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Three sisters trilogy

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Fan Fiction
 · 20 Nov 2023


by McKinley Morganfield

"Hello Skuld." I commonly try to make small talk with Belldandy's younger sister. I figure that if I'm persistent enough, eventually I'll break down her opposition to me.

"Hello, Keiichi."

"So, what are you up to?"

"Just working on my triple-mounted discompulator."

"Sounds interesting" I said, laughing. Skuld has a talent for making overly complex machines with overly complex names.

"You could say that" she replied, not looking up at me.

"So, what's behind the workings of a disco-bobulator?" I asked, trying to further conversation.

"Triple-mounted discompulator."


"Well..." she still wasn't looking up at me, but was busy welding something. "It's the most complicated machine I've ever built."

"I can believe it. Looks more complex than anything else I've seen."

"And it's designed specifically for you."

"For me?"

"Yeah. And basically, it opiates you and makes you do whatever I want."

"Sounds interesting. But aren't you working on it as we speak? I mean, it seems like it's working right..."

"Well, yeah, but I've already got the main unit working. Now I'm working on sub-systems to improve on it. If I don't make extra sure the effects are permanent, Belldandy could just give you your will back."

"How are you going to protect against that? I mean, she is a goddess, after all."

"Goddesses aren't omnipotent, you know. And this is a very complex machine."

"Mmm..." it was almost amazing. I don't think I had ever talked to Skuld this long before without her snapping at me. I tried to think of something to say...I'd so much rather have her as a friend than an enemy.

"Any specific reason you're doing this?" I asked.

"Yeah, a few reasons."


"Well...I figured it'd be the easiest way to get you to reject Belldandy and have her come back to me in the heavens."


"And nothing like this has ever been done before, so there's scientific curiosity, of course."

"Of course."

"But mainly it's a..." she looked embarrassed. "Sexual interest in you."

"You're kidding. Really?" I looked at Skuld, surprised. Poor kid. She couldn't even face me. I'm sure she was blushing.

"Yeah...but I'm too young, and you love my sister." She sounded depressed, and was talking to the floor.

"That's true."

"But now with this machine, you'll do whatever I want!" Her mood suddenly improved, she turned and smiled cheerfully in my direction. I smiled back at her enthusiasm.

"Isn't that lucky!"

"So five more minutes, okay?"

"Sure thing. I'll...just wait here, then. And then you'll make me sleep with you?"

Skuld didn't respond. I looked at her...all those wires, and all those electronics. And she was working so quickly. I barely know how to put resistors in parallel.


by: McKinley Morganfield

I couldn't believe it happened. I mean, it's supposed to happen to every couple, no matter how good the relationship. But the two of us...we got along so well! We had never even had a minor disagreement before! And that something as minor as my parents visiting for the weekend had ballooned into this unexpected. Oh well. Part of any argument is the reconciliation.


"Yes?" There was a bit of hostility in her voice, but I can't believe anybody but I would have noticed it.

"I've been thinking about our argument..."


"And it's not right that we should fight over something so minor." Belldandy turned to me and smiled.

"Oh Keiichi, I knew you'd change your mind." No. Not again.

"Belldandy, please. I can't tell my parents I'm living with a girl, especially not a goddess..."

"Why? You're not embarassed by me, are you?"

"No...but my parents would freak!"

"Who's more important to you? I said I would stay by your side forever. I left my sisters...I left the heavens to do that. Why is it so much for you to tell your parents!"

"Please...please don't make me choose between my parents and you."

"Hmph." Belldandy crossed her arms and looked away from me.


"So this is a lovely place you've got here. Living in a temple! It must be quite expensive!" Mom was amazed. I had mentioned offhand that I lived in what used to be an abandoned temple, but I don't think she had expected this.

"Well, you know. I found out about it from a friend, and it's one of those special deals where the banks hold the property until land prices go it's pretty cheap." All a lie, but what else could I tell her?

"Well, you got quite a bargain then."

"Thank you."

"So, young lady." Mom turned to an angry-looking Belldandy. "You're friends with my son?"

"Yes." Belldandy answered with a bit of reluctance.

"Anything more than friends?" asked mom. That was mom for you. Always trying to find out more.

"You could say that." answered Belldandy. I moaned to myself. Such a response was only likely to further mom's curiosity.

"Well then, are you 'friends?'" Mom held up her pinky. I was so embarrassed.

"Yes, we are." I answered. I couldn't believe I had just said that! It came impulsively. After getting over the shock, I recovered as quickly as possible. I laughed, and said "just kidding, of course." Belldandy gave me a look.

"Just kidding?" It was clear mom didn't believe me. Father, for his part, was eating his meal like nothing was happening.

"No. I'm not kidding." Why was I saying that? To my own surprise, I continued. "Basically, Belldandy is my slave and has to do whatever I want." I smiled at mom. Mom gave me a odd look and laughed politely, not sure if I was joking.

"As a matter of fact, we've been living together for the past year."

"You have?" She looked astonished.

"Oh, yeah. But don't think that means we sleep together."

"Oh. Well, uhhh...that's a relief." answered mom, unsure of what to say.

"No, I'm such a fucking coward that I've gotten no farther than holding her hand this whole time."

"..." mom was startled. Father continued eating his meal.

"But don't get the impression this is from any lack of desire. No, I've lusted for Belldandy since the day I met her. She should know. I've made her clean up after my 'lust' several times."


I turned and looked at Belldandy, who was staring at me calmly. I stood up and started to yell at my parents.

"It's a stupid, stupid situation! And you know what, I'm a pitiful excuse for a mortal! Mom, dad, I hate you! Get out of my house and don't speak to me ever again!" Mom looked at me, shocked. Father continued eating his meal.


by: McKinley Morganfield

"You were great, Keiichi" she said, kissing me on the lips.

"So were you."

"But I'm afraid now's the time I have to..."

"You don't have to do it, Urd."

"Keiichi..." She looked at me, while using her powers to clean the two of us up. "You don't really want that."

"Yes I do! It's you that I...I love. Even when I can't remember, I still long for you. my friend. You are my desire."

"You don't mean that." she said. It was hard to tell, but I thought she might be a tad embarrassed. She slipped back into her clothes, and motioned for me to get into mine.

"I mean it more sincerely than anything else I've ever said. To constantly have my wish fulfilled and then taken away from me, with no's agony!"

"It's agony you're not even sub-consciously aware of" she dismissed.

"I wouldn't be so sure. I remembered meeting Belldandy as a child all right." Urd rolled her eyes.

"Believe me, I do a better job than she could have ever done ten years ago. Besides..." Urd paused. "I suspect it's no accident you eventually remembered."

"Don't be unreasonable. She knew what the consequences were if she didn't erase my memories. I must've been an accident. Belldandy wouldn't violate an order of god, anyway."

"See what I mean?"


"If you don't love her, why are you defending her to me?"

"..." I didn't know what to say. She had a point. And Belldandy had given up so much, just to be with me.

"I almost feel guilty when we do this, Keiichi. I mean, she is committed to you."

"Maybe...maybe we shouldn't. Anymore." I said, feeling amiss.

"I wouldn't go that far." She smiled at me. "We have too much fun."

"Yeah..." I grinned in spite of myself.

"Belldandy should be back in a few minutes, so I'll have to erase your memories...until next time."

"Mmm..." I said. It's always so uncomfortable, although I know it has to be done.

"Anything you want to say before I do it?" she asked, getting the procedure prepared.



"Only one more kiss?"

So there! If you liked these stories, would like to see any more like them, or whatever, I'd appreciate a reply.

McKinley Morganfield-Blues Great, Anime Fan, and All Around Good Guy.

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