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Amazons International #5

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Amazons International
 · 12 Feb 2024


  • Stormwind: Re: Outlining the Amazon concept
  • D! : Bio
  • EROTICA: Limberjack's tale
  • Thomas: Amazon Newsgroup also?

Stormwind: Re: Outlining the Amazon concept

Date: Wed, 1 May 91 19:01:14 PDT
From: (Stormwind)

From: Thomas
Subject: Outlining the amazon concept
Stormwind writes:

i guess the best way to start this off is to ask, what exactly is an amazon, and why do i consider myself one?

most amazons are drawn (usually by boris vallejo) as tawny muscular goddesses sporting very little clothing.

(I think I've missed out on something here -- where can one find Boris Vallejo's drawings (comic books? book covers? paintings?))

most commonly found on the cover of the "gor" novels in the "too much testosterone" fantasy section.
Be that as it may, here are what I'd call some typical amazon characteristics:

a particular "heavy" or unconsciously self-confident way of walking, stressing certainty and physical strength

i've found that high heels are kind of like the north american equivalent of foot binding. you can't run well in them, and you have to take small mincing steps. only person i know who can stride well in high heels is the lead singer from Fleetwood Mac.

preference for "rough", practical clothing (e g sportswear, jeans, leather jackets)

i've been taught that when i go flying, i wear clothing appropriate to surviving in whatever terrain i'm flying over. one does not wear shorts and thongs when flying over the sierras. this applies equally well to every day circumstances.

no or little make-up/fake-up

i usually only wear makeup if i have to dress up (court appearances, performances, family gatherings, et al). it takes too long to put on; it takes too long to take off. it feels kinda strange, it messes up the pH of your face, and my boyfriend complains that it tastes funny.

however, few and far between are people who can say "no" when i've got on 3" heels, a business suit, and am suitably made up. the combination seems to overwhelm them. so, i figure i'll save it for those times when i need all the edge i can get..


Date: Mon, 6 May 91 10:09:21 PDT
From: By my heart be I woman <"d_carroll">

Hi! Neat concept for a list! Thought I would introduce myself, since I hate being a lurker and I think it is polite to let others know who is reading their stuff. [Hear, hear -- T]

My name is Diana, more commonly known on the net as "D!" (pronounced "D-Bang"). I am a radical, software engineering, "differently pleasured" (to steal a phrase) cyber-techno-leather-dyke, into science fiction, motorcycles, dancing and women-watching. :-) I live in the Boston, MA area.

I can't say I am an Amazon - I guess I fall more into the category of "admirer". I meet some of the qualifications (agressive, straight-forward, outside of societal norms) and I do tend toward "butch" but I am hardly athletic (quite the opposite - soft and squishy and uncoordinated - but it's a *good* kinda soft-and-squishy, let me tell you!) I'm sure a real Amazon could have me pinned in 23 seconds flat - but at least I'd enjoy it!

Nice to "meet" y'all...


EROTICA / sexually explicit story coming up. You have been warned...

limberjack's tale

From: Limberjack
Subject: Limberjack's tale

I sit on the ground watching her working. She hasn't looked up, but she know's that I've arrived. She could have used the chain saw, but she knows that I like to see her work the hand saw. I follow the play of muscles and sinews under her sweat, tawny skin, and the saw sinking deep into the tree. Finally comes the cracking sound that tells that the tree is done for. Slowly, then faster, the tree keels over, pushing away air and branches of other trees in its way, hits the ground with a loud thud. It could have been 20 minutes or two hours, I dunno. I left my watch in the cottage with the rest of my gear.

She looks at me, smiling. The best words are the ones you don't need to say. She stands above me, an inch or two taller, ten maybe fifteen pounds heavier, dark brown eyes. I kiss her, lick the sweat off her face, enjoy the familiar sweet-and-salt taste.

My hands stroke her arms, shoulders and back, while she bulges her muscles under my touch. She's so precise, so controlled, it's as if my fingers draw the muscles out. She's still ripped after the recent competition, a sculpture in flesh. I've been primed and ready for a long time, but now it's getting real hot and urgent. I tear off my T-shirt and jeans, then slow down, tortured, waiting for the slow torturist to finish undressing. I put my hands on her shoulders. She grabs my ass with both hands, one on each half, lifts me off the ground, into her. With her hands and hips she determines the pace and rhythm, a slow enticing beat. My hands slip downwards, caressing her hard pec's in the one moment, her soft breasts in the next. Then they move round to her back as our tongues meet and play.

I breathe heavily, knowing and feeling I'm getting close. She stops, holding me in the air. A year later she slowly leans forward, with full control, slides down on her knees, my feet curling over her ass. I feel the ground under my back, then I have her weight on me. She grabs my wrists, and locking my arms firmly to the ground she rides me with long, strong, unhurried strokes. She is Kim Tyree -- lumber jack, handywoman, pro wrestler, state bodybuilder champion of the heavy weight class. She is the sexiest woman and the strongest man I know. I feel the leaves of the tree under me. I wonder if the tree had an orgasm before it fell. Or while it fell.


From: Thomas
Subject: Amazon newsgroup also?

Some of you have asked me about the possibilities for creating an amazon newsgroup also, in addition to the mailing list. I see some positive aspects and some problems about this.

On the positive side is the larger visibility and reach of a newsgroup. It could reach many people, and it could be a place to upheld 'amazon values'; to make the whole subject matter present and visible.

On the negative side, at least in my opinion, is that it would not be private, and it would probably be a lot of flame-fests there, at least if the group was unmoderated. ("soc.amazons" could be moderated; "alt.amazons" probably couldn't be moderated, I believe that's against the ordinary net policies.) I believe it would be difficult to get enough votes for soc.amazons -- there would probably be many no-votes; this is actually a "controversial" issue (even with the moderate PR I've done for this list, I've received some hate-mail).

(On the other hand, I might enjoy seeing some verbal amazons dishing it out to the enemy...)

I don't know anything about the rules for creating newsgroups, so I'll leave that process to somebody else. I'd support such an attempt and vote yes; I suggest to go for a moderated soc.amazons first, and settle for alt.amazons it that doesn't work out.

You (whoever volunteers for the task) may borrow from the purpose statement of this list to a proposal for a newsgroup; you'll find the latest version of the purpose statement somewhere else in this issue of Amazons International.

The mailing list and a newsgroup should be and would be entirely separate; it's like a private party with some friends vs. a night in a noisy night club. The mailing list is more private in nature, and one can be personal t/here without feeling like an exhibitionist.

- Thomas

Amazons International
Thomas Gramstad, moderator
"A Hard Woman is Good to Find" -- The Valkyries

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