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Very Proactive day

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Diario di un viaggio che boh
 · 17 Aug 2023
Lewisham road - I love these clouds
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Lewisham road - I love these clouds

Today I am happy about my result. I woke up (unfortunately) a bit early and I have procrastinated on the bed trying to fall asleep again. Then I made 1.30h of yoga, tryed a recepts of muffin without white wheat for my diet that I need to start ASAP.

Then washed hair and went for a walk.

Started my yoga poses scheme where I want to study one pose per day or 5 per week.

And after that wrote a good text on the "about us" part for website and introduction.

Now taking a little of sun and then going out for a drink.

I feel like today had been a quite proactive day.

Maybe I need to start the day with the yoga practice instead of leaving it for the evening where I gave up and I only want to go out.

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