources and information they can use to get the most out of STF cover disk offerings. And this support can extent over months, such as in this case of 4 months of support for QUARTET! As for the name of this collection, I can only guess that Bruce Springsteen endorses their use.

COVER DISK BACK-UP is included this month. The instructions to this 800K+, disk back-up system are penned in the style of an eloquent Oxford professor lecturing on the fine arts before a body of the most astute scholars. I hope this motivates people to read the instructions and use this program; before you find someone like your 4 year old son has formatted your STF cover disk and you have no back-up copy.


INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION is Trenton Webb's look at the future of the ST and with this collection of review and previews of software for the serious Atarian (serious meaning productivity applications that can help Atarians achieve fame or fortune), you will become a believer too! Reviewed are TWIST, a database application; PAPYRUS, a DTP word processor; TRUE IMAGE, a 24 bit art program; EASE, an alternate desktop (like NEODESK or DESKFX); CLARITY FALCON, a sound and music D2D application; MAG!X FALCON, faster and more compatible multi-tasking; NOTATOR LOGIC, a complete music application; MUSICOM2/TRAKCOM, another music package for digital recording and editing; MASTERPHONE, turns your ST into a personal phone receptionist; INTERFACE 2, a new resource file editor for use with all TOS computers; THAT'S WRITE 3, a WYSIWYG word processor; and not really the last, TELEPHONE SYSTEM, another program that turns your ST into a personal receptionist that will screen your phone calls and even lie for you. "I am sorry but Professor Parker is not in, please enter your pin number to leave a message." Beep boop beep. "Hi Trenton, been expecting your call..." The future is here! [21]

ART FOR ART'S SAKE is a compilation of reviews of art program for use on the ST. It should be no secret that Chris Lloyd is one of the finest reviewers that write for ST Format. There are 5 art programs ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** and in a Chris Lloyd review that is a solid promise of excellence. Chris Lloyd groups the reviews as follows: Public Domain -- CRACK ART, PAD, and PAINT POT; Commercial Packages -- DELUXE PAINT, TRUE PAINT, and PIXART; and The Big League -- CHAGALL, DA'S PICTURE, and ARABESQUE PROFESSIONAL. In a side bar there are listed all the art programs given away on past STF cover disks. These are CANVAS (STF34), SPECTRUM 512 (STF36), PRISM PAINT v1.1 (STF48), and HYPERPAINT 2 (STF 54). The latter 2 are still in stock at STeve's and all can be ordered from ST Format. Please see the attached BUYIT file for further information [30]

CD REVIEW by Clive Parker is a look at the world of CD-ROM. He examines 1 GIGABYTE of software and graphics files. Only a reviewer of Clive's caliber could succinctly summarize this into 2 pages of text! Reviewed are ATARI PD AND SHAREWARE, volumes 1 and 2; SPACE AND ASTRONOMY CD-ROM; and PROJECT GUTTENBERG CD-ROM. I leave it to you to read this excellent review and to learn about what PROJECT GUTENBERG is. I just have to tell you that Clive found that ATARI PD... volumes are much better than the GEMINI CD-ROM, that was previously reviewed in the pages of STF. Now you have to read and find out why or buy them upon this summaries relation of a Clive Parker endorsement [48]

STF'S DIY SS WC '94 translated is ST Format's Do It Yourself SENSIBLE SOCCER World Cup 1994. If you own SENSIBLE SOCCER try this DIY out and see if your ST predicts the winner of the World Cup. STF tells you who won in their DIY simulation, aptly demonstrating this DIY is not a waste of space. I think it is Trenton Webb that tells us some interesting soccer facts and trivia in a sidebar. There is a goal to this. He at the end challenges you to try to best these stats in game play using SENSIBLE SOCCER. This is an extremely timely DIY and if you had any curiosity concerning soccer sims, this should fire you up enough to try SENSIBLE SOCCER. So, July 17th is the best day to do this with the finals on the tube (TV). After Clive Parker's timely release of STAR TREK (TM): KLINGON WAR on the WONDERDISK, which I was able to try out while the last episode of ST tng was blaring in stereo throughout the house, as the USS Enterprise came into battle to save the crew of the USS Pasteur (why not USS Lister or Jenner?) from Klingon warships. What can beat playing the final game of your DIY SS WC '94 to the cheers and jeers of the actual World Cup finals. Now you have an excuse to purchase that surround-sound home entertainment system [70]

NOW WE ARE FIVE is the continuation of Trenton Webb's look at the past history of ST Format. Last month covered the 1st 3 years. This month he looks at the other two years - to date. Again he tells you about things behind the scenes of the Atari world and ST Format's place in it as the magazine covered the news and helped form it. He tells you more about the personalities that made STF what it was and where they are today. I think this article series is important for Atarians to read. Through it, you can see exactly how things have reached the state they are in today -- good and bad. My summary of this would include Trenton as follows: STeve Carey lays the new foundation for STF; Mark Higham builds upon the foundation and creates a palatial edifice in the world of computer journalism; Paula Richards knocks out rotting timbers and returns good taste and values to STF; and Trenton Webb renovates STF and revitalizes the Atari World!. BTW in the regular THE LATEST NEWS section, there is a STF promotional competition that tests how well you read this 2 part history. Please read that section of STF for details on how to enter and win tickets to the FES 3 in London, England [72]


A Perfect Plug-in is a DIY by none other than Clive Parker. Clive says this upgrade should take an hour and afterwards you will have a NEW COMPUTER (talk about revitalizing). Through a well illustrated tutorial with carefully worded text to guide you past those in little, potentially fatal details, you will be painlessly guided to your new machine. This is another well written, well organized DIY that has become synonymous with the name -- Clive Parker [76]]

MUSIC MON TUTORIAL is a STF MASTERCLASS to teach you how to get the most out of this STF60 cover disk offering. Team written by Andy Curtis and Frank Charlton, they shown you what each and every one of those screen icons, buttons, and sliders do. If you own the commercial version, it will be well worth it to buy this issue to read this article. For you owners of the MUSIC MON 2 demo, this may convince you it is time to up-grade to the full, working version [88]

T2: UPGRADE DAY is Clive Parker's follow up to his review of STFM TOS SWITCHER, his DIY on TOS 2 installation, and his ST ANSWERS TOS 2 coverage. Here Clive presents a virtual manual on the features of TOS 2.06 and how to use these features. By listing the "25 reasons for getting TOS 2.06," Clive tells you what TOS 2.06 can do for you. He tells you how to install the software side of this desktop interface, including how XCONTROL fits into the scheme of TOS 2 [92]


Over 22 software programs and packages are reviewed and rated, 1 of them is a new game and 5 of them new productivity packages or significant updates. This month Chris Lloyd looks at 9 art programs in his always thorough manner and 5 of these are ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD***. There is more gold, the highest rated at 95% is DIAMOND BACK 3.01 by Bob Luneski. It is no surprise that this is a solid product, STeve Kipker was one of the beta testers. The other significant productivity release is KOBOLD, the file management system software. With MAG!X and the forthcoming EASE, it is the time to switch from the old Gribnif stuff and replace it with the sparkling new Systems Solutions products. I guess I could send my money to Gribnif to update my NEODESK, but that does little to help my Atari dealer. The INDIES CORNER has a thorough review by Simon Forrester, the new staff writer, and I am happy to say that he gives it a thumbs up. That is because I am a booster of JV Enterprises and own a registered copy of this game purchased from STeve's Atari Sales. Vote with your dollars, every product you register with them helps them live (pay rent, buy food), so they can write more software for Atari Computers. Lastly, STF reviews the newly released INTERNATIONAL SENSIBLE SOCCER and gives it a ***ST FORMAT RATED GOLD***. I take it to meant that this is a significant update and not just re-boxing to take advantage of the World Cup hype. Since these writers, especially under Trenton Webb, should know their "football" you should take that into consideration in deciding to upgrade or not. As for game previews, read Jonathan Nash's preview of ZERO-5 and see why I have already set aside cash to buy this space adventure, a step beyond ELITE 2. This will only playable on MEGAs, STes and the Falcon 030. This is from Caspian Software (who else could it be for NEW STe games?).

On the hardware side, Clive Parker does his best to identify the best value for your pound. It is too bad that 3 of these items are regional sales items, at least for US readers. For European readers, this is a boon. I predict that the ***ST FORMAT RATED GOLD***, STFM TOS SWITCHER will be imported to the US. I hope it revitalizes use of the STFM in the US. I will reiterate, after TOS 2.06 is installed, it is like owning a brand new machine, the change is so radical. You can next install a 1.4 HD floppy drive and make the transformation complete! (see the JUNE on-line issue of STeve's AtariNOTES!) Before I forget, in a footer it is announced that ST Format will be giving away 2 of these TOS 2 switchers. You just have to define an acronym, which judging from the on-going threads on the Atari ST Fido echo is not as simple to do as STF thinks. (T is for Total, The, Tramiel, Tired [as in "Tired Ol'..."], etc... the debate rages.)

The guide to the top selling ST games in the UK is part of SCREENPLAY this month. Called CHARTS, it is listed in the TOC. SCREENPLAY and CHARTS can be found on page [53]

Productivity Software [ATARIPRO]

Crack Art ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** [30]


Paint Pot [31]

Deluxe Paint ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** [31]

True Paint [32]

Pixart [32]

Chagall ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** [32]

DA's Picture ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** [33]

Arabesque Professional [33]

3D Calc Plus [34]

Music Mon 2 [35]

Silhouette v1.4 [36]

Diamond Back 3.01 ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** [37]

HP Chrome v2.5 [38]



Multi-media Speakers [38]

Gasteiner SCSI Drive ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** [40]

Top Link Host Adaptor [40]



ST, Falcon, and Jaguar games reviewed and rated.

The Final Conflict [58]

Jimmy Connors Tennis [60]

Merchant Colony [61]

First Samurai [62]

International Sensible Soccer ***RATED ST FORMAT GOLD*** [64]


Club Drive [54]

ZERO-5 [56]


ST Format reveals the best in cheap ST software -- FREE or almost free. There is no GOLD here this month, but 1 of the educational offerings is rated high enough to be a "must have" for those with children. This month I cannot find fault the reviewers. It might be the good mood from seeing some educational program reviews that is coloring my opinion, but I think the reviews were quite good this month. There is a warning about TRIYAHOO that explains what happened to my hard drive partition, AND I DID NOT TRY TO CRACK THE CODE. What a nasty program. The ST Sextet goes a long way in letting FALCON users know what is out there for the ST that will run on the Falcon. In the collection are WING LORD, COLUMNS, BITRIS, PATIENCE, THURG AND MURG, and the STe-MEGA program - VERTICAL MAYHEM. There is another one of those low STF ratings (18%); but with a publisher's name of Dunce's Cap (sic) Software, what does one expect? This month has over 8 games; 2 educational; and 1 demo that are reviewed and rated [42]


Futuretime 8 [43]


Keymaths 1 [42]

Etc 1 [42]

PD Games

ST Sextet (Falcon compatibles) [43]

Triyahoo [44]

Frame of Mind [44]

Indies Corners

Again, I forgot to move the discussion of this section to down here. To be fair about I guess I have to announce: Simon Forrester Indie Reviews in ST Format! Or should I cut to the chase and say Simon Forrester Deems TOWERS an Excellent DM Clone [46]

Towers [46]

Sword of Kings [47]

The BBS Directory [47]



Get more out of your STF cover disk with these additional instructions that are well illustrated and by someone that I cannot identify. All I can say is that they out did themselves this month. This is the first issue where I liked the official STF Cover Disk more than the WONDERDISK. I hope I have drummed into people's heads that TWINZ and ATARI VIEW 3 are worth the cover price of STF. WORDQUIZ 4 is icing on the cake for owners of blitter equipped systems. Let us not forget SEBRA. All these and more make for a MUST HAVE cover disk [7]


I dearly loved Paula Richard's NEWS columns. She turned me on to the SMART 1442, 14K baud FAX modem, which I also love. But, it does wonders for my soul to see NO MORE SNIPPETS (my brain always read it as 'SNIPES') and no more Bob Brodie bashing. Instead there is a polite, timely and informative news flash here about Bob resigning. STF even had info that I was not aware of, and Bob still talks to all by phone and GEnie. More international news pieces concern Atari importing British citizens to complete ALIEN VS PREDATOR and Atari's big presence (35 stations) at the Chicago CES. There are so many news items here on the CD-ROM industry, you will just have to buy this issue to read them. Finally, one of the things I like about the new ST Format is the liberal use of photos to enhance the ambiance of articles and stories. Most of you know that the memory of one of my STs is at AERCO in San Antonio, Texas for repairs. I was going to ask Jerry of AERCO to send me a snapshot of the Alamo. Well, ST Format beat the request in their illustrated coverage here of the 2nd Texas Atari Festival. Thank you again for being prescient, ST Format! [12]


Trenton Webb now sits in the hotseat and does an excellent job of answering the letters of STF readers. One of the most interesting letters lists 5 games that say "1Mbyte required" on the box, but work on a 0.5Mbyte ST. Trenton answers another letter, helping me to understand the distribution of STF in Europe. Another letter helps me understand why I have such an affinity to Chris Lloyd reviews - more emphasis on the visual over the aural. In as sidebar Trenton replies to a letter from the author of AUTO-STEREOGRAM CREATOR about the 7% STF Rating it received. Trenton is very diplomatic in his answer and admits the rating to be harsh (I would say so, matter of fact I did). What is of concern is that Trenton informs us that only Clive Parker is the only person on the STF staff that can see the images in them. I read somewhere that only the most creative and flexible minds can visualize auto-stereogram graphics. I myself cannot see anything in them, but this may not bode well for the future in the case of STF! Maybe they should make interpreting these a part of the application review process at Future Publishing? Well, they do have Clive and did have Andy Lowe. There are 8 other entertaining or informative exchanges. Thanks Trenton for the insight [95]


This is the place for you non-subscribers to see what was on this month's Subscribers Only WONDERDISK (see the SUBSCRIBER'S section, well above) and the BETWEEN THE COVERS NEWSLETTER. Once again it would behoove you to consider subscribing. You get the WONDERDISK, STF's well written additional instructions for WONDERDISK programs, BETWEEN THE COVERS NEWSLETTER, and ST Format delivered to your door. For US readers, I would do this before the dollar falls any more against the pound if that concerns you. Of course if you feel that you have to help your newstand dealer earn the money for psychoanalysis and beer to cope with this ever changing world, that is commendable [50]


seven (7!) jam-packed pages of answers to over 40 of your difficult, techy problems to help you understand and use your ST or FALCON. This month's topics include: GFA Basic, Assembly language, STOS, Music and MIDI, software, hardware, telecomm. problems and more. Clive Parker once again examines one question and covers it in-depth. This month he writes what amounts to a MASTERCLASS treatise on how to create customized icons and install them into the TOS 2 desktop. The MASTERCLASS aspect comes into play for Clive uses ICON JUGGLER and MAKEICON, two programs from the STF48 cover disk. STeve and ST Format can both sell this back issue to you. This is an essential part of Clive's complete coverage of TOS 2. The cover says COMPLETE TOS 2 GUIDE. That it is, and we have Clive to thank for it. Once again through a well illustrated article with sidebars, examples and diagrams, the reader will master TOS 2.06 iconology [86]


Cheats, hints, tips, and maps to help you enjoy that game that has you tearing your hair out, including in-depth solutions for FRONTIER, AMBERSTAR (winner of 25 pounds), and ELITE. The CHAOS STRIKES BACK serial solution concludes this month. There is a short tip for ISHAR and a short solution for one of the levels of CANNON FODDER [65]


I love what they are doing with him. This is another cliff hanger installment. Will Captain Blunder return for another month? Or will he asphyxiate in...? In between the action, the captain hands out cheats on IKARI WARRIORS, OPERATION THUNDERBOLT, VOODOO NIGHTMARE, and ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE ROBOT MONSTERS. His manager steps in and solicits tips for DRAGON'S BREATH, FUTURE WARS, and MANIAC MANSION. Will the Captain be back? Stay tuned [65]

PIXEL PAINTING returns under the purview of Trenton Webb. And it comes back in a big way with a Sci-Fi battle scene rendered using POV RAYTRACE. I am glad that Jeff Thompson shared this work of art with STF. Thank you Trenton for running it. With all the beautiful POV art that has graced the pages of STF, it makes me want to start rendering with POV. It is also a good excuse to buy an accelerator board and upgrade the Ste to 4 MEGs of RAM [98]

What is that I hear? That familiar haunting's, it's the return of the TWILIGHT ZONE! This marks the return of a favorite section of mine, a place where you learn a little more about the editor and his views on things. This month we learn that Trenton Webb is a football (soccer) fan. He has created a word search puzzler (most likely with WORD QUIZ 4 with a WORLD CUP theme for STF readers to solve and mail in to qualify to win A CUP. Also, defined here for the first time is an STF staff definition of what those ST Format percentage ratings really mean. It makes me feel good to know that I was not off in my assessment that anything rated over 80% is worth the trouble of acquiring. Another promotional contest and more insight into STF staff next month? I eagerly await next month's THE LAST PAGE [98]

SPECIAL OFFERS (bonus disk software & manuals) [90]
ESSENTIAL CONTACTS (phone numbers) [98]


On a layout reminiscent of CIVILIZATION, ST Format invites you to "VISIT ANOTHER DIMENSION," as they examine 3D on the ST. Next month they promise an exclusive ISHAR 3 Cover Disk demo; and reviews of ISHAR 3 (game), PAPYRUS (DTP word processor), and RAINBOW (art program). There will be a MASTERCLASS lesson on how to get the most out of this month's DIGIT v1.1 cover disk offering. Also promised is a DIY on how to add a "video socket to your machine." I really am curious what this is about. Of course we have to see if Captain Blunder survives another month of abuse. The main reason to buy next month's issue will be to see if Trenton Webb can oversee the creation of another "WOW" rated issue!

This summary is early by 2.5 weeks. Actually, that means this summary is 1 week late. I will not make any excuses. I will just have to do better next month. This issue, STF61, has now been on sale in Europe for over 1 week. It should be at the US dealers in 5 days, the 18th of June. Look for STF62 on August 9th in the UK and the middle of August in the US.

In closing I hope everyone enjoys the bombardment of Jupiter this month. What better way to observe the 25th anniversary of the 1st manned landing on the moon? Of course there is the World Cup finals, but without the US or the UK in it at this point...well, there are the real soccer fans -- enjoy. I must send special thanks to Clive Parker and hope he is not too disappointed by this summary. Best wishes to Clive, Chris Lloyd, Trenton Webb, and the rest of the STF staff, including the new guy, Simon Forrester (can you discern auto-stereo-grams?). And of course, best wishes to Dale. I hope you are staying cool and enjoying dinner this month by the Berkeley Marina, for memories' sake.

George Richard Yamagata
CIS [72030,140]


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eZine lover (@eZine)

This summary of the contents of ST Format is brought to you by a Friend of STeve's Atari Sales, the guy that types this all in.

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STeve's Atari Sales: Phone numbers and info below.*
ST Format in the U.K.: 0225 822511 <- Note the new number.

*Please note that there is a 2 week delay between the newstand release date in Europe and that ST Format issues availability in the US.

STeve's Atari Sales:
Hours open are 8:00a.m. - 10:00p.m. Monday through Saturday, Closed Sunday, but call anyway, if he is there he will be glad to help....
Phone Numbers are 1-800-487-7753 or 1-916-661-3328.
Home Phone Number is 1-916-661-1234. If you need something FEEL FREE to call STeve.

Mention you saw this on CIS when you order and get STeve Atari Sales' special 3 magazine deal. STeve sells the full line of FUTURE PUBLISHINGS magazines, including FUTURE MUSIC, THE EDGE, and PC FORMAT. If you are interested in Paula Richard's PC ANSWERS, STeve will soon be carrying it.

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If you have any complaints or problems with STeve's Atari Sales, I definitely want to know about this. I am: (George) Richard Yamagata CIS [72030,140]

20 May 2023
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