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Sailor Trek Chapter 2: The Search

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Sailor Trek Chapter 2: The Search
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Here's part 2.

I expect part 3 to be ready for posting around next Tuesday (5/20).

Chapter 2 - The Search

"Captain's log, Stardate 5046.9 Despite having our shields up, the Enterprise has been boarded and the ship's dilithium crystals stolen. Unless we manage to retrieve the crystals, we will be unable to return home."

Kirk paced impatiently on the bridge, trying to keep a rein on his temper. Given recent events; his ship boarded and one of his crew killed; he was finding it hard to do. Especially when he was forced into inaction. He had already taken those actions he could; increasing security in vital areas, directed that all crew members be issued sidearms, among others. Now all he could do was wait until Spock was able to locate the missing crystals.

And he hated waiting.

After a few more passes across the bridge, he finally headed over to the science station. "Mr. Spock, your report."

The Vulcan stood up from the sensor hood. "Negative results, sir. I've completed two full sensor sweeps of the Terran system. I am unable to locate any trace of our missing crystals."

Frustration showed clearly in Kirk's face. "It shouldn't be that difficult to find those crystals, Mr. Spock. They're the only refined crystals in this system! For that matter, they're the only pieces of dilithium within a parsec."

"Agreed," Spock concurred, his voice as calm as ever. "Nevertheless, I am unable to locate them. The logical assumption is that their being shielded in some manner."

"That's just... dandy." Kirk smacked a fist into an open palm, then paused to consider this. "Do you have any theories on how they were able to board the ship with our shields up?"

"Our sensor logs at the time of their arrival and departure indicate several subspace distortions. I theorize that they used some form of interdimensional teleport, possibly a dimensional shift. Our shields are ineffective against this form of transport."

Chekov look up from the navigation station. "But dimensional shifting has a warping effect on organic tissue!"

"Correct, Mr. Chekov," said Spock. "In our reality. The physical laws may operate differently here."

"Or they may have simply found a way around the problem," Kirk added.

"Or they may simply be immune to the warping effects," said Spock.

Kirk nodded. "Continue scanning, Mr Spock. I want those crystals found!"

While Spock bent back to his scanner, Kirk fumed silently for a minute, considering. He realized that even if they managed to retrieve the crystals, the opposition might simply stage another attempt. Fortunately, there might be a way to prevent that from happening. A few strides took him over to the engineering station.

"Scotty, is the Romulan cloaking device still hooked up?"

"I was just starting to disconnect that alien contraption when this whole mess boiled up," he replied. "I can have it fully operational in a few hours." Kirk nodded. "But Captain, without those crystals, we won't be able to draw any power from the warp engines. And there is nae enough power from the impulse engines to use the cloak."

"That's my job, Mr. Scott. You worry about yours."

"Amazing." Malachite examined one of the captured crystals. "These crystals actually serve to amplify energy sent through them." No wonder Queen Beryl wanted them.

"You summoned me, Lord Malachite."

Malachite glanced up at the source of the voice. "Yes, Obsidian. I have a mission for you." He handed the crystal to Obsidian. "Queen Beryl only needs four of these to release the Negaforce. You are to use the remaining one to destroy those wretched Sailor Scouts! When you have done so, you can recover the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon's corpse."

Obsidian accepted the crystal and bowed to Malachite. "I hear and obey, my lord. But how am I to find the Sailor Scouts?"

"That is the least of your worries," Malachite said with an evil smile. "The power of this crystal will surely be noticed by Sailor Mercury, if not by Sailor Mars. In the end, they will find you. Your only concern is how you will destroy them."

Obsidian still hesitated. "I am confident in my own abilities, Lord Malachite, but I am nowhere near a match for all five of the Sailor Scouts."

"With this crystal you are. It will absorb the energy of their attacks and channel it into you. It will also enable you to amplify your own energy and use it to attack them directly. Now, go!"

Obsidian smiled and vanished. Malachite smiled broader, contemplating the unfolding events. 'That fool,' he thought. 'He doesn't realize that the crystal will be his eventual undoing. Even if he succeeds, it will burn him out in a massive feedback loop that will reduce him to a pile of ashes. But he should keep those wretched Scouts busy long enough for Queen Beryl to unleash the Negaforce. And who knows... maybe he'll be lucky enough to eliminate one or two. Or perhaps all of them.' Thinking this, he laughed.

Luna was waiting at the temple with Raye when Amy arrived. "Anything?"

Amy shook her head and began working on the computer. "Not really. If anything, the energy readings from whatever it is have become even fainter and more diffuse. All I can say for certain is that it's in orbit." Her analysis was interrupted by a giggle from across the room.

"Oh, Serena," said Raye.

"Hmmm?" Engrossed as she was in her latest comic book, Serena didn't hear the false pleasantry in Raye's tone.

"Have been listening to us?"

"Uh huh."

"Even when I called you a ditz, meatballhead?"

"Uh huh." After a second, the full meaning of Raye's words sunk in. "Hey!"

"Aha!" Raye leveled an accusing finger in Serena's face. "I knew you weren't listening!"

"Raye, you know perfectly well, my name is NOT meatballhead!"

"So, you admit that you are a ditz?"

"I am not a ditz!!" she wailed. "So there!" She stuck out her tongue at Raye, and the other girl retaliated in kind.

"Oh, brother," Luna moaned.

Obsidian materialized on Earth, in a park in the Juban region. He fingered the crystal, establishing the link between it and himself. The surge of power he felt from it hit him like a narcotic. If Malachite was correct, the Scouts should appear soon.

He hoped so. He couldn't wait to use his newfound power.

"Captain," said Spock. "Sensors have detected one of the missing crystals, in the vicinity of Tokyo."

Kirk scowled. "Only one? Where are the others?"


"Mr. Spock, you're with me. Lt. Uhura, have Dr. McCoy and a security detail meet us in the transporter room. Have the quartermaster supply late twentieth century clothing, appropriate for the area. Mr. Sulu, you have the conn." The two officers barely had time to acknowledge the orders before the captain and first officer disappeared into the turbolift.

They were still in the midst of the tongue war when Raye suddenly straightened, her gaze flitting back and forth. "What's wrong, Raye?" Serena asked, suddenly concerned for her friend.

"I'm not sure," she answered. "I just got an odd feeling. Something's wrong nearby."

"I'm picking up something, too," Amy said. "An energy source, similar to the one in orbit." She paused a moment, tapping at the keyboard. "It's in the park."

"What's it doing there?" Lita asked.

"Let's go check it out," Mina suggested.

In a deserted corner of the park, six yellow orange pillars of energy appeared, solidifying moments later into the forms of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and three security guards. They had changed into contemporary clothing, with Spock wearing a headband to conceal his pointed ears. Spock began scanning the area with a tricorder, while the other members of the landing party took stock of their surroundings.

It only took him a moment to locate what he was looking for. He put the tricorder underneath his coat. "Captain, I've located the crystal, approximately 100 meters northeast of here." The Vulcan pointed in the direction his scans indicated.

Kirk nodded. "Very good, Mr. Spock. All right, gentlemen, remember -- phasers on stun, and be careful not to hit that crystal! Let's go."

"What is that?" asked Lita. The five girls and two cats crowded together and peered around the tree. A large black figure, it's skin shining like glass, was lurking about in the area. A large white crystal was on a chain around it's neck.

"Trouble," Artemis answered.

"Really? Now why would you think that?" Mina snapped at him.

"Quickly," Luna said urgently, "transform now!!"

Obsidian shifted his gaze back and forth. The Scouts should be here soon. Suddenly, a group of men entered the area.

Distracted as he was by the humans' arrival and they with keeping an eye on him, Obsidian and the Enterprise landing party completely missed the light display coming from just over the hill.

The landing party slowed their pace as they neared the location Spock had specified. As they approached they saw a large figure already there, much too large to be a human. It was nearly three meters tall, and it's skin was a glossy black, nearly as shiny as glass. They had seen all forms of alien life in their travels, but this was enough to give even them pause.

"What in Sam Hill is that, Jim?" said McCoy in a low voice.

"I'm not sure, Bones, but it's got the crystal."

"Leave while you can humans," it warned them. "You are no match for the might of Obsidian!"

Kirk took a bold step forward. "You have something that belongs to us. I suggest you give it back."

It uttered a guttural laugh. "You must be joking. I'll be generous, humans. Leave while you can. It's not you that I'm after. Not today, anyway!"

"Who are you after?" asked Kirk.

"He probably means us!" exclaimed another voice.

Obsidian turned to face the five sailor-suited girls. They stood in a line facing him, Sailor Moon in the center with Mars and Mercury to her right, and Jupiter and Venus to her left. "It's about time you showed up."

Sailor Moon went through her usual pre-fight motions. "I am Sailor Moon! Champion of justice! How dare you all cause trouble in this peaceful park! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" To emphasize her point, she pointed forward, indicating she meant Obsidian and the Enterprise landing party.

"Wait a minute, we're the good guys!" protested McCoy.

"Is she serious?" muttered Kirk.

Spock continued scanning the Scouts and Obsidian. "I believe so, Captain. I'm picking up very high energy readings from them. There may be more to this situation than we realize."

McCoy rolled his eyes. "Always the master of understatement aren't you, Spock?"

Obsidian sneered at the Scouts. "Punish me? I don't think so, Sailor-trash! Not while I'm holding... this!" He grabbed the captured crystal with one hand and it pulsed, sending a bolt of energy at them. They scattered to avoid the resulting explosion.

Sailor Mars rolled to her feet and faced Obsidian. "MARS FIRE... IGNITE!" The fireball hurtled at the youma, scoring a direct hit, but the energy was absorbed by the crystal.

Kirk was astonished. "I see what you mean, Mr. Spock."

"Should we move in, Captain?" inquired a security guard.

As if in response, a wave of energy swept the area, forcing the landing party to take cover.

"My turn," cried Jupiter. "JUPITER THUNDER... CRASH!" The electrical discharge hit Obsidian, but this was also absorbed by the crystal as well. He sent another discharge at Sailor Jupiter. After being knocked several meters backwards, she fell to the ground, obviously badly injured.

"Sailor Jupiter! NO!" cried Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury deployed her visor and began scanning. The youma was somehow absorbing the energy of their attacks, and using it against them. She had to find out before it was too late.

Instinctively, McCoy raced to help the injured Scout. Kirk signaled one of the guards to cover the doctor.

"Fan out," he ordered the rest of his team. "Try to hit him from the sides."

"It would be a waste of energy, Captain." said Spock. "The creature is using the crystal to absorb the energy of the Sailor's attacks. It would do the same to our phasers."

Kirk ducked another energy bolt from Obsidian. "I'm open to suggestions, Mr. Spock."

"Sailor Venus, let's double team him!" Mars cried, positioning herself on the opposite side of Obsidian as Venus.

"I'm with you! VENUS CRESCENT BEAM..."




The twin attacks of light and fire combined and hit Obsidian. Once more, the energy of the attacks was absorbed. The crystal pulsed, sending out two energy bolts, one at each Scout, causing a tremendous explosion on either side. The smoke cleared revealing the still form of Venus. Mars had taken a blow to the head and was trying to get shakily to her feet.

McCoy looked up from tending Jupiter and quickly scanned the unconscious blonde. She was still alive, but in bad shape. He'd have to attend to her as soon as he could, but first he had to stabilize the injured Jupiter.

Kirk had seen enough. "Commence firing." The red beams of energy struck Obsidian, with no obvious effect. Brighter beams of energy emerged from the crystal and raced back at their positions. One of the guards was struck and vanished in a flare of light. The other members of the landing party were more fortunate, having gotten to cover.

"We must get the crystal away from him, Captain," Spock urged him. "Until then, he is effectively immune from our weapons."

Mercury had come to the same solution. "Sailor Moon! We have to get that crystal away from him! Then our attacks will be effective!"

Obsidian sent an energy blast Sailor Mercury's way. She tried to dodge, but was only partly successful. The blast caught her on her left leg, and she fell clutching at it.

Taking advantage of his distraction, Sailor Moon moved quickly. She leapt at Obsidian, and kicked at the crystal around his neck. The force of the blow was enough to break the chain, sending it flying, coincidentally in Kirk's direction. The youma struck back at her physically, hitting her midsection and knocking the wind from her.

"Nice try, Sailor Moon, but too little, too late!" He raised a fist to deliver the final blow. "At long last, the Silver Crystal will be ours!"

"Fire!" Four beams of red energy stuck Obsidian in the back, causing him to wince in pain. He whirled to face them. "Adjust phasers to maximum," Kirk ordered.

Obsidian wasn't about to give them the chance. The Scouts had been effectively neutralized, so he decide to take out these pests before he finished them off. He jumped amid the landing party, scattering them, and went after the leader. Kirk fired his phaser at point blank range, but it had little effect other than enraging the youma; who grabbed Kirk by the neck and began to throttle him. Spock angled in behind the youma, placing his hand at the base of it's neck in an ineffective attempt to use the Vulcan nerve pinch.

Obsidian used his free hand in a sweeping maneuver to knock the other Starfleet officers to the ground, while Kirk pried uselessly at the iron grip around his throat. His vision was already growing dim from lack of oxygen.

Obsidian's neglect of the Scouts proved his undoing, for Sailor Moon had only had the wind knocked from her. "MOON TIARA...MAGIC!" she cried breathlessly, hurling the disc of energy at Obsidian. She knew she had to be careful with this shot, or she would hit the man in his grip. As always, her aim proved true, striking the youma dead center. Uttering a loud cry of despair, it disintegrated, leaving behind only a pile of moon dust. Exhausted by the battle, she passed out. Unfortunately, she fell over on Sailor Mars, knocking her out as well.

Now that the battle over, Luna and Artemis rushed in to check on the conditions of their charges.

"Are you functional, Captain?" Spock inquired.

Kirk nodded. "I believe so, Mr. Spock." He glanced uncertainly at the pile of dust that was all that remained of the creature, then over at the unconscious girl that had saved his life.

Satisfied that his captain was fine, Spock walked over to the crystal and examined it. After satisfying himself that it was in good condition, he handed it to one of the security force. "Return to the ship. The captain, Dr. McCoy and myself will follow you shortly. Get the crystal to Mr. Scott as quickly as possible."

Mercury watched as two of the strangers disappeared into pillars of light, taking the strange crystal with them. She wanted to find out about these people, but other matters took priority. "We have to get a doctor for the others. They need immediate medical attention."

"I am a doctor," said McCoy responded gruffly. He looked at Kirk. "Jim, I've got to get these two," indicating Jupiter and Venus, "up to the ship. I can't do anything else for them down here. And they wouldn't have a chance with the primitive medical facilities here." Kirk nodded an affirmative and McCoy pulled open his communicator. "McCoy to Enterprise. Have medical emergency teams report to the transporter room. Stand by to beam up landing party with wounded."

Mercury wasn't quite sure what to make of what they were saying. Ship? They didn't appear to fit the stereotype of naval personnel. Plus there were their strange weapons and the way those other two had just disappeared. That certainly didn't fit the norm. "Excuse me," she said, "But who are you people?"

"We don't have time for introductions, Jim."

"I'm afraid the good doctor is right," Kirk told her. "But suffice it to say for now that we're friends, and we're going to do what we can to help your friends." Kirk pulled out his communicator and opened it. "Kirk to Enterprise."

"Enterprise, Lt. Uhura."

"Have the transporter set on wide field, Lieutenant. Eight to beam up at these coordinates."

The transporter beam gripped the rest of the landing party and the Scouts. The wide field beam also picked up two nearby cats as well.

Beryl looked at her remaining General, somewhat displeased. "Tell me, Malachite, where is the fifth crystal?"

"Only four crystals are required to implement your plan to release the Negaforce, my queen," explained Malachite, choosing his words with care. He was confident as to the soundness of his plan, but Beryl's moods could be best described as... flighty these days. "I sent Obsidian with the fifth to destroy those wretched Sailor Scouts. If he is successful, he should also be able to obtain the Silver Crystal for us."

Beryl leaned back in her throne. "An interesting plan." Malachite relaxed internally. Just a little bit.

"And like all his previous plans, a complete failure!" Prince Darien entered the room, glaring at Malachite.

"What are you talking about, Prince Darien?" demanded Malachite.

"I witnessed the battle. Several of the Scouts were injured, but Sailor Moon was able to defeat Obsidian, with some help from the starship crew. As always, Malachite, you underestimate your opponent."

Malachite clenched his fists in rage. "If several of the Scouts were injured, then it was a partial success, at least. By the time they recover, it will be too late. We will have released the Negaforce... and dealt with the starship, once and for all."

Darien snorted. "You're grasping at straws, Malachite. If you could find the courage to fight your own battles, the Silver Crystal would be ours by now."

"Why you..." "Enough, both of you!" snapped Beryl. "Malachite, I want you to supervise the collection of energy. When we have enough, we can release the Negaforce!" Next Time: The Scouts have been badly injured in the recent battle, but are under the capable hands of Dr. McCoy on board the Federation's finest ship of the twenty third century.

Meanwhile, Malachite still hasn't finished with the Enterprise yet. Can the Scouts recover in time to help the crew fend off the forces of the Negaverse?

Find out in part 3: "Welcome aboard, Sailor Scouts"

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