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Using the HPJ Software

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HomeCraft Personal Journal
 · 4 months ago
HomeCraft Software operates a BBS which is being made available to readers of the HomeCraft Personal Journal. The primary purpose of this BBS is to provide software, technical support, and news-letters to registered users of HomeCraft's software for organizing collections. And it is through the graciousness of these collectors that they are making room for us on the BBS. (There's lots of room anyway). So I ask that, even if you are upset with something you've read in the HPJ, try to make responses sent through the BBS somewhat calm and rational. <g> And in the future, if we see enough HPJ activity on the BBS -- and if enough people pay for their copies of the HPJ -- we'll set up a separate BBS just for the HPJ and we'll have our own place.

Now on to the point of this section. This section provides a description of how to log on to the HomeCraft BBS and use the message features. You can also, if you'd like, download shareware versions of the various cataloging systems offered by HomeCraft. Or, if you have a file you want to send to us - such as an article or commentary for the HPJ - you can upload it to the BBS.


Before calling set your communications software for 8 bits, 1 stop bit and no parity. The number to call is: 1-503-692-0382


When your computer connects to the HomeCraft BBS you will be asked to enter your name. Enter your first and last name, using the name you'd like to be called on the BBS.

If this is the first time you called you will be asked whether you entered your name correctly. If you push "N" to say "no", you'll be prompted to enter your name again. If you push "Y" for "yes" then you'll enter the sign up process.

If you are calling for the first time and, the BBS asks you for a password after you've entered your name, then someone else is already signed up using that name. You will need to call back and use a different name. For example, if your name is JOHN SMITH and there is already a JOHN SMITH signed up for the BBS, you could enter your name as J. SMITH, JOHN H. SMITH, or JOHN S.

We've tried to keep the sign-up as quick and easy as possible.

The first question will ask for your real name. The name you sign on with can be a pseudonym. But, you must enter your real name here.

Next you'll be asked to enter your phone number. Please enter your area code and then you complete phone number. The computer will enter parenthesis and a dash as necessary.

Now enter a word to serve as a password. This insures that no one else can log onto the system and leave messages and pick up mail using your name. Your password may be up to 10 characters long.

There are just two more questions, both related to how information is displayed on your computer's screen. First you'll be asked for the number of lines your computer can display. For IBM compatible computers you should enter 24, or just push the ENTER key and 24 will automatically be entered for you.

Next a "test scale" measuring the width of the screen will be displayed. Most screens can display 80 characters and pushing ENTER will automatically enter 80 as the response to this question.

A summary of the information you entered will now be displayed. If everything is correct, push "Y" to accept. If you need to make a change, push "N".

The BBS will not reset itself and you can sign-on using your new password. You are automatically validated as a user and you'll have access to the basic functions. Within a day or two after you sign on we will upgrade your status to a level 2 membership.

Once you are signed on you will see a menu of Command Words.


Unless otherwise specified, all of the commands described below should be entered when the Command Word list is on the screen.

The HomeCraft BBS provides separate message areas for various topics. To see a list of the currently available message bases, type the letter "B" and push ENTER.

To read the messages in a message base, first push the letter "R" (for Read). You'll then be asked to push the letter for the message base you want to read. To read the HPJ message base, push the letter "M". Any messages entered since you last called will be displayed, one at a time. After each message is displayed push ENTER to see the next message.

To send a message start at the Command Word list and push the letter "S" (for Send). You'll get a prompt that says, "For Help: enter ? on an empty line." The cursor will be below this prompt line. Just start typing your message at this point.

When you are done typing your message, push ENTER and type an "S" (for Send) on an empty line and push ENTER. A prompt asking, "Save on which base?" will appear. Push the letter "M" to save the message in the HPJ message base. If you want to send a private E-Mail message, push the letter "E".

You'll be asked for a brief summary of your message. This summary is used when a summary list of all messages is displayed on the screen. After you enter the summary you'll be returned to the Command Word menu.


The HomeCraft BBS provides a variety of files that may be downloaded. These are shareware programs, just like the HPJ, and they give you a chance to try the software before you buy it. Most of the programs are the shareware versions of HomeCraft's organizational software.

To see a list of available files push the letter "F" and then push ENTER. At the next prompt push the letter "S" to get a simple (meaning brief) listing.

The next prompt asks for the file area you want listed. Just push enter to list all of the files in all file areas. If you see a file you'd like to get, make a note of it's title (the left most column).

To download a file type GET and the title of the file you want to get. When you asked if you want a list of files added since you lasted looked, push "N". (Unless, of course, you want to see this list). The BBS will then list the file it is sending to you. Set your software to receive the file using the X-Modem protocol.

If you'd like to use a protocol other than X-Modem, go to the Command Word screen and push the letter "P" and set the BBS to use a different protocol - before asking it to GET a file.


To sign-off the BBS type the word "BYE" and push ENTER.

I hope to see you on the HomeCraft BBS!

Robert Taylor - Editor HPJ

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