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HOMEBREW Digest #5175

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 · 15 Apr 2024

HOMEBREW Digest #5175		             Fri 20 April 2007 

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Trub-free wort (Fred L Johnson)
Sorghum (Joe Katchever)
re: Globular clumps in my yeast slurry? (RI_homebrewer)
Sparge Questions ("Lee Smith")
2007 Puget Sound Pro-Am Competition ("Emiley, Mark")

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Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 07:03:02 -0400
From: Fred L Johnson <FLJohnson52 at>
Subject: Trub-free wort

For those of us using a counter-flow chiller or something equivalent,
we have the issue/nonissue of having cold break in the fermentor.
Lately, at the end of the boil, I've been recirculating the wort using
a counter-flow chiller to cool the wort in attempts to keep the cold
break in the kettle. I've heard that one can get all the cold break to
stay in the boil kettle this way.

I haven't been very successful at this so far. The cold break tends to
recirculate. Perhaps I need to let the chilled wort sit quietly in the
kettle for a while to allow the cold break to settle on top of the hop
bed before I finally divert the outflow into the fermentor.

Does anyone out there actually get clear wort going into their
fermentor using a counter-flow chiller? If so, I'd love to hear exactly
how you're doing it.

Fred L Johnson
Apex, North Carolina, USA


Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 09:10:37 -0500
From: Joe Katchever <joe at>
Subject: Sorghum

Briess Malting makes Sorghum extract. I'm sure thet would sell you some
sorghum grain, as well, if you asked nicely.
They have product information, as well.

- --
Joe Katchever
La Crosse, Wisconsin


Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 17:39:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: RI_homebrewer <ri_homebrewer at>
Subject: re: Globular clumps in my yeast slurry?

Hi All,

In HBD #5174 Steve Seeley asked about globular clumps in his yeast

Globular clumps are fairly common with highly flocculant yeasts (like
many of the British yeast strains).

I've don't usually wash my yeasts, so I can't help with the washing

Jeff McNally
Tiverton, RI
(652.2 miles, 90.0 deg) A.R.
South Shore Brew Club


Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 10:13:09 -0700
From: "Lee Smith" <smithly at>
Subject: Sparge Questions

Ah, nothing like the sound of millions of lives happily burping away in
my fermenters. The All-Grain two step kept me busy for about 12 hours
on last Friday from 5-5. I could've shaved off two hours if I hadn't
had to boil sparge water three times. Got great extraction though! The
predicter I used recommended 4 gal. sparge. I wound up using 4 and then
2 and then 3 gallons. If I can get this dance down to between 8-10
hours it would be a lot more manageble for my time constraints. So now
I've got 10 gal of Hefewiezen in two carboys. Fermenter A with Wyeast
3068 and fermenter B with White Labs WLP300. My SG was a little low
also, 1.041. I had a 15 lb grain bill and added another 1/2 lb of Wheat
DME. I was not pleased with the amount of attention I had to pay to the
sparge arm. I had to stand over the mash/lauter tun and flick the arm
to keep it rotating. It's only the second time I've used it and hot
water is the only thing that's been run through it. I intend to call
the supplier and see what, if anything, can be done to make it spin
without all the attention. I had anywhere between 3 ft and 1/2 ft of
head (as the HL tank drained). Just brainstorming but maybe a heated
pressure cooker tapped at the base would serve better than a Gott
gravity feed. Everything else worked great. I can't wait to do another

Anyone have any ideas on the volume of sparge water and the difficulty
with the arm?

Lee in Marana, AZ
Tucson Homebrew Club


Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 10:59:17 -0700
From: "Emiley, Mark" <Mark.Emiley at>
Subject: 2007 Puget Sound Pro-Am Competition

If you have ever dreamed of having your beer produced and served on tap
at a brew pub, this is your best opportunity ever. Enter the Puget
Sound Pro-Am - an AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition aimed at providing
award winning homebrew recipes to be brewed by Puget Sound breweries
with the goal of capturing a medal from the Great American Beer
Festival's Pro-Am Competition. The Puget Sound Pro-Am is unique in that
it will have at least SIX breweries (Big Horn/Ram, Rogue, Elysian,
Diamond Knot, and Harmon) selecting their favorite homebrew beers from
the best of show round to scale up and brew on their systems. Winning
beers of AHA members may be sent on to the GABF for a shot at national
glory! Not from the Puget Sound area? Having your beer brewed by one
of our local breweries might make it worth taking a vacation out to
Seattle (I promise you, the summers out here are as fantastic as the
beers). As you get ready for Big Brew, think about brewing up a recipe
specifically for this competition.

Check the competition website at for the
latest details including participating breweries, desired styles, and
contest rules. Entries (three 12 oz bottles) are due June 6th with an
entry fee of $5 per beer submitted. Judging will be held on June 9th at
Larry's Brewing Supply in Kent (if you are interested in judging,
stewarding, or helping with event execution, contact Mark Emiley at
markemiley at Check the website frequently for updates on
participating breweries and contest details as the competition grows.
Join the AHA now for the chance to have your beer go onto the GABF (use
this form for a $5 discount off of membership costs:
07.pdf). Good luck, and may your wildest brewing dreams come true!

Mark Emiley
President - BEWBC

End of HOMEBREW Digest #5175, 04/20/07

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