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The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)

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 · 18 Mar 2024
The Big Red Adventure (MS-DOS) Front Cover
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The Big Red Adventure (MS-DOS) Front Cover

I strongly recommend playing The Big Red Adventure, an adventure that makes silliness its strong point.


As you probably know, The Big Red Adventure is divided into four main parts (scenes). In the first three, the protagonists (Doug Nuts, Dino Fagioli, and Donna Fatale) have their personal problems; in the fourth scene they face and defeat the usual mad scientist together.

Always take all the time necessary to examine the objects and, between one snicker and another, pay attention to the clues. After these pearls of Zen philosophy, I have nothing more to say, so let's immediately jump into the shoes of Doug Nuts.


The goal of the nerd with a D on his belly is to steal the Tsar's crown, which you can get an idea of during a visit to the museum.

The Big Red Adventure: introduction
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The Big Red Adventure: introduction

Once you arrive at the hotel, open the envelope and examine the photos. Retrieve the suitcase and open it. Take its contents, a ruler and a recorder. The room also contains a camera and a remote control, with which you can turn on the TV and enjoy the Matrioska Show. Needless to say, participating in this fantastic program is a staple of Doug's life: to do so, you must send in the coupon contained in a newspaper. Collect the antenna and the laptop, exit, and you will find yourself in the hotel's lobby.

The Big Red Adventure: you are in the hotel lobby. Give the key to the porter.
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The Big Red Adventure: you are in the hotel lobby. Give the key to the porter.

Here you can take the cord on the wall and give the key to the porter, after which you can also leave the hotel. You will immediately find a scale on the left, which you can break into with the antenna, thus obtaining some money to buy some texts at the newsstand: the New Pravda, which contains the coupon for the Matrioska Show, the opera encyclopedia with its lovely music cassette, and Capital, with a collectible stamp. If you don't have enough money, break into the scale again.

Participation in the Matrioska is subject to correctly answering three questions, all written on the coupon contained in the Pravda: the weight of the "Big Dipper" sandwich, the height of the statue in Red Square in terms of Vodka Cola cans, and how many "r"s are on the packaging of "Dostoevsky" caviar.

Let's start with Red Square: go there and talk to the Japanese man, giving him your camera to take photos until the film runs out. Outside the Gum supermarket, there's a line; by talking to the first person, you can ask him to buy you a box of Dostoevsky caviar. In exchange, however, you need to bring him some toilet paper.

Going to the sandwich shop, you'll find a car on the right, examine it and collect the camera. Inside it, there's another film, useful for taking more photos near the statue. Put it in your camera, then talk to the cashier and buy a Vodka Cola and the "Big Dipper" sandwich.

Go to Gorky Park, take the right avenue, and talk to the boy: give him the laptop in exchange for his console. Was it a good deal? Who knows, but inside the console, there's the Wall Street Fighter 4 cartridge, a four-dimensional fighting game where winning increases your stocks by 15 points (hey, I'm joking)!

Return to the location of the scale, eat the sandwich and weigh it to know its weight. Go to the north station and use the Wall Street Fighter 4 cartridge in the Sbancomatt terminal, which will give you 100 Rublodollars in return.

Go back to Red Square and get photographed by the Japanese man again, only this time you can measure the Vodka Cola can with the ruler and obtain the number that answers the second question. Obviously, you need to look at the photo.

The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)
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Go back to the park, this time go left and proceed right past the bridge. Wait, and a Moroccan will arrive - even in Gorky Park! - talk to him and buy toilet paper for 100 Rublodollars. Bring it to the guy outside the supermarket, and he will give you the box of caviar: examining it will reveal the answer to the third question of the coupon: go back to the hotel, ask the doorman for a pen, and fill it out. Put it in an envelope, write the address, and stick the stamp on it, patience for the collection. Go to the station and put the envelope in the mailbox. By the time you return to the hotel, the doorman will have the reply letter, with which you are invited to the show.

The KGB TV studios are near the station. Enter and steal the ticket from the secretary's desk, then give her the participation letter. Proceed to the left, and you will participate in the episode. The correct answers are number 2, 3, 3, then take the big question number 1. If you choose 2, you must then answer "0". The prize? A fantastic hot air balloon!

Collect the camera, return to the hotel, and from there go to the bathroom in your room. Exit through the window, and aboard the hot air balloon, reach the museum roof and descend with the rope. Once inside, you must break the protective glass: put the opera cassette in the recorder and listen to it at full volume, then collect the ZX81 and the diamond. Go to the crown room. Use the projector on the case containing it, and press the button to divert the infrared rays. Transform into Arsene Lupin and cut the case with the diamond, but at the best moment, another thief will burst into the room and knock you out. He will leave with the crown. You've gotten yourself into a heap of trouble and are left with nothing, quite a swindle!

The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)
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It's time to cut and run. Start again from the hotel and go to Mc Romanov, where you'll meet an old friend. Talk to Alex and Kos and accept the hacking proposal: you must steal the code for Tequila & Boom Boom in exchange for a passport. Return to the hotel and use the remote control with the recorder, connect it to the ZX81 and hook up to the phone. Consulting the notes stolen from the KGB TV secretary, you can enter the database, and then download what you need onto the cassette. Bring it to Alex and Kos, who will give you the passport. From there, go to the station, talk to the conductors, and (tired and disgruntled) board the Orient Express.


This part is dedicated to the brains of the group, Dino Fagioli, found near the dock, melancholically reflecting on the ship that dumped him. The goal is to reach it. On the dock, pick up the rope and fishing net, cast it into the water, and you'll find a shoe. Enter the inn: there sits an old man who seems irrelevant to the game. However, by speaking with the innkeeper, you'll discover that the poor man has lost his parrot and would do anything to get it back. Take the empty mug, give it to the bartender, and order a "golden cluster." While he's in the cellar getting it, take advantage of what's hanging on the wall. From there, head to the circus area.

Enter the fortune teller's place, repeatedly express your disbelief in her predictions, and she'll agree to give them for free, eventually consulting her crystal ball. Afterward, she'll go to rest a bit, giving you the chance to rob her of everything on the shelves (wasn't Doug supposed to be the thief?): potions, a pendulum, and a skull. There's also a parrot in the room; talk to it to find out it likes seeds. Return to the square and speak with the fakir, giving him the swordfish in place of money. He'll start his show, but at the height of it, Dino will sneeze.

The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)
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The fakir will lose concentration and meet a grim fate: the muscular hero, now a scavenger of whatever he can get his hands on, will be able to take the decorative swords. Go to the drugstore and ask for a crate of seeds, but unfortunately, the last one has already been sold. Return to the dock, since that's the crate in question, and try to take it. To get rid of the drunk, he wants two things: something to cure his headache and someone to gift him a bottle of rum. Go back to the drugstore and buy some tablets. Dissolve them in water and give them to the drunk to make him feel better. The other problem is the rum barrel, which can be acquired in two ways. The first is classic: remember Popeye? Well, Dino has the same passion for beans... and beans have the same effect on him. Buy a can, eat them, then go to the circus manager and enter the weightlifting contest. Dino will win and have enough money to buy the barrel in the store.

The second method involves taking the empty barrel from the circus square and writing "rum" on it. To do this, take the sympathetic ink and use it on the rope, then use it to write. Return to the store and take the real barrel, but the shopkeeper will prevent you from taking it away. Dino, who may seem silly but we've learned is not, will swap the barrel with his, taking away the full one. Give it to the drunk, who will let you take the crate. Open it and take the seeds, then give them to the earlier parrot who will follow you. Return to the inn, where the parrot will reunite with its old master. Speak with the bartender and learn that the next stop is Zerograd, so you must leave this place.

The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)
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To leave the country, I've experimented with two methods: having won the weightlifting contest, you can leave with the theater company, which will be attacked during the trip, and you'll end up in the woods. Skip a few lines and continue reading. If you didn't participate, instead, go to the river and take all the ornaments from the snowman. Use one of the fakir's swords to break the ice, then use the pendulum with the broom to create a sort of fishing rod. Use it to fish a nice little fish, give it to the cat and catch it while it's eating. Bring it to the inn, where it will fight with the dog, and you can swap it with the latter. Man's best friend is a reliable guide, so you can enter the woods.

Once in the woods, look for bees, use the lollipop to make them chase you, then do it again. You'll arrive at a cave, a mandatory passage to reach Zerograd. Unfortunately, it's occupied by wolves. Throw in the lollipop, and the bees will drive away those who lose their hair but not their habits. Now you can pass.

The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)
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Upon reaching Zerograd, take the poster, then enter the station's depot and show it to the gorilla. The big ape, almost as disgruntled as the Italians, will throw a banana at you. Go near the train and eat it, throwing the peel on the ground, then talk to the guard and the woman until the man tries to attack you. The guard will slip, breaking a leg, and you will replace him beside Miss Molotova. And what does Miss Molotova do now? She takes an Express, naturally!


The third part is the shortest. The protagonist is Donna Fatale, who right from the start has the chance to take the Orient Express thanks to an invitation from the billionaire R.J. (an oil tycoon originally from Dallas...). Once onboard, she will head to the bar and be approached by Alex and Kos. The two want a microfilm, currently in Molotova's possession, or they will spread risqué photos of Donna worldwide.

Go to cabin 3 and find Doug, who will offer to help. Take control of him and talk to the conductor, discovering that he wants a cigarette. Go to the bar and find out that the thief who stole the crown is on this train. Alex and Kos have the cigarette you need in exchange for 100 Rublodollars. Inside cabin 10 is Dino; knock and ask for his help. Take control of him and go to the bar, order a coffee and bring it to Molotova. The group's strongman will spill it on her, forcing her to change. In the meantime, take the vial in the room above and bring it to Doug, then go to Donna and give it to her. Ask Donna for help and take control of her. Go to the charming R.J. in room 6 and ask him for money, then go to the bar and play cards with Mrs. Molotova. By the fourth game, you'll discover she's lost her ring: could it be left in the bathroom?

Use Donna's charm on the thief to get into his room, once alone put the sleeping pill in the champagne bottle. Open the wardrobe and examine the number on the shirt cuff. Take the sheets, pillow, and glasses in the suitcase. Return to Doug and give him the sheets, glasses, and money, then tell him the number and take control. Go to Alex and Kos and pay them for the cigarette, then reach Dino and in his guise enter the bathroom. Take the ring, give it to Doug who in turn will give it to Donna. She, upon opening it, will find the microfilm she needs, and will be able to get her photos back from Alex and Kos. The scene would be over, but some things still need to happen.

The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)
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In Doug's shoes, bring the cigarette to the conductor, who, however, doesn't have a lighter. Go to the last wagon, where a fan of the Genoa soccer team will give you one. Give it to the conductor, who will smoke the special cigarette, and you can steal the keys from him. Go back to the last wagon, open the door and climb onto the roof. Make your way to the front wagon, then use the sheets to descend and the conductor's keys to open the door. You find yourself in the luggage wagon, open the chest and there you will find the crown. Unfortunately, just as you are about to take it, Groucho and Harpo Marx stop the train to steal Lenin's corpse and kidnap Donna.


If the previous part was the shortest, evidently the developers chose to let you regain strength in view of this one. Go right for two locations, and you'll reach a ruined bridge. Use Dino to move the rocks on the riverbank to create a path to cross the river. Continuing the path, you'll arrive at a village where, surprise surprise, the gypsy's wagon from two scenes ago has arrived. Talk to her, and you'll discover that, by providing her with four peculiar ingredients, she'll make you a potion. With this concoction, you'll be able to enter the mansion of Dr. Virago. What's needed? It's soon said: some bones, a bat, sunflower seeds, and a Dandelion. Go down with Doug and take the lantern and the five icicles (I'd like to call them "stalactites", but it doesn't seem appropriate...). Dino, meanwhile, will take the gutter next to the church.

Enter the cemetery to take the bones and the bottle. Use the latter with the lantern, and you'll have made some whiskey (but what was in the lantern?). Give it to the gravedigger, clearly happy with the gift. You'll discover that Virago's mansion is located in the center of the forest. Return to the church with Dino, and by playing the music box to the old man, make him fall asleep to steal his glasses. Use them with the gutter to make a telescope. Take the tarp and a stick, then pass to Doug. Pick up the stone near the bell tower, then use the five ice pegs to climb up. Ring the bell with the stone. A bat, which was sleeping, will rush out to be captured by Dino's sheet. Before going down, take a look around: from here, you can dominate the panorama, and scrutinizing it with the pseudo-telescope, you'll easily locate Virago's villa. Venture into the forest and proceed towards the villa, meanwhile scouring the tree holes: you'll also find the sunflower seeds. Take the Dandelion and bring everything to the gypsy, who will make you the promised potion. Return to the villa and use it, with Doug, to turn him into a bat. At this point, entering will no longer be a problem.

The Big Red Adventure (walkthrough)
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Meanwhile, Donna Fatale has made the acquaintance of Mr. Virago, a not at all recommendable type. As far as she is concerned, it's definitely better not to deepen the friendship. When the old man leaves, start the raid: open the pillow on the bed and take a feather from the stuffing, then take the perfume from the cabinet and look at the ceiling. There's a hatch, visible to the naked eye, go through it, and you'll find yourself in the attic. Take the stuffed magpie, the record (on the box on the left), and the chloroform on the right. Mix it with the perfume, and you'll have a sort of sleeping drug.

Spray the "perfume" on the guard blocking your exit, then go downstairs and enter the lounge. This all feels very Maniac Mansion, how delightful... Take the fruit and the vase and push the decorative bust: after causing the damage, collect a piece (you know who breaks becomes the owner of the pieces, right?). Return to the lounge and from there go into the study. Reading the diary on the table, you'll discover the procedure to resurrect the dead: you need ascorbic acid, bat wings, and ostrich feathers. Observe the skeleton's skull and check the orbital cavity well, you'll find a key to open the cabinet on the right. You have all the ingredients mentioned in the book, mix them in the ashtray on the table, and you'll have the desired potion. Now, what would a normal person do with such a potion? Sell it for a few billion and retire to a private life in Hawaii, right? But not Virago, he kept it hidden: this is why he's a mad scientist, not the (rather banal) idea of resurrecting a past leader. Well, you still have an adventure to solve and thus can't get lost in these minutiae. We're on the home stretch: use the pen, present on the same table, in the potion, then prick the stuffed magpie to give it a sliver of life. Rummage in the library, next to the skeleton, and you'll find a manual on electrostatics. Examine it, discovering the theory of magnetic fields, then examine the clock on the left to recover some magnetic dust. Put it on the disc found in the attic and return to the bedroom. Open the window and throw the vase at the head of the guard. Theoretically, you could now exit the villa, but jumping from the first floor is beyond Donna Fatale's gymnastic abilities. Thus, you must pass through the door, for which you don't have the keys. Dr. Virago always keeps them on his nightstand. Climb up from the hatch and play the magnetized disc with the gramophone: an electric shock will hit the floor. At the hit point, write the sacred invocation of every Amiga fan worth their salt: "Intel outside." Place the magpie's body on it. Play the disc again, and you've finished the resurrection procedure. The magpie owes you a favor, so bring it to Dr. Virago's room and ask it to retrieve the keys: you can't enter because you'd have to open the door, and the squeak would wake the old man. With the keys, open the main door, exit, and you'll be stopped by a second guard, who will hand you over to Virago.

The game is over, there's no escaping anymore, the mad doctor carries out his experiment, and Lenin comes back to life to dominate the world.

By the way, what's the world like today? It doesn't seem so bad to me, maybe something didn't work out right...

Enjoy the final scene, then you'll tell me!

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