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Amazons International #2

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Amazons International
 · 12 Feb 2024

[Note: AI # 1 was just an old version of the intro file. -- Thomas]

Amazons International # 2


  • Keith: Bio
  • Stormwind: Bio

[Note from moderator: I will accept anonymous postings; however, if you want your name or address withdrawn, you must tell me so, EACH TIME, at the beginning of your posting (and include a pseudonym). Otherwise I'll keep the from-field.]

Keith: Bio

From: microsoft!
Date: Fri Apr 12 12:08:30 1991

I'd like to thank Thomas for starting this mailing list. I've been quietly obsessed by strong women and wrestling for as long as I've been a sexual person. My first sexual fantasies revolved around wrestling with strong, powerful women. It was only later that I learned there were other fun things we could do as well :-)

The breadth of material available on this subject told me I couldn't be alone in this obsession but only now do we have a forum where we can openly share our experiences and our fantasies. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Although I've wrestled with all my lovers, its only in the last year that I've found a woman strong enough, competitive enough and confident enough to make a truly challenging opponent. To my great delight, she has found that she enjoys our matches almost as much as I do. As you can well imagine, I'm madly in love with her. Someone on Usenet said, "There is no greater power than a shared fetish."

So let's hear from you. What do you like? What do you fantasize about? Do you like to watch or participate? Do you have any favorite bouts to recount? What are your favorite videos, magazines, books? What about female combat scenes in regular TV and movies? There's lots to talk about.

I've got some stories (both real and imagined) that I'll start posting in the weeks to come. Why not share one of yours today?



Stormwind: Bio

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 14:07:50 PDT
From: (Stormwind)

i guess the best way to start this off is to ask, what exactly is an amazon, and why do i consider myself one?

most amazons are drawn (usually by boris vallejo) as tawny muscular goddesses sporting very little clothing. though i'm tall, i'm definitely not tawny, and i prefer my jeans to skimpy shreds of cloth. being a software engineer doesn't exactly lend itself towards having a lean physique either, but i'm working on that part with running, swimming, and basketball.

so aside from physique, what classifies one as an amazon? that's a much more difficult question than would appear at first glance. i suppose that my own criteria for amazonness is the capability to be self sufficient and non-dependant on others, but most importantly is pursuing what one wants to do and the willingness to challenge social norms whilst doing so.

i don't consider myself to be expressly "female". my inner self is more androgenous, an intellectual entity rather than a "female" or "male" entity. i do not think about things in terms of "ladies don't do that" (a phrase my mom tried to use on me upon being informed that i was going to the madera warbird fly-in, and was going to try to pitch my tent under the wing of a B-17).

this got started at an early age when a young boy informed me, "girls can't play bagpipes!". this irritated me so much that i was determined to play him into the ground, and proceeded to do so. bagpipes are considered to be a men's pursuit, and there are but a scant handful of women on the west coast who have played pipes for any length of time. many of them were driven out of piping by the very attitudes that challenged me to excell.

i also windsurf, whitewater raft, am learning how to fly, and have just recently joined an all-women's paintball team to compete in two tournaments in the next few months (paintball is like capure the flag, except you play at long range by tagging people out with paintguns).

one drawback to this is, of course, most men are scared silly of a woman enjoying herself on traditionally male turf. fortunately, my boyfriend has learned that my activities are not to be construed as a challenge to his maleness, but rather a pursuit of happiness on my own behalf. this has resulted in many wonderful revelations for both of us (i introduced him to whitewater, he introduced me to magic) and has enriched both of us.


hell's amazon

Amazons International:
Thomas Gramstad, moderator

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