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Xbox File Types

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 · 21 Feb 2024

written by Michael Steil, 2 May 2002

The Xbox hard disk contains files in some different formats, most of which are new:


XBE files are signed Xbox executables. Their format is similar to the Win32 PE format.


It is unknown what the XTF files contain. The hard disk contains two of them (Xbox Book.xtf and Xbox.xtf, about 15 MB each). They start with "XTF0 \0\0\0" followed by its file name without extension and compress down to less than 6 MB. They might contain image data, because every fourth byte is 0.


XIP files (Xbox ZIP?) are uncompressed archives containing several files, usually of the types xm, xap and xbx.

04String "XIP0"
44Beginning of data in file
82some 16 bit value?
101always same as at position 8?
124Total size of data
204Size of first file


XM files (Xbox Mesh) contain mesh data for 3D objects. They start with "XPR0".


XAP files (Xbox Application) are JavaScript executables that get interpreted by xboxdash.xbe. They control the Dashboard menus.


XBX files are deflate-compressed (zlib) images.

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