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CGC Bulletin 4

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CGC Bulletin
 · 2 months ago

  1. Announcement & CfP: Journal of Mathematical Cryptology
  2. Special Semester on Grobner Bases
  3. Undeniable Signature Schemes Using Braid Groups

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Boaz Tsaban

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1. Announcement & CfP: Journal of Mathematical Cryptology

Starting in 2007 with 4 issues/year, Walter de Gruyter will publish a new high-quality journal devoted to interactions between Cryptology and Mathematics:

Journal of Mathematical Cryptology Aims and Scope:
The Journal of Mathematical Cryptology (JMC) is a forum for original research articles in the area of mathematical cryptology. As such, work in the theory of cryptology and articles linking mathematics with cryptology are welcome. Cryptologically significant submissions from all areas of mathematics are equally welcome, including but not limited to, algebra, algebraic geometry, coding theory, combinatorics, number theory, probability and stochastic processes. In particular, the scope includes mathematical results of algorithmic or computational nature that are of interest to cryptology. While JMC does not cover information security as a whole, the submission of manuscripts on information security with a strong mathematical emphasis is explicitly encouraged.

Editorial board:
Simon Blackburn; Ernie Brickell; Mike Burmester; Ronald Cramer; Ed Dawson; Gerhard Frey; Robert Gilman; Otokar Grosek; Hideki Imai; Kwangjo Kim; Neal Koblitz; Kaoru Kurosawa; Spyros Magliveras; Alfred Menezes; Ron Mullin; Phong Nguyen; Birgit Pfitzmann; Josef Pieprzyk; Rei Safavi-Naini; Rainer Steinwandt; Doug Stinson; Tran van Trung; Wandi Wei; Hugh Williams; Moti Yung

Manuscript submission:
High-quality submissions to this new journal are welcome now and manuscripts should be submitted by email as PDF- or PS-file to one of the managing editors: Spyros Magliveras (; Rainer Steinwandt ( Tran van Trung (

Manuscripts are evaluated basing on at least two review reports. Only high-quality papers will be accepted. For accepted manuscripts, authors are requested to provide LaTeX sources using a style file provided by Walter de Gruyter.

2. Special Semester on Grobner Bases

A Special Semester on Grobner Bases and Related methods will start on February. One of the workshops organized during this semester is called Gröbner Bases in Cryptography, Coding Theory, and Algebraic Combinatorics.

3. Undeniable Signature Schemes Using Braid Groups

Tony Thomas, Arbind Kumar Lal

Artin's braid groups have been recently suggested as a new source for public-key cryptography. In this paper we propose the first undeniable signature schemes using the conjugacy problem and the decomposition problem in the braid groups which are believed to be hard problems.


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