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Sailor Trek Chapter 1: Arrival

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 · 2 months ago
Sailor Trek Chapter 1: Arrival
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I know I said it would start emerging at the end of April, but here it is, only a couple of weeks late. (Beside's tomorrow's my birthday, so why not start it off then...)

Standard Questionably Useful Disclaimer:

Sailor Moon and all related characters were created by Naoko Takeuchi; and are copyright to Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, Toei, DIC and whoever else.

Star Trek was created by the late Great Bird of the Galaxy, Gene Roddenberry; and is owned and copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

This story (such as it is) is MINE!!!

This #FanFiction is intended solely for entertainment purposes and no violation of said copyrights is intended or implied. Permission granted to copy this to other web pages as long as this disclaimer is attached, and the text of the story is unmodified.


Luna glanced at the clock and braced herself.

Any minute now...

"AAAAGGHH!! I'm gonna be late!!!" Moving with impressive speed, Serena rushed to get ready for school. "Why didn't somebody get me up sooner?!?"

"I tried, and so did your mother," Luna replied. "Twice. You said you were getting up each time."

"And you believed me?"

"Not really," the black cat muttered.

If she heard Luna's sarcastic reply, Serena chose to ignore it. Instead, she ran down the stairs. "See you later, Mom! Bye!" There a was the sound of the door closing, and Luna watched her race off to school.

Luna sat on the windowsill. "Well, I suppose that's some improvement. A few months ago, I would have had to try at least twice more to get her up. But..." Her voice trailed off as she looked up at the full moon, still visible in the morning sky. A patch of light nearby it caught her eye. 'What is that?!?' she thought, eyes narrowing as she peered at it. Whatever it was, it had to be bright indeed if it was visible in daylight.

The unknown phenomena faded away in a matter of seconds. If she hadn't glanced up just then, she probably would have missed it. She made a mental note to herself to have Amy check it out later.

No trace remained of the mysterious object. Around her, all seemed to be as it was before it had appeared. Still, something about it disquieting.

'I've got a bad feeling about this.'

The ship emerged from the center of the phenomena, and drifted away from it. Soon after it had emerged, the glow from the energy field faded as fast as it had appeared. Only the ship remained to prove it had ever existed. The main section was a large saucer, connected by a pylon to a secondary hull. The lower section was connected to two engine nacelles, which were lined up at the same height above the lower hull as the upper.

An outside observer would easily be able to read the service number and name printed on the hull.

NCC-1701. USS Enterprise.

Space -- The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It's five year mission: to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilizations... to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Sailor Trek: The Dilithium Dilemma
written by Bill Harris (

Chapter 1 - Arrival

"Captain's log, Stardate 5046.7 After leaving the Romulan Commander at outpost 20, the Enterprise proceeded on course to Starfleet HQ to deliver the Romulan cloaking device. While en route, the ship encountered a unknown spatial phenomena, which has thrown us an undetermined distance off course. Status of ship and crew is unknown at the present time."

Kirk looked around the bridge. Spock had already gotten back to his station, whereas the rest of the bridge crew was still picking themselves off the deck and getting back to their duty stations. Seated as he was in the command chair, he had been able to keep himself from being tossed around.

There didn't seem to be any serious injuries here. Hopefully the same held true for the rest of the crew. And of the ship itself. He activated the intercom. "Kirk to Engineering."

After a moments delay, came the reply: "Engineering. Scott here."

"Scotty, can you give me a damage report?"

"We've got damage to the warp drive and several secondary systems. The impulse engines seem to be in fair shape, but I would nae push them until they've been checked out."

That was better than he'd hoped for. "Any structural damage?"

"Minor damage only. We were lucky." Kirk heard the engineer briefly consult with someone. "We should have the warp engines back online in about twelve hours."

"Alright, Scotty. Keep me posted. Kirk out." He activated another switch on his arm panel.

"Sickbay. McCoy here."

"How are things down there, Bones?"

"Had a feeling it was you, Jim. Minor casualties only. Mostly bump and bruises. A couple of broken bones, and a concussion or two as well. Nothing too serious." Now that his report complete, the doctor's voice took on an exasperated tone. "What the hell happened up there, Jim? Did you let Spock drive again?"

Out of the corner of his eye, Kirk saw Spock glance up briefly, but he otherwise chose to ignore the doctor's barb. "We're still trying to figure that one out, Bones. Kirk out." He looked over at the first officer. "Well, Mr. Spock, what the hell did just happened?"

"Unknown at this time, Captain." replied the Vulcan. He peered intently at his scanner readout. "I am analyzing the sensor logs in an attempt to ascertain."

The was a hum from the front of the bridge as the viewscreen activated. A very familiar sight appeared in it. "Earth. How is that possible?"

"Confirmed, we are in the Terran system, Keptin," said Chekov. "Only fifty thousand kilometers from the Moon." He look at Kirk. "Whatever hit us, sir, it shifted us light years away from our original position."

"That is an understatement, Mr. Chekov," Kirk stated. The ship had previously been near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The jump to Earth was a shift of several hundred light years. "Mr. Sulu, if the helm is operable, bring us into a standard orbit of Earth."

"Aye, sir," replied the helmsman. He operate the helm controls and shook his head at the readouts. "The ship is responding to the helm, sir, but she's sluggish."

"Lt. Uhura, hail Starfleet Command."

Uhura frowned as she worked the controls at her board. "Captain, I've been trying to contact Starfleet Command, but there's no response on any frequency. In fact, other than natural sources, I'm not picking up any subspace signals at all."


"No, sir. Communications systems all check out." She operated her controls further. "Sir, I am detecting old style radio and television signals, consistent with late twentieth or early twenty first century transmissions."

"Twentieth century?" Kirk strode over to the science station. "Confirmation, Mr. Spock?"

Spock frowned ever so slightly and twisted the sensor controls. "Affirmative, Captain. I able to access the time signals from the US Naval Observatory. The year given in them is 1992."

"Well, here we go again," Sulu commented from the helm.

Chekov leaned over and tried to pitch his voice for Sulu's ears alone. "Just what we need, another trip back to our past." Sulu glanced over at the science station and caught the captain glaring at them. Apparently Chekov hadn't spoken quietly enough.

Spock continued as if they hadn't spoken, giving further data from the sensor readouts. "The pollution content of the atmosphere is also consistent with the latter half of the twentieth century. Astrometric readings are also in agreement." He refined his sensor readings before continuing. "Interesting. From the date indicated in the time signals, we should see some indication of the Eugenics wars in progress. Yet, I can detect no trace of them occurring." He raised one eyebrow. "Fascinating."

"Any theories, Spock?"

"Based on observational data, I would hypothesize that the phenomena we encountered not only propelled us through space and time, but into another reality as well. A reality were the Eugenics wars never occurred."

"An alternate form of twentieth century Earth," Kirk mused. After a moments contemplation, he turned to the helmsman and said, "Mr. Sulu, raise shields."

"Shields up, Captain," Sulu replied.

"Good. At least we don't have to worry about showing up on any radar screens," Kirk said.

Luna met with Lita, Amy and Serena during their lunch break. "What's up, Luna?" asked Lita. Amy glanced up from the book she was reading, while Serena mumbled a greeting through a mouthful of food.

"I'm surprised you still have anything left," the cat remarked to Serena. "You usually have eaten your lunch before ten."

She swallowed quickly and scowled at Luna. "HEY!"

"She did," Lita remarked. "I'm sharing mine with her."

"I might have known," Luna said, ignoring Serena's protests. "I spotted something in the sky this morning, and I think the Negaverse may have something to do with it." She briefly described the flash of light she had seen, and the uneasy feeling about it she had since.

"Amy, could you check it out?"

Amy nodded, and began working with her computer. "Ah, you're just being paranoid, Luna," Serena claimed.

"I am not!" Luna said defensively, then glanced around to make sure she hadn't attracted any unwanted attention.

"No, she isn't," Amy said. Still looking at her computer, she continued "I'm picking up some sort of energy source in orbit. Some sort of odd gamma emission. It's almost as if it were a ship of some sort. I can't tell if it's connected to the Negaverse, though. It's very diffuse and hard to lock onto. Maybe I can determine more if I analyze a longer scan."

"Very well," Luna replied "Do what you can. We'll work in it later at the meeting this afternoon." She shot a glance at Serena. "Just being paranoid, hmmm?"

Beryl peered into her crystal ball, puzzled. She had spotted the starship moments after it appeared near Earth and had been watching it since, but had no idea where it came from. All she knew was that she sensed incredible power emanating from it. Power she could use. Power she wanted. She manipulated the view, scanning the interior of the ship. The view eventually settled upon a room in the lower part of the ship. The power she sensed was nearby, almost... The view shifted to show a berthing holding five refined crystals.

'Those crystals!' she thought. 'The power I sense comes from those crystals. They possess incredible energy amplification abilities. Enough to fully awaken the Negaforce! I must have them!' Aloud she ordered, "Malachite, Prince Darien! Come here at once!"

The last of her generals, Malachite, appeared along with Prince Darien. They glared at each other for a moment. "You summoned us, my queen?" inquired Malachite.

"Yes, Malachite. A starship has appeared in orbit. It uses five crystals as part of it's power source." Images of the starship's engine room appeared in the air behind her. "I want you both to obtain them for me."

Darien frowned. "I don't need any of his help. I can handle this on my own!"

"I was going to say the same," sneered Malachite.

"Enough, you two," chided Beryl. "It's time you two learned to work together. Now go and get those crystals! Immediately!"

The two rivals bowed to her and vanished.

"Mr. Spock, have you made any progress in determining how we got here?"

The Vulcan nodded. "Yes, Captain. I have ascertained that the ship passed through a quantum flux in the space-time continuum."

Kirk frowned. "We've passed through these things before. Why did this one act different?"

"My analysis indicates that this is unlike any quantum flux ever before observed." He touched a button and a diagram appeared on one of the overhead viewers. Kirk eyed the graphical depiction of the space-time aspects of the flux, and the accompanying equations that described it mathematically, but could make little sense of it. "This flux seems to be a link, a bridge if you will, between this universe and our own. When we encountered the flux while traveling at warp speeds, the warp field around the ship energized the flux and propelled us into this reality."

"I suppose the operative question is, can we get back to our own reality?"

"In theory, yes. If we proceed on a reciprocal course through the flux and engage the warp engines at a specific setting, we should return to our universe. It will take some time to compute the precise settings."

"Well, you should have some time to make those calculations, Mr. Spock. The warp engines won't be back online for another six hours or so."

"Captain, since I am capable of performing the required calculations myself, may I suggest that we utilize our computer resources to conduct a detailed survey of this Earth? This is a unique opportunity to observe an alternate version."

Before Kirk could reply, Uhura called out,"Captain! Intruder alert, main engineering!"

"Send security teams to engineering. Spock, you're with me," he ordered. The captain and first officer began sprinting for the turbolift. "Mr. Sulu, you have the conn."

Darien removed the last crystal from it's berth. All around them lay the unconscious forms of the engine room personnel. "That's all of them, Malachite. Let's go."

"Not yet, Prince Darien. First we must make sure that this ship will never interfere in our plans."

Darien glanced over at Malachite. He was manipulating the controls at one of the nearby stations. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to disable their containment fields," he replied coolly.

Darien shook his head. "That's not necessary! We've gotten what we came here for!"

Before Malachite could reply, the door snapped open and two security guards rushed in. Barely pausing to evaluate the situation, they raised their phasers and fired. Darien managed to dodge out of the way, but Malachite was hit by a short stun burst before he could erect his shield. Wincing slightly from the impact, he shouted, "You'll pay for that, human!" and threw a ball of energy at the unfortunate guard. The guard was flung into the bulkhead and collapsed. Again, the door hissed open and more guards entered engineering.

"It's time to leave, Malachite!" Darien urged and teleported back into the Negaverse. Malachite grimaced. He knew he could handle these humans easily no matter what weapons they might have, but if he delayed Prince Darien might claim all the credit. Kirk entered the engine room just in time to see Malachite vanish.

McCoy was already checking the downed guard with his tricorder, but soon shook his head. "He's dead, Jim." The doctor shifted his attention to Scotty and gave him a shot from his hypo. The scotsman groaned and began to stir. "It looks like the others are just unconscious. Nothing too serious" The doctor moved to tend to the other injured crewmen.

"'Tis easy for you to say, Doctor." Scotty sat up slowly, holding his head with both hands. "You're not the one with a splitting headache!" he muttered.

"What happened, Scotty?" inquired Kirk.

"Those two wraiths just popped up out of thin air, sir. I barely had time to sound the alert before I got clobbered." He groaned again.

"Captain, I believe I have discovered the reason for their intrusion." Spock indicated the empty crystal berths.

"Ach, no!" cried Scotty. He stood up, any sign that he was in pain banished instantly by the sight of the damage done to his precious engines. "They've taken the dilithium crystals!"

"All the them? Even reserve crystal, Scotty?" asked Kirk.

Scotty shook his head sadly. "Aye, I afraid so, Captain. They got all of crystals, including the reserve. And without them, our warp engines are just so much dead weight. We're limited to impulse power only."

"Captain, without our warp engines..." Spock began.

"...we can't pass through the quantum flux," finished Kirk. "In short, we're trapped in this reality."

Next Time: The Enterprise crew begins their quest to recover the dilithium crystals; while the Scouts continue to investigate the mysterious energy source in orbit. Also, Malachite has further plans of his own in motion.

All these paths converge into chaos in "Sailor Trek - The Dilithium Dilemma", part 2: "The Search"

Bill Harris

"I don't do Windows... 95 or otherwise!"

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