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Sailor Trek Chapter 4: Strategy session

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 · 2 months ago
Sailor Trek Chapter 4: Strategy session
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Ok, so I lied. Part 4 is ready a little ahead of schedule. Part 5 should be ready by the end of the week, time permitting.

Chapter 4: "Strategy session"

"Captain's log, supplemental. Thanks to a miraculous recovery by our guests, the Sailor Scouts, we have successfully repelled another boarding attempt by our opponents. Mr. Spock has identified them as being from what's called "The Negaverse". Our main priority now is to locate and recover the remaining crystals."

"You mean this is a spaceship?!" Jupiter exclaimed.

"Starship," Spock corrected. "The Enterprise is a Constitution class heavy cruiser, one of only twelve such vessels in Starfleet."

The scene in the briefing room was a rather incongruous one. At one end of the table, Kirk, McCoy and Scotty were being quietly briefed by the two moon cats. At the other end, Spock was handling a similar duty with the Sailor Scouts.

"OK, so you guys are from another universe, where it's the twenty third century." Mars summarized. "No Sailor Scouts, no Negaverse. So what's the deal with that crystal that youma had?"

"I believe that your question would be best answered when Luna has finished briefing the captain," Spock replied.

Coincidentally, Luna had finished her exposition on the Sailor Scouts history, both ancient and recent.

"It's almost to much to believe," McCoy commented.

"When you consider that you're hearing this from a talking cat, Bones, it's not really that hard," Kirk replied.

"Aye," Scotty agreed. "And considering the way that white haired devil popped in and out of engineering like a wraith, along with those other beasties."

"White haired devil?" Sailor Moon asked, obviously puzzled.

"I think he means Malachite," Venus chipped in.

"If you mean this individual..." Spock inserted a data cartridge and an image of Malachite in engineering appeared on the central monitor. "...then you are correct."

Jupiter's face darkened with barely controlled fury. "That's Malachite, alright."

"I don't get it," said Venus. "What was he doing here? Lately all he's been doing is try to steal the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon."

"Yeah, usually through some crazy scheme," Mars added.

"Which you always seem to get in the middle of," Artemis quipped.


"Well, I'm not the one who went to the 'Moon Princess Skiing Con--' OW!" Artemis rubbed his now sore nose.

Hoping to prevent the meeting from getting too much out of order, Spock responded to Venus' original question. "He stole the ship's dilithium crystals." Knowing full well what the reaction would be, Spock brought up a picture of Prince Darien. "Along with this individual."

"Darien." Though spoken quietly, this one word from Sailor Moon was filled with emotion.

"I understand from Luna that you and he are quite... close, and that he has been brainwashed into working for the Negaverse. In that respect, I'm sorry," Kirk said sympathetically. Then, in a more strident tone, "However, I now have two crewmen dead as a result of all this. One during our battle to recover the crystal; and the other when these two stole them in the first place. I want to know is why."

Sailor Moon looked horrified. "Dead? Did... did Darien...?"

"Negative," Spock said, shaking his head. "Darien had already departed the ship by that point. Malachite was directly responsible for the crewman's death."

"Aye, he was," Scotty stated. "But he was in a quick enough hurry to leave once the crystals were taken."

"So the operative question is: why did they steal the dilithium crystals in the first place?" Kirk said.

"Well, if we knew what dilithium was, maybe we could help," Mars said.

"A logical request," Spock replied. "Dilithium is a crystalline substance which is an essential element to our ship's main power source. In simple terms, it serves as an energy magnifier, amplifying the energy output from our matter-antimatter intermix chamber to power the ship's warp drive system. Five crystals are used in total. Four as primaries, with the fifth serving as a reserve."

"If you don't understand him, don't worry," said McCoy. "I work with him everyday, and I still don't understand him."

"It can amplify all forms of energy?" Mercury asked.


The blue haired Scout looked thoughtful. "But if it can amplify energy, including organic energy, then..." Her voice trailed off as she considered the implications. "Oh, no!"

"What is it?" asked Sailor Mars.

"They could use the crystals to amplify an amount of negative organic energy, producing enough to recharge and release the Negaforce!"

"That doesn't sound good," said Sailor Moon.

"Of course not! It's disastrous!" exclaimed Luna. "If they're able to release the Negaforce, they'll be unstoppable!"

"Alright, already, Luna! I got his drift!"

"Once the Negaforce has been released, the forces of the Negaverse will strive to conquer this Earth," Spock said. "Once they have accomplished this, I believe it is likely that they will attempt to spread their influence to our universe. The Federation itself could be at risk."

"Agreed. Our best strategy is to locate and retrieve the crystals before they can be used in that manner," said Kirk. "Any luck in that department, Mr. Spock?"

The Vulcan scowled. "Unfortunately, we have made little progress in even locating the missing crystals. Since they are in another dimension, it seems unlikely that we will be able to locate them unless Beryl and her forces return them to this plane of reality."

"By then, it'll be too late," said Artemis.

"There must be some way to locate the crystals," McCoy blurted.

"I am open to suggestions, doctor," Spock replied, as imperturbable as ever.

"I might be able to help," said Sailor Mercury. She opened her computer and began manipulating the keyboard. "I've been having some success scanning into the Negaverse. Unfortunately, the range is quite limited."

Spock eyed the minicomputer intently. "Remarkable. May I examine it?"

"Certainly." She handed the computer to Spock. The Vulcan examined it closely for several moments, seemingly entranced, then began operating it tentatively.

"Fascinating." The first officer's voice had an almost... reverent tone to it.

McCoy looked on with a bemused expression. "Don't look now, Jim, but I think he's in love." This caused Mercury to blush a bright red.

"Doctor, that is most illogical. I am merely examining a most fascinating piece of equipment," Spock replied.

"I'll bet," McCoy retorted in a low voice. Mercury turned even redder, and the other scouts began to giggle.

"Doctor, you are fully aware that, as a Vulcan, I am quite incapable of the emotions you are implying," Spock continued as if there were no interruption.

"That you'll admit to," McCoy challenged.

Spock ignored McCoy's last remark. "Captain, I believe that Sailor Mercury's computer will be able to locate our stolen crystals if it is interfaced with the ship's main computer. We can then utilize the ships sensors and scan directly into the Negaverse."

"If Sailor Mercury is agreeable..." Kirk began.

She nodded vigorously. "Of course. Anything I can do to help."

"Very well. Mr Spock, you and Sailor Mercury will proceed with the interface and begin scanning for the stolen crystals."

"Jim, even if we locate the crystals, how are we going to get them back? It's not likely we can beam them out of another dimension." said McCoy.

Kirk eyed his first officer. "He's got a point, Mr. Spock. Any suggestions?"

"Not at this time, Captain. However, I do have the beginnings of a theory based on the method Malachite used to board the ship. I shall explore the possibilities after setting up the scanning run for the crystals." At a nod from his captain, Spock left the briefing room, with Sailor Mercury following.

McCoy pointed to the Scouts. "In the meantime, I want the lot of you back in sickbay."

"Why? We're fine," Mars protested.

"Maybe so, thanks to that Moon Crystal thingamajig, but I still want you checked over to be sure. So don't give me any grief!"

Kirk chuckled. "I know from personal experience that it's impossible to argue with the doctor."

"Gee, he must be related to Mars."


"There!" Sailor Mercury said. She looked up at Spock, who was standing next to her by the bridge science station. "I've established the linkup to the main computer."

"Impressive," Spock stated. "I had anticipated that it would take much longer to complete the interface."

"Well, my computer is designed to be easy to use." She looked somewhat apologetic. "And... it is somewhat more powerful than your ship's computer." Her soft spoken statement drew several amazed looks from the other members of the bridge crew. Even Spock looked a bit taken back by this.


"I'll need the specifications on dilithium crystal structure before I can set up the scanning protocols."

"Very well." Spock activated the audio link to the library computer. "Computer, access files on dilithium structure and transfer them along the established linkup."

"Working..." The computer made various clicking and whirring noises as it complied with the command. "...complete."

Sailor Mercury tapped several keys on her computer and nodded in satisfaction. "Yes, they're here. I'll modify the scanning program now." She began working furiously on the small computer.

As she was doing so, the turbolift doors opened, and Kirk strode onto the bridge. "Any progress, Mr. Spock?"

"Yes, Captain. Sailor Mercury is configuring her computer to scan the Negaverse. We should be ready to begin momentarily."

"Mr. Spock," said Sulu, "I've completed the sensor sweeps you asked for."

Spock nodded. After a questioning glance from the Captain, he said "I asked Mr. Sulu scan the surrounding space for spatial distortions while I was assisting Sailor Mercury. If my theory is correct, Malachite is using a spatial distortion to transport himself between this dimension and the Negaverse."

"Can we do the same?"


"I see. What have you found, Mr. Sulu?"

"I located three spatial distortions in the Earth-Moon system. Two are on Earth itself -- one at the North Polar region and the other in Japan. The third is located on the moon, here..." He tapped a control, bringing an image of the moon on the main viewscreen. There was a blinking light on one of the mare. " the Sea of Serenity."

Kirk regarded the image for a moment. "Well, Spock? Can we use these distortions to beam the crystals out of the Negaverse?"

Spock examined the readouts on Sulu's viewer for a moment. "Not directly. However, if we produce a modulated subspace field at the sight of one of the distortions, it should create a dimensional interconnecting corridor. We should then be able to direct a transporter beam directly into the Negaverse. If necessary, it would allow for communications as well."

"It'll take a lot of power to generate the field," Scotty said. "But the impulse engines have enough to do the job."

Spock shook his head. "Negative, Mr. Scott. The field generator must be located as close to the site of the distortion as possible."

"It'll have to be a shuttlecraft then," replied the engineer. He sighed. "I think it's got the power reserves needed, but it'll be a near thing."

"I suggest using the lunar site, Captain," said Spock. "A shuttle would be too visible at one of the sites on Earth."

"Agreed. How long to make the necessary modifications, Scotty?"

"Not long, sir. I'll get right on it." The engineer headed for the turbolift and left the bridge.

Mercury looked up from her computer. "There. The scanning program is complete. I'm initiating scans of the Negaverse... now." She tapped on the keyboard, and the words 'Scan in progress' appeared on the screen.

"Good work," said Kirk.

Spock glanced at the science station. "The scans of the Negaverse should be completed by the time Mr. Scott has finished the shuttle modifications."

"Excuse me," said Sailor Mercury. "Could you tell me where the other Scouts are?"

"I've assigned them temporary quarters," replied Kirk. "Luna suggested that it would be a good idea for them to get some rest, once McCoy had finished with them." He smiled slightly when she fought back a yawn. "And I think it would be a good idea for you, too."

"Yes, I think you're right. Could someone please show me the way?" Kirk motioned to a security guard, who followed Mercury into the turbolift.

"Here you are," the guard said. "You and Sailor Moon have been assigned these quarters."

Mercury thanked the guard and entered. The room was darker than the corridor had been, but not much since the ship was observing 'nighttime' conditions. It didn't take long for her eyes to adjust. Suddenly feeling very tired, she allowed the transformation to reverse itself as she made her way into the bedroom.

Serena was sitting up in the bed, reading something on the viewer. Luna had curled herself up on the bed, and at least gave the appearance of sleeping. Serena looked up when she came into the room. "Hi, Amy. How'd it go with you and Spock?"

"Good. The linkup to the main computer went fairly smoothly. The scanning program is running now. They'll call us if anything develops."

She gave her a sly look. "Are you sure that's all you two were doing?" Amy colored slightly at the insinuation.

"Serena! We were working!"

"Oh, really?"

Luna came to her rescue. "That's enough, Serena. Both of you should get some sleep now."

"Oh, all right. Just let me finish this one book."

"What are you reading?" Amy asked, curious despite herself.

Serena turned the viewer towards her with flourish. "Ta daa!" Amy took one look, then bowed her head in disappointment. With the entire literature of the Federation to chose from, Serena was reading comic books!

The buzzing from the intercom woke them up. Serena screamed "I'm going to be so late!" and tried frantically to get ready for school before realizing where she was.

Luna hopped onto the table and answered the call. "Yes?"

"Spock here. The captain and I will be meeting you there in five minutes." With a click, the intercom went silent.

Amy checked her watch. "It's only been four hours. I wonder what's happened."

"We'll find out soon enough," Luna replied. "Hurry up you two, and transform."

The door buzzed five minutes later, and they greeted Kirk and Spock as they entered. The others followed them in. "The good news is that the scanning program worked like a charm, and we've got a location for the crystals. The bad news is that it looks like our opponents are on the move. Uhura has monitored reports of people fainting or complaining of weakness."

"They're gathering energy to release the Negaforce," Artemis said.

"That was my analysis," Spock replied. He handed Mercury her computer. "Unfortunately, it forces us to take action before we can adequately prepare ourselves."

"You can't beam the crystals out?" Luna asked.

"I'm afraid not," Kirk replied. "The sensor resolution was only good enough to pinpoint a general location, not good enough for a transporter lock. If we want them back we're going to have to go after them ourselves." The captain looked hesitant. "Look, I can't order you to do this. To avoid our presence from contaminating your universe, my crew and I must attempt to retrieve the crystals. But it's not your responsibility. If you wish, I can have you beamed back to..."

"Don't say another word, captain," Sailor Moon interrupted. "We're in. We're going to help."

"Thank you," Kirk said as they exited the room. "Luna, Artemis; Mr. Spock will escort you to the shuttlebay."

"Why?" Artemis asked.

"The shuttle is carrying equipment to generate a subspace field that will enable us to transport directly to the Negaverse," Spock explained. "We've determined that the optimal point to produce the field is in the center of what was the Moon Kingdom."

"And since you've been there before, I want you to accompany Mr. Scott on the Galileo," Kirk added.

"I don't know how much help we can be, but anything we can do," Luna answered. Before leaving she turned to the Scouts. "Good luck."

"We'll meet Commander Giotto and his security detail in the transporter room," Kirk said after they left. "Once the Galileo is in position we'll beam in. I would have preferred more time to drill our forces in working together, but that's not possible.

"Ready or not, we're going to the Negaverse." Next Time: The combined forces of the Sailor Scouts and the Enterprise crew are poised to strike into the heart of the Negaverse. They must recover the dilithium crystals before they can be used to unleash the Negaforce.

Stay tuned for part 5: "...once more into the breach..."

Bill Harris
"I don't do Windows... 95 or otherwise!"

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