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VISION-LIST Digest 1989 12 29

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 · 6 Jan 2024

Vision-List Digest	Fri Dec 29 09:09:56 PDT 89 

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Today's Topics:

multidimensional data
NASA IP Package?


Date: Wed, 27 Dec 89 10:24:45 EST
From: Stephen M. Pizer <>
Subject: multidimensional data writes that he needs to know of sources of
multidimensional data. A collection of medical (magnetic resonance image) and
molecular electron density data is available on magnetic tape
from or
Pamela Payne, Softlab, Dept. of Computer Science, Sitterson Hall, Univ. of NC,
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175. This collection was produced as a result of the
Chapel Hill Volume Visualization Workshop in May 1989 and consists of data
contributed by Siemens, Inc. and Michael Pique of Scripps.
The cost is $50. I believe a second tape is under preparation for an
additional charge.


Date: Thu, 28 Dec 89 11:17:26 PST
From: Scott E. Johnston <>
Subject: NASA IP Package?

I've heard rumors of an extensive, well-documented IP package
available from NASA. A search of vision-list backissues
didn't uncover any references. Anybody with further info?



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5 Apr 2024
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