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Summer Party AAI 2023

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Diario di un viaggio che boh
 · 5 Jun 2023
It looks like an interesting place

Hi all,

We are currently organising this year’s summer party at Lee Valley White Water Rafting Centre. There are other activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding and a wipeout course that you can get involved in.

These are not compulsory, you can watch and enjoy the day without taking part in the activities.

The event will take place in the afternoon at 14:30 through to the evening with food, drinks and entertainment.

We are looking to run two coaches with one returning earlier around 7pm and one
at 9pm. You can also take an Uber to the nearest station at Waltham Cross which goes into Liverpool Street.

Please could you let me know by the end of Tuesday 6th June if you are able to make the party so we can confirm numbers?


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