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Cider Digest #1546

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Cider Digest
 · 9 Apr 2024

Subject: Cider Digest #1546, 8 January 2010 

Cider Digest #1546 8 January 2010

Cider and Perry Discussion Forum

Buon Vino Super Jet pump-filter (Alan Yelvington)
Ford Farms, Sauvie Island (Nat West)
Sulfites during fermentation (Jason MacArthur)

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Subject: Buon Vino Super Jet pump-filter
From: Alan Yelvington <>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 14:34:43 -0500

I've posted a short video to YouTube showing the Canadian-made Buon Vino
Super Jet pump-filter in use.

I'm thoroughly rinsing it after use since I'm uncertain of how the
acidic nature of cider will degrade the diaphragm over time. Other than
that, it's been a very handy tool for racking and filtering from large

The instructions (found at the Buon Vino web site) are spot on about
filtering in stages to minimize clogging. I just had to try it my way
once to realize they were right...

Not a trivial investment ($350 - $400 US), but I'm glad to have it.

- --
Al Yelvington
Happy Dog Farm
Russell, PA
I'd rather be inappropriate than insincere...


Subject: Ford Farms, Sauvie Island
From: Nat West <>
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:53:04 -0800

I live in Portland, Oregon and one day this past summer, I passed by the
Ford Farms orchard on Sauvie Island. Much to my amazement there appeared to
be thousands of espalied apple trees of cider variety. Some further googling
turned up this web page:

When I first saw that page in the summer months, it mentioned that they have
5000 English, French and American cider trees, and looking for a partner to
help produce and market the cider, but the page has since been updated with
no mention of apples. Also, I have purchased a few bottles of the Ford Farms
cider, but no one in town carries it any more and I can only assume they've
stopped making it.

I've called and left a few messages for Kristin Ford and tried an old email
address with no response. Does anyone know what the Fords do with those
apples? I would like to buy some apples myself and possibly talk to them
about future plans.

- -Nat West


Subject: Sulfites during fermentation
From: Jason MacArthur <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 16:45:55 -0500

I am curious as to the fate of sulfites added to cider before
fermentation. Do they stay in solution as bound sulfites or do they
literally precipitate out? I had always assumed the former, but as I
test my ciders for sulfites over time it appears that the levels of
total(not free) sulfites is dropping. Might this be a reflection of
what is happening in the cider or is it a result of poor laboratory


End of Cider Digest #1546

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