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Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)

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 · 3 Apr 2024
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Microsoft Windows) Front cover
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Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Microsoft Windows) Front cover

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is a beautiful survival horror game, drawing players into a world shrouded in darkness and mystery. This new title, while holding onto the core elements that have defined Alone in the Dark since its inception, introduces a polished narrative and refined gameplay mechanics.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, set on the eerie Shadow Island, follows protagonists Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac as they delve into a serie of supernatural events, unraveling mysteries that tie back to ancient evils and familial curses. The dual-protagonist system enriches the storyline by providing two perspectives.

This is the solution of the game, played as Carnby.


  • Chapter 1: The Landing
  • Chapter 2: The Mansion
  • Chapter 3: The Mortons
  • Chapter 4: The Library
  • Chapter 5: The Enigma of the Paintings
  • Chapter 6: Alone in the dark
  • Chapter 7: Alan Morton's Laboratory
  • Chapter 8: The Final Outcome

At the end of the introduction video the plane crashed and the main characters landed on different places. This is where you select with whom to play first.

Edward Carnby
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Edward Carnby

Chapter 1: The Landing

As soon as we landed, we headed right until we reached a crossroads. There, we took the left path. We followed it to the end until we saw a door. Unfortunately, it was locked with a padlock that required a code to open, so for the moment, we couldn't do anything.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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We returned the way we had come until we saw that Carnby had a radio conversation with Aline. We continued, and a little further on, we saw a shack with stone steps stained with blood. We entered and found a dying man. After talking with him, we used the flashlight on his feet to discover a bronze key.

We left and soon after, we saw that someone was shooting inside the shack we had just left. We re-entered and saw that the body of the dying man had disappeared, leaving only a trail of blood. We exited again and continued until we reached a metal door, which we could open with the small bronze key. We entered and after walking a bit, we saw a scene in which a strange monster was tearing apart a guard dog. After the scene, we were able to pick up a box of magnesium bullets a little further on.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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Now we continued advancing until we reached a new fork. We took the north path and after passing through the gate, we observed with some astonishment how the dogs were released from their chains. We advanced and were able to pick up two boxes of bullets. A little further on, next to the statue, we found a first aid kit. Now, we returned to the main path and continued east until we reached some stairs. We climbed up, and to the left, we encountered a dead dog that attacked us. After killing it with our pistol, we continued to the end and upon turning left again, we were attacked by two more dogs. We finished them off and examined the other side of the square where we had to deal with another dog. There, we saw some stairs to one side. We climbed them and arrived at the doors of the Mansion, which were closed. At that moment, we received another call from Aline. We descended the stairs, and continued on our way with the certainty that we were being watched.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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A little further on, we encountered the strange creature that was killing the dogs. After giving it a good dose of lead, we continued and descended the stairs leading to an area where we saw a well. Beyond it, we found a valve, which when activated, would partially empty the water from the tunnels inside the well. We went down to the tunnels and after eliminating another creature, we got into the water and advanced straight ahead. We continued and turned left, until reaching a wider square area. There, another creature attacked us, usually from behind, and we couldn't continue until we had dealt with it.

After doing so, we were able to exit through a tunnel in a corner and continued until we climbed some stairs leading to a dry area. There, we could find an amulet. Now we passed through the metal door and to the left, we could find a shotgun, a first aid kit, a box of bullets, and a box of cartridges. At the back, we saw a coffin and after opening it, we found a golden key. On the other side of the room, we saw a metal door closed, but looking through the peephole, we could see a mine on the other side of the door. To the left, there were some stairs leading up to a trapdoor, but it was also closed. So, we returned to the door next to the coffin and opened it with the golden key. We climbed the stairs and opened the door that allowed us to enter the Mansion.

Entering the Mansion

We enter the mansion (1) and soon have a radio communication with Aline. As we advance a few steps, the lights go out, and we are attacked by a creature.

Map of the first floor
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Map of the first floor

Once we dispose of it, we move to the other side of the room to turn on a lamp we find there. Once the room is lit, we can find a save amulet. Taking a broad look, we see that there are three doors, currently closed, and also a clock on a table showing five minutes to twelve. Since we can't do anything else, we go up the stairs. Upon reaching the top, we see a wardrobe to the right that seems to be blocking a door. And it appears that Aline is trapped on the other side. We push the wardrobe and enter the room (2), where we find Aline. After a long conversation, Aline disappears through a trapdoor. We examine the room and on the cabinet, we find a photo of an Indian. On the nightstand, there's Alan Morton's diary and in the dresser, we search the drawers to collect an Acrobat statue and a dictaphone, which we can listen to in our inventory. Now, we exit through the mirror door, and after going down some stairs, we arrive at the end of the corridor (3), where we can find a metal door and a save amulet.

Map of the second floor
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Map of the second floor

We return to room (2) and then to room (1). Here, we can see that in front of the staircase, there are four paintings, which seem to be missing a plaque. We go down to the lower floor (1).

Now, we can observe that next to the mirror, there's a bust. Upon examining it, we discover a mechanism at its base where we need to insert some letters. To find out which ones, we push the bust towards the mirror, and doing so, we see the letters H and M reflected. We input these letters into the mechanism and go back up the stairs.

Now, if we look at the paintings again, we see that behind the plaque of the oldest man's portrait, we can find a small rusty key. We go back down to the lower floor and enter the door under the stairs.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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In room (4), we meet Edenshaw, who gives us some advice, a save amulet, and tells us to visit the library. When he leaves, we can move to where he went and turn on the light switch. We turn around and continue to the end of the corridor, where we can find a box of cartridges in a piece of furniture. Now, we can enter corridor (5), where we encounter some rather tough zombies. We reach the end of the corridor, where we can find more cartridges and a first aid kit.

We go back through the corridor, and enter the door that leads to room (6). We enter, and are attacked by creatures hanging from the ceiling. After dealing with them, we can examine the room to find a save amulet, a photo, and a wolf mask, and more cartridges. We can also see a scale and a model ship in the display case near the door. We leave the room and return to corridor (4). We continue to the end and proceed through corridor (8). Here we encounter more resistance. After dealing with them, we can enter room (9).

The Mortons

We enter room (9) and quickly look for the switch to turn on the light. Now we can examine the room at our leisure. We can find in the desk drawer Richard Morton's will, on a shelf a book about the Abkais Indians, on a table Obed Morton's notes. On a small table, an issue of Science magazine, next to the wardrobe, a first aid kit. We also see a sink with water, next to it on some boxes, a bar. On another shelf, an anthropology diploma from Obed Morton. On a table, we can find a bottle and on a shelf, a box of cartridges. Suddenly, the light will turn off, and we will be visited by two creatures.

Map of the attic
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Map of the attic

If we look at the painting above the Science magazine, we'll realize that it changes appearance depending on whether we are in light or darkness.

Now, we can fill the bottle with water from the sink and leave through the door that connects with room (1). We head to corridor (4) and re-enter room (6). There, we place the water-filled bottle on the scale in the display case. By doing this, we will see a mechanism in the explorer's painting being activated. We head there (room 1 on the second floor) and activate the painting's mechanism, which will give us a golden key. We go towards corridor (4) and from there to the spiral staircase (7). We climb it with our flashlight and look for the light switch. Upon reaching the top, we enter room (10). We turn on the light and will find a grenade launcher. We continue advancing and will again receive news from our friend Aline. Now, we use the rusty key to open the door that leads to room (11). Here, we will encounter two new creatures. Apparently, they don't like the light much, so we can use the flashlight on them to stop them and bash them with our shotgun. Once done, we can pick up a box of cartridges on the table and a lighter at the end of the room. Now we leave through the door that leads to corridor (12). We enter room (13) and if we pay close attention to the floor, there are planks of a different color that sound hollow when stepped on. Using the lever on them, we can get a golden key. We continue to the door that leads to room (14).

We enter and will see a good number of creatures that climb to the ceiling. Additionally, we can find a box of bullets, a box of cartridges, and at the back of the room, an unlit candle. We light it with the lighter and examining the wall planks, we can discover there is something behind them. Using the lever, we uncover a door. We enter it into corridor (15) and after eliminating the visitors, we proceed to the end and to the right. We pick up a first aid kit and enter the door that leads to room (16). Here, we will find Lucy Morton. We talk to her, and she will tell us to go to the library.

We return to corridor (15) and proceed to the door that leads to another spiral staircase (17). We go down to the second floor and enter through the door that leads to corridor (18). Here, Alain will communicate his suspicions about the Morton brothers. We continue and enter room (19). We turn on the light and will be able to find a first aid kit. Climbing the stairs, on the table, we find another part of Alan Morton's diary. Using the small key in the desk drawer, we will find a large forged key and half of a photograph.

We return to corridor (18). We advance, open the door that leads to (1), but instead of entering, we continue to room (20), where we enter...

The Library

Upon entering room (20), we head towards the bed at the far end. At that moment, a tentacled creature appears, captures us, and knocks us down. When we regain control, we advance a little and shoot at the lamp above the bed, thus eliminating the creature. Now, we can calmly examine the room and can find a first aid kit, a flare gun, and three boxes of cartridges. We leave the room and head towards the stairs (17). We go down to the first floor, turn on the lights, and enter room (21). After eliminating the zombies we find, we enter the library (22), for which we use the small golden key.

The Library is a huge room with several floors where we must find four special books on the shelves and push them in a certain order. Before that, we can search among the pile of books in front of the statue and we can find Jeremi Morton's diary and The Biography of the Morton family. Now, we go upstairs, pick up a box of flares, and continue to the end of the walkway, where in the last shelf we can find the first of the four books.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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We return to the door we entered on the first floor, and we can find the second book just to the left of the door. We push it and now head towards the staircase leading to the second floor and just below that staircase, on the shelf, we can find the third book. Lastly, we head to the top floor of the library, but halfway up, we will be attacked by a winged creature. To kill it, we will have to use the shotgun and the flare gun, though it will be quite resistant to our weapons. The best moment to attack it is when it folds its wings to launch its ray, we must take that moment to shoot.

Once eliminated, we continue to the top floor and approximately halfway across the walkway, we can find the fourth book on another shelf. By pushing it, we activate the mechanism of another painting. Now we must go to room (1) and in the portrait on the left, we can obtain a small bronze key and the plasma cannon.

With these new items in our possession, we go down to the first floor, and using the golden key, we can enter room (23). Upon entering, another creature will attack us; after eliminating it, we can find a golden key and a first aid kit. Additionally, we can find a statue of an owl from which we can extract a steel key if we use the wolf mask with it.

The Puzzle of the Portraits

We leave room (23) and go up to the second floor. There, we head to room (24), for which we'll need the steel key we just found. We enter and turn on the light to the right of the door.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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There we encounter another creature. After dealing with it, we examine the room and can find a box of cartridges, a large forged key, and on a stool, a save amulet. On the table, we can find the second part of the photo we already had and a handwritten letter.

We leave the room and head back to the library (22), encountering a little surprise along the way. Upon arrival, we climb the first set of stairs to a control panel on the fence. Now, we can enter the menu and combine the two pieces of the photo we have.

By examining it, we notice by turning it around that it has two numbers noted down: 1408 + 2518. The sum, which would be 3926, is the code we'll need to enter into the control panel using the four wheels starting from top to bottom and from left to right. NOTE: If other numbers appear, their sum will be the code.

Map of the roof
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Map of the roof

By activating the code, a secret door will open behind us, through which we can access room (25). We enter and turn on the light. There we can see that on the left wall there's a niche where the Acrobat statue fits. By placing it, a control panel will open on the opposite wall. There we can also find an Abkanis statue, a telescope, and a note called "Jeremy's Puzzle." This note is written backwards, and we can read the following: "The Key to the portraits is the date on which those depicted in them were born."

We leave the room, and head to the top floor of the library, climbing the stairs until we reach the roof. There, we walk along the ledge until we reach the tower at the end (26). There, we can pick up a save amulet. Now, if we look out the window, we'll see a tripod.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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We place the telescope there and by looking through it, we can discover a fort in the distance. We must focus on the window that is higher up and to the right and by using maximum zoom, we can see the number 1692.

We will also see Obed Morton looking out one of the windows. We return to room (25) and on the wall panel, we activate switches 1, 6, 9, and 2. After watching the sequence, we go back to the area with the portraits on the second floor in room (1) and by examining the portrait that just appeared, we can obtain an engraved metal plate.

Upon taking it, mechanisms for entering numbers will appear below the portraits. There, we'll need to enter the birth date of each character, which we can obtain from the Morton family biography book.

From the left, they would be:

  1. Richard Morton: 1852
  2. Archibald Morton: 1874
  3. Jeremy Morton: 1899
  4. Howard Morton: 1931

Upon entering all the numbers, the clock on the first floor will open. We head there and can collect a bronze forged key from the clock. With this key, we can open the main door right there.

Alone in the Dark

We exit the house and head left down a small path that circles around the house until we reach the stable, where we can pick up two first aid kits and a gas cartridge. Now, we turn around and head to the gate in front of the door we exited through. There, we can find a save amulet on the ground, then, we open the gate with the small bronze key. Now we have to return to the place where we landed with the parachute using the path we took at the beginning, eliminating all the creatures that appear along the way.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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Upon arriving, we'll see the fence we saw at the beginning and can open the lock by entering the code on the engraved metal plate we took from the painting (moon to the right, moon to the left, star, swirl). We open the door, and it's time to change the CD. Now we'll find a man stamped against the gate. Examining him, we can pick up two first aid kits and a gas cartridge. We continue over the bridge, and Aline will contact us. We eliminate all the creatures that appear and continue until we find the head of the man that was on the gate. At this point, we turn left and head to the stone circle. Now we have to go to the large rock in front of the stairs and choose the north direction when examining it. We'll talk to Aline again and must follow her instructions, which involve examining some rocks and then calling her.

After speaking with her, we head to the East stele and must recite the spell. The words to choose will be: O Goul'ai, Hypor, Harnis, and Korna, in that order. Doing so, a vortex will open behind us, where we can collect the stone stele and the Indian Statue of Hemicles.

Now, we return to the path and continue until we have another chat with Aline. Then, we go down the stairs and can find a save amulet on the ground. We continue, and will be attacked by a very dangerous creature. After the tough fight, we follow the path until we find a ladder to the left. We climb up and will appear in a cave where we can find a box of flares. We go back down and continue until we reach the swamp. Before venturing into it, we head to the left, where we find the crashed plane. We enter to examine it and can pick up two first aid kits, a pair of bolt cutters, a blue glass lens, a box of flares, and a save amulet. Now we approach the pilot, and when he tells us to let him die, a countdown will start for us to hurry out of the plane.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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Once outside, we return to the swamp and cross it, not without some surprises, we can pick up a save amulet from the ground. We continue until we see a ramp to the right, which leads us to a gate where we'll meet Aline, who in exchange for the stone stele will give us Obed Morton's seal. Now we return to the path and continue until we arrive at a small church. There's a chain on the door, which we can break using the bolt cutters. Inside, we can find a box of flares and a ritual sacrifice book. Also, we see a panel with nine symbols. We must press three, but to know which they are, we have to combine in the inventory the flashlight with the blue lens. This way, we can see bloodstains that aren't visible to the naked eye. Focusing on the church's door, we see a symbol, the six-pointed star. Exiting, we can follow a blood trail that leads us to a ramp. After climbing, we arrive at a large rock, and on the one to the left, we see the second symbol, an inverted cross. The third symbol can be found in the cave full of skulls we visited earlier, and it's an upward trident.

Now we can return to the church and press the three symbols on the panel. Doing so, the table at the back will move, revealing beneath it a secret passage.

Alan Morton's Laboratory

After descending the stairs that lead us underground, we proceed until we reach a metal door.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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It's locked, but if we look closely, there's a hole to the right where we can use Obed's seal, thus unlocking the door. We enter and advance, passing through an area full of cages, and continue until we reach a fork. We pick up the save amulet, continue straight, and a scene begins in which we discover the sinister Alan Morton with his experiments. After talking to him, he leaves us in the dark, at which moment Aline guides us via radio to turn on the laboratory's devices. We have to advance in the dark until we manage to open the door. We go through the left door and see a table where we find a letter from Jeremy Morton to Alan and another from Christofer Lamb to Obed Morton.

We exit the house and find ourselves in the underground. We must advance through the tunnel to the end, eliminating all the creatures that attack us. Upon arrival, we find two doors. We must enter the left one and find a recorder, which will reveal many secrets if we listen to it. We exit the room and enter through the south door, which leads us back to the previous cellar. Now we head towards the hatch on the left, and Edenshaw will appear. After chatting with Aline and him, we climb up through the hatch to reach the greenhouse.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Carnby)
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Now, we go left and eliminate the creatures. Then we head to the right until we find a cupboard, where we can find 3 boxes of cartridges. We turn around and advance to the stairs, which we climb. Upstairs, we go left until we see a statue. We push it to the gap in the railing and then push it down, so it falls. Now we go down and among the pieces of the statue, we can find Alan Morton's seal and an Indian Statue of Ouphenos. With the new seal, we can return to the metal door where we previously used Obed Morton's seal.

This time we can use the new seal in the hole on the right wall. Upon entering, we find Aline, who after translating a tablet, joins us. We continue through the tunnel, cross a bridge, and arrive at the Abkanis antechamber. We open the hatch and continue to find a light pistol, an accumulator charger, four first aid kits, and 5 save amulets. We proceed until we reach a wider area, where we see Alan Morton about to open the door to the world of darkness...

The Final Outcome

After the God of Light explains our mission, we appear on a ledge. We exit through the passage behind us and speak to Aline via radio. From this point on, the only weapon we'll need is the light pistol, and we can recharge it using the luminous crystals found abundantly in this area. We advance through the corridor, eliminating enemies until we reach a large cave. Here, we can look at the map to see where the exit is and head towards it. Exiting, we find ourselves in another corridor. This one has several paths, but all lead to the same place and are plagued with dangerous enemies. Reaching a new cave, we head towards the rope on the left. At that moment, Alan Morton appears, knocking us down. We fall onto a rock ledge and from there can enter the cave on the right, where we can pick up an oil lamp and recharge our weapon. Lighting the lamp, we find Archibald Morton's diary, a photoelectric pulsar, and a metallic flask, which can be used to recover our energy.

Exiting the cave, to the left of the cave entrance, we see a rope that allows us to climb up to some stairs. We continue climbing to the top and enter the cave. There, we witness an interesting scene. Now, we check the map for the direction to continue and move on until exiting this cave, cross a bridge, and receive a call from Johnson explaining quite a lot. We proceed, crossing a lava area until reaching the next door, climb the stairs until we reach the next cave. Here, if we check the map, we see there are two exits, but we can only reach the one on the left. We arrive at an area with columns and continue until we see one of these columns fall, forming an improvised bridge. We cross it and head to the right, where we can find a source of sacred liquid where we can heal our wounds and fill the metallic flask. We return and continue to the door at the end.

Now we arrive at a cave with mummies of Abkanis warriors. At the end, in front of the door, there are three stone busts, but two are missing their heads. We continue through the door to the right of the busts and descend by a rope we find at the end. We fall into a room where we can find one of the heads. But before that, we have to defeat the remnants of Alan Morton. The only thing that stops him for a few seconds is the photoelectric pulsar; other weapons are ineffective. After making him fall a couple of times, check the map, and you will see a corridor to the southeast. Head there, and you will be able to find sacred remains of the Abkanis and a sacred spear. With these, we can defeat Allan's monster by stabbing him with the spear.

Now we need to take the bust's head and climb up the rope to put it in its place. At that moment, the final scene of the game begins.

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