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Project Isis: did the KGB really find the Mummy of an Ancient Astronaut?

The film would show a secret KGB expedition to Egypt as part of "Project Isis", in which the Soviet secret services discovered the existence of what appears to be the mummy of an alien. Before its broadcast, the film had never been shown outside the secret facilities of the KGB.

Project Isis: did the KGB really find the Mummy of an Ancient Astronaut?
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This story requires a small introduction: it involves little information found online and a documentary broadcast exclusively by the American Sci-Fi television network in 1998, called "The Secret KGB Abduction Files". It is really difficult to find objective evidence that can confirm the truthfulness of it. The only authoritative opinion was provided by the American television network itself at the time of the broadcast, according to which the team of specialists responsible for evaluating the film confirmed its authenticity.

The American television broadcaster only aired the video once and no other copies of the video are available, except those that are available thanks to whoever recorded the broadcast at the time. The film would show a secret KGB expedition to Egypt as part of "Project Isis", in which the Soviet secret services discovered the existence of what appears to be the mummy of an alien. Before its broadcast, the film had never been shown outside the secret facilities of the KGB.

Is this an elaborate and expensive hoax, or could the “Visitor's Tomb” be the discovery that will revolutionize understanding of the beginnings of human civilization?

It all started with the revelations of Viktor Ivanovich, a Russian astrophysicist and neurologist hired by the Kremlin as a scientific consultant for the development of advanced propulsion systems.

Project Isis: did the KGB really find the Mummy of an Ancient Astronaut?
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As he himself tells Sci-Fi, Ivanovich had access to some secret KGB dossiers which spoke of a 1961 expedition as part of the "Isis Project", whose objective was to discover evidences of ancient Egyptian knowledge and technologies that could be applied in the military field by the KGB.

The mission team was made up of Egyptologists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences: Herman Alekseen, an Egyptologist from the Hermitage Museum; military experts specialized in radioactivity and chemistry; some astronomers, including Yuri Valdimir, and Sami Sharaf, secretary of Gamel Abdel Nasser, the second president of the Republic of Egypt.

If we consider the historical period in which the expedition took place, the political axis between Egypt and the Soviet Union is not surprising. Already in the 1956 conflict, when Israel invaded Egyptian territories following the Canal Crisis, the USSR sided with Egypt. It is estimated that when Project Isis began, the number of Soviet military personnel in Egypt reached 20,000.

The expedition was organized in the aftermath of the chance discovery of a mysterious tomb by two Bedouins from Magbarat Alzoar. The two unfortunates, after entering the tomb, were taken ill and hospitalized. When interrogated by KGB and Egyptian secret service agents, the Bedouins kept repeating that they had found “the Visitor God.”

From that moment, the “Isis Project” became of absolute priority and all efforts were made to find, analyze and secret the tomb discovered by the two Bedouins. The expedition was organized jointly by the two countries in great secrecy, fearing that the CIA, the American secret services, might become aware of the discovery.

According to documents in Ivanovich's possession, the Soviets found the tomb full of artifacts. This is what we read in a note addressed to a high-ranking KBG official:

“Our agents made sure to verify the inventory drawn up by one of the scientists working in the Visitor's Tomb.”

Then follows the following list of information:

  • Place of discovery: not disclosed;
  • 15 boxes of artefacts;
  • 1 partially mummified body;
  • 1 stone sarcophagus;
  • 8 hieroglyph samples.

In the report written by one of the first scientists to enter the tomb we read:

“While inspecting the walls we noticed a strange repulsive force coming out of the walls. We couldn't find any scientific explanation."

Finally, in the report written by one of the cryptologists, engaged in the partial decoding of a message engraved on the walls of the tomb, we read of a prophecy which predicts the 'return of the winged gods'.

But the most astonishing discovery concerns that of the mummy. The mummy was found to be significantly taller than 2 meters, much greater than the average height of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

Carbon-14 analyzes performed by molecular biologist Boris Timoyev found that the body was approximately 12,000 years old, thousands of years before the beginning of the Egyptian dynastic period. Who could be the mummified body contained in the sarcophagus?

According to Egyptian mythology, a family of deities descended from the stars into Egypt. They would be the ones to teach Egyptians knowledge and wisdom. Later, when their task was completed, they left Earth to return to the heavens, with the exception of Osiris, who remained with the task of protecting and maintaining the ancient knowledge given.

Osiris brought civilization to men, taught them how to cultivate the land and produce wine and was much loved by the people. After his death, he was mummified and buried in a secret location.

Based on this ancient myth, soon after the discovery of the Visitor's Tomb, a group of scientists, computer programmers, doctors and other academics gathered to discuss the significance of the event. The group became convinced that what they found in the sarcophagus had to be the mummy of Osiris, the alien Pharaoh! The group gave itself the name "The Followers", a movement with almost religious outlines, dedicated to the adoration of the "visitor of the stars".

The Kremlin took the matter from a more pragmatic perspective. In the Cold War era, it would have been nice to have some invincible alien technology at their disposal. Furthermore, Soviet researchers began to seriously wonder what the true function of the pyramids was and whether they were designed for any particular purpose. Some of them hypothesized that they were powerful machines capable of channeling some kind of energy from the cosmos or some kind of interstellar transmitter.

The video of the Tomb

What sparked Sci-Fi's interest was a film that the American television station apparently obtained from the Russian mafia through an intermediary. The film appears to come from the high security archives of the KGB and shows images of the discovery of the sarcophagus inside the Visitor's Tomb. The experts commissioned by Sci-Fi guaranteed the authenticity of the film.

Project Isis: did the KGB really find the Mummy of an Ancient Astronaut?
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The black-and-white video shows a number of soldiers and officials entering what appears to be an Egyptian burial chamber, without gas masks. Upon opening the sarcophagus, it is possible to see a cloud of toxic fumes invade the room and the reaction of the soldiers struck by snorting and fear. It is also possible to see the mummy contained in the sarcophagus.

Subsequently, the environment appears to have been organized for more in-depth scientific analysis. Soldiers now wear special protective suits.

What value should you give to this video? Is this a hoax elaborated on the basis of Ivanovich's revelations? There is no doubt that the video shows astonishing agreements with what is contained in Ivanovich's documents. This, according to some, would be further evidence in support of the authenticity of the video.

Furthermore, it seems that at the private screening organized by the Sci-Fi theme before the broadcast, the daughter of one of the members of 'The Followers' was present, who, when she recognized her father in the images of the film, burst into tears.

“There is no doubt that a small group of Russian scientists and military experts discovered a tomb in Egypt in 1961”

explains Ivanovich.

“But the documents never revealed precisely what was found inside the sarcophagus. Only through sources coming from the highest ranks of the KGB, and which seem incredible, do we know that the remains of an alien creature that died in Egypt 10 thousand years before Christ have been found."

If the information revealed by Dr. Ivanocih is true, the entire cultural evolution of human civilization must be reconsidered. Constantly, news reveal a much more complex and enigmatic terrestrial past than previously thought.

Furthermore, no matter what anyone says, the appearance of Egyptian civilization and the construction of the great pyramids of Giza still remain a mystery.

“The fundamental question about ancient Egypt is to understand how such an advanced civilization, reaching the peak of its development around 2500 BC, appeared on the world scene”

explains Roselyn McNaughton of the Institute of Egyptology.

“All other ancient civilizations experienced progressive historical development, devising their technology over hundreds or even thousands of years. This did not happen for ancient Egypt. A fully formed society suddenly emerged from the desert.”

Below is the full video. The video's quality is low and there is no audio.

What do you think ?

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What happened to the mummy? Was it ever found?

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