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Interim Update. Issue #27A

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The Groom Lake Desert Rat
 · 12 Feb 2024

Interim Update. Issue #27A. July 17, 1995.
-----> "The Naked Truth from Open Sources." <-----
Update from, Las Vegas, Nevada.


Issue #28 will be published in a few days (probably by July 27). In the meantime, here are some minor items you might want to know about:

  • The Groom Lake Security Manual is now available on the World Wide Web. This is an official booklet of general information for Cammo Dudes containing lots of tidbits about the nonexistent Groom Lake base. You can access it from our Area 51 page at .
  • The hike to Tikaboo Peak this Saturday (July 22) is proceeding as planned. See the info sheet on our Area 51 Page or posted to alt.conspiracy.area51 . (If you don't have either and are thinking of coming, send us a message at for a copy.) Parameters are the same as for the May hike [DR#25].
  • Glenn Campbell has been arrested for espionage... according to the proprietors of the Little A'Le'Inn. The story has been distributed as follows: The government went to the management of Campbell's apartment complex in Las Vegas [DR#26] and told them Campbell was engaged in espionage and if they didn't kick him out they would be accessories to espionage. Of course, they immediately kicked Campbell out, and THREE DAYS LATER he was arrested for espionage, apparently as a Soviet spy. Once again, Psychospy is the last to know, and Campbell denies all. Previous word from the Inn said that Campbell had been seen driving a government vehicle. Indeed, he has now confessed to being an agent--of the U.S. Geological Survey. We'll get on top of both these stories and offer a full report on the next Rat.

With so much news a-brew'n, the next DR will be another big one, which is awkward to receive by email. We urge our subscribers to read the World Wide Web version of the Rat instead. (Accessible from the http address above.) The Web version includes attractive formatting and PHOTOS. It also offers dozens of links to supporting information, including articles, back issues and other Web pages. See DR#27 for lots of goodies (recently upgraded with more photos and links).

The Web is the latest rage, bigger than both Disco dancing AND the Rubik's cube. If you're not cruisin' the Web, you ain't cool. If you ARE Web capable, we suggest you change your Desert Rat subscription to our abbreviated version (sending only the table of contents) to let you know when new issues have been posted. This will reduce both your email load and ours. To switch to the abbreviated version, send an email message to that effect to

America On-Line now offers the Web: See the Internet Center. For others with PPP or SLIP connections, we recommend the Netscape browser (not that creaky Mosaic dinosaur) for the full effect of our page formatting.

Earlier technical problems with our Web area have been worked out, and our Area 51 page has been recently upgraded with lots of new information. For example, you can now find a rare photo of our favorite alien, Ambassador Merlyn Merlin II of Draconis, in our Web area. See Ambassador Merlin's entry on our main Area 51 page.


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